(EU4) 12 Ways to Improve Your Economy Without War or Trade

greetings fellow conquerors and welcome to EU 4 this is Darkfire sleight and today I'm going to be talking about 12 different ways to improve your income without war or trade you know the stems from the question dear God and the king of France and I came into four and 30,000 troops what do I do don't worry I've got your solution I've got your medicine I've got you taken care of so without further ado let's just jump right into twelve different ways that you can improve your income alright first and foremost perhaps not the most important this is not a ranked list by any stretch of the imagination this is just twelve different ways to make your economy better so first and foremost with if you have the Cossacks or common-sense DLC which you admittedly probably should by the release of the Prussia patch just because of the way institutions work which is a topic for a different video improving your development either your administrative or diplomatic development can be a very effective way to just improve your income for example if you look at this profit Provence here of rasheed we notice that it is a farmlands province which slightly reduces the development cost but more importantly it doesn't cost more to do it which means that it's very easy to improve this province and just make it better and for and because we have a you know a mosque built here or a church if you're Western you will improve your income for forty six admin you will improve your income from this province by point fourteen per month for the rest of the game that's quite a lot of ducats over the over the course of time and you know the more you improve it the more compounds like for example currently we're only making point seven for from this province however if you look at its neighboring province is scanned area or Alexandria if we look here we can see that the mosque here we also have one but because this province has nineteen based tax we're making two point eight to Duckett's per month from this province which is just absolutely insane so you know that's just one thing to consider if you've got provinces with no autonomy or you know I don't know why this has 0.3 I guess it's from my corruption but anyway if you look at these provinces you know you get these uh you get this bonus and it's just really really you know it's not an amazing way to improve income just because it costs a lot of Monarch points but if you're unable to go to war I know that especially in multiplayer this can be a quite effective way to improve your income as well as your at manpower if you're so seeking to do so and so that brings you the second point of this list which is buildings so obviously you know buildings like the mosque are going to improve your tax income by a set modifier and as well another very important building is the workshop which increases local production efficiency this is especially good when stacked with a trade company which I will talk about later but basically you want to build mosques and provinces that have high administrative points and if they don't already have them if you have any provinces that are farm lands grasslands you know anything that is not going to increase development cost what you can do is build a mosque or a church and then start improving the administrative power just too or the administrative development of the province just to get that nice extra monthly tax income now what is the third way that we can improve income and the easiest one well maybe not the easiest but another one that is often overlooked because the sometimes negative effects of it is lowering autonomy so if you don't know how autonomy works basically this number here is a flat reduction to the effectiveness of the province so ergo we have 32% of you know autonomy in this province that means that we're not getting 32 percent we're getting 32 percent less taxes you know production income etc etc from this province so a very quick way if you are in desperate need of more money and have a big army and can afford to one really big way to integrate new areas is just to click this button here to lower autonomy however it is worth noting that if you do this you will incur a +10 to local unrest however this isn't always as bad as it seems if the especially if the provinces are of your culture and your religion and you have a good tolerance or in you know usually talking to the true faith especially what can actually happen is this number right here if you mouse over the actual unrest as we can see here in Bani Yas the unrest is negative 9.8 which means if we were to lower autonomy right now we'd be at plus point 2 which is very unlikely to have rebels pop on its own and even in provinces that have say for example I check out this province here maybe they'd be less of a good example this province here is at a negative 1.5 however it is also 23 development so lowering autonomy would really give us a lot of benefits here however if we click the lower autonomy button we will be at plus 8 point 5 you know unrest which is really bad however if we stacked 20 troops on this province and we actually have a theologian which helps a lot with this current situation but things like a better legitimacy and a you know a theologian of course and things like humanist ideas can also really you know lower the top or the unrest which can let you lower autonomy as well parking twenty troops twenty is the most you can get out of this will lower the unrest by a further five so we could get this down to like negative or plus three point five which isn't too likely of causing a rebellion or if it does it will be very very slow at that current rate now naturally in thirty years you're probably going to go to war at some point but you know you have to ask yourself is it worth lowering the autonomy early and the that question kind of comes from you know how effective is you know your government your government rank and your other like bonuses to lowering autonomy for example at our current rate we're getting at minus 0.15 autonomy per month just because we're at peace which lowers autonomy by up to point one every month this is the standard rate for most people for most countries at the start of the game and what this is going to do is every ten years you will lose 12% autonomy so in about thirty years anyway maybe even less than that in this province this this province is going to be at zero autonomy anyway at point one five every ten years we're going to get eighteen percent and every point zero five that you get is going to be another six percent every ten years so consider that when you're thinking about lowering autonomy in the early game it can be a good thing and the late game it can be a good thing just because of the late game you probably have a big army so that's just something else to consider when you're looking at how to like improve profits effectiveness