ExPatriate Community in Mexico + Tour, Costs and Living Expenses

Good morning guys from San Felipe, Mexico.
Today’s video is gonna be kind of different because we’re gonna show you
around El Dorado Ranch. It’s an Expat community primarily. I’m
sure there’s a few, you know, locals that live here. But it’s an amazing option for
people who are just looking to escape out of the United States for a short
period of time, a long period of time. A lot of Canadians
come down here…. Just anybody who’s looking for a little bit of a different
lifestyle…. And make their dollar go further!….. Exactly because it’s very
affordable and there’s many, many places like this throughout Mexico and Central
America. But this is just one and we’re here and we got the opportunity to share
it with you so why not! Okay Bill can you tell us a little bit about El Dorado
Ranch…. There’s a lot to say but basically we’re a vacation/retirement resort in
San Felipe, Baja Mexico. Right now we’re driving through our Golf Course
community which is down on the beach. We’re located about 110 miles South of the border from Mexicali in Calexico. Which makes us a
convenient driving destination. I noticed these look very much like, are they
townhomes are they standalone?… These are four unit condominium buildings ….For flex
buildings okay!….Each individual owners. have no timeshare here. This is all
private property ownership….. Oh so when I can get a 45-minute timeshare
presentation…No,no free share here.. You got to pay for your tequila! The place evolved from more of an RV type
destination back in the early 90s. A lot of you’r,e retired and semi retired
persons were selling their homes and getting rid of large living expenses and travel
around in motorhome. And this became a destination for many of them especially
your snowbirds if your familiar with that word!…. Exactly!…And it’s grown and
grown over the last 30 years to what we’re looking at here today….. So there’s a
lot of people that just kind of have fears about coming down here and what
can you say to alleviate some of the fears? Because one of them is that you never
own your land….. that is a technicality that the government came up with a
tool a bank trust. As a developing nation, it’s easy to see that they don’t want to
sell their coast lands. That’s where your revenue generating…..exactly…… property in
your country for your ports and your tourism and so forth.
Actually you can own land inside 35 miles off of the coast are 65 miles of and
land border. So again, they’re just trying to protect their borders and their
coastlines. So what they did to protect the foreign investor was they created a
law to where you can hold the ownership rights to the property through a Mexican
bank trust. Which works the same as a trust in the States. Legally you don’t
own what’s in the trust however you’re the beneficiary of that item….. Correct!…You can
sell it, you can rent it, you can will it to your children….Is there a time limit on those trusts?…. They’re set up as
50-year trusts. And you have first rights renewal or
your heir of course……And what are the price ranges of properties here?…. I
imagine these four unit condo-esque places are going to be on the lower end
compared to a standalone house…..Well the pricing depends on how you want to come
into the situation. You can buy an undeveloped piece of
property and build it to suit your own needs or you can come in and buy a resale
property. The company doesn’t build spec homes at this time but we do have a
resale program to help our owners sell their properties. So we do have
homeowners who have gotten older over the years or become ill and
they need to go back to the states for whatever personal reasons. And we’ll help
them sell their house. So you can buy anything from a $5,000 lot on the west
side of the highway which we’ll be getting to shortly….. Now is that ahhh…The
$5,000 allot does that include electricity and water?….. That is
self-contained. We have the largest solar communities in North and the Americas as
far as we know. A lot of our customers again being snowbirds weren’t here in
the summer. So they weren’t burdened by having to run air conditioning…. Yeah!…
And they found that solar power worked very efficiently for their needs here in
the winter time. So they would start off with a simple piece of property, build
the suit and operate self-contained. The green
factor here, you know leaving a small footprint on earth has become very
important to a lot of people. So a lot of people appreciate that side of it. For
people who have greater electric needs….. Like air conditioning in those six months a
year…. Yeah if you can live here full-time….
