Expanding Your Mind Through Holistic Anarchism and Agorism

wondering how I got into this mix next we have Derrick Rose who's going to come up and speak to you guys come on up your round of applause talk to you guys about something completely opposite of the flutter for what you just heard but I kind of feel like if you guys if nobody walked out on that conversation then you're okay for what I'm has generally people run from you know it's good to have an open mind you know keep it open try to keep your brain from falling out but you know still be an open mind I think a lot of us start off by going down those rabbit holes and so that's important to have those conversations and to be in this place where you can feel safe to talk about whatever you want you know because we go outside of these circles and you're out in public and maybe you don't feel like you can even express yourself even ask a question like hey have you ever thought about this you know so it's good for us to have those spaces but I know that most people here don't know who I am so I've got about 30 minutes I usually give a presentation that's about an hour and a half so I'm gonna condense all that down to this I'm gonna mention several books several different apps and references and you can write them down you can come ask me afterwards these are my two books I have written four books I only have two of them today and I've got some shirts from some email signup lists if anything I say you want to have more about it sign up there come talk to me but before we get into all that the way I always start my talks and I've done this now in Costa Rica Mexico all over the US and last summer here in Brooklyn I like to start things off with a howl because you know Halloween is a way for me to sort of celebrate being alive it's like a breathing exercise right it's just remind us that we're alive and make sure everybody who's out there hanging out the vendors can hear so many things wandering here so if you will take a deep breath with me and we release this just let out a howl like a wolf that's exactly what I'm talking about hi yeah I usually feel better after that and its really a bit like a personal dream of mine like alright I'm gonna get the whole world to howl and organize like an international synchronized how one day or something but so my name is Derek burrows I wear a lot of different labels and hats in my human form I'm a freelance and investigative journalist I write for the anti media activist post and then press news I'm from Houston I got a radio show back in Houston and I've been involved with activism since 2010 I started a group called the Houston free thinkers you know like some of the things Ryan's talking about that's where I started you know going down rabbit holes asking these questions and wanted to create a group where all those questions can be discussed you know where there wouldn't be anything off-limits and so it started out first is if you guys want to come in here there's more of them over here that come set up with me I definitely want everybody to be come to home but when we first started out with activism when I was started doing just my role as being being an activist in the beginning it was going down these rabbit holes doing a lot of research trying to figure out how to make sense of the crazy world we live in right and it led me to create a blog first called Houston free thinkers and then eventually it developed into a real world community and we've been active sort of tapering off recently but we've been active over the years for about eight years we've been able to you know raise thousands of dollars for different causes we have a community space that I live in called the free thinker house where we've got a big community garden we do monthly benefit shows to raise money for survivors of human trafficking or for the homeless or gardens whatever sort of causes that we want to focus on that month so I you know I've done the on the street activism I have held signs and you know marched against the Federal Reserve marched against Monsanto and done all that thing I've been arrested a number of times for civil disobedience for unjust arrests I've been you know had all that fun experience and along the way I started riding doing a lot of articles and blogging and people started offering to pay me so it's become what I do now full-time what pays my bills is writing articles for the websites I've mentioned that's how I do what I'm doing yet so I got into journalism I didn't go to school for it it just kind of naturally happened the universe keeps open up doors for me and I just do my part to walk through them and so journalists activists as I said I've written these books so you can throw the label author on me as well and increasingly I'm speaking to people around the world so I guess I'm a public speaker now but at the end of the day I'm just a free human being trying to figure out how to navigate this crazy world you know like most of you guys here and that's the label that if anything I consider myself a free human but I think that pretty much says it all you know we're all free beautiful powerful human beings are capable of anything that we set our minds to truly and especially when we're United together so like I said I started with a lot of the research you know not necessarily flat earth but just going down those rabbit holes and my crews in control and worrying about all those things and I think that's important you got to start somewhere right but contrary to what Ryan was saying I don't care if there is a splatter around I don't care about a lot of those things anymore even though I still like I'll set up set those nights aside I'm like all right tonight I'm going down the rabbit like what's something I haven't researched in a while but generally though my work and what I'm going to talk to you guys about tonight is the practical steps that we could take to change the world right because at the end of the day the way I tell my flatters their friends is you know cool like maybe we're living in a bubble maybe like it's an all illusion like more than likely we're in a