EPIC!  What Would Socialist America Look Like?  What If Hillary Clinton HAD Won The 2016 Election?

How many head of a pen You are about to embark upon a journey into the twilight zone One where Hillary Rodham Clinton became America’s last president Imagine if you will a place in time where Hillary Clinton had won the rigged 2016 presidential election and was then inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States? No doubt, America would have entered the darkest period ever in its history in fact, that was their plan all along and it’s unlikely that our Republic would have survived such a cunning and calculated coup d’etat, and as this video will explain while it was Obama’s role to build a totalitarian system of government it was Hillary Clinton’s job to complete its transformation into a communist dictatorship I now offer to you this factual accounting for your consideration Historians have always reminded us that in order to understand the present. We need to study the past But I’m going to add another angle Patriots in order to predict the future We need to study the present as well Over the last several weeks America has witnessed some very disturbing and very revealing behavior by the Democrats in Congress But don’t be fooled by their illusionary deceptions Patriots in at last-ditch stand much akin to Custer’s last stand at the Battle of Little Bighorn a desperate Obama and Clinton who by now know what is coming our Directing everything that we are seeing coming out of the deep state demonic Democrats and their Republican in name Only Rhino cohorts not only are they controlling the Democrats in Congress? They’re crafting the narratives being parroted by fake new meaty as well It may be too late for Obama and Clinton by now But in my opinion they will still instruct their puppet slaves to make every effort to impeach President Donald J Trump they know that there is no chance of success, but that isn’t the point Patriots It’s a political Hail Mary pass a lame and pathetic attempt at a final Kabuki theater tour as they exit stage left quickly running out of options they plan on using Impeachment to continue smearing the president with lies and innuendo for as long as they can To distract they’re exhausted and pickle brained base and exert an illegal influence on the 2020 presidential elections Lies deception Espionage and a successfully implemented coup d’etat, and that’s just the beginning Stay tuned – James red pills America for this silver screen blockbuster Where an eye will enlighten you to a dark and demonic altered dimension one where Hillary Clinton had won the rigged? 2016 presidential election Join me then for a journey into the twilight zone Obama’s disappearing legacy totalitarianism What we are witnessing right now should be of no surprise to anyone who is reasonably informed The Democrats come across as political state thugs trained apparatchik s– who find themselves? Totally out of power, but still don’t seem to have realized it yet without power the democrats totalitarian impulses are fully exposed for all to see It’s an impulse that is learned. It’s one they were indoctrinated in by being part of fake POTUS 40 floors lawless and haphazard administration One thing we must always remember Patriots is that Obama was an extremely dangerous and radical ideologue essentially a Marxist his ideological position was founded on government control of the masses as well as the distribution of power and government revenues along ideological lines His platform was transformative and revolutionary his goal was to totally subsume the American Republic Into a global coalition of borderless post nation-state regional entities In Obama’s mind. This could not have been achieved without centralized control of the masses which of course in his mind Justified covertly and illegally spying on his rivals and enemies most sane and educated people call that totalitarianism or dictatorship Obama and his deep state goons and all of their mindless minions called it. Hope and change It’s now quite obvious that well before 2016 Obama had already successfully put into place the structure of a future dictatorial Government, his only constraint being the citizenry’s expectation of regular elections and has been proven by his outrageous actions between 2015 and 2017. It is now clear that the supreme narcissist fate POTUS 44 Obama thought little of elections and despised anyone who disagreed with his ideological goals To him, they were an obstacle to his socialist communist transformation of America this attitude Permitted a frightening set of behaviors in the Obama administration that we still only know a tiny fraction about There is little doubt that what we have seen exposed in his FBI and DOJ had infected his entire lawless administration Obama’s acolytes put aside their duty to the American Constitution to embark on a covert power grab Trashing the freedoms of American citizens along the way There’s still so much that we have yet to learn about Obama’s weaponization and attempted transformation of the American Republic into a progressive leftist gulag of course Obama had a stranglehold on the levers of power and such massive contempt for the citizens of America that the citizenry would never have known that he and Clinton had illegally read the 2016 election and she won and such a win would have provided a potential POTUS Clinton with all the space and Prerequisites that would be needed to consolidate her power and bring down the American Republic POTUS Clinton an American dictatorship while fake POTUS 44 was building a totalitarian state in order to use power for ideological Objectives the Clintons are no ideologues in my opinion Patriots. They would have turned Obama’s totalitarian state into a dictatorship using Hillary’s newfound power to line their pockets and Another thing it’s my opinion that she would have been a far more repressive and dangerous leader than Obama as a matter of fact I believe that Hillary Clinton would have been America’s last president So then Patriots let us now. Consider Just 10 of the likely steps that a POTUS Clinton would have taken after her victory to consolidate total power to her hands the Cover-up bleach bid and the destruction of Blackberry phones with hammers should tell anyone with only a Miniscule brain cell remaining all they needed to know about the intentions of the demonic Democrat Hillary Clinton and her deep state and Rhyno cohorts. So too should the fact that Hillary Clinton as Secretary? Of State ever used her official government email as she was legally obligated to do instead Routing all electronic email communications through a private unsecured server in her home Oh and did I mention the glaring fact that there was no inspector general at the State Department? During her tenure in order to provide oversight Do you think that was all just a big coincidence? Patriots and Furthermore do you think it’s all just a big coincidence? That you didn’t even know that there were no Inspector. General’s during the Clinton tenure We all know the answer to that question now, don’t we Patriots? Imagine if she was POTUS any evidence that existed anywhere of the Clinton crime cartels? Criminality and corruption would have been deleted eliminated and destroyed forever removed from the annals of history and as with Clinton herself All of her demonic cohorts would have been protected in the same way Division of the spoils Obviously all the conspirators and Spygate scandal the biggest criminal conspiracy in the history of our country Would have expected their just rewards for their criminally complicit conduct in 2015 to 2017 and at the top of the heap would be Obama in the Clintons. I Mentioned the Clintons deliberately because once in power this would have been the bill and Hillary Clinton presidency with apparatchiks in place all over their administration Massive pay-for-play corruption would have started at the very top it would have been a free-for-all for their Clinton Foundation with bribes and rewards all the way up the ladder in order to maintain the massive cover-up and In a mind-boggling turn of events from what we know is reality Obama would have been venerated as one of the greatest American presidents with statues books and movies produced in his name in my opinion fake POTUS 44 zuv ultimate objection was to become the United Nations Secretary-general which of course he would have obtained without a doubt Now you may rightly So be asking what about the rest of the Democrat demonic deep state derelicts and the Republican in name? Only Rhino cords. Well, the fact is that there are so many They would have infiltrated the entire administration in order to consolidate Clinton’s absolute power in my opinion Brennan would have most likely remained in a high position of power at the CIA and been given free and ample room with which to embark upon a reign of terror with the newly installed FBI director a young and manipulative Lee pliable Peter struck and Loretta Lynch the 187 Antonin Scalia’s Skoda seat would have been all hers and What about Comey? purged Purges spying and intimidation There should be little doubt that a POTUS Clinton would