Essence Of Murli 10-12-2019

Om Shanti ! Today’s Murli Date Is 10th December 2019 ( Sweet Sweet Supremely Almighty Father while filling
we weak children with all his might says..) Essence: Sweet children, you receive might by linking your intellects in yoga with the Almighty Authority Father. It is by having remembrance that you souls can charge
your batteries and become pure and satopradhan. Question: What effort do you children make at the
confluence age that rewards you with a deity status? Answer: At the confluence age, you make
the effort to become cool (serene). ( In other words we douze the fire of vices in us.
We stop the being vicious and become viceless i.e cool ) It is by becoming cool, by becoming
pure, that you become deities. Until you become cool, you cannot become deities. At the confluence age, you become
goddesses of coolness (Sheetladevi) and sprinkle everyone with cool drops
of knowledge to make everyone cool. You first have to become cool yourself and extinguish
the fire of everyone else and make them cool. Essence for dharna: 1. In order to enter the sun dynasty at the beginning, let your intellect have faith and claim full marks. Become a firm Brahmin. Keep this unlimited
knowledge in your consciousness. 2. Remain seated on the pyre of knowledge
and become cool, that is, become pure. Extinguish the fire of lust with knowledge and yoga. Your intellect must be constantly
connected in yoga to the one Father. Blessing: May you become an embodiment of success who creates sparkling stars of imperishable fortune instead of showing miracles. Nowadays, some people have temporary powers,
because they have come down from up above last. They have a satopradhan stage, as a result of
their purity and show limited temporary miracles. However, that success does not last all the time because they pass through the three stages of sato, rajo and tamo in a short time. You pure souls are always embodiment of success and, instead of showing miracles, you make souls point-forms of sparkling light. You create sparkling stars of imperishable fortune, this is why everyone will come to take just a drop from you. Slogan: Let there be an atmosphere of unlimited disinterest & you will become co-operative & easy yogis. To the sweetest, beloved, long-lost and now-found children, love, remembrance and good morning from the Mother, the Father, BapDada The spiritual Father says namaste
to the spiritual children. (We spiritual children of Baapdada also convey to spiritual Baapdada our rememberance, our love and our namaste, namaste) Om Shanti !

  1. Good evening BABA THANKS BABA FOR EVERYTHING I LOVE u BABA I am peace full power full Santos light knowledge full Happy Atma OM SHANTI

  2. Saso saso me rahanewala daya ka Sagar sadgurno se sajanewala Kal ke panje se chudanewala Mera mithe mithe bapdada Om Shanti good morning

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