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hi Jennifer hello how are you I'm fine we just had a session together with Eric about losing faith in humanity and dimmer but just so awesome what you shared with us Eric I love you I love you but now because so many people have requested this we want to talk about socialism you know there seems to be a big movement towards socialism the Millennials if you pull them a lot of them are in favor of having a socialistic government you have this Ocasio cortes who wants like medicare for all free housing free I don't know about free housing free college and everything he had the Bernie Sanders movement so so I have questions mostly from other blog members so what's going on there why did they move okay so the okay in a perfect world mm-hmm it would work so it is a very he said it's very ideal belief and so it's not something that you know everybody's tried yet so it's like okay well you know it should work on paper he's like on paper it should work on paper it should work unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world so he's like it's if it were a perfect world it would work he said and so the people who have the push for it have those ideal values like yes this is this is good this is going to work but not everybody agrees and and so then there's corruption and and all the greed and everything gets involved and it just it doesn't work yeah and it just it just doesn't work those who are in charge of the socialist government are the ones that like in Venezuela that are now trapped and they're just starving over there it's horrible I hear that socialism has killed I don't know how many several hundred million people is that because just the corruption or yeah this is a flawed premise it's well it's both it's it's a flawed premise because there is corruption here so that it just it wouldn't it doesn't work if he says like if you could put it in a vacuum if you if you had a absolutely controlled environment where there was no corruption it would work that's that's just not what we have here or or could ever have here because of human nature yeah well it seems like you know I believe in a blended economy really capitalism and but there also has to be a safety net for people who can't help themselves yeah you know I feel a moral responsibility to help those people but the real question is should it be the government that helps or should it be us churches communities neighbor neighbors etc that help people I'm just wondering and I don't know the answer to it okay if the government got out of the way and in certain things looking on everything obviously as far as helping others I'm wondering if that would make individuals and small communities and churches and charities step up to help each other or not maybe not like it's like oh well the government give them the care they need oh yeah it's um he says it stole it needs to be a combination of all of it it needs to be a combination of all of it and then he says the systems that are in place now are not perfect either he says there's no perfect system there is no perfect system all the systems will be flawed because it's like he says when you you know you take from one to give to another it there's ripple effects there's ripple effects so you may not see what you don't what the the unintended consequences of a new a new system or a new plan you know the ideas and the plans are put in place to help and it might not be noticed right away what the flaws are going to be so it says with the socialism it's it sounded really good and and so when it got into effect it took some time to see the unintended consequences of it and so what he's saying as far as like helping he said yes that individual people the church is but he said government can't completely step out of helping this government still has to be involved and and he you know he does say it does not matter what system the government has in place there will be flaws yeah I guess but again to me and I don't know Eric if you believe I believe in the capitalist system that is blended not unfettered capitalism because that there could be a lot of corruption of capitalism too but yeah blended so that we you know we help those in need yes and and and now creates the checks and balances yeah the the blending the blending creates the checks and balances but he said there's always going to be corruption there is always going to be corruption Oh corruption on the people who help and also the people make yeah absolutely sighs yeah all right let me read a question from one member as a successful well-functioning large scale and economically sustainable socialist system or structure ever existed for any approachable length of time in the history of Earth not no not not for any like long length of time because there's been corruption yeah fun so will the ever see a successful socialist system well he says it depends on or the snapshot of time you're looking at so he says not anything that will last for a very long time but in a snapshot in a short period of time yes okay mmm yeah it can appear that it is working well okay can the country accurately be called socialist if it is led by a dictator or tyrant no no it's a dictatorship no yeah no okay what's Eric's opinion of whether socialism is the most expedient answer to bridge the divide between the rich and the poor and the u.s. in this country no he said no it's not no because the socialist leaders get really rich yes and the populous gets really poor capitalism is the only thing that has brought people out of poverty from poverty to lower middle class to middle class to middle class to I mean it's only saying that provides a ladder yeah not unsent capitalist not no no no but no it's not yeah absolutely no it's not the quickest it's not the quickest way and I will say he is telling me that there still needs to be you know the some people came here to struggle with money yeah people truly did come here and part of what they came to learn is to struggle with money so that the there still needs to be that opportunity oh so you don't want to rob them of their spiritual context yeah yes mm-hmm that's that's really hard to let somebody suffer like that though well it's but it's not that it's not that you can't help them okay to say that okay now you're taken out of that if if they have written into their contract that they are going to you know struggle financially throughout their life well they need to be given the opportunity to do that it's not that they need to starve and not that we cannot help them but there are some people who and and he says you know most people have chosen a life where they have been impoverished you know most of most people will choose to do that at least once because he said there is so much to learn from that experience tell me about that I was gonna ask you what what some value in having that kind of spiritual contract it sounds like it sucks yes it does but you know sometimes the what you learn there and he says oftentimes he said believe it or not some people will choose that when they've had a life with a lot of well God's life with a great deal of wealth well they want us experience the other end of the spectrum and and so maybe you've chosen to come and learn about being humble or learn about struggle or you know whatever whatever it is you've come to learn from that experience that is a very powerful experience well I can see I'm because you're learning about abundance and you're also learning about the illusion of scarcity right yes and also you can yeah to some like learning to get to accept help learning to accept help from others because I mean you know a lot of times when you're in this position you have to accept help from others and that is the very difficult thing for a lot of people to do is accept help it is wrong it's like people have trouble receiving love it's almost as if they're not work they don't feel like they're worthy or accepting monetary help is admitting that you've failed although really I don't believe in failure these these these are just stepping stones to success if you yeah work it right yes but he says and he says it's not to let it's not to let people you know starve and not help them and this kind of thing you can still help you you can still absolutely help okay yeah well that's good all right is the taking away of individual property ownership rights necessary to a socialist system why are why not so taking away their land I guess or any kind of property I'm not really sure but well what he's saying is it's not necessary but that it would be part of it it would be part of it but it is not necessary it does not necessarily have to happen but it does okay all right so what do you think about a universal basic income like everybody gets a basic you know living wage yeah living wage where would that