have expanded the massive illegal spying system She had inherited from Obama’s lawless Administration in my learned opinion. She would have expanded its application in order to take down anyone she viewed as a threat Remember Obama loved illegally spying on Unsuspecting Americans this not only suited his ideological objectives It also satisfied the sense of power that is blatantly disgusting narcissism demanded we now know that between 2015 and 2017 the fake POTUS Obama’s administration Was spying on at least the Trump campaign team But his illegals mined in conjunction with Brennan’s Gestapo style police they attacked Stretched back as far as at least 2010 they spied on journalists and their families They spied on members of Congress. They even spied on political rivals Infamously unleashing a weaponized IRS onto them as a matter of fact it’s more than just likely that tens of thousands of innocent Americans were being spied on illegally between 2008 and 2016 by 2016 Obama had already built a very powerful and illegal spying operation and the illegal wiretapping of the powerful NSA database was ongoing But in June of 2013 and Maxine Waters unwisely revealed that Obama had built his own powerful database that no one else knew about the thing I think some people are missing here is the president has put in place an Organization that contains the kind of database that no one has ever seen before in life That’s going to be very very powerful that database will have information about everything on Every individual in ways that it’s never been before done Did you think that no one was listening to your braggadocious cackling about that man Maxine think again? Patriots aren’t nearly as ignorant as you would make them out to be nor nearly as ignorant as you actually are Think about this Patriots the very same people that Obama was using to target innocent and unsuspecting Americans would have been installed fine-tuned Supercharged and ready to go on day one for the new POTUS Clinton America’s would have watched that team in action very early in a Clinton presidency as she executed her first purge This purge would have likely followed the mo they used on Donald Trump Carter page and general Flynn framing them for crimes They never committed while using fabricated and salaciously Manipulated evidence with which to facilitate their dastardly deeds I believe that Clinton’s first purge would have been particularly cruel Donald Trump his family team and associates as well. As any donors would have been summarily destroyed Prominent conservative voices and cultural figures across the board would have been targeted including anyone on social media who was deemed an influential voice against their demonic misdeeds and any political threats including those in the military and intelligence communities would have been taken out immediately and Ferociously let there be no doubt that the Trump family would have been destroyed framed as agents of Russia Donald Trump in particular who the Clintons fear would likely have been tried and found guilty of treason and then removed from the equation Silenced and left to rot in solitary confinement in a maximum-security penitentiary if he were lucky Purges would have been a regular feature of Clinton’s presidency no doubt about it and being the cruel and vindictive woman with an evil heartless and demon-possessed soul that she is Clinton would have immensely enjoyed them and they would have been an effective method of maintaining control over our allies ideological collectivization and infantilization One of the key characteristics of Obama’s support base is their inability to think for themselves Brainless zombies with the lack of ability to use critical thinking to evaluate positions on all sides considering and evaluating credible evidence the very definition of cognitive dissonance you see Critical thinking used to be celebrated among Western democracies, but it’s always been loathe to buy Totalitarians because it threatens their ability to control the thoughts of the masses You see critical thinkers tend to be curious and question everything. They’re told and they have a knack for expressing their own opinion on the issues Obama hated critical thinkers Independent minds frightened him just as general Flynn found out at the Defense Intelligence Agency instead Obama preferred being able to tell people what think by infiltrating schools and universities with common core curriculum based on demonic far-left liberal progressive ideologies not to mention having apparatus who were willing to indoctrinate our children with those same lies and manipulations Obama was quite successful at Propagandizing an entire generation as there has been noted many times before Obama has also Infantilized this generation. I mean look at his base now Patriots They have a completely ignorant almost childlike utopian view of the world Which bears absolutely no resemblance to reality whatsoever despite the mountains of evidence implicating both Obama and Clinton for their actions between 2015 and 2017 their brain-dead Zombified supporters are simply unable to accept that Obama’s loogey press a or fate news and their school teachers have been outright lying to them and manipulating them for years even now gullible and subhuman Ly naive many of their supporters still believe nearly everything that the fake news media spews at them regardless of voluminous facts to the contrary Propaganda ministry and mugen, press a or the fake news media as Has become common knowledge over the last several years Patriots the media outlets collectively known as the fake news mainstream media were completely saturated with and infiltrated by Obama and Clinton operatives This was calculatingly done in an organized and structured campaign. That was run by Ben Rhodes For example key executives within media outlets were married or related to Obama officials Experts were often X intelligence community agents allied to Obama It’s also very likely that outlets were provided with funding by the Obama administration alerted through packs and by other means What resulted was a? self-supporting weaponized and corrupt propaganda machine for example takes a Carter page FISA Obama’s intelligence agencies leaked false stories to their fake news media operatives who then published them as articles the articles were then used by the same Intel agencies as evidence in FISA applications the links between the so-called Reporters and Intel agencies were never disclosed to anyone The same method was used to create and promote the Trump rush alive Patriots my fear is that we will soon discover that between 2008 and 2016 many Americans were targeted in this manner Of course let there be no doubt Patriots that no one would have been aware of this corruption in criminality If hell-bent Hillary would have won the rigged 2016 presidential election as POTUS 45 complete control of a fake news media apparatus most likely with roads in charge Would have been a frightening and immobilizing weapon at Clinton’s disposal She most certainly would have used it frequently to spread propaganda and destroy any political rivals or naysayers to her dictatorship control of the Internet We would have also seen Clinton take control of the Internet Why is that Patriots the answer to that is easy? The Internet is the last hope and refuge for those independent thinkers who are determined to come to their own conclusions because it’s the existence of open-source information on the Internet which allows free thinkers to research and Debunk the partisan lies from the fake news apparatchiks We know that Obama had seen this threat because he had already Started his campaign to gain control of the internet content as well as to begin repressing freedom of expression online Clinton would have most assuredly completed that process Ensuring that she had total control of whatever information there was available to the public censorship of content and expression not to mention punitive campaigns against those Indulging in wrong think would have intensified and became commonplace under a Clinton dictatorship Personality cult One of Clinton’s key assets now being dismantled 24/7 was her ability to promote herself as a heroic and Noble woman victimized by evil enemies Dedicating her life to America and the fact that anyone ever believed such Nonsensical lying drivel is beyond comprehension and belief But they did and many still do The hillary cult would have become far more pronounced had she won the presidency and it would have been very difficult to resist as well Abolition of the second amendment by the end of her first term the second amendment would have been completely removed from the constitution and Disarming of the citizenry by force would have been well underway, of course This would have been a very important step in the process of consolidating power so as to remove the populations ability to defend themselves as well as defend the freedoms that have been handed down to us by God and our Founding fathers as we have learned from many past times in our world’s history Patriots the removal of the citizens Rees ability to protect themselves against