EU Economy Set To Fall & Go...BOING

hello welcome to our video what happens to be the 5th of june july 2019 we're going to post this on the 6 we just had a heck of an intelligence briefing didn't we Jane Wow did you jaw hit the ground oh yeah brought to you by noble gold you'll learn in a minute why you are going to need to bullet proof your IRA you're gonna have to call noble gold investments and bulletproof it after this briefing you're gonna go oMG and the link will be at the bottom anyway um first of all George don't you bank you economy is ready to fall when do HQ Bank unwinds then it is tied to every other Bank and it will begin to unwind there are six parts of Deutsche Bank Jim really talks about none of them are profitable so Garth Ricci who quit he's been there for 20 years what the problem is written he said Renaissance technology which is a huge hedge fund is pulling out of the investment in Deutsche Bank so Joyce Key Bank has 120,000 employees well they were quietly pulling money out of deutsche key for months now and they're putting it with Bank of America and they're just putting it all over she's insane they're just putting it all over it's a u.s. government funded bank if Bank of America wasn't held up by the United States it would collapse anyway they weren't telling anybody and they said and they think that this might be the trigger Deutsche Bank is selling everything about you staplers pen pentanone they're selling everything of value they're selling performing loans and they're selling non-performing loans what a non-performing loan is is a loan that is in default how do you sell a defaulted loan we don't know because in America when a loan defaults the federal government pays the lender back and then you have a defaulted loan so then the bank goes after you a second time which is illegal in corporate law all of American banking systems are illegal so if you default on your home the bank comes after you a second time and then the creditors come after you a third time so in America it's all illegal we don't know what happens in here but they're selling non-performing loans in Italy says we'll buy your defaulted loans oh man this is set up for the complete destruction of the European market and the euro nations are owned by the United the urination corporation is owned by the United States corporation so when the euro dollar Falls the US will fall on them a friend in intelligence said what was planned is the euro would collapse and then two weeks later the dollar would collapse and I mean maybe go down to a third of its value well this is the devalue this is the devaluation but you'll free up all the other country because then their currencies will increase in value and their debt load will go down so this will be good for the worldwide economy yeah so the United States has to be set and Trump is the one who's supposed to set this up for us so reticence technology is putting out there they're going to get rid of half of their investments bank staff because the investment bankers aren't making any money we're going into zero interest rates and negative interest rates so you're going to give them you you're gonna pay them to lend out your money what kind of idiot would invest in it negative interest rate well they tried to they tried to merge a couple of times and it just fell through didn't worry we wanted nothing to do with Deutsche Bank so Sunday night they're gonna come out with a re then they're gonna redo the whole thing the whole plan yeah yeah so we'll see what happens they cut off the Marshall Plan when the Marshall Plan got cut off in these German banks everybody oh the German economy is growing the German economy is growing no they cut off the Marshall money two years ago and the German economy stagnated and fell they cut off the solar incentives they cut off everything Germans because without your tax payers money from the United States Germany's economy thus national socialist economy the Nazi economy of Europe is toast okay so that's what's going on there and so all we see what the restructuring does yeah let's see what it does I'll tell you one thing it's gonna change the whole system this was all set years ago but nobody knew how about how much money laundering there was there and this fine from the Federal Reserve System is going to kill the rich key bank because they have that means they're gonna have no more operating capital you see the Federal Reserve System can go in and just start seizing and counts so that will leave authority bank with no money to pay their CEOs and I kind of run a bank with no money that's why Richie's getting up he sees the handwriting on the wall the fines and everything else they're gonna go after the CEO so how many people who have been associated with him you know we said five years ago God would curse torch Key Bank and everybody said I'm crazy that's it there's a bond there's a citizenship papers they're not cashing the bond there's a curse from God the people are gonna die the bank's gonna collapse and everybody said I was crazy every time God speaks we need to listen Dorothy banks in deep trouble because God spoke not because of me not because of a silly half a billion dollar bond but because they disobeyed God and the CEO Richie who's leaving he didn't catch it because he's a satanic thing he worships Lucifer they're not allowed to catch authority bankers Karstens going down everybody said how many people said I was crazy the strongest benek in the world is going to go down the one that holds the European Union together and everybody said it was a lie well guess what when God speaks we need to listen I can't find my glasses but God said that they were cursed it's over you might as well just write them off assume the European market is gonna fall apart and on to the next step we will talk about the bunny rocket get yeah the bunny the bunny which is got a ten kilotons firecracker on top you don't have to mount it it's kind of like a Saturn rocket it's about 80 to 100 pounds depending on how much hydrogen peroxide in it is top secret it's put out by Lockheed Martin at a Arizona called the bunny rocket kiss and there's how many of these going out six of