matrix and none of this is real anyway so we're all imagining each other so so at the end of the day like I can't get out of the you know the dream the matrix I can't get out of the bubble like until we have private space expiration like at this point it doesn't matter to me because whether I'm in a bubble whether the Earth's flat around I want to make this experience as best as possible you know and that's so that's what I'm focused on my website and my book series are called the conscious resistance at the trilogy of books that explores the intersection of self-governance what I call anarchism self ownership and spirituality I don't tell you why I explore those two things I really think that this is probably the perfect Avenue for this so let me step back a little bit 13 years ago 2005 I was just about to turn 21 and I was addicted to crystal meth and I got arrested got locked up I ended up getting a felony in a total of 18 months behind bars between 2005 2008 just back and forward probation probation parole and all this kind of stuff and you know before that I was a very young angry depressed dude I tried to kill myself three times while the teenager you know I was cutting myself doing a lot of self-harm and then I discovered drugs and was like holy crap I feel amazing I just need to stick as many of these things in my body as possible that's the answer obviously that thing get me very far but I mean these days I think that we're all again free beautiful people and whatever you choose to do whoo today what you choose the drink put your body do as you please but I can say looking back I wasn't in a very healthy place you know it's not like I was doing crystal meth and also going and like jogging and eating healthy you know I was not being very you know helpful to myself so when I got locked up about to turn 21 I get in there and when I accepted that like I'm not going anywhere like my mom can't get me out of here and my girlfriend can't get me out here none of my friends like I could cry as much as I want like I'm stuck I'm here like in this place at the calendar so at least next September right I basically just started going through this process of self-reflection of journaling every single day and asking myself how I got to this position and also more specific to my family I have three generations of men my going back to my great-grandfather who hung himself in prison was addicted to drugs my grandfather was also addicted to drugs and got my dad to sell drugs for him when he was like eight years old my father is now in his early 50s and he's still struggling with the crack addiction so when I got locked up I'm just like shit here I go like you know I guess I'm next in line you know and it really caused me to stop and think like what the fuck am i doing how did I get to this place you know and and what am I gonna do because this is not the path I want to go on you know and I literally you just write every day every day just ask myself how I got to that point I started writing you know letters to my father to try to get those ideas up just to start processing and doing the healing which is what I really needed and I got out for the final time in October 2008 so after doing 18 months behind bars coming and getting sober well I will say this sober when people hear sober they think that like I'm like straight edge or clean as a whistle like I'll have a drink every now and then I definitely love cannabis and appreciating cannabis that helped me get sober off crystal and other things but I found the balance that was necessary for me right and if we each have a different balance but when I got out October 2008 basically if you remember that time is about a month before Obama got elected and I didn't know shit about politics at that point I just I kind of knew that I just have always had an anti-authoritarian stance against me you know I was getting in trouble in school because I didn't like what the teachers are telling me to do and I didn't understand it was all just a game to me right so I had this sort of rebellious what some people might say a rebel without a cause right I didn't really have any purpose or direction but I definitely knew that the systems weren't right something just intrinsically felt wrong and I think that most of us have that from birth and but a lot of times we ignore it and we're told to ignore it like yeah yeah maybe this doesn't feel right that I'm supporting the system or no that my job contributes to this but I guess I have a nice apartment I'm getting fat paid you know whatever we make excuses for ourselves in order to tell ourselves that were happy to know and I knew something was that there was something deeper that wasn't that was keeping me from being happy so when I got out I'm sober now and I'm coming back through the world and like I said Obama's about to get elected I didn't know anything about Obama other than the fact that people were so divided that people thought this dude was either gonna be the same here of the country or the Antichrist or something you know I don't know which label you want to throw on him but I think after a couple of years it became perfectly clear that all presidents are the same and just to drop this bit of knowledge out there that if you think things got bad when Donald Trump became president you haven't been paying attention it's been going on before that and Obama Bush and Clinton and everybody else before that so just throw that one out there when I came out just really like whoa what's going on all these people are so concerned about this and I was also sober like this cloud of depression of fear and anxiety that I've been dealing with in that also the drugs on top of that was finally lifted and I got out I also had the pleasure of having an X on my back as a felon you know getting to be judged in a new way by people like oh no you're not good enough for this job no we can't accept you of this apartment these kind of things and I happen to be living next to a library I was going to the library every single day just to apply for jobs and in that process I realize like oh I'm an intelligent person