You’re gonna want air conditioning in the summer….. Definitely!…. So we do have lots
across the highway also that do have City Electric Service. This side where we
are in the golf course community, we have full city utilities. Lots on the golf
course. You’re starting 50 grand something on the fairway you start about
75. Those are relatively…. That’s just the lot?…. Just the property itself, correct!… Okay! Now
the HOA fees?….. Yes and they will vary depending on the community….. Okay! Whether
its the range… They’ll go around six hundred and thirty dollars on the
other side of the highway up to about a thousand…. Per?… depending on the community.
Yes per year, per year. And you’re used to a month in the States right?…. Well yeah
some HOAs in the States Yeah! It’s absurd! I would never
personally do it but okay!…. So about six hundred to a thousand?…. On the west side
of the highway. If you come over to the golf course, it’s a little complicated.
You pay according to the percentage of the condominium regime in which you own.
So that can range anywhere from twelve hundred up to two thousand a year.
Again depending on the size of the property….. And what amenities do they get
just one side of the west side of the highway versus east side of the highway
have more amenities or less amenities or does everybody have access?….No, no, no.We or not divided. We’re all one community… Okay!… If you’re on the other side of the property,
you come over here to play golf at member rates.. okay!… Come over and use the
tennis courts over here or over there. They actually just set up a new area for
pickleball which is becoming more and more popular with the mature community…
Now one thing that we know is that this San Felipe has really fast high speed
internet. And that is…Yeah!Let’s face it it’s 2018 and that’s a nice feature for
a community to have or a city…. Especially in this day and age a lot of people can
work remotely. You don’t have to go to an office to do your job…. Yeah! That would
actually attract a lot of younger people who want to just have a more affordable…
I could say you know some of these places are rather luxurious looking… Yes!
You’ll see a variety as we move around but we have people from all financial
brackets, all backgrounds. You can be sitting at the restaurant or at the bar
next to two guys one on either side.One’s living on his military disability, the
other one’s a millionaire and you can’t tell the difference and nobody cares!
Yeah that is the great thing when you’re abroad. You’re just, you know,
a fellow traveler or fellow open-minded person….Do you have any restrictions on the properties like age limits or things that you can’t do with your property when you live here? Well there are CC NARS and building
guidelines as far as using the resort respectfully and building respectfully.
We don’t have any age limits. No! we enjoy the family oriented environment. When the
holiday seasons come around and the family comes down to visit their parents
here or their grandparents. It liveness it up quite a bit and it’s enjoyable…. And
as for security, all the entrances to El Dorado Ranch have gates?…. Yes!… So… you know, I hate to say it but it is a reality. In many parts of the world where there’s security
issues like a lot of the homes outside of El Dorado Ranch. Pretty much all of
them have bars on the windows…. Yeah! It depends on your situation. Some of these
other developments around here and so forth you can be quite isolated which
leaves you vulnerable. But here we’re very close to town. We have a large
membership, there’s a lot of activity since guns are highly regulated here,
the crooks want to work in secret. They don’t want to be caught or seen. But it’s
like any place you live. Bigger cities have more crime threats to be cautious
about. Smaller towns have fewer…Correct! It’s hard to be a crook in a small town because
everyone gets to know you real quick! Well we’re from a small town in Alaska
where everybody knows your business. That’s it!…. Exactly!… This is part of El
Dorado. It’s a cooperative between the developer and some American doctors, who
own condominiums here. And they set up this clinic for our owners and for any
emergencies that might come forth. With your HLA you got many free services
there such as you get a couple annual checkups a year and that kind of thing…Wow!that’s really cool.