money come from right yes that's what he was talking about before with the ripple effect that that creates a ripple effect it's not easy to sustain that so yes everybody should you know everybody should be able to work a 40-hour a week job and provide for their family but that is not the reality no it is it's the ideal and we don't live in an ideal situation we don't live in an ideal world so the ripple effects he says the ripple effects that that would cause is to pay everybody a living wage would have so much more economic effect that we don't even see what would be the well what would be the negative well that okay so the positive would be the people who who were working would make good money and be able to you know provide for their families the negatives would be that you know the prices of stuff would go the people who actually have jobs would go down why because people would say well I'm getting away it doesn't need to work well because like in particular small business owners would have to cut back on their staff so they you know people who were working would have more work to do okay and and there would be less actual people to do the work so layoffs and that kind of thing so is that because the small business owners would have to be contributing a considerable amount of money to to make this universal basic income work well yeah and to pay the wages of the people but it's not he says it's not just with the small businesses that the bigger companies the bigger corporations would have to do the same thing they would you know pay the people who do work get more money but they would cuts us they would cut staff back hmm so he said there is there is there is effects there there is effects from it yeah well I think that maybe I'm not sure the idea of this came about because you know we before see a future so many things being automated and run by robots and so there won't be is not much need for human interaction in the production of goods or services but I don't know if that's true because we'll always have new technology and then new technology will require human beings and so on it looked like there was a horse and buggy taxi drivers and then all of a sudden the car comes and and thereby thinks well everybody's gonna be out of a job but this really not true yeah correct because the the all this technology and all this other stuff people have to make that stuff people have to work on that stuff you know there's always so yeah it's not it's not gonna happen but so and the reason that he says the reason that that that idea was created was because truly in a perfect world it could work and so it's you know the people who want to make it work have a very ideal vision of what of what the world is okay yeah it's just not and it just creates long-term it creates a much more of a poverty issue much more of a separation and glasses thing I just feel like we can see this on you know this microcosm is little micro experiments in each state the people who are in like New York they get taxed so much and people are fleeing to find another place to that like Texas who has lower taxes I think if we start going toward socialism and have 32 trillion dollars worth of Medicare for all people will leave the cut the rich it will leave the country there'll be a huge wealth and brain drain yeah people wealthy people have more freedom to move unfortunately than the people who are middle class or poor yeah and he says um he says you know what happens is that that the you know the states are the countries that say well no okay we can make it work we'll do it differently he said you know look at the look at the history look at the people who have tried it it doesn't work what he said put the next the next group that wants to do it things know we'll do it we'll do it right we'll do it the right way and it's just humans the human factor and it will not let this work let's eat oh I know the better way to do it it's like yeah look at California I mean they're like sister lives there tax so badly so heavily but yet there's so many homeless people infrastructure is crumbling the schools are falling apart so I just don't think you can throw money at problems all the time as a government I don't think the government is very good steward of capital but that's another question capitalism and socialism differ in who is the steward of capital and who takes responsibility Oh citizens lives with socialism the government like I will take care of you okay I know better cradle to grave capitalism puts a lot more responsibility on the individual yes can you comment on that yeah because and and so this actually what he's saying is this actually works out better because oftentimes the government is really very out of touch with the reality of the people whereas more in a capitalist you know economy even the people who own the businesses and stuff they have employees and they have stuff they have a little bit better idea of the real world whereas the government it's you know it's got to go through so much red tape and so many you know channels and is the idea what it star says and he says the idea that the government starts with and what it ends up with he's like it's because it has to go through so many channels whereas it was the capitalist stuff it does he says it does work a bit better because if people do have the ability to take more responsibility for themselves yeah and that seems like well yeah that gives you more dignity I would think but they're the politicians are like an ivory tower sometimes the elect politicians and political the professional political class I mean I think they have elevators where they have a guy with white gloves it pushes the buttons for them I don't know if they still have them but I know some are hey there they just don't know how about human struggle as much as we do yeah they they don't they truly don't and you know he is saying that you know Erik is saying that you know they really do try to you know they really do try to make it better for the most part generally speaking there are a few that are you know just power-hungry and and money but the idea really for the government is to make it better yeah but they are also not perfect you know they are not perfect they are flawed just like every other person you're all are yeah like a Bernie Sanders and Ocasio Cortez I think they have the heart in the right place they really want to help the world and and give free college and and all that stuff so I know their hearts probably in the right place yeah why didn't the lidium want socialism so bad I've never seen a generation so Pro socialism in my life yeah it's um well what because okay because it's it's kind of the movement right now in in politics it's it's kind of right there in their faces so they they they are the government doesn't the way it works right now it doesn't work there has to be changed there has to be changed so they just kind of for a good portion of them have just jumped on this bandwagon because it's like no our government doesn't know what they're doing they don't know what they're talking about we have to do this we need to do this so there's that because it is you know it's a big thing now right now in in the world more so than it has been but you know before they before the Millennials were you know this age but he said it's also lack of experience oh yeah for them lack of experience yeah you know I think that my generation has created much the snowflakes I mean we've been helicopter parents and we've coddled them etc so we protected them you know from the harsh realities of life and a lot of have different jobs they don't yeah really the value of the dollar and it's like this feeling of being entitled and really truly he said not having a concept of okay like just for instance if college is free for everybody well that money has to come from someplace yeah it's never free yes yes not free but they you know Millennials are so young they don't quite have you know the concept of all that yet and so it's like cat sounds like a great idea again in a perfect world it would be great yeah but we live in reality yeah here yeah I know so yeah so don't work cats but it seems like a I've heard that a lot of Millennials when they graduate and they really get down in the trenches and start working then all of a sudden they're not social City more yeah all right to Venezuela see this is a question how Venezuela's and other people okay how can Venezuelans and other people from the u.s. protect themselves from the ugly corruptions in Venezuela so what can business Whelan's do okay so I almost are the government torches this is going to take a great deal of time to get themselves back out of this um and and there will be change he says there will be changed there but it is so bad that it's just going to take time it's good it's gonna take time and