I like to learn i like to read like that's what really that mean like i'm just a huge nerd i spent most of my time at home reading or researching that's what really makes me happy I'm only doing these things because I care about the message and you know we need to get these ideas out there but I love to read I love to learn one of the first books that I read that really turned me on this path was called cannabis of history and it was I mean I think it's probably the best book out there on we not just because it's written from like it's not written from potheads perspective anything like that it goes through like the history of this planet like way back not just drug laws in the US but way back the history of the cannabis plant itself you know the scientific perspective the chemical perspective of it and really lays it down and by the end of that book which I'll say this is the first book I ever chose to voluntarily take notes on because I was just like holy shit like this I'm getting all these downloads right and by the end of that book I was just like wow especially because I'm getting out after a drug charge as part of the drug war right and also and I realize holy shit the whole drug war is based on racism money lies like that's the rooster look at the Harrison Act of 1914 look at like the beginning of the drug war and how we have thousands thousands of people in cages for smoking a plant or for doing anything else they want to you know victimless crimes so that was the first thing that really got me thinking and especially because I'm getting out for drugs and that was it I was like okay well what else it might not be time and I started tumbling down those rabbit holes what you're talking about and that led to creating the freethinkers so the reason I share that story with you so you kind of have been understanding some background on why when I talk about my message is called the conscious resistance what I mean by that is to me the conscious resistance it's the moment the awareness the realization that the struggle for a more free ethical and just world is not only one against the physical institutions of power say the corporation's the government and those P we can put names and labels on but it's also that internal struggle against our own internal tyrant and I think many of you guys understand that internal struggle but and maybe some of you understand the other struggle a little bit as well but what I realize and what I start to see in my path as I got into activism first like I said I went to prison guided meditation had the spiritual side already then I got into politics started becoming an activist and I realized when I was in my activist circles that I would try to talk like hey have you guys ever thought that maybe this is all a dream and you know we're just like consciousness spin just like that say some crazy stuff and they're just like what are you talking about bro all right go to my app my spiritual consciousness circles and I'd say hey have you guys heard of the Federal Reserve have you heard of like this police thing they're building and they were like don't talk about it you're gonna create it if you talk about it just ignore the things that are going on more and ace maybe some of you that's your path but I don't think that's going to get us where we want to be and so I started realizing I'm like why you know I can't really be myself on this circle I can't really be my full self in this circle and then summer 2013 I had another like I guess upgrade where I couldn't sleep for four days I'm like watching David Eick videos all night and all kind of stuff and then like the conscious resistance just showing my head like okay it's time that just I can't hide these I can't hide myself anymore I have to just fully embrace that I'm both a spiritual being that wants to liberate my mind my body my spirit but also that I'm just fighting for struggle you know struggling in the physical world as well we can't completely be stuck in you know up in the ether all the time and just consciousness we have a physical form you know and we also can't forget about the spirit and the deeper levels as well like so they're two sides of the same coin so my books the conscious resistance trilogy is basically as far as I know the only book series me and my buddy Jon vibes that explores the intersection of the struggle for freedom in the physical realm as well as looking at historical traditions look at Christianity is Buddhism Taoism and isms that don't really have a name like indigenous teachings native native traditions and you look at the roots of them and they are very anti-authoritarian Christ wasn't telling people to go follow the priest or go follow the church and neither was Muhammad and most of these traditions they were telling people that the kingdom of God is inside of you and you know to find that to find our own connection to the divine source so I see you know very common ground there that you know if you're struggling for freedom and the internal sense then you also have to balance that I believe with the physical sense so that's sort of just sums up what a lot of my books in work focus on but I want to talk to you guys about tonight is more what I've been talking about lately you can see my shirt it says holistic anarchism and my talks recently have focused on holistic activism of holistic anarchism I'm anarchism I'm an anarchist who here knows what anarchy means anybody know I know I got a few Henricus in the house but I'm gonna go ahead and just break it down because I know that there's lots of propaganda out there and there's people who are misinformed we have things like the purge – anarchy and like you know these things that are what are they what are they making you think they want you to think that word that idea means chaos destruction you know and what it really means when you look at the word and are key without rulers with it doesn't mean that we couldn't have rules and organization in our own communities it simply means that each of us on our selves and that is immoral wrong unjust impractical for somebody else to come tell you this is