That’s an amazing appeal for a lot of people who are aging and are gonna have
greater health needs or have concerns about potential health needs… Just our
convenience. You have medical services in town but
that’s about ten miles away. So if you have a traumatic injury you want to get
somebody who can monitor you and stabilize you as quickly as possible. So
that’s what they do until the ambulance can get up here…. And how do they
handle medical evacuations? Helicopter? Because there’s international borders
involved. If you need to get flown out to… There are private insurance carriers
such as Life Flight and so forth but…. I’ve had several instances here to
where we had somebody quite ill.He had pancreatic cancer unknowingly. He came to a point here where he was falling down in my arms. I drug him over
here,they got him hooked up with his oxygen IV to keep
him hydrated. And we transported him to the doctor in town who said he had to go
over to the other side. To put him in the ambulance with a
doctor and cross him over the border was 200 bucks…. And there’s a separate line
for medical emergency?… Yes!… So you’re not sitting for two hours crossing in a vehicle… The medical layoff to expedite the transition on the border….Okay! And we were here at the Swat
meet on Saturday and… This is a new pool and tennis facilities that were just completed a
couple of years back. The facilities down on the other side, which I really
didn’t think you’d buy… Weren’t quite accommodating us during the holiday
season because they had a lot of visitors and stuff here so… They charged a building
assessment of I think it was a couple hundred bucks one year and then they
built this facility for the owners. Do you guys allow ahhhm… because I think I’ve seen
them on Airbnb. People to rent out their places on
Airbnb?….Well they can rent out their place however they want. We do have a
property management department here they can use. It’s your home! You can rent it to
whoever you want… Okay!… You do want to coordinate with the homeowners
association because they will need passes to get on property…. Alright! Because a lot
of people are looking for an investment property/vacation home…Well
forgive any wind noise or unusual noises and just keep in mind that this is real
life YouTube. This isn’t some SuperDuper published TV show that we’re doing here.
This is just real life show and real people! I can see there are some showers. You can get cleaned
off before you enter the pool. There are some showers back here also. Men and women separated
of course…. Yeah!…. There’s a general use pool, then the kiddie pool up there…
Yeah jacuzzi….oh yeah! I see it. Jacuzzi over here.
This looks like a nice place to socialize. That’s what they do!
Yeah! Well that’s kind of why you moved to a destination like this…Yeah you can buy that anywhere but who are you gonna spend your time with when your there. Yeah!…. What are you gonna do while you’re
there?.. The guys here kind of come up with their own activities. You might be a
fishing enthusiast, you might like off-roading and you end up meeting each
other, meet guys who like to do what you like to do…. So are there a lot of social
activities? Like is that water aerobics going on there?… Yeah! That’s a special designed pool for water volleyball…It has a constant depth across it.
Water volleyball can be low-impact.It’s alot of fun for the good times They get to keep that competitive edge
working in their psyche but… Yeah! Nice!…. This is a beautiful place here…We do have activities stuff which is paid for by
the HOA. That will put on holiday events and daily card games domino simple stuff…Mhhh..But then we have a lot of charity groups in town also. Here the the owners
out here are really a part of this community. When you go out to dinner you
know your server by his first name and you end up being invited to the kids
birthday parties and stuff like that! So it’s kind of fun being part of the
community in that manner. Does El Dorado Ranch have any restaurants
or bars that are part of the property or…. Yeah! There are three. We have two
operational now and then you got a snack bar here at the pool that sell simpler items….And
right over there are quite a few tennis courts and then every Saturday morning,
there’s a swap meet, flea market type of event. So if someone wanted to like just
buy a property that was already built like a house. What would they be looking
at for the land and for a modest maybe 2-bedroom 1-bath or three-bedroom
two-bath home?….. Well again there’s a wide variety here…..A range of course…..
Our communities are designed to satisfy different types of usage. As we mentioned
earlier, the RV community, the RV enthusiast was a big part of the growth
here. So there were areas designed where you can incorporate an RV into the end
of the property in the structure. Nice thing there, from a financial level
there’s no square-foot minimums to abide by on the
structure. You can build as much or as little as you want. You can kind of
spread out building cost… But what are you looking at for like say maybe
fifty thousand for a home to up to two hundred thousand US dollars?…. I got a
little house for sale right now for 20 grand.