them sure going out to different parts of the world so Prince Charles is mad because in 1986 the in 1986 the Edmund Castle was restored and they found out that King James was a Knights Templar baby and the Windsor Castle has no right to the throne so Lord lions will not make Prince Charles the king of the world because England considers themselves the king in the world oil only to the Pope and Lucifer himself so Prince Charles two sons William Mount Royal to Lucifer and he's a Harry J Eric the redheaded kid Harry so the redheaded kid Marion Markel but i herckel married a gal whose bloodline goes to king james so that their child can inherit the throne because Lord Lions will not appoint William Mount or Charles as King normally appoint Prince Harry so the baby has to get up to a certain age so they keep having so many Queens you know they have how many queens have they had in the Windsor palace now they've had four different clones or four different Queens of Queen Elizabeth right yes so they've had four different clothes she wears the Masonic button belt buckle she wears the satanic symbols hangs out with a rap child – where's the golden symbol of the fire headed lucifer I mean these are some real Luciferians Prince Charles can't be it so Prince Charles came up with a plan using a special underground cable communication network that can be brokered by general Flynn and concocted this plan to bring six bunny rocket kits out for they can set them up and they're being made in Arizona and they're being put there they're in boxes about this big and therefore man carries about 200 pounds they're in pine it's labeled top-secret do not drop yeah don't drop them yeah but they're gonna be transported first by they're lined with silver yeah but it's it's a real shiny silver but it blocks the signature of the tin can with a little firecracker in it about this big and then every transported on army trucks like they have really good suspension on army trucks you ever ridden on alive well they have to be assembled well they're in the box and they're gonna be put on the army truck and transport it to a military base put in a warehouse and at the right time they're gonna be put on the ships and shipped down to other military posts to six areas around the world so what's gonna happen well in the Special Forces you you asked a lot of questions yes I did the mayor of Valencia Dracula who held off the Muslims for 40 years because they were attacking and killing and murdering like they always do you put him in steaks and he impaled him and he was called Vlad the Impaler well Prince Charles claims to be a direct descendant of Dracula yes it was the hero of Romanian right below his palace is this big dome which is an internal ancient alien library you put your hands on and the stars light up in the sky on it so there's a lot of history to this area of Romania they claim the oldest ancient civilization is there and our forces cannot the US forces cannot unlock the secrets because they don't have the right mind we could unlock it because we have the right mind but not while the u.s. wants to kill and destroy because that's our Lucifer does is killing the strike so Quillin Xia is the demon that ran Valencia but is the demon that runs the United Nations so the people in the Lucifer trust answered to call n Shia who communicates with Prince Charles from the Valencia Valencia very Valencia so there is an underground cable which goes directly to the headquarters in the UN and the third one down from the director is communicating directly with Prince Charles in his cohorts and they are coordinating this plan and don't you said does general Dunford know the third person down from the CIA the third person down from the CIA is coordinating with the United Nations that's right that's right and I said does Dunford know no does my school Gina Haskell Gina Haskell was not even given the security clearance by President Trump to know this okay security clearance is so far down the toilet she can't even walk into her room where she had this seat the assistant director the CIA speaking in stay there she's got leave she doesn't have the security clearance Mad Dog Mad Dog Madison knows the people he's heard about the plot but he's had a stroke and he's out of the White House and I don't think they're gonna back in but Mad Dog knows the people he's aware of general Flynn Flynn okay Michael Flynn has the ability on the NSA computers because they are and I say where stuff was created to track alien technology to track aliens they have the technology to tie into this through the tour through the web the dark web and gather all the communications and then general Flynn has the ability to pinpoint the individuals by name the cars they're going to buy how much money they have where the locations are so Boise for example 14 September Boise it's gonna be we got to translate backwards right because when I look at you and I look at Boise they're gonna be 42 miles to the east but then I look you're looking at the camera east is this way so it's hard to translate so let's just write the notes that we Joe Biden um will be moved a DCP no one has been briefed by creepy Joe knows about this and then the idea is to take Washington DC and destroy it on the 14th September plus or minus three days he's been briefed came in Pocahontas will be moved out of Washington DC for most of the middle of September and then some mealy-mouthed Republican I don't know if he's a senator or governor I think he's more like a senator will be pulled out and then the plan is to take white DC off the face of the map and have Biden in Pocahontas as the demon rats and then the smelly mouth Republican and then Biden the wind take over the presidency do it to you any once it's over well we don't know if this is gonna happen but that's that's the plan but that's just in the United States there are six of these little bunnies being transferred yeah and there is they're as big as Hiroshima well they're there yeah yeah I shouldn't say Harris now Moscow well I've actually got the locations okay Paris they're gonna be forty five five miles northwest and the target is the Eiffel Tower yeah so then 100 yards you know