harm by others and by their own Government has always been a precursor to genocide as well as suppression of individual freedoms and rights Eradication of the electoral college The abolition of the electoral college would have also been a top priority in a demonically crooked Hillary Clinton presidency The Electoral College would have been abolished and replaced by a voting system that guaranteed demonic democrat party power forever and the shure Disenfranchisement of the electorate would have been easier than many assume I know it’s hard to believe Patriots. But the fact is that many brain-dead Americans had no clue what the Electoral College even was until POTUS Trump won the 2016 election and trust me when I tell you that if crooked Hillary Clinton had won They still wouldn’t know what the electoral college is Never-ending Wars and conflicts without a doubt Clinton would have continued the war mongering that epitomized and characterized the administration of the Nobel Peace Prize winning fake POTUS 40 for Barack insane Obama you see Patriots Wars keep the population distracted Wars create enemies and fear in populations Things which can be used by malign leaders to increase control over their populace More importantly war means big money and two of the greediest people on the face of this planet are Hillary and Bill Clinton They have always worshipped money even more than power itself the price of freedom eternal vigilance Some watching this documentary may find it unrealistic or even hyperbolic fair enough but consider first this irrefutable evidence Patriots between 2015 and 2017 Obama and Clinton conspired to fabricate evidence illegally spied on and destroyed the lives of high-profile powerful Patriots in all to cheat lie and steal Hillary’s way into the Oval Office and Remember, they didn’t just do this before the election Went so far as to intensify their illegal efforts after the election trying to unseat a duly elected President in a miserably failed coup d’etat Let there be no mistake about it Patriots These are sick twisted pathetic and very dangerous people ask yourself this one question If they were so willing to destroy Trump What would stop them from targeting you or your family or friends or neighbors? Absolutely. Nothing would have still think I’m being hyperbolic that it couldn’t happen in America of Course it could it nearly did What I’ve described in this documentary is not unique or new nor. Is it an isolated incident? ladies and gentlemen a rapid descent into Totalitarianism has happened too many times before in many different parts of the world in countries that once enjoyed relative Freedom and in countries whose citizenry had taken their freedom for granted Citizens who fell asleep and let the famished foxes into their chicken coop Those victims totally forgot the meaning of the phrase eternal vigilance is the price of Liberty For those of you watching this who still think it could never happen in America Here’s a truth bomb wake-up call for you Obama had already started the process and it was well underway by the time the 2016 presidential election was upon us and Many Americans were asleep as he prance about in full view of all watched doing just that what I’ve Postulated here are just 10 ways that I feel a POTUS Clinton would have used to consolidate power and her administration By expanding the treachery scale reach an aggression of Obama’s Totalitarian state and there’s no doubt that those watching this documentary could easily think of many more The result would have been a dictatorship wearing the clothing of democracy In the shadows of once was a shiny Constitutionally republic a beacon of light in a dark and gloomy world It would have been the beginning of a very dark period of time for America and of course the entire world Luckily one very powerful citizen was not asleep. In fact, he was very much awake Donald J. Trump was vigilant. He was watching and he decided to act we don’t have Victories anymore. We used to have victories, but we don’t have it’s destroying our country We have to stop and it has to stop now. I am officially running for President of the United States And we are going to make our country great again He decided to make America great again Patriots we must be eternally grateful for President Donald J Trump, and we must always remain eternally vigilant yes, the population elected POTUS Trump on that famous day of November 8 2016 but it is POTUS Trump and his master spooks who took down an attempted coup d’etat Ensnared the Obama Clinton criminal networks and are now beginning to restore the rule of law because of the love that he has for his Country and his fellow man and most certainly due to the fact that President Trump is God’s chosen one for this time Trump has somehow bore the burden of relentless attacks waging at times a one-man war against the malign demonic evildoers bent on his and America’s complete and total destruction as Articulated by some zoo in the art of war POTUS Trump clearly understands that the American Republic is strongest when power is not Taken from the citizenry, but given back to them that’s the example America sets for the rest of the freedom-loving world and why the United States of America is such an important bulwark against tyranny He is winning. We are all winning Patriots and Despite with the brainwashed demonic leftists and their deep state and Republican in name only Rhino cohorts may delude themselves with What happened happened? America was on the precipice the very cusp of being snuffed out from within By the enemies of our Republic and such an attempted coup d’etat must never happen again Patriots President Trump is saving America. And yes, the United States of America is roaring back and President Donald J Trump He hand-in-hand with a thankful and grateful American citizenry is making America great again Patriots god bless you and God bless america And distinct privilege To introduce all of you here the next president of the United States Is once again reckoning Our move is about regulation he failed Government controlled by Union Back We’ve been uptight For a while Even when you were on trial Then we didn’t see you last night you had us Millennials in fright, so you sent the test I virtually Telesco. Oh you didn’t even wish us. Well, why couldn’t you tell? But we’d be whining over you 18 How’d so long because left us moping all alone alone and whining Rioting setting fires and crying it’s hard to Understand how Trump won the of this Level it starts me whining. We’re never shown the ground you thought that we Were over you When the FBI? Approved your crimes were true But we love you even more though It seems more dumb than before but Hillary what can we do? America chose try Which be Yes Now you’re gone You might go to prison for so long And we’ll be crying Oh Yeah, try I want a free college. I didn’t care what I wanted which was Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman and you’re a sexist and bigoted racist Homophobic xenophobe. Yeah, no country builds walls around their border and fences and stuff That’s just stupid the US economy added three hundred and four thousand jobs last month That was way ahead of expectations and it was despite a record-breaking government shutdown over the course of your life You will find that things are not always fair You will find that things happen to you that you do not deserve And that are not always warranted But you have to fight fight fight. We are all Americans And we are all united by one shared destiny So I’m asking everyone to join this event I’m asking you to dream big again dream bold big and bold and dream big and bold and daring President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to pull all US troops out of Syria. We can make a community safer our family stronger our culture richer our Faith deeper and our middle class bigger and more prosperous than ever prolonged To adopt Socialism in our country America was founded on liberty and independence and not government coercion domination and control We are born free and we will stay America will never be a socialist country, but we must reject the politics of revenge resistance and retribution and embrace the boundaries potential we must choose between greatness or gridlock results or resistance Vision or vengeance? Incredible progress or pointless destruction tonight. I ask you to choose greatness. I Am asked all citizens to embrace this renewal of the American spirit seize this moment Believe in yourselves believe in your future and believe once more in America I will fight to you with every breath in my body and I will never ever let you down the forgotten man and the forgotten woman You’re not forgotten anymore I think we cannot do no task is too great. No dream too large No goal beyond our reach My message tonight is for all Americans from all parties all beliefs. All races all walks of life whether you are African American Hispanic American Asian American We are all Americans and we are all united by one shared destiny So I’m asking everyone to join this incredible local I’m asking you to dream big again dream big and bold and daring For your families for