Really?… But that is the modest, simple, self-contained situation. This isn’t like
your tract homes in the States. You can’t walk into a neighborhood and say okay
the houses here are worth two hundred thousand. Everything’s a custom
home. Everything evolved differently. So you could get something for as low as
twenty thousand dollars but you’re gonna have solar and you have to get your own
water?…. Water is trucked in. You have a system or a water tank. Most of the RVs use a
water tank. For a home you want an in ground cistern which is all part of
the construction cost. To build a proper home, traditional type structure, you’re
looking at about 75, 80 bucks a square foot starting…. There you go…. But that
includes your cistern and utilities set up…. And the folks watching
can do the math from there? For example this is our, the first area
that was ever opened here. Guys came down here, pulled their RV onto the thing. You
see where the little buggy is there? The Rv used to be in there and
then they build a patio. Next year they close in the patio, next year they pull
the trailer out and close in the Ramada. Before you know it you got a
little house. This white one’s a good example here. On the left you can see the high roof
was the Ramada where the RV was parked. Okay!
Then they had a patio in front of that. Then they enclosed the patio and then
later on pulled the rig out and closed the Ramada. You end up with an enclosed
living area… Okay!…. But then we have this side for folks who don’t want that type
of stuff next to them. Not to be offensive to anybody…..No, no, it’s all
preference…. And we try to design the communities to, to,
to receive any preference…. So really anywhere from 20,000 on the bare minimum
and up to 200,000…. Buy anywhere you want to go…. For 200,000 are you living large?
Like that…. Like, okay!… A common home around here would be a 2-bed, 2-bath
around 1,500 square foot. Yeah! Few people do build bigger. Again
according to taste and budget. And how expensive are the utilities
during the off season versus during the dead of summer when you have kind of
have to cool things off and swamp coolers, you have humidity here?…… So the
swamp cooler doesn’t work?… Yeah! I see where you’re going… Yeah! because if it doesn’t work too humid!
Exactly!…The electricity here a normal couple, you’re gonna spend about 50 bucks
a month on power. In the summertime everybody worries about the cost of
running their air but the government in the desert regions in Mexico cuts the
kilowatt hour cost down. So that their citizenry can afford to run the
electricity. Subsidized?…. I guess would be the way out…I get it! I have always really liked the design of
the homes in Mexico and Central America. You know, you have the rooftop…. Actually this is
part of our CCR’s also. You must maintain that Southwest Mexican Hacienda type style!…So you can’t come down here and build a mountain lodge?…Yeah!You can’t have a log cabin or postmodern….. That’s a
beautiful home!… Then again as you can see everything is completely different.
So when you try to say well, what do the house cost? It’s like wow!How much do you wanna put onto it?…Exactly! Well and that’s where this cost per metre foot comes in….Oh yeah you can pencil
out the math real quick and most of our homes only areas. You do got a bill 1500
square foot. So you can do some rough math… You’re looking at about 120 to build
your own place… Okay!…. A lot would cost you anywhere from 25 to 35 thousand with
electricity. If you wanted to go over to solar now you’re only talking anywhere
from five to ten thousand depending on the size of the lot… Are you allowed to
have solar hookups?Our solar and still be on the grid for the summer months
when you need to run electricity?… Oh yeah, yeah! You can install a solar system. They just
want the panels discreetly installed. They don’t want them hanging off on the
roof or on a giant peg stall sticking out…They still allow you to be hooked up to….Of course….Okay good!
All we’re worried about is visual aesthetics… Yes!
Some places aren’t equipped to handle the back feed of solar panels so they don’t like to have both…..
Yeah I also get questions like those.. Then the electric company will give you
back any money that you’re sending to them but I don’t think they’ve gotten
that far… Yeah!…. Most guys around here, for six, seven, eight rand you can put in a
nice solar system. It’ll handle your basic needs. TVs, lights, your normal
electronics don’t take a lot of power. So these are all off-grid?…. This is a solar
home… Yeah… They call it a solar subdivision…. Alright!…. That’s actually
built with straw bales if you notice the gesture… Yeah! So the neat, natural effect blims right into that…. And it’s very well insulated…..Oh yeah! Hugely insulated…That’s why the
indigenous culture used it in this part of the world. Again this is a solar area
so just because you’re in a solar area doesn’t mean you have to have a small
house…. No!…. Doesn’t mean you’re gonna lose any of your creature comforts ….And you
get water delivered and what was that? 2,000 gallons for forty….Forty five
bucks….Okay…. That’ll last a normal couple about a month.
