1. Maybe Andy and Bill gave him a rope,and helped him tie a noose,they will sleep soundly now,no more worries.😴

  2. So more than three failures in a system designed to make that impossible, right? I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

  3. After the ordeal, we went back to the jail. Obie said he was gonna put us in a cell

    He said "kid, I'm gonna put you in a cell

    I want your wallet and your belt"

    I said, "Obie, I can understand your wantin' my wallet, so I don't have any

    Money to spend in the cell, but what do you want my belt for?" and he said

    "Kid, we don't want any hangin's

    I said, "Obie, did you think I was gonna

    Hang myself for litterin'?"

    Obie said he was makin' sure, and, friends, Obie was, 'cause he took out the

    Toilet seat so I couldn't hit myself over the head and drown, and he took

    Out the toilet paper so I couldn't bend the bars, roll the toilet paper out

    The window, slide down the roll and have an escape. Obie was makin' sure

  4. New AkBar & Aziz – Life in Sweden Comic now posted –

  5. Vegetarian food for the young, old and sick will turn in to a health crisis. We grew a large brain because we ate meat. A gorilla eats 30-40 kg plant matter a day, and spends 80% of its time awake eating. Why aren't they the ones with the largest brain and superior intelligence? Even a chimpanzee eats more meat a day than what the EAT-Lancet diet wants us to eat.

  6. The young socialist are even weirder than before. Hmm, not new, though, the, 'German', of previous times, "National Socialist Party'. Not gone away it seems.

  7. My mom owns aircraft. She loves them and won't give them up. Also, I was called alt-right yesterday which is completely untrue.

  8. FBI? Fumbling Bumbling Imbeciles? Fabricating Bogus Investigations? Yeah they will get to the bottom of it. I hate to say it but this is much bigger than Hillary and Bill.

  9. Now, now lets remember, slick Willy can smoke without inhaling …. so when he got to the island it's quite possible for him to … awe skip it ….

  10. I'm sure he had access to a gun,pills, rope and a bar to tie the rope to and a ladder to use. Also I would think he was asked to turn off any cameras that might be on him from a switch in his cell in case he decides to kill himself.

  11. We will all know the truth when the forces of law and order investigate. Well that's all right then is't it? Ha bloody Ha.

  12. The story and excuses continue. Allegedly the two guards who were supposed to be guarding Epstein were working "overtime." So many coincidences, right? No one, or practically no one in the great country of the United States of America believes this for one minute.

  13. No beef for seniors…bummer
    It will be difficult to get to the bottom of the Epstein suicide when the guards and their supervisors go on vacation at the bottom of the atlantic ocean.

  14. You're right; our socialists are nothing like those from years past. Today, they won't even discuss things–I know it's because they are so illiterate that they do not have the ability to discuss anything logically and they have their orders from their bosses, but it's still weird. About Epstein, I'm sure he was "Arkancided". If you are not familiiar with the newly minted term it was coined to describe the many "suicides" that are very obvious murders, Seth Rich for example, for victims of the Clinton Crime Cartel (the Clintons are from Arkansas). Epstein has been a dead man walking for years. He was "The Man Who Knew Too Much".

  15. There is a comment here in the United States that is almost becoming a meme. It is: "Nobody was more surprised about Epstein's suicide than Epstein himself." I don't know who the first was to say it, but it is good.

  16. I think he escaped. He’s exponentially more wealthy and connected to people that need him silenced than El Chapo…who we KNOW escaped prison. I bet Epstein is already on another island getting an underage “massage”

  17. The FBI will investigate? Oh, then then all is well! Epstein was murdered, but the question no-one is asking: was Trump in on it? How did this take place under his watch? This is not rocket science. From the moment Epstein was killed, all trust in the USA went south.

  18. All photoes of Clinton with Epstein have been scrubbed COMPLETELY off the internet – any search on 'Epstein meets Clinton' brings you pics of Epstein and .. Trump

  19. 1) Epstein was destined for death no matter when. , 2) all the necessary evidence is ALREADY in the hands of the right people. 3) Epstein already revealed what he was going to reveal , truth or not, his usefulness was not necessary anymore except for optics. there was always a bullet with his name on it this time around 4) whether the white hats or black hats took him out doesn't matter to me. One of the devils generals is DEAD

  20. The young socialist won't go out and get jobs, learn science, engineering, and other technical skills to work hard and make the world a better place, they just want to command everyone to do what they want. They say the world will end in 12 years if we don't stop eating meat, driving cars, and flying in airplanes. They want to scare us into letting ourselves be dominated by them.

  21. An alphabet agency can instruct a prison governor to appoint a team of guards for Epstein. They will have their own version of Khashoggi style operators, and if they decide to turn off the cameras, go into the cell and murder Epstein, no one is going to blow the whistle. Often, the big problems are the easiest to deal with, and this one had a very simple solution.

  22. Fake news ! Hang on what 4 empty walls with camera monitor 24/7 ? Murder who did it , doctor injection, miitairy gunshot ? Pedo deals new id new pedo island fake his dead cover up ! Pedophile liars !