yourself for your country big and bold and daring I’m asking you to believe in yourself, and I’m asking you to believe once again in America Your voice your hopes and your dreams will define our American destiny and your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way together We will make America strong again. We will make America wealthy again. We will make America proud again we will make America safe again, and yes together we will make America great again Thank you. God bless you and God bless america Do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President Of the United States and will to the best of my ability preserve protect and defend the Constitution of the United States Leadership that can deal with our mess and begin to apply practical solutions to our problems there’s so much untapped greatness in our Together let’s make America great again Be the greatest you can be the best you can be the King Kong banging on your chest You can beat the world. You can beat the wall you talk to God go banging on You can hands up. You can beat the clock. You can move a mountain. You can break rocks You could be a master. Don’t wait for luck You can run the mile you can walk straight through hell with a smile you Know but love the people you are for you. Yeah Teachers be politicians be preachers Be believers be leaders be astronauts be champions be true seekers Be students be teachers be politicians be preachers be believers be leaders be astronauts be champions You You know, I’ve been hearing for more about things on fake news fake fake news I’d see people destroyed and I think it’s very unfair Some of the media outlets that they do with the fake news faint fake. Yes I think it’s a disgrace the gap salute disgrace But I don’t think they care but first of all One of the reasons I’m here today is to tell you the whole Russian think that’s a rumor deserves. I own nothing in Russia I don’t have any deals in Russia. Russia is a news. I just see many many untruths. Thanks The press has become so dishonest the public doesn’t believe you people anymore. You have a lower approval rate than Congress I’ve been hearing for for about a thing called fake news I’d see people destroyed and I think it’s very unfair Some of the media outlets that I deal with the fake news thing think no I think it’s a disgrace the absolute disgrace, but I don’t think they care. I’ll tell you something I don’t mind bad stories I can handle a bad story better than anybody as long as it’s true, but I’m not okay when it is fake It’s all fakeness. I mean, it’s a story after story after story. We’re not gonna let it happen again The public gets when I go to rallies. I want to throw they lacquer Something I want to see it on his press I want to see an honest president I want to see that on his press it’s so important to tea and on his press I want to see that on his press I Want to see that on his press but for nation’s reporters will not tell you the truth so go over just some of them MSNBC few are vacant dudes your times you are vacant is CBS NBC ABC BBC LA time you are fake the Washington Post you are vacant very fake news political AP buzz game failing pile of garbage I’ve been hearing more about a thing called fake news fake fake ID see people destroyed and I think it’s very unfair Some of the media outlets that I deal with the fake news pink I think it’s a disgrace but absolute disgrace, but I don’t think they care Donald Trump a racist no, he’s not racist He is not a racist, but that’s what people believe because of a statement that was taken out of context His New York values I think underlie a real person who is probably among the least racist politicians on the national To work for Trump straight from a woman who was a close business executive for 18 years What was it like working for Donald Trump? He was the first one there. He was there for like two hours He’d answer the phone. He would answer the absolutely Yes, Barbara rest is a former VP for Trump who oversaw construction of his crown jewel on Manhattan’s swanky Fifth Avenue Trump Tower he told me he thought I was a killer That’s what he liked and people Do you feel that Donald Trump is sexist if Donald is sexist and luck Then a lot of people it says you worked for Donald Trump. Yes. Laughs do you work? We just have we’re just talking about that. Um Yeah, I got to work for him for a couple years as a succes curative assistant and I got to have first-hand experience of what? He’s really all about He is a remarkable man. He is Amazing to work every everybody and the staff really well fairly. He I’m very comfortable I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens from the violence and oppression of a hateful foreign ideology believe me And I have to say as a Republican it is so nice to hear you cheering for what I just said, thank you Trump has nothing against Mexicans. He has something against illegal immigration My skin I Was just sitting here watching President Trump Explaining all of the things that he’s doing for America And he had this black lady Come up there and give a little speech about How her life has changed because of some of his accomplishments of whatnot Started in 2005 as an operating engineer and Hoffman construction gave me my first job in a haul truck Building the Northwest mutual towers in Milwaukee Now the two families are together and they brought me to Fox to come to work in the haul truck again and me and my family are grateful and Very pleased to be at home again Thank you Thank you soon, yeah And I’m just so proud I’m just proud to be an American, you know And again Barack Obama. I respected the office. I respected the fact that he was the president but Ain’t nobody like Trump man gets a second chance at freedom after President Trump commutes her life sentence Alice Murray Johnson served 21 years for a Nonviolent first-time drug charge but a serious charge of drug trafficking and money laundering I’m just the base to hear a bit to hear that. I’m actually in one of his tweets. I love it Have you spoken to him personally No, I have not spoken to him personally, what would you say if he called you? Oh I would tell him Thank You President Trump for really seeing me not just looking at some data about my crime but actually looking at the person who I have to come now and Having faith that I deserved a second chance in life. I just say, thank you He’s very devoted to his work He was never ever Races towards me and he was never ever being sexist to her towards me like unlike pone what you hear And I’m just so proud I’m just most important person that decided to do this is sitting here to my left President Trump and I thank him. I thank Mauricio Suleiman I thank McGill trucco who took a lot of effort to find me and Mr. Sylvester Stallone who? Boldly, put it in his ear and when he tweeted my entire life change People would leave me alone. But now it’s going to be even more insane, but I’m fine with that But I appreciate you rewriting history HBCUs So like to thank president in the United States government for the help that they provided as well to President Trump And the United States government. Thank you for taking the time to intervene on our behalf And thank you to United States government and president Trump for your efforts to make this office Through us UCLA basketball players now back in the United States They were detained in China and the truck will compete tomorrow against 100 other teams He’s very cooperative he’s very charming he’s very calm And he’s very family-oriented He’s he’s very caring for the community. He he goes and donates Money without the press of being present and he does it all out of his heart. He doesn’t wear it on this African-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded And Hispanic American unemployment has also reached the lowest levels in history If you really want to work and get up off your ass and do something you can do it. I Just thank God for President Trump, you know how he never met the man I don’t know the man but I’m just talking about what he doing for our country. And what are you doing for our people? Black people working. You know, I’m saying Jobs is coming back factories why I’m voting for Donald Trump Because he’s gonna handle illegal immigration We need in to build that wall. He also puts American workers first It’s about time America had a president that put the American people first Not refugees and illegal immigrants I’ve been conservative all my life And the reason why I’m working for Donald Trump is because I think it’s about time that we get a true American patriot That’s for the people that’s going to get this one country back on track Because for last eight years we’ve been going wrong direction. I agree with his a National security policy. I agree with his foreign policy. I agree with his economic policy I’m Leo Dunson and this is why I’m supporting down the trolley for president We need a businessman to bring jobs to the middle class We need a commander in chief who’s willing to destroy Isis and strengthen our military and also protect the homeland we need a master negotiator to renegotiate our trade deals with foreign countries so then of America