there will need to be intervention what kind from other countries as far as help and Sherin efforts yes yes there will need to be help provided for them but the government will have to change I think a lot of people running for any kind of office leader baton free whatever pretty much by votes I will promise you this if you vote for me and all of a sudden those promises it cost money you know and then yeah in this case it certainly failed well he said no he said it's it's it is going to it is going to get better because the it's it's so clearly gotten to be so bad that they that they will take steps and make efforts to correct this but it's just gonna take time and it's not like a snap of a finger and it's fixed all right what can we do here the us to reform Venezuela children of the young bees for sex purposes ugly what is it going on in that country which we do not hear a whole lot well in the u.s. to help Venezuela okay so what I'm hearing is that if you are going to provide help to Venezuela make sure that you look into the the cut whatever the the help me out here the charity charity that you're that you're giving money to or giving help to make sure that you know where your money is going and where your help is going where your aid is going that's that's a very good thing because so many people he says you know so many people again corruption with the word you know the aid is going and what's happening there there's corruption there too and so you know of course if you you know if you pray or or whatever you know you send out your love your positive thoughts your energy but this is something that have there there has to be internal change for it for any for it to take effect there has to be internal change and so anything that is done if there's not the internal change is they've done mmm-hmm nope but I thought that scarcity scarcity is an illusion ladies so why can't there be socialism because you know if there's you know an infinite abundance of money right so if scarcity is an illusion so well again that would be in a perfect world because people will hoard so people will hoard their stuff and just as you said people will leave the country you know if we were to set up social would leave the country so now they have taken what they have and they've removed it from the country so yes scarcity is an illusion in a perfect world okay will America ever become fully socialist or are we just different you know they say they talk about American exceptionalism because we're the only country were the people that populated America came with you know with a cause you know with the does seeking something better seeking freedom on all sorts of different levels okay so Eric is saying no we will never become fully socialists okay now a little bits and pieces little sections here in there but he says as a country no okay is it true the socialism works until you run out of other people's money I think that's the Margaret Thatcher said that we talked about people leave the country it's like okay I pay ninety percent of my hard-earned income yeah he says yeah basically it works for a short period of time that's what you said oh it appears to work for a short period of time appears to work okay let's see here's another question what should the government be responsible for versus the private sector as far as you know helping people and can we rely on the chit on charities to lend a hand well we've talked about that but so what is the government's responsibility compared to the private sector well there it's like um there's responsibility in both areas and the privates that while the private sector he says technically the private sector doesn't really have to but just you know for being human and being compassionate the private sector always will always well there will always be that so that we really can't it's like you can't dictate what the private sector should do because they will they will take care of themselves and govern themselves and he said he said even if even if some of it is done just for you know tax breaks and that kind of stuff it still can it still can help yeah a little bit yeah can help and as far as the government as far as the government goes there is that he says there is a responsibility to you know make sure that the citizens don't starve and that and that they that they don't die because they can't get they can't afford medication he said the government does have responsibility there for their people absolutely yeah all right that's clear yeah just a couple more questions actually Medicare for all can we afford that okay so what he is saying is that the way the system is now no we can't afford it for all long-term the structures would have to change the money would have to come more money would have to come from other places some more tax dollars more whatever this is so for a little bit it would but the the host the whole structure would have to be changed in order for it to work well I mean like I see Medicare for all having some positives because you can negotiate the cat-scan bill you know going down and then pharmaceuticals etc but how can we make sure that everybody is covered by insurance well actually he is he I'm telling me that eventually we will get there eventually we will get there but it is a process it is going to take time and it's gonna take change change in the flour process but this is something that is possible and and we can do but it's like it's almost as if like like a whole overthrowing of of the way it works now we'll have to happen okay yeah it's tough because I mean I Canada and I have a personal experience with socialized medicine and normally is it's not all great it's not all great wonderful there will be there will be repercussions there will be the downside of it I mean everything has everything has its positives and negatives no I know that Amazon a bunch of the big corporations we're talking about creating some sort of insurance just run by corporations the bigger corporations I think the government is not very good at running things so maybe that'll come to fruition what about free college you know people talk about you know investing you know in in its citizens you know and having citizens that are educated and have skills is a is a positive thing it's an investment but free college how can we afford that or can we well free college not for all he said no we can't afford free college for all it's just it just doesn't work it does not work because and so what he's saying is like not everybody wants to go to college first of all yeah right yeah so there still needs to be a little bit are doing that and and if colors were free for everybody there it loses value it loses value so so people go to class it's a rental basically yeah and and so it's not as you it's just not it would not be as effective as a system that we have now although that does also he said that also needs to be tweaked a bit because you know the cost has gotten out of hand but free college for everybody who wants it no he says that does not work yeah it's gotten that at hand because the government loans have hidden the consumer from the bill yeah it's yeah and so it's but you know that I I think the first two years get your core classes done in the Community College it's yeah I'll go to trade school or say oh well online school sir yeah yes yes and then so there are other there are other ways and so but he says he says just but really the biggest thing to remember is that no system it's going to be perfect and they are all going to have their flaws and they're all going to have their positives oh yeah the good thing about Schloss is that's we can work from flaws ya can't work for perfection exactly alright last but not least any other pros or cons that you want to talk about in regards to socialism or capitalism that we have not already covered maybe we've covered all yeah so really with the with the capitalism it does provide more opportunities for for the citizens it does it it provides more opportunities but there needs to be a balance there too so a blended economy all of any of the economic structures if that was it it just doesn't work yeah they the blend is what works the best right and you know the cause is you can have corruption in either those moms so yeah and yeah yeah absolutely yeah there's gonna be even even when there's the checks and balances they're still going to be the corruption human nature well we just got through having a sir alright thank you so much Eric I love you thank you Jennifer you're amazing guys she's amazing I'm gonna put her website psychic medium– Jennifer Doren calm up here and you better buy your tickets are going fast for the October CEO events coming up at my house anything else you might share Jennifer thank you and Eric says he loves you all right thank you let me pose love you bye [Applause]