you set them up they're really cool you set them up and then and then you mount the little firecracker on top and you know you've had this thing you've been handling it for three days that means you gonna die of radiation poisoning because they'd be well these firecrackers aren't good for very long then you stand back and you take the little remote control then you go and it goes in pre-programmed where to go so you go to there's guards around and push the button a button and run because it'll go 50 miles yeah 50 mile range the Davy Crockett had a range of two and a half miles that was 70 years ago the Stinger missile 50 years ago how to range they were working on it about I'd say 5 miles 6 miles but this has a range of 50 miles it's just like the salmon rocket you used to build as kids yeah you build it me a torch and it goes up 3 400 feet yeah it's got a parachute it's so cool that's what it looks like so Paris 45 miles northwest Moscow 48 miles north-northwest Tel Aviv 50 miles north actually about 47 and a half miles north to be exact and then Boise 52 miles east DC do you see it'll be six they all expect the Navy base to launch on the White House it won't come from South it will come from the north a little bit to the to the west and then it'll be six miles north of DC in an open field that some of the some of the guys who fly airplanes and helicopters these little remote-control airplanes you still set up a little Saturn rocket everybody will help them set it up they'll all get exposed to radiation probably die in about a week and then well for that time probably dying about three weeks and look that's the button it'll go up in everybody I think it's really cool and it'll drive away and you won't recognize his car it'll be like a silver pearl or something and they'll just drive away so you must act quickly there isn't any time the special units will be used so they're there um like that they call it the funny missile I've never heard that me hydrogen partly hydrogen peroxide to take off and then and then it has a after the stages break off because the stage is actually break off like this island rocket I mean a kid would love to launch this and then and then kind of jets with fans on it to guide it right down into that place where it goes poof are they going to blame this on any particular country or any it's gonna be around the world yeah you're gonna try to start ww3 with this yes they're all US made well that'll be hidden they don't have any signatures that have Russian or Chinese because they're partly dirty they're gonna play terrorists and then we're gonna go into all the world with our troops and try to kill as many people as we can which is part World War three because we'll send our don't be a lot of finger-pointing there'll be a lot of finger-pointing our troops will go out like that Russian troops will go out like that Chinese troops will go out like that and then we'll run into each other and start shooting each other and start to be war probably that's what they're hoping that's what they're hoping but the contingency plan is if China and Russia have level heads then Biden will run against Pocahontas Pocahontas won't know why she's being called at this conference she'll be like okay whatever and this mealy-mouthed Republican one oh but by nose Biden is a pretty smart fella although he's had strokes and he's falling all over himself and talking about Russian contradicts himself oh my god creepy Joe is weird so this is how are they gonna eliminate Trump in September I said Dottie to trump in September I didn't I didn't have a real clear handle I know what's happening next month point no one probably remotely shot off unless he listens just like the ear he was scared he was scared yesterday I mean you could see it in his demeanor was different he had the full panel Jeb Bush warned them about getting killed we warned him about the red dot it's a red that day you stayed under cover that was very smart the red tide Trump is smart we want to keep him around we want to pray for a safety so we don't have time I hope this is family because because you know this is just a firecracker they're launching it's just a Saturn rocket with a Hiroshima sized firecracker in it it's just a firecracker right I mean this is okay we can talk about firecrackers on a family-friendly show on after the 4th can't we hmm I mean just just just oh you're all a little firecracker you she's gonna got bunny the bunny it's a it's a bunny rocket I mean come on how much more family-friendly can you get than a ten kiloton bunny rocket this is this is the bunny rocket kid we built those kids you know I brother yes he did I have the little water powered water powered plastic rocket the red one that went up about 30 feet we launched it about three times lost it into the kid away that we did anyway pray for the president's Trump safety pray that he wakes up any more questions Jane well I gotta tell you that was like I was exhausted after that totally exhausted there just isn't time to put this out on EPF n there isn't time to put this out because it's too long and too lengthy and to in debt that's why there is an entity living in the United Nations there's an entity but it's yeah well that's yeah living in the United Nations that is more powerful than all the demons and the UN employees who are high up are scared spitless that's why the Lucifer trust is across the street yeah this is Lucifer's number one man and then it's into the underground bases the UN needs to be moved immediately to a static isolated get rid of that tear that building down immediately while you're asking for this again and again and again but it's up to the president god bless thank you very much pay for Trump safety and please pray that we're on the air Monday morning because we're trying to stop we're trying to stop the launching of the bunny rocket kits those little bunny rocket kits we're trying to stop the launching of this that's about his fan family friendly as you can get Jane I mean you remote control airplanes little helicopters the bunny rocket kit you can't get more friendly than that can huh god bless thank you very much well see you will flee Monday morning