how you should this is who you should date this is what you should smoke this is what you should dress like and act that's what government that's what other people in external will centralized institutions outside of us want to do other people want to dictate how to live we might have ideas and see somebody and say damn I can't believe they're eating meat I wish they were vegan right but we know that it's wrong to go shove vegan food in their mouths right like that's that's wrong right you have to you can converse it you can communicate you can have a dialogue and try to reach an understanding but it's always going to be wrong to use force on another person and all anarchism is is the absence of rulers and the absence of force what that means that you recognize that you each year are free about powerful beautiful human beings and that you don't need anybody else to rule over your lives and when you recognize that about other people the implication is when you recognize that about yourself the implication is that so is everybody else right if you're like I'm a divine being put here by God to change the world and to create something better and it's wrong for anybody to stop me from my purpose well it's wrong for everybody else as well and it seems like a very simple idea we've heard about these things since we were in kindergarten sometimes it's the golden rule right treat other people the way you want to be treated but then we get into the real world right the real world we get into working jobs and doing things that do harm other people and taking actions and are not even talking about physical actions but the way we communicate as well another big idea that I want to just at least mention in case I forget is nonviolent communication you might have here heard of non-violent communication look up a book by Marshall Rosenberg called nonviolent communication we also talk about in my books it's it's just a great simple amazing tool to help us form dialogue because I don't necessarily think that words themselves can be violence but I do think that we can be passive-aggressive towards each other we can be you know we can be limiting to other people there's always judgments I mean I see so many people and you know we're all guilty of it so I'm constantly trying to keep myself in check and keep like okay why did that feeling arise when I saw that person and what made me think that thought about them and instead of judging other people trying to put out what I want to put out there but what Envy see what not why communication is all about is helping us recognize that typically conflicts arise whenever a person feels like their needs are not being met right so me and you were talking and every time you try to say something I just interrupt you to because I'm so excited about what I'm talking right and maybe it's not even malicious but I just keep interrupting you right you haven't need to be heard to communicate something and I'm stepping on top of that you know I'm not letting you fulfill that need eventually you might just make shut the fuck up I have something to say you know it's because that need hasn't been met so conflicts arise when individuals can't meet their needs and it happens all day long conversation and the book NBC is just a very simple easy way to help you kind of work these practices in so I just mentioned that because it is intrinsic to the things I talk about I'm trying to promote this idea of holistic activism right holistic anarchism what does that mean we defined anarchism already right without rulers everybody gots that concept so next time you're out in public and you hear somebody say oh my God look at that train wreck over there it's anarchy you can say no that's not anarchy this is what anarchy is right because there's just so much propaganda and some of us who are in the anarchist movement movement would say that it's done by design that governments and powerful people don't want people to really understand what that idea means instead they want us to think Anarchy means without government there would be chaos you know but I I have a little bit more faith in us as free beautiful people in order to organize in our communities so we get what anarchism means now what is holistic mean in these circles the word is tossed around very frequently and I rarely ever hear anybody define it so it's interesting to stop and ask somebody well do you know what holistic means because they're like oh we're talking tonight about holistic sexuality or we've got holistic garden you know we've got like holus my foods holistic and all these different things but there's actual meeting there isn't there's a definition to the word and it comes from the philosophy of holism so holism is a philosophy that basically says that not that the individual parts of something aren't important but rather than only focusing on the individual pieces that you take an examination of the whole right so when it comes to holistic ecology holistic ecology is the study of the planet and humanity has one single entity rather than separating them and breaking them down and it really has some it changes the way you see something there's also holistic psychology most of us are familiar with the term holistic medicine which all that means is instead of with like Western medicine they see you've got an illness and they just zero in on that one illness holistic medicine let's look at the whole body right let's try to see what's the root of this so then when we're talking about PO listing activist what it means in is to not only focus on the problems and the external things that we see that we can easily identify but to look at those situations and say how am i contributing to that so I'm gonna give you guys a few examples of that so typically when we think of activists people think of an activist as somebody who's like out on the street holding the signs are rallying and marching I think that's that's a misnomer and it's a silly way to think about it because even though I don't spend as much time on the streets as I used to I'm an activist every day in the conversations that I have you know in