1. Doesn't support beating up someone to take their money but supports israel taking land and homes from Palestinians.

  2. Just curious. Socialism is the advocacy of theft? I am against communism but is socialism thief? Can you have a government without redistributing money – taxation? And if the government chooses to spend taxation on health-care, isn't that just changing who the doctors are dealing with; government rather than patients. I don't know – I'm not trolling, I actually find Ben's arguments fascinating but I can't get past this. Help anyone?

  3. You have to visit a socialist country to see the vast differences between the working class folks and elite. BTW – is no in between or middle class. You're either dirt poor and dependent on the government or you're very wealthy and are the government.

  4. To Quote Margaret Thatcher: "No theory of government was ever given a fairer test or a more prolonged experiment in a democratic county than democratic socialism received in Britain. Yet, it was a miserable failure in every respect." — The Downing Street Years

  5. Ben hit this hard and running and he would have a good toe to toe with alexander ocasio cortez in socialism.As for her she is worse than a thermonuclear bomb and that is a fact.

  6. How to combat stawmans by a preteen rich kid with no knowledge of anything beyond the United States.

    Respect kid….you are knees deep in right wing propaganda…

    Dont get me wrong im voting right center here in Denmark. But right center in denmark is like mid to left wing imdemocrats in your country.

    Ive seen him making the point, that we (Denmark) chose a right government. But he has no understanding of how relative that is.

    Your republicans would be a far right extremist party over here.

  7. It doesn't matter how many different times you "try" socialism, communism, etc. If it hasn't worked yet, it'll never work no matter how you tweak its "policies".

  8. That argument already stands for what’s happening now with every abused social benefit. It bothers me seeing the misuse of our hard earned taxes.

  9. fuck Ben Shapiro and his advocating American taxpayer dollars going to Israel
    fuck israel too
    Ben should be in jail for treason

  10. Is it wrong that I get bigger boners watching Shapiro talk than I do watching anything else on the internet?🤣

  11. I am the means of production, I don't need socialized & the fruits of my labor are not yours to allocate.

  12. Hey, there's a few Republicans in Minnesota! (We act Red, but the biggest population centers vote blue and overthrow the votes of the not city slickers.)

  13. Ben shapiro against socialism because it gives workers more of what they produce. Shapiro would rather sit back and take like trump with no effort. Bet this guy cant even change a tire. Total spoiled little bitch.

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