alright next this is something that I myself forget me as a veteran eu4 player if you go to your states and territories map mode you can see here I have a lot of provinces that are not States I have a lot of artisans that are territories and territories are capped at 75% autonomy with no way to lower it however if I turn them into a state first of all I get this nice pop-up that tells me how much I'm going to make if I turn this into a state now as we can see here with this province or this state here we're actually going to lose money now from what I understand this does accurately calculate how much you're going to make after the you know after the provinces autonomy is lower because when you make a territory into a state the autonomy is lowered you know proportionate to what it would have been if it hadn't been a territory which can make it a good idea sometimes to just wait to turn provinces or to turn us you know territories and States but if you are hurting on income sometimes what you can do is turn a you know if you've got a new territory that has high autonomy but is of your culture in your religion for example you can turn that into a state and then you know Park troops lower autonomy and suddenly you're making a lot of money from it as well if it's a province like a farmland or a grassland it's you know all those good provinces for development you can also turn it into a state and then immediately you know build a church and improve the actual province just to get that you know extra bit of income that's just you know another good way of improving income that you can do while you're not at war and not trading all right next another thing that changed in the pressure patch 1.18 is that we have a new way of manually accepting cultures this is important because now if a believe it's a 20% is what you need right something like that it's either it's either some something between 10 and 20% that you need to actually be able to accept a culture and it's going to cost you diplomatic points however you should really really consider you know accepting cultures when you can and here's why so if you look at a this nubian province here because it is a non accepted culture in our country not only does it get additional unrest it also loses 33% of its tax modifier has less missionary strength as well as lowering the manpower modifier now it's important to note that the production income is not impacted by this which is interesting to say the least however the depending on what level of intolerance you have unaccepted religions will also have a similar effect you but unlike culture religion will actually affect your production so that's something else to consider when you're you know looking at ways to improve your income but yes if you say say for example you're playing is Arabia as I am and you've just conquered you know some provinces here in Egypt you'll almost immediately want to accept them because some of these provinces have a lot of inherent development level and so by accepting these provinces you are going to drastically improve your monthly income all right number six we're on the sixth one next we're going to try to try to improve our production income and how we're going to do that is we're to go to the if you go to the economic map mode look up trade goods so there are a couple of trade goods that you should look out for when you're playing the game slaves are one a silk I believe that the cloth is what it is cloth is typically a very high-value trade good spices we're lucky to have some spices here in the Middle East and all these trade goods what you should look out for them and as well once you hit about advant X 16 or so maybe a little bit before that depending on what your total production efficiency is basically whether or not you've taken economic ideas or not you can get a lot of money by building you know manufacturers and then workshops to boost those manufacturers now at first if you go to actually look at how much these you know do for example we've got this plantation here it cost us 465 Duckett's and it's going to improve the this province here of a seer by 0.5 now that doesn't seem like a lot because it's gonna you know take five years to build and then it seems like it'll take like you know let's see a point five probably like a hundred years to actually pay itself off which seems really bad right however if we built a workshop in this province it's important to note that if we built a workshop in this province here that that would that income would go up to like point seven five basically if my math is right since it is just a production efficiency modifier probably not exactly point seventy five probably a little bit lower than that just since you know all the percentages are additive and not multiplicative but so so getting 0.75 a month is really really strong and if you further improve the production income of this province right now for example without any upgrades at all this province of us here because it has coffee which is valued at four point five you will get 0.1 Duckett's per month by improving the diplomatic you know level of this province however building this will make it go up by even more so if we zoom no province that does have a workshop and has a manufactory here in Iskander area every point that we improve developer and this is going to give us point 1/3 per amount that we improve which is your really really substantial when you think about it because it's going to be like you know additional six duck it's a year so you know and some people are still going to be against that I think but you know consider consider how much money that is so like like point 1/3 per month that's like an extra infantry right it's a little it's a little less than that so like for every two development that that you got that would be like an extra infantry but that's just the development level right like when you build this this point five building that's an extra two infantry that you can support it's it's less about the building paying itself off and more about what you can do with the improved income because more income means that you could build more buildings that have more income or you can build more troops to take land which will improve your income so thank you very give up more in the short term of what having this built is going to do for your economy all right next one thing you should also consider doing is changing your government for example and the start of the game it's usually pretty a pretty good idea to have a feudal monarchy because for the most part having a feudal monarchy means that you're going to have a lot of you know in the early game you're gonna have a lot of vassals and so having the extra income from vassals is really important just because it is going to improve the actual amount of money that you make from those vassals especially if you take influence ideas which further improves the