the way that I live my life and the relationships that I develop and again with communication the way I communicate to another person every time you choose to interact with another free beautiful powerful human being in a voluntary fashion that takes power away from them you know because we're not dividing each other we're not breaking each other down we're coming together so to be a holistic activist would mean to look at the situation right because the easiest thing in the world is to go out and say I see a problem Monsanto is poison our food or the Federal Reserve is stealing through us with you know economic enslavement or the government's building a police stay around us it's easy to point the fingers and then you start doing the research and I call the ants the Rothschild you start making you can identify the people in the names of the places that you hold responsible but how often do we turn around and say for what role am I playing you know so two quick examples I'm going to give march against Monsanto and I participated Houston how many people participated in New York or wherever you're from I mean it was a global movement that 500 the first year cities all around the world and the idea was people are just marching on the streets trying to hold Monsanto you know responsible whether they were worried about the environment bees or pesticides or just Monsanto's close connection to the US government people were upset right and in Houston we partnered with the march against Monsanto and said okay after the March is over why don't we go to the community garden and everybody learn how to build you know grow our own food because isn't that the long-term solution now it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that when we were out marching against Monsanto there's four or five hundred people there and then once that wrapped up I went to the community garden we had less than handful of people because they weren't thinking holistically you know and in fact even maybe after the March ended they wanted to go celebrate so they went out for lunch and they sit down and they're eating GMO corn chips and you know they're shooting themselves in the foot right not thinking holistically that's not a judgment on anybody it's just the reality of the situation another example the and the fed a couple years ago there was these and the Federal Reserve rallies taking place all around the country and people are spending their hard-earned money and time and energy to build stages and like we flew Danny up to Houston one time like people are flying the speaker's fall on the country they're putting all this money and energy into it right and they're out there and Houston they're like giving these speeches like we're gonna tear that building down right across from the Federal Reserve right and everybody's celebrating and feeling good you're making these connections and then you I want I'd like to buy one of these in the Fed shirts and then you pull out a Federal Reserve Note and pay for it so you're using the institution that you're trying to bring down our end you're using their money so that's again not thinking holistically so then what is a holistic activist do in that situation a holistic activist says start a little backyard garden let's learn about those steps let's take some permaculture class let's get together as a group and do those things right a holistic activist says okay well you know what guys instead of spending all this time money and energy on this giant rally which rallies can be a good place to network right you can some that's where some people they first get excited like oh I'm out in the street and the first time you go to the street and hold a sign it can be an empowering thing you feel like your voice is being heard but you very quickly find out like okay there's only two how many times we can march up and down the street and have cars honk at us and wave at us and you know it's like a very it's like a sanctioned by the police the police tell you where to go and well it's just there's nothing revolutionary or evolutionary about them but all this League activists just looks at the problem identifies the problem and then asks themselves how they're contributing to it and then take steps to remove themselves from the situation for me as a holistic anarchist it goes a little bit deeper than that I don't believe in centralized institutions that are based on force and violence and when I look at the government that's what I see I see force and violence if any of us right here have let's say like who here supports the idea of Trump's wall let's just start with something yeah I didn't think so right but guess what if you're paying taxes and every time you get your paycheck when they take that 1/3 out of it it's going to fund that wall it's going to fund their surveillance state it's going to from the wars in case people forgotten and I keep having them say this because damn it frustrates me sometimes people are dying right now in other countries seven countries that the u.s. is occupying right now and there's no anti-war movement in this country anymore but it's important people to know that that's still happening people are still dying children and women schools being bombed hospitals and it's coming from our pockets it's coming from our pockets whether we like it or not so I haven't paid taxes in eight years because I can't I can't rightfully morally stand by and it's more life difficult in some ways you know there's I'm in the middle of trying to find an apartment and they're like okay well can I see your check stubs my uh all my money digitally your crypto okay can I see your bank statement I stopped using banks ten years ago can I see your tax record don't got that either you know but my point here is for me when I look at the institution of the government and not just the US government but I think that any time us as individuals try to rule over other people it will always devolve to the situation because at the end of the day I can't decide what's best for you you know I have a lot of ideas like I've put them into books and I go around and give