Erin and Ibby break down social responsibility (literally!).

What’s up everyone, we made some big announcements this week, we have a new a Purpose and our three pillars of social responsibility. But we know some of you might be wondering what those are. So because this is Up To Speed, and we like to have fun here, we built some for you. Erin, was this was totally necessary? Oh absolutely. So we’ve got digital inclusion, climate protection and human prosperity. But I’m still confused. What exactly are these built on? Take a look. Removing barriers. Accessibility. Connectivity. Yeah, so through programs like Verizon Innovative Learning, we’re opening more doors by bringing connectivity and digital skills to the people who need it most. That’s digital inclusion. How can employees help? There’s a lot of ways. You could be a STEM mentor, you could help the blind through an app on your phone, you could even help seniors learn how to better use technology. Climate protection. I think I understand that one pretty well. Reducing environmental impact while expanding our reach and technology. Are you sure that’s all? What is this? You could plant trees, volunteer at a river cleanup, recycle old technology. there’s even a way to use your phone to collect data for environmental scientists. Another virtual volunteering opportunity. OK. Human Prosperity? We have a long history of supporting social causes like addressing domestic violence and rebuilding communities. But there’s more. Don’t bother. I got this. We partnered with non-profits around the world to provide opportunities for our employees to make a difference for the individuals and communities we serve every day. Like assembling relief kits for Red Cross, supporting LGBTQ youth, honoring vets through Wreaths Across America. And we have partners for all three pillars? Yep, on our new volunteering platform. We’ve partnered with over 40 non-profits and service organizations and the list keeps growing. Awesome, I’m excited to get started! Wait, there’s something there. I don’t have time to volunteer. What happened to my pillars? I guess if we don’t all work together, the pillars just won’t stand. Hans announced a goal of 2.5 million volunteer hours by 2025 and you’ll be hearing more about how you can help us get there. But head over to now to get started. Together, we can move the world forward. Until next time, you’re up to speed.

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