EVA Airline PREMIUM ECONOMY Food Review & First Day in Philippines!

okay we're ready to go Jane's going back to Taiwan IJ all right Jasmina then we're gonna go all right see Anna Louise first time I'm not the one driving to the airport yay I get really sleep for my Jack so the plane is of course I'm gonna stop by flushing and we're gonna meet with my dad it's company one last time about the hot oil and then the wok is already being ordered so we've got a thousand walks on the way here and because we are flying EVA Air Lines again the food is is pretty mediocre so we can eat something and flushing our flight leaves around midnight this is gonna be a really really long trip because we're going to Ford four different countries so this is the first multi country trip typically I don't like to travel that much because it's just too tiring yes Ari my guitars I'm old so I should but it's gonna be a long trip hopefully a lot of great content very excited by the food we're gonna encounter in the Philippines Malaysia Singapore all the other places it's not gonna be a you see to see that first stop my parents house hello I got my parents this from Taiwan it's really good tea yeah my boss ha I wonder this time because we are parking and leaving our car I'm Elmhurst especially cheaper that way you leave your car arm hurts no street cleaning and then you take a mover to the airport's lot cheaper than actually parking around the airport so we're gonna eat around um person we're gonna go to my favorite noodle restaurant I'm cold shows totally that it closed down but it's right here it's fine it's good it's still open so we're gonna go eat some noodles so apparently this place did change ownership not the same place anymore used to be like a Klingon place with a lot of noodles is they still have the noodles but they added like a bunch of other dishes here all like North so as North eating Chinese cuisine now so I got this right here this is one of my favorite dishes it's not fried turn it stirred fried cabbage this is great I love it this is a very much may your Eastern dish just like right before gives reseller sauce that should be good I'm gonna tell you guys this plays a good or not first dish this is the meaning North Eastern food this is like basically fight for slices up before deep-fried that's good it's our place I can smell the sweet sour glaze from here alright looks very crispy very saucy I really wanted someone to like desperately average stir-fry cabbage the best at somehow that's a must this up tell me your mouth is not watering right now this beautiful last dish stir fried potato slices on my favorite things in the world let's try this one time I'm gonna try the one time first it's good I wish the feeling was a little bigger there's a lot of dough here a lot of skin put the soup flavor and the pork filling flavor is good the full bar all Thank You Clark a nice crunchy outer shell little sweet little shower I'm not an expert on this particular dish but tastes pretty good oh I can use a little bit this dish really it needs to be a little bit Arif for six bucks they cook that dish perfectly there's the most important thing that stores goods ever was I'll see I feel way too probably displays revelation as much this just might be a little different feel like it probably do one more stroll there I don't Emily come back I feel like for the value they give you a lot for your paying for him I'm glad it kept the family on the noodles I think because of that they're still pretty much the same ol Uncle Joe that's the place all know if you guys can see that I thought I had the best chicken rice until I went to Singapore and that's where I learned the truth alright I think that's that's it a some food walked around let's go to the airport so I can mention flying premium economy because I gotta get some sleep before it's haiwan I figured the food might be a little better pretty big screen this is my iPad Mini you get a couple bottles of water slippers really helpful and amenity kits wait all the usual suspect socks footstool I'm in the last row myself are the seasoning back and I don't really feel bad because there's no one behind me it's kind of perfect this is actually really really good face cleaners I think this team these back part in the most rural economy plays at dinner I definitely get some stuff like this I'll show you guys again so this is like up right that's really nice economies actually pretty empty on his flood good cheese the only bad thing is I like an economy suits these arm rests they don't lift up he's armed Restless this will make a darn good bed okay it's official I got the whole wall to myself yeah I guess I'll see you at dinner slash breakfast slash midnight snack she's handing out my favorite book right now thank you Kim is great for surfing this one's pretty good I think I had to sever the last time I feel you by arrow is the same thing I definitely am gonna stay away from this the ham and cheese sandwich might be the best thing they serve on his plate usually it's opposed to it it's nice and high I love this the green team that helped us water we took breakfast and Friday we're scanning in sight read this it'll look like this I love fish floss if please thank you I got the braised beef and the biggest difference I noticed right away between the premium economy meal and the economy now is there's a lot more food economy meals you don't get the salad I don't think you get this little appetizer as well let's take a look at the entree first impression the thief has some white stuff on that thinking ass fat the salad I sure it looks really refreshing there's little side piece of chicken looks pretty good very cheese I love this little oil and vinegar thingy some asparagus and tomatoes arugula kale I mean what kind of Chef vegetables fresh to be those nice and cushy overall pretty decent salary I like nice and crunchy chicken have no cold there's a little drive nice soy sauce you will mommy flavor this may be the best thing on this play right now Dave you put down your salad nice soy sauce chicken salad but I really don't know about this I think this is just fat that really does not look that appetizing it's disintegrating that's never good the worst thing I've had on their line he's pretty salty that weird outer layer is kind of mushy for the noodles I mean it does have any flavor it's got a nice chew three means not bad yeah that chicken was definitely the best thing on this plate I remember this guy from last time I really like this a raspberry cheesecake I remember liking this got respect again besting here is the chicken second busting cheesecake for premium economy like I mentioned to you guys we get the extra appetizer dish you get a nice salad the entree is the same as economy entree usually it's just little bigger in size but but it's the same stuff but still with the chicken made this whole meal seemed a lot better I wonder take some balsamic vinegar oil because there's really fatty I'm gonna see if the vinegar makes the flavor a little better Oh much better and that people's like real ridiculously fatty but a little vinegar kind of balance it out a bit not bad this is similar to the breakfast I had on this airline last time I remember this being pretty dead last night so breakfast is spiced shaking and mustn't kanji some fruit you know it looks like movies and pork and shrimp that Chinese steamed bun or month old fish sauce pour that over the kanji makes a little sweeter a little saltier a little crunchy er definitely a lot this year this is probably the best main dish I've had on this airline so far that's not bad meet the fish floss because otherwise the kanji is though it's still not that flavorful a lot of ginger Zee here scallions Lucas I never tried that's a the puncher actually pretty fantastic as meaty little shrimpy green beans are nice and fresh it's not that I'm not a big fan of nothing because I don't like my quiche cold I like the crunch of the scallions that's inside otherwise not my favorite thing uh sure I think this will taste really good but for some of the kanji love that punch I feel like this bun is kind of out of place here because we already have your carbs in the congee and it's very traditional for Chinese people to eat a bun with the congee even though it's kind of like carbs on carbs it's gonna zip my knee here besides depletion this is a super Chinese and breakfast see if the warm kanji can kind of make the cold quiche better not a bad breakfast but we're about to win in Taiwan and rad dryland these on top of these food don't be more heating going on I feel like I've been to Taipei a lot this year it's about 6:30 in the morning right now and I'm gonna actually go out of the airport because like I mentioned before it delay over it's ten hours I'm gonna go film our first food video at a 7-eleven so eating out a 7-eleven in time one I think it's pretty fun just me and Jasmina Jasmina it says Mita came to see your neighbor because thank you leave the airport so just us you hungry no did you get all the herb airplane food what did you think of the airplane food but you still ate it did you like the congee I thought was the best I'm busy the ham and cheese sandwiches I thought those were okay alright we're gonna go eat at this 7-eleven it's supposed to be massive supposed to have a lot of stuff in there so now he's gonna figure out how to get there [Applause] I 179 just a feast just finished filming our 7-eleven video oh did not know you guys she fired besom food at a 7-eleven good sit down at a 7-eleven in the u.s. what do you eat there hot dog and a Dona and some Slurpee but same 11 Taiwan awesome no we're gonna hit bad to the airport and go to the Philippines oh this looks really really good I can't leave Taiwan with how having some braised pork over rice I just can't do it I gotta have it he also said batteries is pretty pushing it's a lot of batter the sauce is actually pretty good close sweet really spicy to staff this is so much man this is our Airbnb it's you know gosh and Ally what is what is here what is this this is a window so the view is that there's three rooms and it's very I don't know that the sheets are very sparkly I should say right I already saw a cockroach yeah yeah I feel like in Vietnam we had a much more luxurious Airbnb them did they say there's a gym in this building yeah there is I think this was like 70 or 80 dollars a night for the three bedrooms which is great but you know what I mean for the value I think it's pretty good I mean we each get a room you know this building seemed nice and secure there's a 7-eleven downstairs not as fancy as the one in Taiwan that's too bad all right this has been a long trip and we're gonna get started bright and early tomorrow morning hitting the Food Tours is gonna be awesome so thank you guys so much for following along I'll see you later