comes first and not some globalist agenda and most importantly we need someone that’s gonna make America great Is my I’m super knock Trump over president Trump calls a spade a spade becomes a little circle a common sense avoids It’s all and that’s what we need in the White House Devastated we have been devastated with the lack of jobs with immigration We have been run over Donald Trump is our new future. Donald Trump is our hope Donald Trump is also bringing us together regardless the color of our skin as American citizens That’s the only way we can get back in order is that you stand together this presentation? Is not working in a favor of American citizens destroy the Constitution you’re tearing this country down We need somebody who’s gonna be strong And help us the Constitution and illustrate the Constitution wicker was written for and He’s gonna make a man great again Know what America great every loves money on you grab that fight for Donald Trump So what Donald Trump is saying look his best answer is I want to bring jobs Let me do it for you. Best debate line Democrats care about the inner city when it’s election time after election time. What do you get zero? What was her response quiet? Why because that is the truth. He told the unadulterated truth And even though people don’t want to hear the truth The truth is bitter But we have to swallow it the democratic party I voted for over 20 years of my life I voted for Barack Obama when he said he was going to bring hope and change and yes we can’t and no we did the jobs didn’t come the better schools didn’t National security our borders are open will not say We’re not safe that we’ve got to stop thinking as black and white and purple and Arab. We’ve got to start thinking as Americans that There folks you have to remember Donald Trump is the head of Trump Organization and when you look into that Organization it is filled with blacks whites Hispanic Arabs Asians It’s different religions different Creed’s and so he has a he’s such person that has created jobs. He’s a person at science That works on the bottom of the person is during the foundation sitting in the office and so all of that I think is important when we’re thinking about our next president are our people the American people are many of them are losing hope and we need a champion in that Office that will provide the jobs that is looking at school choice Which is a big issue even in the african-american community We need you know investment in the communities we have got to stop talking about it in terms of race and start thinking about it and talking about in terms of America we need jobs. We need better schools. We need investment in communities We need that and that is what he is. I want dreamers to come from the United States I want the people in the United States that have children. I want them to have dreams Also, we’re always talking about dreamers for other people I want the children that are growing up in the United States to be dreamers. Also, they’re not dreaming right now I’m asking for the vote of every African American citizen struggling in our country today who wants a different and much better future time for our Society to address some honest and very very difficult The Democratic Party has failed the African Democratic crime policies education bonuses and economic policies have produced only warp-drive more broken homes and more To every voter living in the inner city or every forgotten stretch of our society Running to offer you a much better future a much better job And it’s time to rebuild the inner cities of America and to reject the failed leadership of a rigged Political system I’m running to listen to your voice To every parent who dreams for their children and to every child who dreams for their future. I Say these words to you tonight I’m with you I will fight for you When the Together We will make America strong We will make a mare safe again, and we will make America great again greater than ever before Thank You Woody, they can make a good president matter. Oh, yeah as a mexican-american I’m going to vote for Donald Trump if he runs this country the way he runs Any work near as similar as he runs his business I know Okay, you’re all you’re about all this Yes, unfortunately, it seems like people just want to make him the butt of the joke people need to stop at making silly remarks without even knowing movie trailer, but he truly is I’ll tell you something you can love him or you can hate him But I don’t know how the man Functions day to day with the threats on him on a dollar a year salary Even if he was making a billion nobody’s making it. I don’t know I know but even if he was making a billion that’s why he is beyond under the microscope, but he’s also Under not just a gun. He’s under a howitzer every day And and it’s amazing, you know, he’ll he’ll do a big rally, you know in Pennsylvania He’ll do a big rally. And in what in Florida he’ll do a big. I mean, oh, he’s on the go all the time He has so many deep State players that want him out of the picture and the fact that He is willing To put his life on the line every minute of every day To me is incredible and I don’t know how a guy 72 years of age let alone a guy 32 years of age has the energy this guy does and Has the drive this guy does it’s remarkable because I can tell you the deep state players of the rothschild rockefeller axis Never anticipated the turn of events that occurred in November 2016 And I think every day that goes by Overwhelms the Rothschild Rockefeller access of the deep state and Has put them in a position Where they are desperate and hysterical and that’s why you see their puppets acting up such as the Brennan’s The Clintons the Obamas the Bush’s the Romney’s the McConnell’s the Ryan’s – just to name a couple They’re they’re desperate they’re hysterical they’ve always played great offense for decades because they’ve been able to because they ran the whole system and they don’t know how to play defense and now They’re in huge trouble Hello Patriots, I hope you’re enjoying the broadcast today I just wanted to give you a quick peek at the James red pills America comm website and all of the great new stuff on here There is a bunch of free stuff If you go over to the free stuff link, you’ll see a link to get your free Trump bumper stickers I have three different ones available If you send me a self-addressed stamped envelope, I will get three of those out to you while supplies last Free of charge there is no charge to send me that long Self-addressed stamped envelope, and I also have free Donald Trump vs the fake news ringtones available for Apple and Android devices I have some new stuff available to purchase directly from me on the Website such as the Trump 24 karat gold commemorative banknotes that are come with certificates of authenticity and a special treat Patriots is that I have gotten in a few more of the 1 million dollar Banknotes, the 1 million dollar denomination banknotes here is the one for $20 for the thousand dollar denomination banknotes Those do come with certificates of authenticity and I have them on sale for $20 They are normally 49.99 I’m not sure when I’m gonna put those back up to that price Because we’ve had great success in being able to sell enough of those at that price to be able to give a bunch of them away in the great gold banknote giveaway to date we’ve given nearly $4,000 of these bank notes away to veterans and disabled folks folks on a fixed income who could not otherwise afford one of these so if you purchase one of these for only $20 Basically, you are helping to support that ministry and it is a ministry So if you go over to the 24 karat gold banknote page You’ll see where you can buy these for only $20 and by the time you see this right below here will be another one Where you can purchase the 1 million dollar banknotes? Patriots We also have some Donald Trump shirts. They are the Trump 2020 make liberals cry again t-shirts. I have those for only $19.99 with free shipping and right now Patriots if you purchase one of those I’m gonna give you one of these two dollar and fifty cent whole armor of god stickers now I have these available on my website for only two dollars and 50 cents that is one half of What they cost if you purchase them on the teespring store so I have a little bit of a I have a client that is a printer printer in another part of the country and That client has provided these for me Because of some we just did some swapping I host his web site have for years. I have built his website and he Owed me money for hosting so I just took it out in trade So if you purchase one of the Trump 2020 liberal make liberals cry again t-shirts I have them available in medium large and extra-large and they are size appropriate So if you wear a medium, you can buy a medium and so on for only $19.99 with free shipping. You’re gonna get a free sticker Right along with that Patriots and of course, I have a link right to my teespring store Right here on my website We also have the whole armor of god coins and now Patriots So if you’re a fan of the whole armour of God and my channel you can purchase that beautiful coin These pictures