Eric Weinstein Asks Joe About the Kanye Podcast

the Joe Rogan experience hey what happened would we know about the Kanye situation we're just gonna talk about mental health I was kind of excited about that I you know if he wants to he can do it I'm not yeah he's he's a he's a something he is a brilliant artist but oftentimes a brilliant artist it's not it's not the best format for them to just talk like sometimes it's better for them to express themselves through their work maybe no although I found you know I spent two days with them and I found that when he's in a relaxed frame mm-hmm his flow state is just it's beautiful well I enjoyed talking to him I talked to him on the phone I really enjoyed our conversation we had a nice conversation he said I think he's a very good do it's very sensitive human yeah very cool guy but this is not a relaxed environment you know this right here everybody knows how many people are listening it's just if fuck people's head really because the illusion that I have is it's just you and me talking and then I come out of here and people like what do you say well you and I are friends so that illusion is more maintained when you don't know me and you come in and I mean I would have to be friends with that's one of the things he wanted me to come to his church you know he's got these running a cult essentially everybody's wearing white they're all dance and doing religious stuff I do that yeah so you're busy yes your family studies are fairly well I run into I just I get it I think it's beautiful you know but I'm not he and I were walking down the road and you know there was this crippled alert that the critic from Long Beach said you know Kanye better stay in Calabasas it was a little bit of a tense situation or so we're walking along the road and like people were hanging out of the windows of their car you like Kanye and I think was just like posit you know like why make contact but it was very disconcerting and this guy was preternatural II call you know he was just like mm-hmm I was nervous how long ago this this was you remember when II went on TMZ well the the we talk in a year or less the I think it's probably a year ago it's probably medicated not anymore was that right yeah yeah he talked openly about the fact that last six months or so he's been off of his medication and he whatever they had him on was fucking with him creatively well you remember Oliver Sacks had this chapter and the man who mistook his wife for a hat about a drummer with Tourette's syndrome no and then he just took a drug to control the Tourette's syndrome and the guy's drumming became kind of monotonous very regular but like not creative yeah you look the what that guy's got inside of him he's so prolific I mean you listen to his music it's so interesting and eclectic and prolific and he just constantly churning out more great shit he doesn't have any flops I mean his music is pretty fucking amazing and he's just that's his shit man he knows how to just get in there and create and he's got this whirlwind going on in his mind he's fearless yeah he's got he is explore and going into the details but one of the things that really impressed me was he would go to places that I'm too scared to go to in my own mind and well just you know thinking about your inadequacies and externalizing them and your vulnerabilities and knowing you know what is going to emasculate you and his point is like I'm so comfortable with myself that I'm gonna mine that as a source of art because I bet it's in everyone and you know by exploring these contradictions and these false fronts and you know he's he's got a level of internal access I I'm actually quite interested in the mental health aspect of this which is there's so much so much mental unhealth as we as we term it mm-hmm that I don't think it's all mental and health I do think that there's something about the artistic process that seems to be very informed by states that we call in health yeah well we require people to stay inside these rigid boundaries and these rigid boundaries they're they're great if you want to show up at a job and work 9:00 to 5:00 and don't use certain noises with your mouth because it makes people upset you know but that's not for the creative process if you look at true outliers if you want to discuss true outliers like people that are really capable of producing extraordinary art or architecture or works you know different interesting things that are part of the creative process those people are all unwell every single one of them I mean in terms of like if you made them do what a normal person has to do every day I think normal life is unwell in terms of this this requirement of showing up five minutes early working all day long getting off maybe bringing some of your work home getting some sleep getting up in the morning and doing it all over again all while raising a family and trying to enjoy your time your limited finite time on this planet well this is why I said I've left after you left is that it's not healthy here [Applause]

  1. Dang I wish I was a fruity tootie college boy and could leave my work “cause it’s unhealthy”. Nice bro. Good for you.

  2. kayne literally sucks.. he isnt interesting. he is highly basic. he isnt funny. he doesnt stand out. his music is not good…. everybody on this dudes dick and hes the most average man in humanity lol. ignorant ass kissing pussies.

  3. Don’t let this distract you from the fact that Andy Ruiz is on the podcast later this month. Fuck Kanye and the fake ass kardashians

  4. Talking about Kanye like he's a sensitive flower. If he was worth talking to he would come on. Regardless of whatever Joe said about the Kardashians. They are so silly looking, how could you not.

  5. Kanye’s publicists won’t let him, he’s hardly allowed on late night shows for a few minutes at a time

  6. "Normal" life IS extremely unwell because its a system. A system thats designed maximize our output to grow the wealth of our countries leaders. The internet will correct all our problems in due time. This system has only survived due to major communication channels being road blocked. However, technology is improving the freedom of communication faster than it can be repressed. Greatness IS in our destiny and it can not be stopped 🙂

  7. facts. conventional life is a trap and makes people unwell. and yet the ones that break free from that shit are perceived as being unwell because they aren’t the norm. kanye wants everyone to stop being zombies and wake the fuck up

  8. Wants an interview with Kanye. Doesn’t want to attend Sunday service. Rn… chances are very low of closing this deal

  9. Joe’s close mindedness on a multitude of small topic throughout this discussion prove that it wouldn’t be a good environment for Ye. Dude called Sunday Service a cult lmaooo

  10. "brilliant artist" "very cool dude" Joe is just kissing Kanyes ass so Kanye will come on the show

  11. You should record offline and give Kanye the ability to edit anything he doesn’t want on the upload

  12. You would think someone that sees himself as an intellectual would be beyond wearing a goat on his head.

  13. Joe is a fucking a schill he was told not to have Kanye on by the powers to be . They do not want a black man telling the truth about the black condition

  14. Fuck Kanye. That dude is a clown. 😂. His "Brilliance" is BS lmao. He used to make good music but now he is just a delusional dumbass.

  15. that's shit to hear Kayne's not doing the podcast because Joe Rogan doesn't want to go to his church thing.
    the church thing looks pretty cool, and it would be worth it to bring the podcast to fruition.
    it's stubborn not to take that 1 Sunday off to do it. billions of views aside, the podcast would be a pretty amazing insight to Kayne's mind and being. I've seen lots of short informal interviews with him and he always has some pretty inspiring and thought provoking things to say.

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