  1. 哈囉
    I find my friend in your video that you went to the last 7-11 !! (never see any youtuber come to here and take video so when I see it , I'm surprised. btw I'm local ^^)
    下次出國要記得 來台灣 這選項喔~

  2. They seem like nice people but unfortunately I have experienced living in the Philippines and they are the most racist people I have ever encountered. They call everybody that's not Filipino a foreigner. They don't have sympathy for their children dying and Starving in the streets I have seen them just walked by little babies that are suffering so much in the adult Filipinos don't even care. This is the first race of humans that I have ever seen do this. This is scary. I think we should start calling them foreigners when they come into the United States. We should treat them the way they treat us. In a racist horrible way. This has been my experience when I lived in the Philippines for 8 months. Extremely racist selfish people. And they will never admit it. Not to mention the majority of them cheat on each other. They act so nice but I have a lot of dark little secrets. Fake people.

  3. I m so with you about the food on EVA flight, it has gone waaaaay down hill since the last decade or so 🙁

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  6. so you get to smell the bathroom the whole way…. I always try to avoid far from it! If you don't like your meal can you ask for new one???

  7. Thank you so much always dear you. I like your interesting nice awesome amazing videos so much. I wish you Good luck all the best for your life.

  8. I would have definitely asked the flight attendants to warm up the quiche specially if flying premium anyting

  9. in the end of these tasting You need tell that you ate the most delicious number one food.

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