do not do this justice I wish I had a better camera to take those pictures with but for only $20 you can get one of those and and then of course I have links right to the other products for the Whole armor of god that links right to my teespring store So I just wanted to show you a couple of new things here on the website patriots and if you want to save 10% on anything in my teespring store remember just use JRP a promo code Promo code JRP a at checkout and you’ll save 10% on everything I hope the Lord continues to bless you and your loved ones and I hope you enjoy the rest of the broadcast Authority and more about all this talk about all rules. We may come up as we go along The government can’t control the economy without controlling people and they know when a government sets out to do that It must use force and coercion to achieve its purpose put the legislation together to control the people With us is a gate the gates closed will go over the fence. The fence is too high We’ll pull them all in if that doesn’t work. We’ll parachute in but we’re going to get health care reform to pass They also knew those founding fathers that outside of its legitimate functions Government does nothing as well or as economically as the private sector of the economy There needs to be a focus on a an immediate increase in spending I mean I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money the more the plans fail the more the planners plan You’re telling me we got to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt Yes, yes I’m telling you We have so many people who can’t see a fat man standing beside a thinman without coming to the conclusion the fat man got that way by taking advantage of a temblor I think there are other very rich people out there whom we can tax at a at a point down the road and Recover some of this money the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant. It’s just that they know so much That isn’t so they’ll be crying out their public options. It’s the cost I think of having the kind of America that we want to have our Natural unalienable rights are now considered to be a dispensation of government and freedom has never been so fragile So close to slipping from our grasp as it is at this moment. I don’t worry about the Constitution on this to be honest What good is reading the bill? If it’s a thousand pages you pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it Those voices don’t speak for the rest of us will preserve for our children this the last best Hope of man on earth there been times where America’s showed arrogance, but I think it’s time We ask ourselves if we still know the freedoms that were intended for us by the founding fathers Ernie’s basement dwellers height wearing justice warriors bimbo Eruptions unicorn promises her bottom-feeder existence an illegal alien lying cutters You might be a snowflake Obama phone sneaky conniving power-hungry Condescending lying sack of crap your crooked but Hillary cuddling is left as crying bigoted racist sexist and homophobic You might be a snowflake the Democrats the bleeding hearts a self-righteous kneelers are sucky losers at this sack of Wasted skin let the Wiener link proud tall and gracious. You might be a snowflake. You might be a snowflake you are for damn Sure a snowflake. Sometimes it just sucks to suck you might be a snowflake here There are some snowflakes stage actors and tights and rap stars and blowhards on the viewer dawg Snapchat profile photos, but please go ahead and drop your labels again You You we proudly stand for the national anthem We are serving our brave veterans including giving our veterans of choice in their health care decisions African-american unemployment stands at the lowest rate ever recorded The motto is In God We Trust We enacted the biggest tax cuts and reforms in American history Dog Big dog Every morning all time you can see him arrived he stood six foot three and weighed 235 kind of broaden the shoulder and fast with the limp and Everybody knew you didn’t give no shit to big dog Big dog Big dog Big bad dog Through the dust and the smoke of this Democrat hell walked a giant of a man that the Patriots knew well grab the sagging economy Let out with the throne and like a mighty oak tree just stood there alone being down I’m talking about our man Donald Trump He’s the president now and all you chumps would just settle down and stay in your safe space We were about to make America a better place big dog Big dog Big dog Big bad dog Hold on got to work So we got problems to be solved in the Democrats shout if the Russians are involved brought out their special counsel with Robert Muller Too bad The Waltons got 10 feet taller was being gone Well, they will lie She steel threatened and pander to illegals before our veterans for over these liberals load in our country in a hearse It’s about time to put America first big dog Big dog Big dog Big bad dog We’re gonna put these criminals where they belong We got people like Hannity and Julian Assange and all the centipedes following qa9 And Americans like me just singing my song from big dong The path ain’t easy cuz the devil’s working hard when we got God on our side he’s playin his trump card Just remember my countrymen to always stick together fake news. Can’t stop us from making this world better with big dog big dog Big dog Big bad dog When it’s all said and done America will be great and we’ll build a statue just to commemorate a great man with these words on the slate Thanks to the people’s power a man came from his tower to save America in its final hour big dog big dog Big dog Big bad dog You Greetings from Washington, I Want to thank all of you for your work to root out corruption that weakens economic development feeds black markets and organized crime and undermines the promise of democracy Hillary is so corrupt She got kicked off the Watergate Commission How Corrupt you have to be to get kicked off the Watergate Commission Every document that we have obtained has been turned over to Special Counsel no matter where it came from Shredding the Whitewater documents nothing. Oh That didn’t happen and I know nothing about any other such stories With nostalgia is what we tend to do is You only remember what you like And you’re right and you forget the parts that you didn’t like Sister Clinton said there was nothing marked classified on her emails either sent or received. Was that true? That’s not true Secretary Clinton said I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material Was that true? There was classified material email Secretary Clinton said she used just one device. Was that true? She used multiple devices Secretary Clinton said all work-related emails were returned to the State Department. Was that true Thousands dead her lawyers read the email content individually. No the server contains personal Communications from my husband and me I only time I got on the Internet I did two emails and I ordered Christmas presents from a reservation Otherwise, I found people said embarrassing things on emails I didn’t want to be one of them when you speak to the public you say I turned over everything that’s for the most part of direct quote when you talk to the public you say I turned over everything 90 to 95% of my Work-related emails were in the state system if they wanted to see them They would certainly have been able to know what that is that is maybe the tenth time you have cited that figure today the Inspector General report found that less than percent less than 1% of State Department emails Record emails were captured. So they give a number of less than 1% and you give a number of 90? The idea of American greatness of our country as the leader of the free and unfree world has vanished I’ve decided to do something about it. I couldn’t stand to see what was happening to our great country This mess calls for leadership in the worst way. It needs someone with common sense and business acumen Someone who can truly lead America back to what has made us great in the past We need someone with a proven track record in business who understands greatness Someone who can rally us to the standard of excellence. We once epitomized I Started with the issue of illegal immigration and proposed building a major wall That would be very high and completely impervious to the flood of immigrants who we don’t want or need here illegally Suddenly Americans started to wake up to what was going on with regard to dealing elimination Despite the large number of candidates who are running for the Republican nomination what I was saying started to really hit home with people Very large crowd so that we had to move our rallies into football stadiums and convention centers The first national debate through 24 million viewers which set a record for cable television All of a sudden people who had never cared about the election were never voted before were rushing to our rallies The rallies became massive the crowds were unbelievable The enthusiasm was based on pure love and love of what we were doing The media the politicians and the so-called leaders of our country reacted in horror But I persevered and went directly to the people