you know money that you get from that so fairly you know obvious there but for example at tech 12 absolute monarchy is unlocked the star sorry enough I want to say administrative monarchy which is the government we have at X 12 you unlock the administrative monarchy and this is important because it improves production income which can be really strong if you've been doing you know what I've said here where you build factories and things of that nature it also improves National Tax modifier by 5% not as strong as it used to be but still fairly useful but more importantly it also increases or increases the rate at which monthly autonomy is reduced and this is really strong because as we've discussed you know having more monthly autonomy change means that your promises are going to make more money and so this is a really good way to make more money that way and the last three government types have an even higher bonus they have a minus point one per month and this stacks with your you know your government rank so if we were to take absolute constitutional monarchy or enlightened despotism we would get even more autonomy reduction which means every new province that we takes take is going to you know become integrated more quickly make us more money more quickly which is just good all around so if you are hurting for money consider changing immediately to an administrative monarchy which will just flat out and improve your income unless you have a lot of vassals or consider for a long term if you have a lot of areas with high autonomy to one of the later government forms which I believe is unlocked yeah I'll knock it admin Tek 2022 for constitutional and 29 for 9 despotism alright number 8 lower army maintenance and delete forts so for example here in Arabia we have like how many forces we can check here in our inter tab we've got 8 forts ok now at the beginning of the game it's important to know that that the basic fort's cost one Duquette per month the upkeep which is a lot of money one duck of the month is absurdly expensive now even if we mothball these you know even if we mothball these provinces unfortunately what's going to happen is that we're still paying half of what these forts are worth which is for duck it's a month still that's a lot of money for example we're currently making a profit of 18 basically 18 duck it's a month so if we had four more forts for basic Forte's that would bring us down to like you know 14 that's a pretty significant like percentage-wise that is a lot of money going down the drain for something that isn't necessarily helping us so if your economy is in the tank one thing you should seriously consider doing is deleting Fords now a lot of skilled players that I know like to delete everything except their capital for it and that's a little risky for me I personally don't like playing that way however you may find that it is something you like simply because forts are so goddamn expensive I cannot exaggerate this enough especially because later later forts cost even more money that getting rid of them can be a very very quick way of improving your economy as well lowering army maintenance this this is a basic but I feel like I should mention anyway um you can pay your troops half of what they are actually you know what you're actually paying them now and as we can see if we lower our autonomy completely we go from seven you know eighteen dekins month to twenty-five and a half so considering that our maintenance is generally speaking the highest you know the most money that you pay for any one thing maybe apart from for maintenance depending on if you have too many of them lowering our maintenance why when it is you know good to do so can really improve you know your economy very quickly and which brings me to number nine which is something that I find hard to swallow and but I thought I'd bring it up anyway deleting troops can be a very good way of improving your economy if you're not planning on going to war any time soon and you're in a pretty stable position like I am here with Arabia deleting troops can be very a very effective way of improving your economy let's just take it like a simple you know look at this so at the start of the game a single cab or a Cavalry Regiment costs about point five to two point five six Duckett's per month two point five times what an infantry is worth that is three point three six Duckett's per month more or less which doesn't seem like a lot but in ten years that's 33 Duckett's and in a hundred years that's three hundred thirty Duckett's so you know consider when your economy is in the tank you have a lot of loans you know you know taking out some of your infantry or some of your cavalry and cannons especially you know in the early game and this can really improve your income in a way that maybe you didn't think that you would be able to now next a pretty pretty basic one but something I thought I'd mention anyway reducing inflation so as we can see here as Arabia we currently have eight percent inflation this is because I've taken out loans to purchase an institution something that I found to be increasingly useful so reducing inflation can be a fairly simple way to improve your economy especially the bigger you are the more you're going to get out of reducing inflation for your admin power cost for example let's just let's just do it right now is Arabia so we've currently making twenty five point five three we reduce inflation by two percent four seven five Aven points now we're making like you know half a Duquette more per month which doesn't seem like a lot however you know compound that over time so you know quick math it's like a it's like six Duckett's a year you know sixty Duckett's in ten years six hundred Duckett's in a hundred years you know if you want to think of it that far in advance now the best way to reduce inflation is to get a master of mint advisor which we currently don't have and don't have one – actually we have one right here so this this advise this kind of advisor right here the master of mint will lower your inflation every year which is you know very strong and economic ideas as well will also reduce a yearly inflation very very powerful to have this because not only does inflation reduce you know it reduce your actual income it also increases the cost of fort cost you know build costs and maintenance this is very very scary when you stop and think about it so reducing inflation can be very important now as well paying back loans is very important because in addition to taking an active chunk out of your monthly income in the way of interest paying back you know if you don't pay back a loan in time that also increases your inflation which as we've just seen can really affect your economy in a significant way all right so now we're on to number 11 I know I haven't been listing all of these but I've been you know trying to keep keep these ideas pretty