Ep6 ~ Violations in Palestine, the Jewish Slave Trade & Social Class Cleansing

welcome back people welcome back to another episode stay wolf TV just bringing you that knowledge and this episode a lot of luggage and a lot truth this episodes highlighting a few facts that a few of you don't know and a few of you might know but it's better to get these facts out there for the simple fact I've seen a lot of black people over the years protest didn't for slavery to me myself even about all the white Christians that did the slavery and the slave owners even certain white Christian slave owners have actually paid back reparations to families that can prove they was in the slavery times yeah which is fair now what I want to address if someone has got away with slavery and hasn't paid not one penny of reparations yet and I just think that's unfair so people if you're gonna protest and petition for reparations protest and petition to the right people and that'll be Israel and I'm gonna show you why right now they owe us the black community a lot of money for slavery because they don't address it they have an apologize for it and they like to sweep your underneath the table so this episode first thing you're gonna learn about is the Jewish Atlantic slave trade stay tuned people you're learning how those feel berg betrayed the horrific slave trade as thoroughly a christian affair here are some words of the major Jewish history of the early Americas called new world Jewry it's by SP Liebman and the American Jewish Historical Society he wrote about those who owned and manned the ships the perpetrators of this mass human cruelty and murder quote they came with ships carrying African blacks be sold as slaves the traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the crown and their sale the Jews were the largest ship Chandler's in the entire Caribbean region where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise the ships not only owned by Jews but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains now here's how I came to discuss the Jewish slave trade on black perspectives in the news on PBS in the late 60s I became acquainted with a slave trade researcher by the name of Walter White he wrote a short booklet called who brought the slaves to America I contacted him and began doing my own research into the slave trade I read all the official Jewish histories pertaining to it I followed the issue for over 25 years now scanning official Jewish general histories on the subject and often those histories were published by Jewish historical societies and groups these were histories written by Jews for Jews and here's some direct quotes my leading Jewish historians writing about the African slave trade now remember you can find all the academic citations in my books my Awakening and Jewish supremacism prominent Jewish historian Marc Raphael in his book Jews and Judaism in the United States a documentary history wrote quote Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade in fact in all the American colonies with her French Martinique British or Dutch Jewish merchants frequently dominated this was no less true on the North American mainland where during the 18th century Jews participated in the triangular trade that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and their exchange them for molasses which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa Isaac Acosta of Charleston in the 1750s David Frank's of Philadelphia in the 1760s and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent Jewish historians record old Jewish documents showing how the slave trade was so thoroughly Jewish the slave auctions throughout the Americas had to close on Jewish holidays Brazil received far more African slaves in North America a wit snur another official the Jewish Historical Society in his book Jews in colonial Brazil pages 72 and 73 wrote quote the buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews and because of their lack of competitors that could buy slaves at low prices if it happened at the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed studying the Jewish histories of the new world I began to learn of a carefully recorded Jewish history that you and I are not permitted to know about I discovered that many centuries before the transatlantic slave trade that Jews had dominated the slave trade in the entire Western world of the last two thousand years even as far back as Roman times funk and Wagnalls Jewish encyclopedia volume 10 page 48 writes quote the trade and slavery constituted the main source of livelihood for the Roman Jews to show you how widespread the Jewish slave trade was and how influential Jews seduced authorities centuries ago just as they do in modern America and around the world in the fifth century Pope Gelasius permitted juste introduced slaves from Gaul into Italy on the condition that they were non-christian the eighth century charlemagne explicitly allowed the Jews to act as intermediaries in the slave trade in a history of the Jews from Babylonian exile to the end of World War two published by the Jewish publication Society of America the author writes quote the Jews were among the most important slave dealers in European society here's a quote from the famous Jewish historian Jacob Marcus in the Encyclopedia Britannica he matter-of-factly talks about the Jewish control of Commerce and Middle Ages quote and the Dark Ages the Commerce of Western Europe was largely in his hand in particular the slave trade not only were Jews the principal slave traders they had markedly higher per capita holdings of slaves than did non-jews Jacob Marxist wrote in the united states jewry 1776 1985 five eighty six quote all through the eighteenth century to the early nineteenth Jews in the north were to own black servants in 1820 over 75% of the Jewish families in Charleston Richmond and Savannah owned slaves almost 40% of all Jewish householders in the United States on one slave or more the actual fact is that even in the South less than five percent of white people owned slaves less than two percent of whites owned slaves in all of pre-civil war America well forty percent of Jewish householders owned slaves now notice how only guilt is ascribed for white people in slavery even though Jews were 2,000 percent more likely to own black slaves there was any white gen have you not realized how we've all been lied to from school to college to university us as a black community and the white community we've been lied to and I think it's not fair honestly I don't think it's fair that we've been getting onto the white people so many years about slavery when they're not even the ones that started it I think we need we all white people a big apology that's why I think even though they partook in it don't ever get it twisted there was a lot of disgusting racist scummy white people that partook in it don't ever get it twisted BA I've done my research and most of those families actually paid reparations to certain family members of the black slaves so what I'm calling for is for all the black community to wake up sign my petition and ask for Israel to give an apology for the black Atlantic slave trade in America and Great Britain and also to pay reparations to those that I effected the families of the ancestors that are affected know that guy by the way is named dr. David G should go look him up very smart man from America dr. but anyway now on to the next thing the next