talks but that doesn't mean I want to be you know sometimes people be like oh you need to run for all this and I'm like I don't think you've been listening to yeah point yeah because I don't I don't know it's best for anybody else and you don't know what's best for me and Donald Trump doesn't know what's best for us and Obama doesn't know what's best for us and Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and all the rest of them they don't know what's best for us we know what's best for us as individuals and what works for me and my community in Houston might not work for you out near Brooklyn but we can share ideas we can collaborate and we can adapt to our local communities so I'm kind of like mixing all of my talks here together because I have such a short time so I hope this is somewhat working out yeah like I said I come talk to me it's in the books it's in my head we can just clad and talk all night but for me what that means to be a holistic activist or holistic anarchist is I try to remove myself from institutions I don't support I don't support the banks because well they robbed this whole country blind in 2008 and before that and it's been happening for generations I don't support the Federal Reserve Bank which if you don't know if you pull out a dollar I'm not going somewhere it says Federal Reserve notes so your dollars are owned by this private bank right so I try to limit my use of that obviously my landlord doesn't take alternative payments yet so I have to pay him in dollars at the end of the month right but there are more and more opportunities and because I mean we live in such a beautiful time where we can balance the technology that is emerging right now I mean I don't know if you guys really understand this but Facebook right it's only Facebook YouTube these things have been around for only a decade and think about how much our lives have been evolutionized and revolutionized in that time so we're at a very early stages where technology has the ability to decentralize our lives and to allow us to have more freedom right that's something to focus on next is decentralization last year I did a 45 City summer tour of the entire United States it was called the decentralized life tour and it was about taking these concepts and thinking about how can we opt out how can we decentralize from systems that don't support us and redirect our time our money and our energy into systems that do serve the health and the wealth of our communities unfortunately when we look around people are like okay I'm with you like yeah I wanna opt out of this but there's nothing there for them to put their energy into right because we haven't built it yet I mean we're at a very early stage of this and this philosophy has a name is called a gore-ism I don't know if I really have time to get too much into it but just suffice it to say the whole idea is to opt out of systems that you don't support it's called counter economics the mainstream economy is the white market as I said earlier if you got a check whenever they're taking money out of you it's going into that white market right I work in the black and gray markets this means anything that the state considers to be illegal or that they would prefer me to get a license for I don't do it it's a form of economics if that still does medians economic secession and it's because again I don't support them so any of you who've ever paid the neighbor kid to mow the lawn and you gave them a couple of bucks I don't think you charge them taxes on that right so that's gray market right anytime you've been to a yard sale when you bought something without a third party involved that's the gray market now anytime you've bought cannabis from somebody or something that's illegal right that's the black market then some people will say well what's the power and that what is that doing you know what are you really doing with that well what it is is a perfect example of two free people coming together voluntarily and communicating doing X doing a business exchange whether that means exchanging sex prostitution Ryder exchanging good services food whatever it may be the idea is that there's no third party involved there's no third party taking money away there's no third party forcing them I mean tonight is a perfect example nobody here had a gun held as far as I know had a gun held to them and what was forced to be here right you all came here on your own volition you came here voluntarily that is freedom right there that is decentralization that is people coming here finding some sort of value you came here because you wanted to connect you want to hear new ideas you wanted to get de guests vegan food or you wanted to dance or whatever it may be you came here for a purpose and nobody forced you to be here our lives can be like that every single day but we have these institutions that are standing in the way of that and that are inhibited inhibiting human progress these institutions come in the form of central centralization you can call them government you can call corporate power it comes in many different names and many different flavors but at the end of the day those institutions are the ones that are inhibiting the progress that I'm talking about but I do believe that technology and just communication like this is helping us build these systems I helped build a website it's called freedom cells org that's cels org please write that down guys and you can or take it on your phone it's a website that helps you build these groups that I'm talking about so freedom cells are decentralized peer-to-peer groups form for the purpose of sharing knowledge opting out of the system so that might mean you want to opt out of the unsustainable Hinn humane factory farms so then you get together with your cell your core group five six seven eight people and you start working on local community garden projects you know you start thinking of hey let's see let's find out more about this crypto thing we keep hearing about it let's look into creating an alternative currency in our community it's about having that core group of support group that you