EU: Imperialist Capitalism

right-wing conspiracy theorists often assume that the European Union is a leftist or even a communist project however this couldn't be further from the truth the European Union or the EU is an imperialist free trade organization that serves the interests of the biggest multinational corporations banks and capitalists and capitalist countries in Europe and this is why US Communists oppose it the EU serves the interests of the most wealthy first we have to briefly discuss the Marxist Leninist understanding of imperialism imperialism is sometimes simplified to mean simple military conquests the building of an empire but in the Marxist Leninist understanding of the word it means much more than that imperialism means taking over another country's natural resources utilizing their cheap labor and taking over their markets notice that all of these actions are political and economic not military imperialism requires military actions and violence only when it cannot achieve these things in any other way military conquest is not the point it is only a means to an end the goal is economic exploitation military actions merely facilitates exploitation the Western imperialist countries own most of the world's wealth today they exploit cheap third-world labour big minerals and oil from poor countries at very low prices and dominates the global markets this is imperialism although imperialism itself is economic activity obviously many imperialist countries still do engage in constant imperialist war to further their economic interests most notably the United States but also the UK France Germany and many others imperialism or imperialist capitalism is the modern stage of capitalism global capitalism Lenin defined five basic features of modern imperialist capitalism they can be summed up as follows one capital has concentrated into fewer and fewer hands so that monopolies large corporations and multi channels play a decisive role in the economy to creation of modern finance capital which holds even more power than industry 3 export of capital which means export of production export of investment export of jobs has become more important than the export of goods and commodities instead of merely selling products to poor countries the Western imperialist powers have increasingly shifted to also moving jobs production itself to poor countries manufacturing mining and other production is more and more being moved to these neo colonies for formation of international monopolist capitalist associations which share the world among themselves five the entire world has been divided up between the biggest capitalist imperialist powers this is what Lenin says quote imperialism is capitalism at that stage of development at which the dominance of monopolies and finance capital is established in which the export of capital has acquired pronounced importance in which the division of the world among the international trusts has begun in which the division of all territories of the globe among the biggest capitalist powers has been completed end of quote so what does this have to do with the EU Lenin points out the formation of international capitalist associations this is exactly what the EU is there are others such as the IMF NATO and the various precursors of the EU like the European Coal and Steel community ECSC and the European Economic Community AEC the EU was created on one hand as a natural development of European capitalism and imperialism also to consolidate the power of capitalism after the defeat of the Soviet bloc and also to create a market area powerful enough to compete against the USA China and Russia just like Lenin said the world has been divided into large capitalist associations that sometimes have common interests but are also rivals imperialism is when capitalist country exploits and controls the markets resources and labor of other countries in the EU the leading imperialist powers of Europe hold most of the power and can dictate the policy of other smaller countries the European Union limits the sovereignty of its member countries with the exception of the biggest imperious powers themselves who have the greatest power in deciding the EU s line Member States of the EU cannot control their borders the free movement of labour power is one of the founding principles of the EU this means that the corporation's of wealthier countries can freely exploit vast amounts of cheap immigrant labour right-wing nationalists might oppose immigration but they fail to see why mass emigration happens it happens because imperialism impoverishes and exploits poorer countries causing people to want to move elsewhere the EU then facilitates this with relatively open borders and ease of movement from country to country the EU does this because it is in the economic interests of the big capitalist corporations massive uncontrolled immigration is a problem it is always a problem when huge amounts of people feel like they cannot live in their home country anymore but the solution is not to attack the immigrants that will not do anything to fix the problem the only real solution to this problem is to stop the imperialist plundering and exploitation of poor countries and for countries to achieve real sovereignty in other words to put an end to the global capitalist system Marxists are not against immigration in principle because we want cooperation and friendship between all nations and all peoples but the current immigration caused by capitalism is not good and should not be defended because it is based on exploitation Member States of the EU cannot regulate their own economies we Marxists want to control prices to ensure necessary goods are affordable for all citizens we want to provide cheap housing we want to provide free education and health care we want to subsidize public transport all these policies have been practiced in this country and they have been very popular and successful but all of them are now impossible in the european union finland used to control the amount of money that could be invested into this country finland also used to be able to control how much money was taken out of this country but in the EU we no longer control either one of these foreign corporations are now free to invest in this country as much as they'd like for instance in mining they dig our minerals they pollute our environment and then they take the money and put it to tax havens this is imperialism even though Finland itself is a Western capitalist country that exploits cheap labor in India Bangladesh and elsewhere participates in military drills with NATO and is itself an imperialist country it is also at the same time exploited by wealthier European imperialists the pro-eu parties in European governments are servants of imperialism in Finland all the major parliamentary parties support the European Union they get large amounts of money from the EU and their politicians go back and forth between holding jobs in the European Parliament other EU bodies and the Finnish government in Marxist Leninist terminology this is called comprador capitalism a comprar nor capitalist is someone who serves the interests of a foreign government instead of their own national interest in other words a puppet of imperialism compradors sell their own country to international imperialism and as payment the imperialists take care of them these puppet leaders ensure that Finland stays in the EU and executes EU policy such as the continuing privatization of state property deregulation of our economy and the further opening of our markets for multinational corporations right-wing populists and nationalist parties are almost entirely worthless in opposing the European Union they do not acknowledge or even understand the real nature of the EU they spend all their time attacking helpless immigrants or refugees who have no power or control over anything this doesn't challenge the EU in any way and only serves as a distraction from the real causes of our situation some of these nationalist parties participate in the European Parliament and receive funding from the EU itself for this reason they become more moderate the EU becomes their employer and suddenly they don't even want to leave it anymore the finns party is a classic example of this these parties go from being anti EU to being Euroskeptics or even soft Euroskeptics what does it even mean to be a euro skeptic I'm not skeptical of the European Union I'm against the European Union these parties talk about reforming the EU improving the EU or making a better EU but they seem to forget that we don't want a better you we want to leave the EU the EU is impaired lists its very founding principles of free movement of labour power free movement of money free movement of investments and opening of markets are inherently imperialist capitalists quote the Union ensures free movement of persons services goods and capital end of quote these principles can never be reformed to be anything good or beneficial for us they are the principles of an imperialist free trade organisation this is not an organization of cooperation or friendship it is an organization of exploitation and thievery participation in the euro Parliament elections is a tactical question in some countries voting in these elections is mandatory and some parties might have special reasons for wanting to participate but generally it is useless to participate in the Europe our lament in fact it is harmful as it legitimizes the EU participating in these sham elections is basically spreading the lie that the euro Parliament is a democracy where people can actually change things this is not the case the biggest member-countries control the EU and it cannot ever be reformed to be anything other than imperialist furthermore since we want to leave the EU there is no point in trying to reform it leaving the EU is something the government of a member country can do regardless of the Europe our lament it doesn't involve the euro Parliament in any way it would be most useful to boycott the euro Parliament and to try to get in or influence the national government instead this would be an anti imperialist action on the one hand but leaving the EU is also a necessary prerequisite for democracy economic planning and socialism