thing people I want to explain to you know so you understand you see this man Tommy Robinson yeah he's not British he's Israeli he has an agenda and I can prove that in another episode I proved in previous episodes but he is being paid by the Jewish Council of Britain to spread Islamophobia to spread hate amongst how's that us the whites the blacks the Asians they want us to hate the Muslims so that all the things that they're doing right now there's a holocaust going on in Palestine people the only reason you don't see on the news is because the news is owned by Jews and that is a fact I can prove that too in another episode don't worry about by the moment they are blocking us from knowing that disgusting terrorism the atrocities and the war crimes and the killing of children the killing of babies they kicking people out their house and arresting them for no reason just so that it can move Jews into the house it's disgusting and that's a British man I can't watch that I can't watch that that it's not right and I'm gonna take it upon myself to wake up the British people because we don't we this is Britain we don't accept terrorism we hate terrorism terrorism is the worst whether it's Isis or whether it's Israel they're both as bad as each other Isis and Israel just as bad as each other and we need to boycott Israel and we need to talk and we need to share things share opinions and we need to sort this out we need to get back our money for slavery and we also need to help the Muslims up what's going on in their country because it is a war crime but anyway I'll let you see it for yourself make your own decision look at his terrorism people not because they're not these are the real emotions people they claim about they hate the Nazis and they've depending for them themselves Israel should know much better than you look what happened to them in Nazi Germany you think they would have learned but no they're copying the Nazis themselves look what they're doing this is disgusting people and then why don't understand is I'm pretty I feel sorry for the Jews who happened in the Holocaust I really do but now they've lost my sympathy because what they've done they've been oppressed by Nazis only to oppress Muslims how the Nazis oppressed them look at this look at people this is disgusting this is disgusting and these are the people that tell you to hate Muslims now if you're smart you'll understand Jews and Muslims have had beef for years so what they've done is they've set up terrorist attacks they've made us invade Iraq they haven't come with us to Iraq it made us invade Afghanistan they didn't come with us to Afghanistan they even made us bomb Syria they didn't bomb Syria what they are doing right now are using us to fight their Wars as scapegoats just like they did to the Christian white man with slavery right now when they do eventually try to wipe out the Muslims in which they're already doing they're gonna blame it on us they don't want to do it themselves the Muslims in Israel they'll wipe out but the rest of them they won't ask to add them up they won't ask us British us Americans they want us to fight their war why are they not in Iraq why are they not in Afghanistan if they say this is terrorist country and they've got so much problem with Muslims apparently according to most Zionist Jews all Muslims are terrorists and should be wiped out so why is the big IDF army which has the best equipment in the world best Air Force one of the best Air Force's why they not are when we go to why did I tell Indian to go to I've got friends that died in a rock for what what did they die in a rock for for his row so we have to think it's what you have to think to yourself people hukill family members has died in a row brave British fighting man has died in Afghanistan what they died for they didn't die for Britain and they definitely didn't die for our freedom they died for Israel to do stuff like this and get away with it even though the UN Security Council was told them this is illegal they censored the report people if you check my Instagram you'll see the report from the UN they sensitive and then America vetoed not to go over there and send a UN peacekeeping force please people we need to sign a petition to have a UN peacekeeping force in Palestine we need American troops we need British troops we need them in Palestine stopping the Terrorism people I've got a few petitions out I've send them around through the Instagram but we have to stop this this is terrible it's atrocities look what they're doing this man is innocent look at him he's just trying to walk home he just probably wants to go to his home see his wife but look what they're doing this is this they're just bullying him look look at these people and then the news which is run by the Jews will never show you this you have to wonder why am i showing you this why is it on sky why is it on pbc why is it on itv because I'm pretty sure this is some good footage I've got plenty more to come people say don't worry footage needs to be seen killing is bad yeah terrorism is bad isis is disgusting scumbags and so is the IDF IDF iran the same levels as isis people the only difference is they have an Air Force and the Navy and the army in tanks and they uniform you see despicable look at this old man look at him old man is there any need for that was there really and look at him look at their faces look punched him in the face why he's not even armed he's not even on this is racism and apartheid people this is exactly what used to happen in South Africa and exactly what used to happen to the Jews in Nazi Germany they just repeating it on Muslims and then they tell us that we must hate Muslims why was a Muslim done to us what they done to you had they done anything to you people watching this video huh think about it what is it Muslim personally done to you and if you can't think of anything why did you listen to this cunt to me Robinson why'd you listen to the Jewish propaganda on the news peace and love is why I preach between Muslims Christians Jews Hindus everybody we don't need to be arguing and slandering other religions because all I see when I would watch Tommy Robinson is Islam this Islam that what happened in historical times if we were to play this game people I can play this game all day long I've got plenty of historical stuff the Jews have done plenty of bad horrific war crimes they're still doing so as long as people sleep doing as Islam a phobia and promoting Islam is bad and promoting Christianity is gay I'm gonna keep promoting the Jews for the Zionist terrorists they are wrong yeah Israel are terrorists in their country obviously other things that debate about in their country they are terrorists very very bad tears and it's not right that everybody's talking about Muslims being terrorists because of a few dirty cars that aren't even Muslim doing these things Sony right that you have to say what the Jews are doing in their country to Palestine because I thought like I was known anew so I'm making this shit needs people cuz you need to see it's not right we are British people this is our country why are we letting these things happen and we're not suing out of our troops why are our British troops not going to Palestine to be peacekeeping force why are we not going why is our Parliament not talking about anymore Jeremy Corbyn used to always talk about it now we got conservative government in power they don't give a shit trust me