Because I don’t need anyone’s financial support nor do I need anyone’s approval as to what to say? I just had to do the right thing. I had to do it. I had no choice I see what’s happening to our country. It’s going to hell I had to do it I’ve committed to a truly more powerful military one prepared and equipped to stand up to any and all of our foe When we draw a line in the sand it needs to mean something to all especially our enemies. I Released a tax plan that gives the middle class and those with lower incomes a chance to keep more of what they earn while restructuring how the richest Americans will be paid I’ve introduced a whole new approach to job creation by encouraging companies to bring more of their jobs and manufacturing back to the United home where it belongs Along with the trillions of dollars currently being held in foreign banks overseas What we need is leadership that can deal with our mess and begin to apply Practical solutions to our problems. There’s so much untapped Greatness in our country and together. Let’s make America great again You Today I want to talk about how to grow the African-american middle class and to provide a new deal for black America We are now seeing unemployment rates that are below 4% and in fact If you even look more specifically at unemployment rates amongst Latinos and amongst blacks It is now at historic record levels in terms of lows. This is unbelievable This administration frankly has done more for the Hispanic community for the black community than probably most other administrations have in the past What at the beginning of the Obama years especially within the black community We were all excited that America had proven that it was able to get past is Racist background and we were excited about being able to elect the first black president we thought for sure he would do things specifically to help the intrinsic and Intransigent problem within the black community the high unemployment rate the black on black crime Shooting violence has gotten so bad in Chicago that gun fights are breaking out now at existing crime scenes and even with police in close proximity And Then as he got settled into office the cloud of disappointment began to settle in within the black community Members of the Black Caucus could not get a meeting with the first black president Never addressed the black unemployment rate and that’s when the bottom fell out of our support for President Obama and one of the things that unfortunately our the Obama Administration truly people believed that the American dream was dead What the black community is looking for and a reason to change their habits and I think that’s part of the reason that President Donald Trump came onto the scene Entrepreneurship. That’s the bedrock That’s the gateway drugs into the black community through our entrepreneurs and if we make sure we have a vibrant entrepreneurship class within the black community That’s going to go a long ways to solve and a lot of the turmoil you see in the inner-city number one then number two education Because if you have a good education and you’re optimistic and hopeful now you go to school get education whether this college or vocational then you have a Flourishing entrepreneurs class that had a job waiting for you They need you because their businesses are growing so fast, but now what we’re hearing again, that optimism is sky-high people are investing back in their businesses because they believe that the American Dream now is now achievable once again, That deal is grounded in three promises safe communities great education and High paying jobs and the moment you reach out to them and you start taking them seriously as businessmen You’re going to see actual conservatism come into the picture actual ideas come into the picture I will also propose tax holidays for inner-city Investment a new tax incentive to get foreign companies to relocate in blighted American neighborhoods And they will do it. It will be worthwhile Incentives, they will do it op routing progressivism and getting it out of our country So we’re not on a break of democratic socialism. I will produce and I will get others to produce and we know for a fact It doesn’t work with the Democrats There’s a lot at stake at this moment right now And if Donald Trump chooses capitalism and chooses that right at this moment I think you change the entire trajectory of this country for what? You Mexico is going to for the wall. That’s what I said Mexico’s going to pay I didn’t say they’re gonna write me a check for 20 billion or 10 billion I’m gonna write a check He said they’re gonna pay for the wall. And if Congress approves this incredible trade bill that we made With Mexico and Canada, by the way, but with Mexico in this case they’re paying for the war many many times over and Dan said would you do me a favor say that and I do say but the press sort of refuses to Technology when I say Mexico is going to pay for the wall. That’s what I mean Mexico’s paying for the watch and I didn’t mean please write me a check. I mean very simply Much better Hello Patriots, this is Pastor James red pills America, and I hope that this week has found you blessed By the Lord, I wanted to give you a real quick rundown of all the new gear that we’ve gotten in the James red pills America T Springs store as you look down you’ll see most of the Most popular items that we’ve had and but we’ve also got some great new stuff like the rest in peace collusion in obstruction 2016 to 2019 here printed on just about everything everything that I’ve put out here now new is available in men’s and ladies Tank tops and t-shirts as well as on coffee cups and die cut stickers Such as the tray it forward gear. I have that on men’s and ladies T-shirts and so forth coffee cups die cut stickers. We’ve got the new deplorable definition here really popular Out there and I’ve already sold a couple of those and I’ve just got these up. We’ve also got a bunch of the proud deplorable Gear and there will be much more coming in the very near future. So keep watching the store folks These are all all these designs are by popular request So I do take that seriously. We also have the Q don’t tread on me the Q gear Don’t tread on me snake. We also have proud to be deplorable with and without a white background So if you like it with a white background we have that if you like it without a white background We have that available on men’s and ladies tank tops t-shirts stickers Coffee cups. You name it. We also have the trump check gear now that was by popular demand and of course the James red pills America gear and Of all of the other the punisher gear the Jesus guides Donald Trump gear. We have the whole armor of god gear Ecclesiastes 10 to heart of the wise gear is available and everything Patriots is available for 10% off Just use promo code JRP a at checkout and you’ll save 10% off everything in store Scroll down to the bottom of the store. You’ll see some more of the proud deplorable put up on different other things as well as the the I’m with cue gear new. I’m with cube gear. This is by popular demand so remember Patriots save 10% off everything in a store using promo code JRP a and Every penny that you spend here in the store or through My website buying coins or 24 karat gold banknotes with certificates of authenticity every dime of that goes to support the work of this channel which supports 100% the work that President Trump is doing in our country in an over the across the world, so JRP a coach ARPA at check out save 10 percent off everything that means you can get a tape t-shirt for as little as seventeen dollars twenty dollar shirt – two dollars for the discount leaves you with seventeen bucks and What a great number. That is Patriots. I hope you enjoy the rest of the broadcast You Grandpa card 32 pistols and is over all and Shotgun copy of the Constitution instead of cast iron ball generation a generation and it down father the son I Don’t care what at all Japan should be kissed by you’ll never take my chain Barn in the back you raised in a cave. That’s probably watching pain But don’t you live do you teach become a bitch tried to kill me you shit? Don’t stray trying to justify With everything under the Sun but You can’t piss down my back. Tell me it’s arranged. You’ll never take my you’ll never take my You wanna You ain’t seen nothing yet Little boy good enough. They become bold. You can’t mater. Don’t you come around here again? I’m that it’s all been centered Bouncing. Hey, I’ll see you in hell before you ever take my gun First I wanna thank the Lord Jesus for everything is done for me. Amen If I want to honor the soldiers of bitches for keeping this country free I will if I want to exercise my Second Amendment to the Constitution That’s my ride and with my last breath. I will defend you never take my pain you’ll never take my You wanna talk about some You ain’t seen nothing yet These good ol boys do didn’t feel stop baby trouble you in there, don’t you come? Here’s the hint that it’s all been said Game they are out to you inhale before you ever take my game you’ll never Pass you could get high Give a knife and you will never You You