can lean on as you start exiting the system and it doesn't you know don't expect to go from where you're at now to the position I'm in and I still got a ways to go from either personally feel happy but it's about taking those steps to to opt out so what the website does it's basically a social network of some sort but this isn't the kind of social network where you go post pictures of your food or your cats on this is a social network that allows you to create a profile you can put it in what your skills are what your interests are and you can search by skills and interests and that'll show you want to map people who have joined and how far they were you can search point five miles five miles 10 miles and it'll show you people there and these are people who are joining this website not just to create to join a new website but with the purpose of actually meeting in the real world so it's a digital tool to help us connect in the real world I'm actually going to be doing a we do I've started doing international conference calls once a month for people who are interested in this idea because I've been promoting it for about two and a half years now and there's people from Australia New Zealand all over the US who said hey we call them circles they're ours are called hubs or we don't have a name for it it doesn't matter what you want to call it the point is that it's time for us to decentralized to localize and none of us as powerful and beautiful as we are we're also part of a collective you know I don't think that means we have to give up our individuality to be a part of that collective but we're better served when we work together right you know because as much as I am an introvert and I like to isolate myself be in solitude I realize that in order for the goals that I have to be accomplished I need to work with other people and that's why I'm here try to work with you guys trying to develop these concepts so holistic activism holistic anarchism freedom cells the conscious resistance I don't know where on my own timing eight minutes or so minutes okay cool so one other thing I want to mention to you now I started out with sharing a little bit of my personal story and you know what I had to go through a lot of those struggles and I will say that I'm still in the process of healing you know I recently just took a trip to Costa Rica and was out there on the beach writing more letters to my dad to try to you know I'm still healing from this stuff so it's a constant process I'm not sitting here trying to speak to you guys as if I got this shit all figured out because I need you guys help as much as I think that we need each other right so you know my message is both one of internal work as well as building these physical systems because as I said earlier we can't only be in up in the spirit and just assume that things are gonna fix themselves because there's still a physical world that exists so we have to find a way to connect both the spirit the struggle for against our own internal tyrant which your internal tyrant are those doubts fears insecurities that a lot of us let limit ourselves I mean I used to be the kind of guy that like I'd knock a cup over and spill something and I'd be talking shit to myself for the next hour my hammock pack you're such an idiot you see the way they looked at you and just beat myself up you know and when you do that whatever you tell yourself whether it's positive or negative that's the way you're programming yourself you know every day somebody's trying to program us whether it's that corporate advertising that ad on YouTube you know the school whatever it is somebody's trying to program us so the idea then would be to be in control of that space somebody's trying to like anybody ever heard of John Trudeau he's a very if not you need to look up John Trudeau look up his speeches he passed away a couple years ago he's a very amazing eloquent Native American activist and he used to say that not only are these people you know they that they're mining the earth for its resources but that they're mining our minds for our resource and what's our most important resource that's space right here that you know the power of our mind what's in there so they want to get in our heads right but sometimes we don't even need them to do it we do it to ourselves or we do it to each other we make fun of each other we judge each other we make people feel like they're Outsiders and we cast them outside and then how does that how does that affect the rest of their life and their ability to connect and to find their own bike so it's important to think about how we're communicating with each other so it's a struggle both physical and mental and physical my most recent project that I just put out two three weeks ago and I didn't mention this but these books and the other one that's missing tonight they're all downloadable for free on my website like if you don't pick one up tonight go home and download it please check it out and if you don't have any money and you want the book come over to me and I will hand it to you because it's more important to me that you go home with it then it goes home with me in my bag so I've been working on my just release and it's only in digital form right now because I'm hoping to actually get a publisher for these ones I self-published all my books because this this what I'm about to share with you it has the potential to reach a lot more people than just our circles and just our bubbles it's meant for a mainstream audience but it's the same message but it doesn't say politics it doesn't say activist it doesn't say anarchism it doesn't say any of these things it just helps people take themselves through this process basically the process that I took myself when I got locked up of self-reflection it's called the holistic self-assessment and all the books are at the conscious resistance calm slash books you can come pick up my card and get the link to it but this the holistic self-assessment is basically the process that I was talking about not just applied to activism I could be look at this symbol think about each of these