Eric Bolling Red Pills the Young Turks on Socialism I America with Eric Bolling

here's one question I will give you the microplane because he knows I have answers to his questions just give me one Norway they are social democracies they are social democracies and let me be clear about something okay let me be clear about one thing Venezuela is an interesting case that you guys never give the details about Venezuela was a Petro state that put all of its resources all of its energy everything all of its eggs in that basket oil prices go down Venezuela is in trouble why not socialism they stopped manufacturing they stopped they stopped manufacturing they stopped exporting we have we have quite a history not a good one necessarily anyway you tell me one society that's thrived as a social toy socialized society give me one government yes so this is all word games so when you talk to me a name yeah absolutely Norway Sweden socialized there quasi social they know they're socialized medicine they're not socialized I can still earn money and keep my money in Sweden in Norway yes or no

  1. Norway has now got a centre right government,Sweden has given up on socialist economics and sold off all its state owned industries it even owned absolute vodka it's off loaded that too , both Sweden and Norway are capitalist countries! The left in the states peddle this myth about the nordic countries !

  2. Put them in a society that they love and watch as they are put in a labor camp and then executed cause socialism is absolute power to one group of nut bags.

  3. This woman is so dumb that she never do the research about Venezuela about nationalizing everything not just in oil industry.

  4. Why do the American left keep referring to Norway, Sweden and Denmark as socialist? This is not true, in all these countries we practice FREE MARKET CAPITALISM…..without the money raised from it, we would not be able to afford our free healthcare and education!

  5. I know a teacher from Sweden and she says more than half of her pay check goes to "taxes", but they get "free" health care, and she seemed healthy. Though, she doesn't seem to mind….brainwashed !!!

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