Evangelism Is Less Urgent When We Don’t Talk About Hell

– [Trevin Wax] When faith becomes
personalized in a consumer society, evangelism becomes controversial. The idea of converting someone,
of trying to lead someone to your faith, sounds arrogant and close-minded. And I would just add one
additional problem here. Hell doesn’t seem to be on the horizon. For the churchgoing millennial,
in a lot of these research and these studies and surveys,
the absence of any thought or mention of hell as an eternal reality, you know,
something spoken about by the apostles, something warned about by Jesus Christ,
that reveals a deficiency in discipleship. And look, I’m glad that the research shows
that younger Christians say that, you know, “We want to take
Jesus’ message seriously.” Okay, that’s great. But do we take all of
his message seriously? We should shudder at the church that has
forgotten how to shudder about hell. I don’t know how you can take Jesus’
message seriously and miss that glaring, that frequent aspect of his teaching. And I know among younger generations at
times, you know, it’s popular to mock old school revivals, you know,
fire and brimstone preachers and all that, but just better take care that,
in the process, we’re not mocking Jesus himself. So this is a very important issue that I
think is going to deserve more attention in the future. So if there’s a sign of hope here,
it’s that younger Christians say they want the undiluted message of Jesus, and they
want to take it seriously. Unfortunately, though, apparently,
one of the most serious aspects of Jesus’ message has been overlooked
by younger Christians. And I think that leads to a diminishment
in the sense of urgency that we have about evangelism.

  1. " Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels.." Matthew 25:41✔️

    Preach the love of God, repentance and the new abundant life that Christ offers.
    Hell is there, but it is the love of God, his goodness and mercy, that heaven is real, that he died to save us, that Jesus alone has the antidote for sin, this is the message for the dying sinner! ✝️

    Man goes to Hell only by default!

  2. Those who don’t delight in God most like don’t believe in the biblical hell.

    That’s to say, they either don’t believe it exists, or don’t understand the true nature of depravity which consequentially keeps them from Him who gives of Himself freely, so that, they would possess their greatest joy and happiness.

  3. "One of the most serious aspects of Jesus' message?" I had rejoiced at everything he said until he said that! It's clearly THE serious aspect of Jesus' message. As C.S. Lewis and others have pointed out, Jesus elucidated nothing novel about the law of God. His ministry was about showing the ramifications of that law, how they encroach upon us in ways we couldn't have imagined, or would have liked to, and that He Himself is the only rescue for us from the consequence of our failure, which, indeed, is Hell.

  4. I've struggled for so long to get the local church interested in going out to evangelize. No matter what I do they just don't seem to care.

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