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    Every time I see Hillary all I see is Satan superimposed over her with a tail behind her.

    When she ran her speeches said nothing yet the crowds responded like seals being tossed a fish.

    We would have never know the truth. It's been jaw-dropping learning about 33,000 emails she destroyed with no justice, seeing a fire she set on her own house to destroy paperwork, wondering how she got away with a storage unit with boxes and boxes of fake votes for her found faded away and watching the deep state currently flood our country with immigrants and attempting to destroy the electoral college to override the true American patriots of America votes. I am stunned they think they can impeach a man because he tweets on Twitter. Seriously! The truth is President Trump is giving our power back to WE THE PEOPLE and he is undoing all the terrible things they have been lining up for the takedown of America for a very long time.
    Watching France being crushed by the New World Order and knowing that the Clinton's and Bushes and a whole line up of them come from the same lineage has been mind-blowing. We were so close!

    Thank you for putting the truth out there! God Bless YOU! God Bless America! God Bless Americans! God Bless the world! God Bless President TRUMP!

  28. Todos los verdaderos cristianos conocedores de la Biblia,sabemos que el SeΓ±or y Dios de Israel esta usando al presidente DONALD TRUMPπŸ™

  29. You have proven again, that God is in control .. logic and reality always TRUMP'S. Emotions.. well-done young man..


  31. Love love love this- great work James. God bless everything you do. Watching from Australia- wish Trump was our President!

  32. Love and appreciate this video. It was a reminder of how close we came to destruction and the evil takeover of our lives and finally, a reminder of our love for our, yes our country. Trump 2020πŸ˜ƒ

  33. Can only said one thing about this video…….OutFu__King Standing!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give you 1000! WWG1WGA!

  34. She would have burned America like Waco tx any one that would have protested her would have been burned by the atf like back in the day

  35. Hey Pastor James, I recieved my four ordered items. I love them all. Only change I would make is "we eat beef" not "pork". I love the "Put on the full armor of God" tapestry. It is huge. My grandson and I cant figure out how to make all my Patriotic flags and the tapestry fit in his and mine mancave. I told my wife, we have to move to a place with more wallspace. May Creator God bless you and keep you, may HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU ,AND GIVE YOU PEACE! PEACE AND LOVE TO YA PASTOR! Keep it up, I love the "twighlite zone" music. Still need some Wagner, Bach, Rossini, etc…

  36. Every time I see that overbite and that cackle I reach for my channel locks and pretend I was pulling out those yellow teeth. Open wide, I see another silver filled yellow molar back there.

  37. Does anyone else notice the type of jacket that HRC always wears? They are oddly reminiscent of the type worn by Communist Chinese women. She used to wear the western blazer type, but several years ago, I noticed the change, with the Mao collar.

  38. Obama had the united nation , the china , he was recruited youth brigades , a civil war almost broke over Obama millions of Americans , were about to hunt all of those traitors down during Obamas fake ass Administration an string them all up, until trump won the election. the country would have been a mess.

  39. Here is one for you.. The federal tax on the internet, is not a actual federal tax.. Its clintons tax .. Look that one up.

  40. JRPA…I loved loved this video. You really have MAGAnified the red pilling of people. Thank you and God Bless you and your teamπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ. By the way I loved that song it had me cracking me big time. πŸ‘πŸ€£

  41. Powerful! Great summation of well coordinated efforts to destroy America. Great graphics! God bless, President Donald Trump!
    God bless all Patriots in this fight to out and conquer forces of evil here and in other struggling Western cultures. Thank you, James Red Pills America!!!

  42. This is what makes me love this president. This is what makes me trust this president, and this is what makes me feel free and safe under this president. God bless our president DJT and entire his administration.

  43. Her laughter is manic, inappropriate. Add those coughing fits and irrational outbreaks of over the top temper tantrums….she has some good doctors keeping each of those controlled when they pop up. I think that head trauma she sustained has damaged her frontal cortex, which already had sociopathic indications. Lord, please remove the Clintons' influence

  44. Oh. If only my kids could see what I see. I live in California. I pray that soon my kids and family could open their eyes. Because if it wasn’t trump, I too know that this country would have gone to hell. And God bless America and trump and all of you. I’m a proud Mexican American trump supporter.

  45. This was an amazing video…I cried, laughed, got piss a few times, but what a great show…I could hear the love that President Trump has in his heart for AMERICA and her people…Having faith in God, the Plan and President Trump…

  46. Um…. Rightwing centrist nutjobs Obama was a Marxist? Then why did we Marxists hate him enough to hope for a Trump win? πŸ€”

  47. Donald J. Trump has proven himself worthy of Trust….!
    And that's an emphatic – researched – knowing statement..!

  48. What happened in the world when Obama was president or any Democrat was president?
    Nothing good but thousands of deaths compare to Pres Trump's presidency!

  49. If you think we should abolish the electoral college, you probably didn't know it existed prior to 2016! HAHAHAHA

  50. One of the best you’ve ever done.
    Congratulations on this video.
    Why don’t you run for Congress

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