they don't give a shit they're the same people that burn people out Grenville towers just so that they get rid of him you can't trust them can't trust to resume in her luke conservative gang no I'm saying we need to bring labor back Labor Party it's used for the people that's why everyone is the vote next election even though that's a long time ago this time we did sign so next time we got definitely do sound because for the next kick that I'm about to show you fuck you no boy this next clip people is shit fuck man this is to do Arsenal ask British people in our country this is what's affecting us these dirty conservative party are affecting us right now yeah if you're the working class real British person real British working class that works and gets your money and pays your tax you are affected if you're not the upper class then don't even watch this shit cause it's don't affect you but this next thing here right now this affects all of us yeah they want to move everyone out of London they want to move everyone out of the towns and the cities put us in the countryside now let me tell you son for the black people they're pissed off but they don't want even the countryside and I know you white people don't want to bag a black people moving to the countryside so either way everyone's fucked on this one but anyway I'll show you what's going on retina cannot be anything else but political this is not a natural disaster what has happened here is it's about carelessness it's about not caring about working-class people in this country housing is our biggest shame and actually has been Britain's biggest shame for generations this is not new there is no political points to score here there is only the truth I'm so upset about this this is you know this has been my life all of my life I grew up on a council estate I have I have lived in these sort of places and I've been worried about my child and what happens to us you know this is really much more than a political point but it is comparative to Hurricane Katrina yes I did compare it to Oregon Katrina because Hurricane Katrina in the USA showed very clearly on two crises conditions how poor people live and what happens to them and this is very similar to that it is a disaster and it's a crisis condition but it is highlighting a political agenda that's been on the books in this country for years and years that working-class people that poor people really just don't matter well Tony Blair introduced private public partnership in social health yes what it doesn't seem so much debate about that partnership in response to the ground for not fire bringing the private sector into something so important as housing without a home why there's no point spending money on the NHS or social justice or criminal justice if you don't have a roof over your head none of this works without a home there were visits by Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May certainly neither Corbin that alone may advocated what you appear to be advocating which is that empty tower blocks in central London luxury housing should be used to house those who survived the fire we have got this this city has got enough and I'll use their language units I call them homes they call them units this city has got enough units to house probably every single person that needs a home in this city not just the people that are now I've got nowhere and nothing in their lives whatever the crisis goes beyond the capital to communities across the UK Kevin Doody grew up in Scotland score balls on a housing estate that he says has been ignored by power but given the voice by films like dispossession the great social housing swindle working the people with the god moose in Glasgow and the people that you're going to see in this film look at me off of the Tory Party nothing and I tore apart without they don't care Horace Johnson doesn't care treason he doesn't care what he may call go over the ones that she's brought on board as if they care as if they're going to make a difference no that's not going to make a difference it's going to be the same it's a perpetual selfishness self-centeredness not care for anyone else if you if you actually think that the Tory Party in this country believe in social hosting nidalee believe in society Margaret Thatcher said there is no society there's only people this is not just a movie this he's came launched this is Dennis Park this is the boy from the black stuff this is a saying of the teens this is a show boom creativity doctor mentees fellow camera and get on people go they'll tell the truth was happen in this country put on his screen expressing the human cost of the housing crisis on the big screen this documentary explores the catastrophic failures that have led to a chronic shortage of social housing in Britain essentially we've had successive governments that simply haven't seen the role for social housing and they're being cutting it Natasha you're homeless in London it's raining Alvis yes where are you gonna sleep on the streets nice to make 24 pounds and what's 24 pounds going to get us the hostels cost so then the council pays for it yes my gosh and you've got crutches and now how long have you been homeless for years out here oh my gosh isn't there any help not being any of them I don't understand I don't fit for Atari so how do you survive like once I – the people who help me I don't get night benefits Wow what's your future like do you still have a great smile so and what are you doing the are you writing what do you if you had three wishes what would they be right just to have somewhere to live just just the tiniest little place to be with me a palace to be able to get my leg there now so I can get job and basically to tell that person well thank you very much for talking to me that's despicable you see that little 22 year old young woman she's homeless because of Theresa May she's homeless because of conservatives these are how people in these situations I'm sure you've seen if you live in London if you walk around Camden or can each town oh damn kind of places even central London so much homelessness it's crazy I see people sleeping outside banks and shit but the government seems to have money to fund charities who promote gay agendas in primary school now I have to say because that is true there's a catcher he could stolen they get a lot of government funding for what for what exactly when there's so many kids homeless on the streets what are they no important are those kids not important they need housing they need they need flats or hostels why are they paying for him it's not right man it's not right the government is got all their money in all the wrong places this is why we need to have a Labour government this is why I advise most you kids most of you like young adults you need use get into politics products get into politics white man black man Asia man as long as your former working class fuck all these other fucking plans go into politics yeah all these other things are irrelevant brother because if we don't get into politics I'm ourselves trying to get into politics we don't get into politics all that's gonna happen is you can be run by a Peter files and you know about the West Minister six candles we're gonna be run by Peter files forever has changed out of our generation people get into politics and stay woke until next time make sure you know what's going on know your knowledge stay woke TV out to the next time people

