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There are some news stories that help us understand
the world we live in, and there are some news stories
that are just stupid. For those,
we turn to Ronny Chieng. -♪ ♪
-(cheering and applause) Thank you! America has a problem with food. You guys want your food
to be cheap and fast but also to be fresh
and healthy. That’s too many things, okay? You can’t have both. It’s like racial diversity
at a ski lodge. It doesn’t exist. And when Americans don’t get
everything they expect from their food, you end up with
dumb lawsuits, like this one. REPORTER:
The Reading Eagle reports on a $5 million
class action lawsuit that accuses Godiva
of misleading consumers. The suit says Godiva’s packaging
reads “Belgium 1926,” implying the chocolate
is made there, when it’s actually made
in Reading, Pennsylvania. Godiva says the Belgian brand
is proud of its roots and the company’s logo
reflects the spirit. Come on, guys. You’re telling me
that Americans care that their chocolate isn’t
from Belgium? I’ll give you the money myself
if you can show me where Belgium is on the map. But, also, Godiva, why are you tricking people about where your chocolate
is from? Nobody cares. You could say that it was made
in Bernie Sanders’ shoe and people would still eat it. ‘Kay?
People love chocolate so much that Willy Wonka killed kids
and we didn’t even care, because he made chocolate. Americans are so entitled. Not only does their cheap food
have to be exotic, they also want it to be organic,
like this lady. REPORTER: A Bronx woman is suing
TGI Fridays for $5 million, claiming the restaurant’s
potato skin snacks aren’t actually made
of potatoes. The potato skin snacks
come in bags. They’re sold in stores
and vending machines across the country. The woman
says she bought the snack at a Bronx bodega but says she
wouldn’t have made the purchase if she knew the product
didn’t contain real potatoes. She claims
the food is misbranded and not as healthy as the restaurant’s
popular appetizer. Okay, so I get where this lady
is coming from. I would also be pissed, because you can’t sell a snack
called potato skins if it doesn’t have any potatoes
in it, ‘kay? Imagine if you got tickets
to a Beyoncé concert and, when you got there,
I came out. -(laughter)
-(man whoops) You would be furious. Why? Because you’re not ready
for the jelly. (grunts) But, still, how is this lady suing
for $5 million? Like, how much did she spend
on these potato skins, four dollars? Okay, well, then
she gets the four dollars back. Okay? In fact, you know what,
here-here’s a ten. Okay, go buy yourself
30 seconds of therapy. I mean, honestly, who is expecting food
from TGI Fridays? They give you two appetizers,
two entrees, and two desserts
all for 20 bucks. That’s not a meal.
That’s a yard sale, okay? Again, we don’t need a lawsuit. Just give the lady
her money back, and, TGI Fridays, you can still call
them potato skins– you just have to put
a question mark at the end. Yeah. That way, you’re not just selling
a snack– you’re selling a mystery. Seriously, America, you can’t
keep suing everything, okay? Just accept the fact
that everyone is lying to you. Companies are lying to you,
the government is lying to you, your wife is cheating on you,
with me. Nothing is real, okay? You can’t even trust water. A judge has given new life
to a class action lawsuit accusing Poland Spring
of selling water that’s sourced from wells
and not springs. He ruled last week
that an amended complaint can proceed,
with claims in eight states. Poland Spring’s
corporate parent, Connecticut-based
Nestlé Waters North America, reiterated Tuesday
that it’s a meritless lawsuit and said the judge’s decision doesn’t undermine
its confidence. That’s right– a woman is mad that Poland Spring water
doesn’t come from a spring. It comes from a well. Yeah, I just told the people
in Flint, Michigan about this story, and they said
to go (bleep) yourself. -(laughter)
-Seriously. (cheers and applause) Who actually thinks Poland Spring water comes
from a spring in Poland? Do you also think
your Smartwater went to MIT? (laughter) It’s all marketing. Although, to be fair, CVS water
does come from CVS, okay? It’s locally sourced from
the CVS break room toilet. Look, I think America would have
fewer lawsuits if people were more skeptical of what they put in their bodies
in the first place. If you ask me, this is a scheme
people are using to try and get rich, which is
why I’m also joining in. Trevor, I am suing you. Consider yourself served. Wait. What? Why? Because the food you left in
the fridge today wasn’t organic, and I almost didn’t finish it. Wait. What do you mean,
“the food”? That was my food. You ate my lunch, Ronny.
That was my lunch! Trevor, Trevor,
we’ll let the courts decide. Ronny Chieng, everybody.

