EVA Air ECONOMY FOOD Review New York to Taipei

welcome to the airline review show last time I did the Primera Cana meet China airline review and you guys really liked it yeah so I'm bringing you another one today we are going to review the Eva air economy food we're gonna see what kind of stuff we get on this long-haul flight now on the way there we'll fly economy but on the way back we're flying Premium Cana me what I'm doing is actually flying in Taipei hang out with family a little bit and then we're flying to Seoul Korea so we're gonna have a bunch of Korea videos I'm super excited yeah yes Korean food um where's my Korean drama lover oppa it's not here I just finished packing about 10 minutes ago I'm a super last-minute Packer I'm gonna grab a jacket make sure I have my passport and then let's head out it's about 10 p.m. right now when we get to the airport our flight leaves at 1 a.m. which is very typical which is I think basically all the flights out to Taipei from New York leave around 1 a.m. we're gonna arrive in Asia at 5 a.m. oh and before we leave I just want to say that this video is sponsored by Squarespace from websites and online stores to marketing tools and analytics Squarespace is the only one platform to build a beautiful online presence and run your business stayed till the end to find out more and also I have a perfect surprise for you guys been curious okay we're gonna go meow bet go and there you go sixteen hours at starting that guys I made friends on the plane I'm Haley friend my fiancee husband oh my gosh we're going to follow light over in Taipei hopefully we get the Hello Kitty flight I know that sounds so cool okay see now is not so bad no not bad all right about an hour and a half into the flight it is time for our the first meal tada dinner time I am just super excited because I was actually starving there's something about opening oil that is so satisfying oh I just like that sound yes reveal so I got the seafood rice oh and you can see that there are pretty big shrimp pieces scallops some veggies and fluffy fluffy rice I also really love their utensils I don't know I just think it's so cute a close-up of the sauce the sauce is actually a sweet chili sauce they got these tiny selling pieces in there which I love they're very chewy and looking at the veggies I mean it looks okay it doesn't look bad and of course the rice is always pretty good now we're going to take a bite and sample it first impression I thought it was me yeah I wrote in my notes that it was actually not that good unfortunately yeah I got a doe digging into the veggies there some bok choy cabbage and carrots I wrote in my notes that the veggie didn't taste very good at all actually they were very soggy and had a weird plastic taste to it I think it was just ginger slices in there and on this side you get potato salad and smoked salmon I don't know why the smoked salmon on the plain always tastes so good I think it just feels like a very luxurious like food to have on the plane I wrote in my notes that this little side dish was actually the best parts of the salmon and the potato salad that was a hit ladies and gentlemen thumbs up for that little sad dish and also the fruit was super fresh as well this meal came with a dessert it's like a vanilla cake with peach slices on top and this is an overview of the entire meal yes get that angle he actually gave quite a lot of seafood and a lot of sauce that mixed it well with the rice it balances out because usually they just give you a ton of rice the rice was really fluffy and the sauce was actually very spicy yeah which is shocking for airplane food I ended up finishing it even though it was just okay I was starving and digging into the dessert the dessert basically just tasted like you know any other supermarket grocery store cake that you get in a plastic container it wasn't good it wasn't bad I didn't end up finishing all of actually but it was just and in the utensil pack they also gave you floss which is a little nice touch you know okay now that I'm done with dinner it's time to watch Captain Marvel by the way if you're wondering they do give you water okay because this was so late in the night I literally knocked out like I just blacked out I was so tired by the time I woke up about four hour into the flight and I thought this would be a perfect time to give you a bathroom to overheat well the reason I wanted to give you guys the bathroom tours cuz this bathroom for some reason was so big bigger than other bathrooms I've been in and sorry for being so extra why am i doing that I don't know okay I want to show you that there's amenities of memories I can never say that word they have hand wash for you face mist hand lotion and they gave out toothbrush you never really see them giving out toothbrush like sleeping mask and your plugs on long-haul flights so especially for economy class so this is very nice I'm gonna freshen up a bit and then I'll see you guys later for breakfast time for breakfast so you get two choices you can get the Asian breakfast which is congee or the Western breakfast which had eggs and bacon this is what the congee looked like I always love congee on Asian flights I don't know it's just is such an awesome breakfast food this one came with fish floss fish sauces it's basically like pork floss it's adds a savory flavor to your meal I just I love it just sprinkly all that in it yes I sprinkled that fish philosophy so digging