separate another quick way it doesn't really improve your income but it is a way to get a quick sum of Duckett's considered debasing your current see if you bought rights of man you have a new option in the economy tab to debase your currency this gives you one loans you know worth of money but you don't ever have to pay interest on this you only have to deal with the corruption so for example if you've taken espionage ideas and get a really good reduction to corruption this can be very quick way to get a sum of money you know whether you want to pay for troops build up a war chest build a new building or even just pay back loans by using the money you get from this you know debasing your currency can be a very quick way now bear in mind you should only ever do this if you're at zero or one corruption because anything more than like three or four percent corruption is really really bad and I think I think they're somewhere between five and eight percent I think corruption increases the chance of getting bad corruption events so that's just something else to bear in mind if you get a little too overzealous with getting you know debasing your currency and that brings us to number 12 the last thing on this list if you're still here you know thank you I hope you found this less useful so far the last and probably one of the most important if not the most important way to improve your income is through idea groups now idea groups are very powerful basically no matter which ones you take with maybe the exception of you know maritime and naval ideas of course depending on your situation however generally speaking ideas are going to be a very good way of improving your income and here is why first of all we have economic ideas this is the most straightforward if you need more money in your country if you're a country that doesn't have access to a good trade note economic ideas is your way to go especially outside of Europe because the reduced development cost at the end of economic ideas is going to make it easier to embrace institutions as well and supported out that economic ideas has national tax modifier plus ten percent and production efficiency plus ten percent it also reduces land maintenance modifier and it also reduces it also increase or decrease sorry increases your decrease to monthly autonomy change and as well it also reduces yearly inflation and reduces the cost to build new buildings it also reduces the amount of interest you have to pay on loans so this is economic ideas is literally the best way to improve your economy in terms of ways that are not war or trade as it were now two other very good ways of you know improving your economy are first of all quantity ideas quantity ideas is régiment cost minus 10% means that this reduces the overall you know purchasing cost of a unit by 10 percent which is very powerful as you might understand and it also reduces the maintenance so in addition to reducing you know the upfront cost and the maintenance from from the regiment costs idea you also get land maintenance minus 10% so if you stack this with economic ideas that's an it's 20% less that you're paying for your troops so for example if let's let's just say for as a flat number that I'm paying 20 duckets per month for my army that's for Duckett's a month more that I'm making just from those two ideas just from reducing land maintenance that's how good this is in terms of your economy now important to note is that defensive ideas in an in addition to having a great you know first two ideas also reduces land maintenance by the fourth idea so we get an additional you know if we get that down to 30% that's even cheaper troops so let's just you know things to consider as far as that go now another two groups that indirectly improve your well I guess three innovative ideas if you like to use advisors the advisor Cost Reduction especially for like level three advisors this minus 25% at the end of innovative ideas is very very powerful for improving your economy in that sense just because advisors are going to cost so much less and as well with this idea level one I advisors can actually cost so little that they will actually improve your national income to the point where the advisor is actually netting you a profit for earning monarch points so that's something to consider and the last two are religious and humanist ideas and the way that these these affects your economy are are indirect but very powerful we've talked about how not accepted cultures and not accepted religions both impact your economy in a negative way so religious ideas is a very blunt idea group and improves tolerance of the true faith which lowers unrest and lowering unrest means that you might be able to lower autonomy in a province manually without having rebels which is really strong it also lets you convert other provinces more effectively to your religion which means they're not going to have as much rest which means you might be able to lower autonomy and also they're going to have an accepted religion which means they aren't taking the horrible penalties for having that humanist ideas does basically the same thing in a different way so he was a humanist ideas first of all lowers national unrest by negative – regardless of what the culture or anything is and this may bring the province to a point where you might be able to lower autonomy which is a good way of improving your economy as we've discussed it also raises your tolerance of heathens and heretics and this is important because accepted religions you know on this tolerance scale in the religions in the religion tab you know having positive tolerance of a religion means that they're not going to take a penalty for having a wrong religion in terms of your economy so that's very powerful indirectly for your economy if you have promises with the wrong religion and uh well that's basically it that is uh that is 12 different ways that you can improve your economy and eu4 without going to war you know using war spoils or you know war up sorry war reparations the spoils of war the or just taking money straight out from a country or getting new provinces as well it also does not include include trade which is a list for an entirely different time but anyway I hope you found this list to be useful I hope that this will help to improve your economy and improve your gameplay experience if you like these kind of guides let me know and if I left anything out please leave a comment or if you just thought the video was helpful and of course subscribe if you want to see more eu4 content another strategy game content in the future and I'll see you on the next one until then Godspeed

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  4. "First and foremost, perhaps not the most important, this is not a ranked list by any stretch of the imagination" – "..so first and foremost".


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