  1. Na. Spring water should come from a spring. Or call that shit Well water n see how many friends you really got

  2. Cant expect anything less from a nation of runaway Europeans who founded a nation based on freedom and equality while owning slaves and committing mass genocide at the same time

  3. Please sir read my words please save Tamil Nadu from India' s pm Modi and also Tamil Nadu cm edappadi palani swami… its very serious please save Tamil Nadu sir … they have some business plans bt it will erase Tamilnadu and also us .. they know it also bt they doing this against Tamilnadu sir pleaseee 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  4. This stint really made me ball! Companies are lying to you, the government is lying to you, your wife is cheating on you… With me! Savage to the next level!!!

  5. I'm from Poland and the Poland Spring was literally the worst water I have ever tried. Most of bottled waters in US are disgusting, I feel bad for you

  6. America is a shithole country coz the Americans are all idiots who voted for a rapist and a criminal for president and now I believe that when the world says America is going to hell 😂

  7. Food in america is literally the worst quality food you can think off. processed chemical plastic food. Full of Chemicals Glyfosate GMOs and other bullshit. Americans literally eat and drink cancer lol. water is full with Fluoride and chromium 6. that is tap water. so they have to buy expensive water from bottles. which are owned by big corporations like coca cola and nestle. to name 2 companies. and so fort. americans are literally living in america to eat and drink pure toxic poison. glad i didnt grew up in that country. They pay for false flags and terrorist organizations. and they pay big companies that temper with their food. lol. why are you americans such ignorant idiots.

  8. I do care, pay for a luxury handbag and find out it was made in China but not Italy or French is a big disappointed!

  9. Would people sue hotdogs because it contains no dog meat or because it isn't actually hot?

    But I suppose warmpork wouldn't sell so well.

  10. His accent when he said "yard sale" broke me up. His light Asian accent w/ the deep NewYork is friggin' awesome😂

  11. Americans sue less now than they did.. so.. disingenuous argument lol but who likes looking stuff up these days

  12. Ronnie is a mofo … he is more like a hyperactive child argue….. than a host with a point there !

  13. The first thing the court will decide is you can't serve someone personally. Case dismissed, thank you that will be $5000 Trevor.


  15. I’m suing Snickers, cause it didn’t make me feel better, after I was mad, and hit my friend

    -Some Idiot

  16. "…if people were more skeptical about what they put in there bodies in the first place." ….. (-.-') these people you are talking about are Americans, they'd eat raw potato peels if those were in a plastic bag with a "healthy product" label (and after a few months they'd sue because the peels contain too much carbohydrate to be called "healthy").

  17. What a news 😂 why don't we have such news …?? Potato skins doesn't have actual potato in it ? That's so serious matter …

  18. Here's another frivolous lawsuits against food giants, the infamous Mcdonalds coffee incident of 1992 by a deceased defendant who claims her coffee is too hot; of course the coffee is hot, you have to be careful with it

  19. There are no such things as free facts in the world. If people had a grip on the billions of books in the world it would be a better and safer place. If you couple a lack of fact substantiation with drug use, then there are more delusional and hysterical people. What else could I say about crime and accidents? Studying takes substantial time and technique. A lack facts will, thus, lead to declining health and loss of control. Have a little respect for the informed. If information leads to fashion, then it is written in the fashion and etiquette manuals not dictated by Hollywood characters. Who has time for a constant formal presentation, though? I'm not going to get into the dangers of chemically engineered products or restaraunt grade food (hint, "grade") but maybe you can find your way there in the metals and alchemy? You can't live on quick internet searches in this world. Good luck, schmucks!

  20. An american couple on a midnight sun cruise in nothern norway wanted the full trip to be refunded, they came all this way and it was the same sun the had at home !!!

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