Ep. 189 -There Is No Such Thing As “Democratic Socialism”

democratic socialism is on the rise as DSA membership skyrockets half of Millennials call themselves socialists and crazy-eyed Alexandria Ocasio Cortez spreads the gospel of envy and the philosophy of failure our Stalinist comrades face just one problem there isn't any such thing as democratic socialism like dry water or tasty kombucha democratic socialism is a contradiction in terms we will analyze why this is and will also identify the keywords that you need to look out for to identify brainwashed lefties we'll talk about why ideology is terrible and when the Left lost its sense of humor entirely finally last but not least I'm hoping that ambassador nikki Haley is watching we will explain why owning the libs is a wonderful thing I'm Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show [Applause] I wish we could just jump to the end right now and extol the virtues of owning the libs but we'll save that for later because it's a wonderful thing and I could talk about it forever before 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right in let's just dive right into the deep end of the pool the the jackals the hyenas at the view or here we are debating democratic socialism with the one same person Megan McCain here they are I isn't democratic socialism very close to liberalism I mean now think about it for a second medicare social security guards collection the post office I asked her this question about what do you mean by being a Democratic Socialist and she went over her platform she says Medicare for all good fully funded public schools and universities love it paid family and sick leaves justice system reform immigration justice infrastructure overhaul clean campaign finance an economy of peace housing is a human right well I hope Democrats do run a democratic socialism because I think you lose spectacularly and then I will look forward to election night when I finally get to tell everybody I told you so he ends up running a radical problem with socialism in the words of Margaret Thatcher at a certain point you run out of spending other people's money Venezuela one of richest countries in the world in the 70s now the average Venezuelan has lost 24 pounds because they're starving to death 90 percent I think country – man Geneva I think she's talking more about Scandinavia than Venezuela oh ok ok god it's just talking more by the way the United States has does not have the highest economic freedom index in the world far from it there are countries in those areas countries that you know the left always likes to hold up as socialist which have more economic freedom than the United States does but I want to get to the central point here as the left embraces democratic socialism right now the DSA membership has increased seven and a half times in just two years between 2016 and 2018 the membership has increased almost seven and a half times the dues-paying member ship which is ironic because I didn't think socialists paid for anything but they are paying their membership dues now to this there are 42 candidates across the United States who are now endorsed officially endorsed by the Democrat socialists of America there is obviously Alexandria Ocasio Cortes there's another one though this guy as a kringles Steen up in Maine he's he stands with the Democratic socialists he wasn't comfortable calling himself one before but now he is comfortable calling himself one this is spreading you have the the sort of cackling lefty hyenas on the view they're embracing socialism they're saying isn't it just a like liberalism isn't no it's not it's not real socialism it's a democratic socialism ladies repeat after me there is no such thing as democratic socialism repeat after me there is no such thing as democratic socialism miss Alexandra Ocasio cortes is there any such thing as democratic socialism I am NOT the expert that's a good point far enough you're right you know now I bet the New York Times is gonna yell at me for spreading fake news he didn't really interview her he didn't Rea yeah you're right it wasn't that was just a clip it was just a clip New York Times there is no such thing as democratic socialism there are contradictions in terms you know there's a really depressing number that's been coming out according to two separate studies Millennials the majority of Millennials identify as socialists they would they call themselves socialists they'd rather live in a socialist government that that number has risen dramatically over the years even Prager use will wit who I think was constructed in a laboratory made by snapchat will wit went out there and talked to these Millennials look what they had to say should we have more socialism in America yeah definitely should we have socialism in America I think we already have an element of socialism already but I believe in the tenets of socialism and yes I think we should have more I mean ideally this I mean it sounds like a great idea it's one of the options we haven't really tried yet and what we have been trying clearly isn't working what do you think about socialism I don't believe why do you think young people like socialism so much free stuff where have you seen socialism work in the world you see even like in Europe like France and at least they have like socialist parties as well as in Latin America with like Bolivia Venezuela Venezuela Venezuela where are you from I'm from Russia and you really don't like socialism yeah yeah that's right they all say they say yeah I like socialism look what it look it hasn't we haven't tried it before and clearly clearly what we're trying isn't working I mean that's why we have the most prosperous country in the history of the world but we're not as