in my kanji you can see that it came with a lot of veggies there's corn there's carrots I think there was peas in there as well and there's chicken pieces in there so yeah I'm just mixing that up to take a delicious bite oh you guys and the verdict is myth unfortunately I wrote this in my notes savory at all like it basically had no taste was very bland and the meal did a cup with salt and pepper so I poured the entire fish floss package in there it came with some peppers on the side I added that into my meal it just gave it a little crunch but not really any more flavor usually with congee they give you pickled radish on the side or some type of like fermented police stuff but they didn't here but it's okay garlis I finished it and I left two carrots I don't know why I keep leaving carrots they also came with fruit by the way about time to land soon so I'm just finishing up my coffee okay and it was time to land and you guys loved the moment when you know we've like landed and and we're just waiting for that seatbelt sign to go off and you see like who gets up first like cuz some people get up so fast you ready ready ready ready ready ready oh that guy went up so fast where was he going and we've made it 60 hours later we made it hi guys so currently at Tyler Airport we arrived an hour and a half early since whistlin applied 15 we landed at 3 he doesn't 350 I've never had all right I had to go pick up food as I was saying we got here early I've been sitting here for a while we still have a bit of a trek before I get home home because I live in the south but I wanted to show you guys the food court here at this airport because it's an amazing you can get so many yummy Asian food I think is one of the best airport food court in my opinion I'm so biased but I love this you guys have layovers here at this airport be sure to come down to this food court and grab a bunch of food I'm gonna eat this up and then we're off to the second truck of our journey of course this tastes so much better than the airplane food hello everybody I freshen up a little bit that was a really long travel day so I'm back at my parents place here in Pingdom Taiwan and oh my gosh I'm so excited because I want to introduce you guys to my mom's five cat but she has so many cats running around before I do that overall the EVA Air flight economy um I tell you what the food not so good but the seat was great it was really comfy for it was like pretty roomy compared to other economy seats I've been in most of all I've really great neighbors like my girl was going on her honeymoon and then the neighbor next to me was just so sweet and so nice so I think that's important if you get the middle seat in a long-haul flight overall I'm gonna rate this flight a 7 out of 10 yes but I still think the China airline connery flight is better but I have heaven but I need to like document that for you guys next time because you can really you'll see the difference for sure this was great and honestly for the price unbeatable you know so there you guys go that was an EVA air economy review so if you guys are from an Asian household you'll be very familiar with these calendars it's just like extra AF but surprisingly it's 2019 so it's update it usually it's like two to three years back okay so it's time for me to introduce huge Oh cats ready so here's a lot honestly I don't know no no more than that eat mental hey hey hi everyone like and subscribe so that's cat number one my parents hoard stuff ok and if you guys live in a household you understand look – can't number two you two twin they got the grumpy face look sorry – hi say hi to everyone that one's really friendly nobody really come up and say hi the other two are super super shy they all the three like golden ones are really really hyper and they're they're like super excited to see people they're very cuddly but the other two they're extremely shy so I probably won't be able to catch them on camera right now hold on before we go this is the perfect time to present to you a message from our sponsor want to start a travel blog or a place to document your food adventures well it doesn't have to be difficult because there's Squarespace the only one platform to build yourself a beautiful website they got all the modern templates you need to make your website look amazing both on desktop and on mobile set up a mailing list to keep all your loved ones updated on your travels with their easy image editor your travel selfies will always look great head to squarespace.com for a free trial and when you're ready to launch go to squarespace.com slash cup of TJ to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain it'll be a perfect online presence now thank you guys so much for watching at this airline review let me know comments below if there are other airlines you want me to review in the future remember to stick around because on the way back were flying premium economy so gonna see if there's anything different I'm really hoping really hoping there is also stick around because the next few videos after this will be Taiwan videos and then we're gonna go into Korea videos a lot of contents a lot of crazy crazy filming that's gonna be good I'm excited and I'm also tired I need to go take a nap or something I had to like slightly your freshen up to look kind of nice for this outro okay but thank you guys so much for tuning in I really appreciate it I will catch you guys in the next video yes okay