  1. Nowadays you see the same slavery in hip hop with a Jew leading a new campaign to make our young kings gay and glorify drug use in music. Wake up my People. This system is very active today. Ban Hip Hop now!!!

  2. Our government is behind all the evil you are aware of,but use puppets governments countries etc,these fake jews are and have been behind everything,they control our government also

  3. Love your videos man,arabs started slave trade then so called ‘jews’,Christians we’re amongst the first slaves and are still persecuted over the world,the Europeans white people who enslaved black people were from the fake European ‘jews’ who impersonate the true jews the Hebrews,which also became slaves by those European ‘jews’ and Arabs,blacks people are descendants of Hebrew jews,the ‘jews’ of today are from a satanic bloodline but not saying all jews are satanic just like not all Christians follow god,big respect bro,north London in the house

  4. What's going on very sad shame on Israel who was osama ladn puppet of israel who is bagdadi cheif of isis puppet of israel

  5. I would like this video a million times over if i could, thankyou for spreading awareness!!! Tommy Robinson IS a Zionist shill, oh and my family were caught in the holocaust, i'm polish but i am sick to death of hearing about the holocaust of WW2 while there is holocaust TODAY #FreePalestine
    i doubt american troops will ever assist the palestinians, they are Israel's bitch by proxy, the Muslims will liberate Palestine, when they eventually wake up

  6. I just found your channel after seeing a video of you at hyde park. Keep up the good work bro, they will defo try to discredit and shut down who speaks out against the satanic Talmidic Jews. I hope to catch you at Hyde park and speak about the link of Jesus may peace be upon him between Islam and Christianity and the end of times. Respect and keep fighting to spread the truth! Peace.

  7. +Stay Woke TV Are you going to the park later today, it's must in order to launch your channel and spread awarness?

  8. The European Zionist immigrants in Palestine need to vacate ASAP….
    Regarding Tommy and Britain 1st most of us know where their funding comes from.

  9. lmao bro are you serious? David Duke used to be a "grand wizard" of the Ku Klux Klan in Amerikkka. The purpose of these anti-Jewish conspiracy theories is to take away the blame from the Christian Europeans that were responsible for the majority of colonialism and slavery.

    Israel is all about Europeans uniting to STEAL land from Palestine. Zionism is colonialism and pillage, religion is part of the excuse. For another example look at how Saudi Arabia's government works with israel and amerikkka. Capitalist relations and imperialist strategy unite them all, religion is less relevant.

  10. Very useful video, i hope people will wake up as soon as possible, because the more they take to wake up the more people would suffer in silence.

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