Ep. 2: The Real Problem with Capitalism

  1. This video could have also talked about the history of class struggle, which exists everywhere. The separation of capital and labour is led by the developments in the means of production over time and is an expression of the fact that the proletariat is destined to overthrow the capitalist class. Capitalism goes through period crises of overproduction where the class struggle intensifies, society divides into hostile camps and leads to political activism, strikes, state repression, workers revolutions, etc. Look at Paris.

  2. Lol this is grossly inaccurate. No way was is a 0 sum game. Also the factory conditions were much better than farming… Ughhhhhhh

  3. Great work, however you don't address the Protestant Reformation which gave theological blessing to Enclosures and to Usury.

  4. There is deep and systemic distinction between "competitive" markets and "free" markets. Competitive markets require societal actions to prevent monopoly from occurring. The systems of law and taxation must operate to keep monopoly privileges from redistributing income and wealth from producers to non-producing (i.e., "rentier") interests. To achieve competitive markets the most important element is the elimination of taxation in favor of the societal collection of rents that arise out of the control of all natural assets (e.g., land, whether locations in towns and cities, or valued because of natural resources), and any natural asset with an inelastic supply, such as frequencies on the broadcast spectrum or take-off and landing slots at airports. Rents also accrue from the control of competition-limiting licenses issued by government. Examples are liquor licenses, taxi medallions and licenses to extract fish and other resources from the seas.

    Edward J. Dodson, M.L.A.
    School of Cooperative Individualism

  5. "capitalism" is the CAPITALIZATION of you bourne title (name) by others through the force applied by "government". "Capital" as "money" is called is merely the fruits of your labours given a tradeable form. That's why it's called "the stocks and bond market". Stock is what we call cattle or other products. Bonds are what are put on prisoners. Doubt me? Pull out your "government issued ID" and look at how your title is spelled. ALL CAPS. If you sign their contracts, you have declared you are their slave, plain and simple. Capitalism is merely "officialized slavery" with a different, shiny name. You're all 'tenant farmers" on a plantation, the word "citizen" does not mean "people" i.e. "we the people of the united states" – this according to court ruling. If someone else says you have "rights" then by definition you are a SLAVE. WAKE THE FUCK UP. Stop letting others interpret what is right in front of your eyes.

  6. The history lesson provided in this video ignores important issues affecting the wages KEPT by workers. While it is true that in the United States there existed a high percentage of farmers who owned the land which they worked, this was far from universal. From the colonial period on land speculation diverted considerable financial resources from the production of goods and services. The historian Jackson Turner Main provided the details indicating that by the mid-18th century, roughly 80 percent of all wealth was inherited. Large landowning families leased out much of their land to tenant farmers and sharecroppers.

    Even in the 19th century there were periodic cycles of boom and bust. Farmers who borrowed from the banks in order to acquire acreage, seed and equipment defaulted on loans when commodity prices fell or demand fell during a recessionary downturn. This occurs about every 20 years. Bankrupt farmers are then forced to move into already-crowded cities. And, along with unskilled and semi-skilled immigrants coming from the many Old World countries, they were forced to compete for whatever employment was available.

    If land speculation caused economic havoc in the nation's rural regions, the same dynamics turned the cities into areas of extreme wealth almost side-by-side with extreme deprivation. What were called "rentier interests" by the political economists of the 19th century produced nothing but because they controlled much of the valuable land, could demand an increasing share of what others produced. Thus, the system that is called capitalism was actually a system of monopoly privilege. And, as Winston Churchill famously said in a 1909 campaign speech, the monopoly of the land is "the mother of all monopolies."

  7. I don't get why so many comments think this vídeo is arguing in favour of socialism/communism.
    It's just doing a critique of capitalism (and sure, some arguments are bound to be shared by socialists/communists), but it's not arguing in favour of any alternative system yet.

    If you watch the first part, it does a critique of socialism too (albeit briefer) and from the vibe I'm getting (I haven't watched the following episodes yet) I think it's going to be eventually arguing in favour of something alike to distributism (which is neither socialist/communist nor capitalist).

  8. Two videos now and you still haven't listed what your brilliant idea is. Unless the answer is something akin to a venus project resource based economy I can almost guarantee it's just going to be another varient of Capitalism.

  9. In the motion picture at 3:02, it shows the business owner receiving 100% money and the workers receiving 0% money. This is not an example of traditional capitalism, but of slavery, so I don't see this as a convincing point that there is a "problem" with capitalism.

  10. Good history lesson but it conveniently left out how much of a role government played in the history of capitalism relative to the industrial revolution. I wonder why??? Hhmmm… (In my skeptical voice). Bottom line, government breeds corporatism. REAL free markets breeds a social system of voluntary trade. Nice try…

  11. Aha, so it's a nice criticism of corporatism, I get it now. So it's not about capitalism, but corporatism which is the same for socialism, communism, national socialism, where it is just legalized…

  12. Whats manipulating of the system? Like bribing government to limit competition? Sure, but that's not capitalism, you are entering politics.

  13. A fundamental flaw – if it appeared worse for the people to be in the city and not on their fields, why did they moved? Why did they exite capitalist class (farmers with their own tools) and went to be employees? This makes no sense.

  14. I like your video and I agree with it's conclusion. But the peasants had to be forcibly removed from their land and given the opertunity to either starve or subject themselves to wage labour, of which many chose the latter – you make it sound like this was a happy and mutually voluntary transaction when the reality is much darker.

  15. Workers of the world, unite! But Don't come to my countries and take away jobs from us. Go somewhere else!

  16. Capitalism is anarchy. It get's really bad when you add weapons like dollars into the mix and a society dependent on those dollars.

  17. "Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty. This is known as "bad luck." – Robert A. Heinlein

  18. "People moved to the cities because of better jobs and nicer living"… this video is stupid anti-intellectual garbage. Mechanization and bourgeois land and property expropriation such as the Inclosure Acts forced people off from the countryside into urban ghettos and a despicable life. Child labor, infant mortality and more was skyrocketing during this period. You completely fail at historical understanding, fucking americans.

  19. all I know is a known lie got me in a cage, now off paper but still unemployed and given 1700bill from but brother for services rendered via prison and paper which I didn't deserve nor should anyone have to deal with like that. idk what ism people like at the end of the day the u.s. is a major shithole for 75% of the population and will continue to worsen as it has proven to be the only thing it can do well

  20. One thing – the effect on the society come not from capitalism but from the industrialisation. Or do you think in USSR or China this processes went any different?

  21. Communism will not work.In communism and socialism there are these "freeriders" becouse everything is shared.Somebody has still to work for the stuff.In communism some people can just rest and not do work,becouse they rely on the fact that everything is shared while others try to produce as much as they can.This is why capitalism does work.It does not give opportunity for so called "freeriders",becouse you have to work for the stuff.You just don't receive it.

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