  23. IN aMERIKKKA, the cows are suffering from brittle bone disease?Forcing vegatarianism on the world willhide?A LITTLE the meat systemhas been poisoned beyond reverse?

  24. Where is. Justice ? Fbi = failure reseArch ! Courthouse = failure research ! They fooled you in your face ! Easy math dude!

  25. Do not forget jeffies friends~ Bernie Sanders is soon to take his place as queers and the manner of their wealth goes politically unquestioned!!!. Also what about the relationship timeline~ remember Andrew Cunanon~ The gay queer who killed rich gay queers at a time when Jeffery Epstein' s biz was booming!!!. Be careful of cap and seal investigation's!!! The man was such a pervert!!!

  26. We here in the states are asking the same questions about Epstein. We ALL know in our hearts that he was suicided. Too many Rich and powerful people are tied to him. Funny thing here in the states huh? But we also know that the rich and powerful are judged by a different set of rules then We the People. Omar breaks immigration and morality laws, marries her brother to get him stateside. Nothing is done. Comey lies before congress, releases secret documents to the press, and a plethora of other things that break our laws and he gets to slide. I could go on and on giving you examples. And if someone in the government, Or in any way attached to a politician is suspected of maybe coming forward about their crimes, they suddenly die by suspicious means. Why would anyone want to come here? We are taxed to death, treated like we don't matter and the only way to survive here is to keep feeding the machine and keep our mouths shut. This is suppose to be a Government by, for and of the people. It hasn't been THAT since WWI. And only gets worse for us by the year. This is what happens when the U.N. is allowed to influence policy and the progressives liberals rule. We finally get a President who says "ENOUGH" and they tie his hands at every turn. No wonder so many have lost their minds and taken their frustration out with mass shootings. And to top it off, Hollywood,(ruled buy liberal leftists) have made a movie, under protest, about rich liberal elitists, kidnapping and hunting conservatives for fun. The world has gone mad. I'm a 66 yr. old widow, who has watched the world change into something shameful , I for one hope to die before it gets much worse.

  27. Well they didn't go to the island just for "fun" we better name it "rape and child abuse" and since this happend it's certainly not a "love island" right? I don't know how to call this island…

  28. I hope I'll have kicked the bucket before this lot of kids grows up. They are nasty, bigotted, puritanical bullies and will knacker whatever fun and pleasure we have left.

  29. I wonder if they'll ban formular 1 racing, or international sporting events due to the carbon footprint of sports people, or perhaps commercial shipping which accounts for 4.5% of carbon emissions, so no fresh fruit, or foods. No more cruises, etc.

  30. Everybody knows Epstein's death is just another Clinton "suicide". The Clintons have over 50 people around them that has died.
    If 50 people around me died, not only would I be horrified and depressed, I'd be calling for an investigation. But the Clintons are not fazed by it. They don't blink an eye. They are so guilty its sickening. There is no other person who would have the money, power and clout to get Epstein suicided.

  31. Epstein may be dead now but his pictures and videos live on. Hopefully Hillary and the gang will all be getting justice for their crimes..

  32. @Sanity for Sweden , there was also a fire at his compound on "Little Saint James" island yesterday. No co-incidence there at all!!

  33. Thank you Stefan, you present the information in the style of real journalism. Calm and collected. Keep up the good work. Love and respect from Canada🇨🇦

  34. no one in america thinks he killed himself,other then CNN and MSNBC ,since a Lot of the very wealthy (democrates ) called his Island their second home I Have to wonder why those two groups are telling such horse shit.

  35. Apparently, in this unit it would be REALLY difficult to kill yourself, as there are no means to do it.
    even the sheets and prisoner jumpsuit is so flimsy they wouldn’t support the task of hanging. Furthermore, there’s nothing in the cell to tie anything on, even if you had something to tie!

  36. This epstein type of story has been going on since the beginning of civilization. Nobody cares about the death of a creep. He offed himself.. Who cares.

  37. They faked his death, as he is going into the witness protection program. He gets to live (probably Israel), while all his accomplices won't be named. Genius! They have the whole USA believing he is dead! I bet you'll never get to see pictures of the body. No open casket……wait and see….this is all smoke and mirrors!

  38. What do you get when you cross immature spoilt brats with socialism?
    Play the tape Sam!
    Cringe, laugh, cry, repeat.

  39. I wish I could be as optomistic. At least the scum that is Epstein is rotting in hell. However the FBI have been too focussed on Trump since he came into power I doubt they'll find anything. I believe they'll bury a lot of stuff. As for independent watchdogs. There was a congresswoman and long time pal of the Clintons, Diana Weissman-Schulz. She was being investigated and the DA investigating her turned up dead… her constituency. Let us hope the truth does come through.

  40. Where is the MeToo movement? Why isn't Judd, Madonna and the other "women" marching on the Mayor of NY's office and the prison demanding answers as to how he was not in a cell, nude, being watched constantly, until the trial? No we hear nothing from them, it is one of their own. This will be the end of that movement if they don't!!