  1. You make good points however the video is very biased and only tells one side of the story. For example how the EU invests in poorer regions of member countries to help development and improve economic equality.

    Neither capitalism or communism is perfect and they both have their flaws but I do agree that the system is weighted in favour of the 1% despite their efforts like previously mentioned.

    Edit: The EU's policies also help uphold human and workers rights within member countries.

  2. The idea that the UK will have a communist revolution is crazy, but as the EU could be transformed into a multinational cosmopolitan area that can be the basis of a communist system, if the UK went communist it world immediately be attacked by Europe and America, the only way forward for communism is to create a trade block for capitalists and then transform it to democracy, and then to communism, otherwise we will just be routed as we alone are just too small.

  3. We should also note that poverty Globally is a result of Imperialism I:e unnatural. It's as unnatural as when capitalism was national or as unnatural as the slums at the foot of the massive Manor house.

  4. The Eurosceptic Left:
    Comrade, what is your position on the Eurosceptic Left? I am not talking about the center-left or the Social Democratic Parties that have joined governing coalitions and have imposed more austerity and more punishing capitalism on the workers. Consequently, these parties have lost millions of working class voters. There would not be violent street demonstrations in France if the center-left truly represented working people and their demands.

    I speak about such formations as the Left Bloc (Portugal), Podemos (Spain), Die Linke (Germany), the Swedish Left Party, the Danish Red-Green Alliance, and Mélenchon’s movement. Should they also leave the EU, or stay and help reform and improve the EU so it becomes a worker friendly not corporate friendly entity? They have the votes to eventually become governing parties with power to reverse the austerity policies of the EU and guarantee decent housing, health care, and employment. Is it not pessimism and defeatism to claim this cannot be done within the EU?

    The Social Democratic Parties have abandoned the working class to fend for themselves. They are truly comprador capitalists helping to exploit and oppress the working class. Should not Marxist-Leninist Parties be where ever the working class is to provide support and leadership? If Marxist-Leninist Parties exit the EU, does this not constitute a failure of leadership?

    Finally, the fascist agenda of ethno-nationalism and closed borders obviously interfere with the free movement of cheap immigrant labor, capital investments, and production? Would this not indirectly end European imperialism and the neoliberal global project?

    I Thank you comrade. Happy holidays. Onward and forward to socialism! RH

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    forever USSR

  6. 6:40
    Objection. Since the welfare state is possible in Finland it is also possible across Europe. EU can be fixed by democratic procedures
    Especially direct democracy like people's veto and referendum
    Also a recall election can be implemented. A recall election (also called a recall referendum or representative recall) is a procedure by which, voters can remove an elected official from office through a direct vote before that official's term has ended
    see how it works in Switzerland

  7. You argue the EU will never reform simply by the token that it is under the de facto control of the largest, wealthiest member states (Germany, France, formerly the UK). What about if these countries come under the influence of socialist governments? In the UK it's increasingly likely that a revitalised Labour party will seize control of the country. Provided the UK was still in the EU, couldn't it then push for reform inside the organisation? Couldn't the same be said of either France or Germany should they come under similar influence? The EU has considerable clout on the world stage, particularly in the area of manufacturing standards, where the European bloc is clobbering the US' attempt to dictate lower standards of goods all over the world because of this so called Brussels effect. Isn't it simplistic to assume a strategy of burning bridges with the bloc, rather than trying to harness it's influence to achieve socialist goals? Socialists propose a strategy of internationalism in order to achieve the transformation of society they desire, reverting to a cloistered, isolationist nation state feels like a regressive step.

  8. Fuck the EU, hopefully this shit collapse soon! And all so called refugees or migrants should be deported back to where they came from! We do not want them here, they bring only trouble.
    And USA (NATO) have to end invading and bombing other countries, because of USA and (NATO) there are those so called refugees and migrats in Europe.

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