  1. So, who gave the reading, Erik or Erik's Mom? Erik's Mom is very free with her OWN opinion to the point of taking over the reading and giving HER opinion over what Erik was trying to say about a "blended economy" , which is what we have to a certain degree already, but needs to be improved upon.the improvement would be what most people describing themselves as "DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST" are talking about. We already have many socialist type plans…social security, Medicare, Medicaid, public schools, public libraries, public highways, public parks to name a few. The problem is when greed sets in with the people that have amassed more wealth. It is not about 'stealing ' the wealthy persons money. It is about the wealthy continuing to pay their fair share. The wealthy pay off politicians to pass laws so they don't have to pay their fair share any more. If wealthy paid into all the same insurance and programs everyone else did and was covered the same as everyone else, programs WOULD be more sustainable for EVERYONE. But rich get to a point they think they are a "better than" human being and want more than what everyone else has. Even our congressmen/congresswomen have a DIFFERENT (and BETTER) health plan than "we the people" that they are SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING FOR. Why are people so worried about a mininum wage of $15/hr? The people making that amount are providing a service people want. Why do office workers start out so low on the pay scale? So the owner of said company can have enormous profits? There would be NO profit if all the lowly peons working in the office weren't doing their part? How can all these so called Christian people be so unforgiving cruel and selfish towards other human beings.

