1. Bernie has always been a crypto marxist. The guy spent time in Communist communes during Vietnam where they were singing songs praising Ho Chi Minh. The guy literally honey mooned in Moscow during the Cold War… I mean… The guy is so obvious it is silly.

    Bernie is a social democrat in the same way a 6.5 dude, with a five-o-clock shadow, a protruding brow, a sharp chin, and a bulging package is "Susan."

    Either of them can say they're something that they're not. Cats can bark. Banks can tell you their primary interest is YOUR economic success. Politicians can say "I feel your pain." And every play by William Shakespeare in the 1590s can be suggested to be about whatever current events political issue you feel just became important yesterday. I mean, anyone can make a claim.

    But at a certain point… it says more about the person that accepts the statement than it does about the person making it. If people are going to be 'this' dumb, then we're ready for president Héctor Camacho.

  2. Bernie is a goddamn champ at this. That exchange is a closer example of "code-switching" (as Red Cortez would say).

    A hypothetical:

    Random question from a forgettable fan: "Hey, Bernie…how do we defend against terrorism?"

    Bernie: "(*Rambles for 2 min*) Well, we must defeat these domestic terrorists and put an end to online radicalization. This starts with banning weapons of war and keeping military-grade weaponry out of the hands of the population."

    *Bernie fans: "Did you see Bernie own Fox news! Man, he totally won that debate!"

    Any outlet that lets this Vermont socialst pull that drastic of a "switcharoo" is deserving of criticism.

  3. SO IT IS TRUE… the demoKKKrat party wants to exterminate the Black Community in America! *Ohio Democrat Drafts Amendment to Exempt African-American Babies from Pro-Life Law. #saveyourkids #voteREPUBLICAN2020

  4. "Democratic Socialism = a name to fool people into thinking they are going to get free stuff." – Bernie Sanders.

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