  1. I'm in ASIA :D! *frolics around* I'm posting stores on Instagram, you can follow along here: https://instagram.com/cupoftj

    PS I forgot to mention the economy flight cost about $500-600 and premium economy cost about $800-900. These are the super saver deals though cause I flew on a weekday

  2. Oh my gosh ! I haven’t seen one of your videos in a while but you look A👏MAZE👏ING👏

  3. Oh that couple you made friends with on the flight were so cute!
    I'm a very nervous flyer, I had an absolutely wonderful gentleman sat next to me on my Manchester, UK to Las Vegas, NV flight, he eased my nerves so much! He even did a countdown to landing with me, bless him!
    I adore cats & your Mum's cats are gorgeous!

    Always a pleasure watching your videos TJ, you're so delightful.

  4. Lucky u, Eva air just went into a strike! Some of my buddies missed their flights and have to fly china airlines back from Taipei!

  5. Great job as usual, an still beautiful even after a 16 hour flight. Have a great stay and looking forward to more videos. Love from the states.

  6. I love your moms cats. Is it easy to get those squished face cats in Taiwan if they are are they expensive can you give me an idea of the cost thank you

  7. Very nice vlog. I love it. 😍 I want to do this kind of review also, thank you for the video. ☺️ i just subscribed. btw, im a new youtuber from Japan as foreign student. Pls check it out guys if you have time. Thank you!

  8. TJ. Why are YT asians do nothing but eat? And why do Westernized Asians think they are better than their original people?

  9. The food on Eva Airline is really good considering being on a plane. The part I always loved about flying with them is that calming music they okay before you take off and before you land. Just makes me feel so calm. Lol.

  10. Love that Eva Air uses steel utensils! Also love their bathroom 😋 too bad their economy food is subpar 😭 good tip on the TPE airport food court! we might try it when we go there in July. did you ride a bus going to your mom's home? I thought the airport MRT is only until 12mn?

  11. Love EVA! I fly them twice a year for the past 4 years, always a good experience just need to be ready for a 15 pound carry on limit! 😉

  12. I felt like that first kitten was looking through the camera and into my soul 😳 😂 Glad you made it safe and sound TJ can't wait to see your next adventure!

  13. You would think that meeting possible mate for life would be easy and abundant for anyone working in travel. Like other YouTube ers who run into one another tubers. Like FunForLouis and RayaWasHere.

  14. Just came back from a long trip to Taiwan and South Korea. Taiwan was the best by far. The friendliest people, the food was amazing, and everything is so cheap. Taipei felt like an international city, very tourist friendly. South Korea was beautiful and very clean. People was cold even though repeat to kind words but we didn’t feel it. Seoul was not a tourist friendly type of country. Expensive for okay food. Didn’t live up to the hype. Just my opinion as a traveler. Gamsahanida. Peace

  15. Part of why I watch your videos is because its obvious you are not some (financially) spoiled vlogger running around on mom and dads dime, trying to make an easy career out of youtube. (not that what you do is easy, but if you had an unlimited bank account it would be much easier). I love your shining personality, and your excitement to show off your Mama's golden tabby short haired persians just proves it lol. Love you Tj, keep on doing what you do!

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