So actually utilitywise water would be the only thing might be more expensive…
Yeah! That’s a… Just because of their, the delivery charge….That’s a very mission looking home….Yeah!This are great houses here!..That’s a separate little..Yeah!Little mother-in-law house or just quarters and you guys have your privacy
when they visit… And the rules allow for one casita?… One single-family dwelling
but he happens to be on three Lots here.So he can spread out a little!…Oh got you! That place has a lot of character!… That
one’s been here for… Actually that was there before I came to work here in 98.
Uuuh and a nice Baja Bug in the garage…. Oh you gotta have a little buggy around here.They are some
kind of toy anyways. Then again we’re back to the simple. These guys
are right across the street from each other.
Yep….No judgement!….Again in this areas you don’t have any square foot minimums. So here’s a guy
who started out with a nice simple little thing. Very small, very inexpensive to
build and if he wants to later he can add on an extra baby back or what have
you. That’s beautiful!… Yeah it is!Lots of angles…So again
it’s all what you can imagine, what you can create…. And these are all off-grid?….
Yes!… But can you still get Internet ran to them?…. Yeah well actually that’s why the antenna is
right there. You see that little square antenna on the roof?
Let me zoom in on it. I do!….. That’s picking up the wireless signal down from the
antenna in front of our place that was set up by Telcel, The phone company…. Yes yes!,,,,,
Actually that system was set up especially for our needs out here.
Now for people who have children, do they put them in the schools with the local
children or do they homeschool via the Internet?
That’s rare but I have experienced both situations. I raised our kids here. When I
moved out here to the ranch from town, our neighbor happened to have a young
daughter and they were homeschooling her. And I had seen other people move down
here with kids and they generally put them into the school system…. Oh wow!
That would be such a great cultural experience because Rebecca did that in
Dominica when her mom went to medical school there….. It’s easy for the kids they
learn fast as old people it’s harder to learn the language but kids learn when they’re
playing together. You don’t have to always be able to communicate to play.
That’s how they know….No! But the language centers in the brain are not as shut
down when they’re young. I know that I grew up in Southern California and
that’s where I just from being around many many Mexican friends at. We
have the largest community..I have learned quite a few words enough to hold my own and… You learnt the curse words first!… Oh I can swear like a sailor but it’s not that hard to
pick up especially when you’re immersed in a culture….Well that’s the difference!
Actually a nice trick I found was the triple-a Baja guide book. In the
back of the book is a section called useful phrase while in Mexico and it’s
categorized… hmm…. Useful phrases you might need in a restaurant, useful phrases you
might need with a doctor. Once you learn your sentence structure then just plug
in nouns…Yeah and then you learn to conjugate the verbs and also google
translate is really nice. It’s an app on your phone… They didn’t have that when I
moved here! Here we’re four miles from the beach right now!
Okay I’m gonna zoom in on the ocean or see a Cortes.
A lot of people are concerned about: “Well I got to buy on the beach so I can see
the water!”. Well no you don’t! The grade here is traveling about a four percent
climb as you come away. You’re climbing about a hundred feet a mile… Mm-hmm and
so a lot of times your views are actually better back here. Look up into
the Delta area to the left you got a hell of a view back here!…. Yeah and
especially when you get up on your rooftop..Oh yeah! There’s gotta be you deck
on the house… Exactly!…So in talking about markets, I’ve heard from a couple people
around town that now is a good time to buy in San Felipe.
Oh yeah this is definitely a buyers market even the developer here on his properties. His
prices are half of what they were in 2008. Again if you accommodate to that market…
Yeah! We have, we’re talking about building
costs earlier. If you look at 80 bucks a square foot, minimum 1,500 square foot,
that’s 120 grand! The lot’s gonna cost you another 20 to 30, 25 to 35 that range.