little vectors or circles this is the economy this is relationships this is education this is food and you start looking on each of these different areas of your life and asking are these in line with my principles plenty of times people out there they say they want to leave the world a better place they want to change things you know maybe they want to you know they want to get rid of the government or whatever your goals are right but then you look at their actions and theirs they're not aligned there's any consistencies so this book the holistic self-assessment it's only 33 pages it's meant to be a workbook where you can get yourself a new notebook download the PDF follow along and at the end of each chapter there's a little simple exercise to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level to ask yourself what are the principles that guide you I mean I've realized in my work that a lot of times people don't know what a principle means let alone what the principles are the guide them so they may state one thing like oh I want to change the world for the better right but then they look at you look at your choices and your actions like wow shit I'm all over the place like might have my my stated principles and my goals in my habits don't align and so this book the first thing is Who am I the second one is one of my principles what are my goals what are my habits and then looking at your relationships and seeing where there's these inconsistencies not so that I or anybody can say you're living wrong but so that you as an individual can say okay you know what maybe I don't want to change the world that sounds like a lot of work forget that ideally the hope is that you'll be okay I've got a lot of work to do let me get to this and we can actually start implementing these things because what I do believe is even if the concept of freedom sells and it's definitely growing there's people around the world building these groups and enjoying the conference calls and stuff like that but even if we implement that and people start D centralizing and opting out from the economic system and the food production system and we start growing gardens all over the place and just this beautiful world that we know is possible even if we do that in the physical realm I believe that if we don't do the internal work it may take 50 to 100 200 years but we're going to cycle right back to the same shit we're going to probably become the people we've been finding you know and we've seen that if I'm a student of history and radical movements and every time somebody came up and said that they were gonna fix everything for everybody all we had to do is plug them in power and they would fix everything they'd end up becoming the tyrants that they find maybe by design or maybe because we're not meant to rule over each other you know we're meant to see that we are each divine and sovereign beautiful people that can come together in agreement right so I believe the answer to avoid that is to do this internal work and for me the holistic self-assessment is part of that so I would be honored and very much appreciate if you guys check it out on the conscious resistance comp slash books you'll see all the books just click on the page and there's that it says download the PDF and get yourself a new notebook and take your time working through this you know it's not something that's meant to be rushed it's you know marinate on each question for a couple days and also the other thing I'll say about that as I start to wrap up is the more honest you are with yourself the more you're gonna get out of it right so if you're at a point in time in your life where you're not ready to dig down into all those deeper issues you know we all got them in different ways I don't care who you are and how famous you are on the internet or what you know who you think you are either day we each have doubts fears and insecurities they may look different and they may express themselves differently but we each have them there so the goal and is to work on that to empower ourselves so that we can become the better people that we know are possible and through that while also building these physical institutions counter economy and building opting out of the system we're going to create that beautiful world that I believe is possible and I think that you guys also think is possible I appreciate that please continue to give your attention to the rest of the speakers I want to end the way that I always do and that's where the positive affirmation you might see then he's got the shirt on these are one of our shirts too so if you feel inclined if you can hear my voice just repeat these words after me and this is not well I want you to think about these positive affirmations are not just supposed to be some mindless mantra that we repeat to ourselves to feel better in the moment like everything's okay everything's okay you know that's not what it's meant to be hear these words feel them when you say them and know that they are true and then live them okay this is something that has helped me in difficult times and I would appreciate if you join me I am powerful I am beautiful make sure everybody can hear you on this one I am free hey thank you guys so much for your time [Applause] we're here for you in connection and to touch each other and share with each other we can't do this alone not one person has all the answers and it's important to talk with each other and to communicate because we each have a piece of the whole remember we are all God in creation we all want when we are separate individuals here as human beings so it's important to share and it's important to listen so I love the house and a wolf representation thank you thank you for sharing your story [Applause] so what anybody feeling all right so we're gonna have a 10 minute and Submission 10-minute break you guys can stay

  1. This is the first real exposure to this guy and 20 mins into this video i don't think he's said one thing i haven't liked. Like my brother from another mother. We're the same age too…

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