  41. SWEDENISTAN is one big left-wing LOONY BIN. Epstein: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Typical filthy BILLIONAIRE Yid. Let the world see his "CORPSE". A billionaire. He could pay ANYONE to get him out of jail.

  42. Who hasn't heard of that familiar saying: "Give'em enough rope and they'll hang themselves?'
    So they 'stopped him from breathing' and then hung him, or any scenario leading to the presumption of suicide. For it was safer for everybody that he left the planet permanently, including the govt. Because (considering the powerful monsters implicated) a mega-explosion taking courthouse+judge+jury with it wouldn't be an impossibility. One thing is clear: for Trump to win the next round it is necessary the Clintons + Co receive a final knock-out. Or HE might be following Epsteins example.

  43. It would be great to be waiting at the golden gates into haven and watch truth judgement cast down on these two shit birds Mr and Mrs Clintons

  44. Epstein is not dead. He was quickly removed from the news cycle when the mass shootings started. Now he's back again. Master stroke by the white hats. Both Epstien and Assange are too valuable to be allowed to die.

  45. The cameras did stop working and the guards skipped there rounds. He was still on suicide watch.

    He was willing to give up information for a more lenient sentence. We already knew he'd be dead before he had a chance to talk.

    Rumor is he had a black book.

  46. NOBODY believes that Epstein committed suicide at the exact same time as the cameras magically stopped working….except those who have a psychopathic belief in the god of government.

  47. It was reported in some US media that his past criminal conduct and subsequent court proceedings in Florida prior to this arrest was tolerated as he was an agent for one or multiple intelligence services.

  48. They are determined to turn Europe in a Shithole.
    They want to deindustrialize Europe and bring in the ppl in masses that can finish the job.

  49. Very many people tend to get "suicidal" or "accident prone" when they start speaking up about information on the Clintons. #Clintonbodycount

  50. Epstein knew he could get out in 5 years with his lawyers telling the government full co-operation on all of the defendents. Suicide watch is the safest place in the world. Chelsea Manning was on suicide watch to PROTECT him from the others. Pedophiles are targets & Epstein was the highest profile target in last 25 years. Solitary is where you send some one for punishment and to be alone…….to be murdered with the cameras OFF..

  51. Socialism is actively recruiting people with emotional problems and we need to work harder to educate them on the lies they're being fed. It's gross to pander to and use people because they're more vulnerable. We used to protect those people. The left is radicalizing them.

  52. #metoo is a psy-op Jesuit/ vatican run to cause hate, distrust in men-women relations. They want to turn everybody gay or faggot. The A-list actors are gender-bendered,. Secret baphomet trannies. The woman A-listers are all born men and became true Sodomites and deceivers. here comes the weird part (Jamal & George Clooney) the A-list men are also genderbendered. They think they are the elites and rulers of humanity, and all celebrities hate and despise ordinairy people. From the first time you start to like them, they lie and betray you. Because they are not honest about their plans (lucieriansim/ cabbal crap) and can not even be honest about their gender/ true self. Complete sell-outs. tranny-tricks and enemies of mankind. do not be confused, do the Transvestigation on all these satan and moneyworshipping celebrities.

    Male-to-Female sodomites (Meryl steep, name everybody and youll see they are Babylonian man-whores, just like the bible described and warned us about. we know what to do with all enemies of God.

    we lay waste upon them, we will bury these Deceiving sodomites and grind them to dust.

    They hid God from us, the direct evidence they hid.

    The earth is flat, Firmament and created by an upper-being = God.
    They are His enemies and therefore all of Hollywood, royals and elies are our mortal enemies. They have started the war on decency and on us Hmanity, we will return inkind and finish the war with them layed waste upon. Never to be heard, seen or thought of.

    First chance is the burial of our prncess Beatrix. She has to be buried by the gematria numbers or else she will not go to her father, the Devil. tHE HOUSE OF ORANGE, NETHERLANDS IS THE FIRST PRINCIPALITY THAT WILL HAVE TO CONFESS AND TELL THE TRUTH IN DEATH.

    For the world to see and witnees, to prpare for in advance because there are only a couple of days valid to bury such a Beast.

  53. Youngsters should be out shagging and partying. Not going on about this kind of shit. They have been programmed since year one in school. There is no hope for them.

  54. Enjoy your content. It is good to get perspective from another part of the world. In the US it is not unusual to function on a diet of lies and yet I'm not surprised that I'm not surprised by the diet being portioned out to the world. The pendulum swings right after swinging left. It seems to be at its apex now, the peek of madness. Many vegetables impeding, slowing progress, being crushed and splattered! Bright sticky colors eventually drying and flaking away. A chisel of truth wielded by men of integrity is a precious gift.

  55. Many people will eat more carbs, when they are not given meat. This means weit gain for many schoole kids and inhabitants of such institutions. This mean more disease and death for people.

  56. Cameras are very unreliable aren't they? All those that failed along the route taken by Princess Diana that fateful night. Hmmm

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