    To Erik's Mom: I have found your channel and started listening with great interest on different topics Erik has brought Information forth on. I have no doubt Erik has communicated with you through others. I have had many communications with Spirit that has crossed over (transitioned) myself. But this reading was very disappointing because you let your own beliefs cloud the reading. You kept giving your own opinion and expecting him to agree. I would like to see a re-do with a different reader where you let Erik expand on in what ways a blended system could work because your reader in this session also seemed to be just going with whatever you said instead of elaborating on what Erik started out with.

  2. People who complain about government getting involved are privileged to be complaining because they have clean water, sewage connection, and food inspection. In countries where government isn't involved, there is poverty. But American people know only one perception of life. Their own life.

  3. Humanities origins, Lemuria and Atlantis (and before that Lyra and the Pleiades) were communist-socialist essentially. Unconditional service to each other, what is needed is done without money but it only exists within a certain amount of spiritual maturity. And humanity reveres technology and technological dominion over spiritual maturity.

  4. I'm really sad that this appears to have a biased political slant. Welfare programs that leave people feeling less than whole is the fault of how they have been designed and implemented. I did not subscribe to this channel for political. Really sad about this.

  5. I live in The Netherlands. Socialism works here, life is good. More people with lower incomes have access to more support. There is no perfect system but European Socialism is leading the world in terms of quality of life. Don’t confuse it with Communism.

  6. Giving big tax cuts to the wealthy and corporate and not giving adequate COLA to social security; cutting Medicare and Medicaid; loss of descent low income housing; low salaries for hard working people, racism, mysogyny,  homophobia, fascism, promoting "white supremacy, low pay for teachers unequal school systems, cutting food programs in schools, putting immigrant children in concentration camps separated from their parents, incarcerating ASYLUM seekers, letting corporate and government criminals get away scot free, allowing our jobs to leave OUR country, etc… etc…  Don't like  Socialism/Democratic Socialism : Get  then off my roads, close the schools, shut down the military/police force/fire and rescue/ close non-profit hospitals/let all the water systems get poisoned like Flint MI, etc….   Let's see charity's and churches take care of all these expenses and duties.  Of course, churches are allowed to discriminate against(LGBT human beings) who they choose to help.  Free State University/community college and free trade education for those who need training in a skill to earn a living wage.  High School is not a adequate education anymore.    You're talking about Veneswala  and other countries but we need to clean our  White House/House/Senate right NOW and fumigate and do cleansing ceremonies .   Some times I wonder what "entity" you may really be communicating with?