You’re looking at 150,000 to build a house. We’ve been selling over here for the
last couple years for 90, 110, 120. So if the house meets your needs…. Yeah! ..You jump
right into it. Okay, well that’s just the kind of the clientele we’re seeing here
anyways. The people who can afford to buy an expensive luxury product or
typically guys who have access to their own cash. They got a hundred grand laying
around…. Exactly! And there is a certain amount of Appeal to just walking into a
place…. The convenience factor!… Yes, yeah building a house wherever you… It can be
frustrating waiting and waiting… But yeah fun once you get to design it yourself but it’s gonna come with a set
of hastles…. Yes! So is this an 18-hole full golf course?….
Yes it is! Okay and what are the green fees for a member?… it depends on the
situation for example over here, the owners on the golf course, they get an
annual pass for, I think it’s 469. For somebody walking in off the street
you’ll pay 40 bucks or around and then $15 for your cart. Okay and then I noticed a lot of people
scoot around on their side-by-sides and ATVs… Oh there’s all kinds of off-road
vehicles yeah!…. I already know the answer to this but just so people know. No
mortgage options. It’s cash only deals unless there’s like a finance by the
undertow…. Well you can spread out cost with the contractor by paying in blocks
during construction. What most people would do if they didn’t have their own
cash would take a mortgage out on their own from the states to build here….You
don’t want to use the Mexican banks to try to mortgage. The interest rates are
insanely high!… Yes okay! That’s always good, useful information. Is
this the banquet hall? Yeah! It’s an event room… Yeah… Sewing
Club going on, there’s a little stage, maybe movie night or something….Okay Bill! Now is the
time when we get to share how people can find out more information about El
Dorado Ranch and….. I got a short cable if you want to put around the corner..Ahhh, that’s okay!….
And who to talk to? Do they talk to you? Are you the main sales contact for them?…
Well they have our numbers. 800-404-2599.
Option 2 will bring you into the sales office… Eldoradoranch.com….We also have laventanadelmar.com Which is the Golf Course community of El
Dorado Rado Ranch… When you get on to the homepage of either one. Either Laventanadelmar.com or eldoradoranch.com Click on real estate and then click on
resales and that’ll show you the structures we have offered for sale… Oh
nice!…There’s a quick roster list and then if something looks interesting to
you, get a hold of us, plan a trip down and look at it!…. Yeah so these are lots
that can be built on and houses that are… We have both! We have undeveloped lots
and we also have structures to look at. Same thing! Real-estate, resales…. Oh great!…
And this focuses on the stuff on the other side of the highway.
Now which again there’s more of a variety as you see…. Yeah definitely!… Well
thank you very very much for your time! And yeah! If you guys have any questions
about life down here below the border or more details about El Dorado Ranch, just
give them a call! This video’s a wrap! Make sure you hit that SUBSCRIBE button if
you want to see more videos like this or travelling adventure from crazy places
around the world!..Bye!

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  15. Have you heard of purely Mexican towns or communities in the US – not counting the worse guetos, badlands, and unserviced areas in US cities? Exactly! No way I would lit gringos build their own expat-communities in Mexico. You want to live in Mexico, get a place where all Mexican s live – don't like that, then get the hell out of Mexico and go back to the US, suckers.

  16. I never understood why all of these Expat are all living in the same communities. The way I see it is, If I wanted to live among westerners I might as well remain in the US. For me it is living among the locals, learning their ways and culture, that is how one truly learn to love Mexico.

  17. I couldn’t make it through this video because I couldn’t listen to the seatbelt alarm! Slick salesmen.

  18. Great video. I'll be going in 2 weeks for a little vacation. If I love this place I'm going to look into invest in a small home.

  19. It’s a beautiful place , just not sure about the corporate America take over in Mexico other than the cost . I don’t see Mexico🧐

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