  1. Dr Mount, why do you spend more time on Lucifers' plans and not on Gods'???? BTW: The UN wants to send 'peacekeepers' to protect Jerusalem as part of Kushners' Mid East Peace Plan. What did Jesus say in Matthew 24 & 25, Mark 13, Luke 17 & 21? Always along the lines of, "Take heed that ye be not deceived" With Daniel 2:43– end of the chapter and Zechariah CH's 12-14. PLEASE teach these things.

  2. Sept. 1961: Document entitled, "Total Disarmament in a Peaceful World" Watch out for gun control "reasonable, universal background checks… If it's still available on utube, watch, "Innocents Betrayed" and protect our 2nd Amendment. Trump may not be perfect, but; watch Kim Clement – Trump prophecies., too. Even back to 2007 when he, surprised, prophesied about Melania!!!! Like I said before everyone, SEEK God, while He may yet be found. IS 26: 8-10 and Nahum where God says, "I will do nothing without first revealing my secrets to my servents, the prophets."

  3. David Wilkerson prophesied of this in the 90's. He said when you see a Country in Europe go broke, you have MAYBE 24 hrs to get your money out of the bank or lose it all. He also included, that after Europe, Mexico would soon follow. He also said that he saw 1, 000's of fires burning in New York, (he thought by people who lose their food stamps or other subsidies and not just NY.0 This prophecy must be viewed with Dimitru Dudaman's Warning to America. Gos says to "seek Him while He may yet be found." I can't write you a road map. It must come from His Word. Hide 'n seek. IS 26:8-10. Wanna know what's coming? SEEK!!!! EZ 33: You have been warned by a watchman. Your blood is now on your head.

  4. I believe that not only cutting off the Marshall Plan but also scraping the Iran Deal drained the US funds propping up the EU = specifically German and France Remember how Merkel and Macron shrieked about this? Why would they be interested if the funds were not being re-directed to themselves? GOD SPEED! I am a European but will gladly bite the bullet if it means bringing down the new face of the third reich = the EU!




  8. William
    too much going on don't sit on your ass while you sunday passes You by, bring out the news you know what's going on!

  9. Hello Captain and Mrs. JANE. Your so funny, and love watching your show, keep up the great work your doing, God bless you both lots of love at ya'll, …🤣🤪😁…Bunny Rockets, wow,, God bless America U.S.A and President Trump,,,2020.

  10. Hello Captain and Mrs. JANE. Your so funny, and love watching your show, keep up the great work your doing, God bless you both lots of love at ya'll, …🤣🤪😁…Bunny Rockets, wow,, God bless America U.S.A and President Trump,,,2020.

  11. Dear Dr Mount; It's been an unusually long time since Sorcha Faal has put anything out. Anything out of the ordinary going on with that? Thanks.

  12. when the banks crash the power of the Nazis [the khazars] is gone. we should rejoice. and move smartly to reverse the kalergi plan …incidentally your God is the Devil; as all the annunaki seem to be. he is YOUR worst enemy…

  13. For those of you complaining about the wife’s interruptions, your annoyance might give way to acceptance if you would consider her function to be a corrector when he misspeaks. I find her added comments helpful.

  14. Check CIA,IMF & Stolen George Soros,Rockefellers,Rothchild’s Hedge Funds Securities,Wire,Bank,Credit & Tax Frauds Commited by 9/11/ISIS Fugitive Swine pigs Patricia Cox,Miri Regev,Nikki Hailey,Catherine Middleton,Meghan Markle,Monica Elfriede Wiit Alias(Jalei Andres),Peter Strozk.

    And list their body counts..

  15. If what you say is going to happen then it will be the spark that starts the SILENT MAJORITY of 100 million pissed of gun owners come into play. The politicians will be looking for a ROCK to hide under. They don't have a clue of LOGISTICS. You know that WILLIAM? LOGISTICS. Like Napoleon said. There will be NO WAY to contain it once it goes HOT! This country is too big.

  16. It look like Artificial Earthquake in California,has been happenings @ the California’s Underground’s Human Traffickkng.

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