  7. democratic socialism is awesome, though. I wish you'd do a follow up to this because this really doesn't sound right.

  8. Elisa, you had mentioned about an event coming up this October 2018? I went to your website and the website -> events has not been updated since 2016. Is this correct? How can I find out about events?

  9. The biggest socialist system in the world or has ever been is in the USA … the American military is funded by tax dollars . In the uk it’s the national health service . You pay your money you take your choice . Privatising the army and people only paying for services they want want is interesting … I also find it weird that america has the only socialist sports system in the draft system . Everywhere else top footballers (soccer ) go to the top teams

  10. Higher education is the most corrupt and stupid system ever known to humanity. We convince ourselves we need to take out loans and put ourselves in debt for 20-30 years in order to get skills we need. College for all can be free, or at a much lower cost. The technology is there folks. Every college class or lecture can be recorded and played back until the end of time. Obviously not that simple, but you see where I am getting at. Knowledge does not cost as much to deliver as it did decades ago, something has to change. And to think my university calls me all the time for donations, …I laugh them off the phone. Who in their right mind would give a dime to corrupt higher education when there are so many other places you could give too.

  11. Our American (Capitalist) system has enslaved, committed genocide, created hatred and war, ,stolen money, used organized religion as a battering ram. There needs to be clarity on what is being said, here. Capitalism (unfettered) doesn't work, either. I'm not sure any form of Capitalism will ever work. It leads to nothing but greed, jealousy, anger and ugliness. We are all Spiritual Beings. This needs to be made much clearer. I do believe in the combination system Erik talks about. That much is for certain. I also can see the information about the "spiritual contract." That is very interesting. Maybe everything I set up in front of this message was the whole point of "American" forms of capitalism, to provide for certain types of Spiritual Contracts. Indeed.

  12. Technotronic – Rockin' Over the Beat (Remix) (from teenage mutant ninja Turtles) {also} Teenage mutant ninja turtles 9.95 w/ Lyrics { also} TARZAN BOY BY BLATIMORA ( from Beverly Hills Ninja ) – Love Chris Farley

  13. Interesting video. Voted Bernie in the last election but have shifted Libertarian since being taxed to oblivion with very little in return here in New Jersey. Hoping we can figure out either lower taxes or better services in return for what we pay.


  15. I feel so sorry for this lady. She's clearly still in denial and never accepted her son's death and tried to move on… I've experienced death with a close family member , but never lost a parent or a child , so I don't know what she feels like, but this is unhealthy, more so for her and probably for the people around her. To continue believing her son has all this supposedly knowledge and believing those scammers that they can actually hear him and connect with him. I feel like they are giving her false hope and what she needs is to accept what happened and seek a therapist. Its been years now and I'm sure her son wouldn't have want this. I don't want to come off as an asshole, but if this lady was my mother and people claimed that they could communicate with me and told her all this lies and fantasies.. I would want someone to shake her and tell her, I have passed away and I am no longer part of this world and to focus on her happiness and life and to just remember me and live life. 🙁

  16. For the past few days I have felt summoned or prayed over & I cant say for sure , but I went to The Medhus Residence ( just myself ) Elisa came & got me to spend the night. she must have gone up stairs so I walked slowly around and each corner I knew and felt Erik was there, I could feel that he was. Then an Elderly man came up to me with Elisa & smiled & shook my hand. This must have been astral cause when i go astral it leaves a serious feeling after the fact while during. I think it was Eriks grandfather. Anyways, I just woke up & feel a bit strange to say the least.

  17. Elisa? I agree with what you are saying. I think we need to qualify this whole video with the fact that you are asking about the USA? I mean, what is best for us may not be best for another country, right? And Erik did say that some people came into this life to struggle (with money) and other things. It seems to me that we all must keep in mind we cannot judge another's journey. We may not like seeing something happening to another. But are we entitled to take away whatever they came here to learn?

  18. Question not pertaining to the video: how do you become a blog member? I have so many video topics I'd like to suggest

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