like we don't have Venezuela you know we don't have people starving in the street or being gunned down by their government now we don't have that you know so clearly it isn't working so the bad news more than half of Millennials identify a socialist the good news though according to other bowls this was I think according to CBS in New York Times is that only 16% of Millennials can explain what socialism is vast majority of Millennials have no idea what it is they're frequently wrong but never in doubt say yeah no I totally i believe in socialism I'm a socialist well what is socialism you know I'm not the expert I don't what do you ask me these questions for the socialism is is a wicked wicked ideology and there's no difference between democratic socialism and socialism it's just socialism the democratic socialists of america they I define their agenda as saying that they reject the economic order based on profit what they call for is the government control of industry government control of the means of production is just socialism our Veen crystal bill Crystal's father he talked about this in particular a number of years ago he wrote democratic socialism turns out to be an inherently unstable compound a contradiction in terms every social democratic party once in power soon finds itself choosing at one point after another between the socialist society it aspires to and the liberal society that fathered socialist movements end up in a society where liberty is the property of the state and is or is not doled out to its citizens along with other contingent benefits there are different kinds of socialism there's international socialism that's communism so on the Soviet Union there's national socialism that's fascism or Nazism we saw it in in the Second World War in Italy in Germany and then there is democratic socialism but the end of all of these socialism's is is socialism is government control of the means of production and as the government grows the citizen shrinks a government that can give you anything you want is a government that can take away everything that you have and you're seeing it play out in real time it's not just history it's not just the lessons of history it's going on in the Latin America right now you see in Venezuela obviously Venezuela has the largest proven oil reserves in the world and they're just overflowing with energy they could be a hugely abundant prosperous nation and they were for a time until they embraced socialism we're not talking about ancient history we're talking just a few decades ago now because a couple decades ago they elected socialists people are starving in the street literally starving in the street it's a failed state the IMF is warning that inflation could jump to 2,300 percent it's utterly broke and utterly failed and it's really tragic I mean you're seeing people burying their babies because they they starved at 16 months old 17 months old now that in Nicaragua in Nicaragua right there there's a crisis of socialism father Cesare Augusto Gutierrez is warning now but the government just do mowing people down saying that the socialist state is targeting its citizens the armed socialist state is targeting its unarmed citizens and killing them and torturing them there was actually a person who's an American citizen by birth who's down there has been tortured brutally I won't go into the details you can read about it in some of the accounts being tortured brutalized names Marco Novoa by the socialist government and right now also the the socialist government is defiling churches there they're going in there they're desecrating churches and it's because when the government has power you have no protection for your Liberty they use this term democratic socialism in part because they want to make they want to conflate socialism with the Democratic Party that that's actually why they're using it in America they say oh well I'm a demo you're a Democrat socialist kind of close aren't they they shouldn't be I mean perhaps now that is the case perhaps the Democrat party's moved all the way to the left but they really shouldn't be the same thing you know it's easy whenever the government wants to take power whenever socialists want to take power they promise the whole world they promise you everything every tin-pot dictator every banana republic dictator he has a bill of rights a mile long they say oh you'll get food and water health care is a human right food is a human right jobs or a human right this and you'll get em you'll get a car you'll get sprinkles on your ice-cream you'll get marshmallow sandwiches you'll get rainbows and puppies you'll get everything but when the government has that power when they take over all the power you have no way of protecting your rights you have no way of saying well where's my ice cream they said well we'll you'll have to wait a little bit for that launch of yeah well listen just wait you have no recourse you have no defense and the government will run roughshod over you you know if Madison writes about this and the Federalists if men were angels we wouldn't we wouldn't need government at all but don't forget those men who are taking over power in these socialist governments they're just like you and me they're just they're not like some benevolent betters they're not these angels who are going to create wealth and prosperity and always have the interests of everybody at heart and be compassionate they're just people and people are driven by the same impulses all around there they're trying to conflate these things democratic socialism and the Democratic Party and it's just part of their larger attack on language you see they use this all the time and before we move on just from this question of ocasion Cortez and Finkelstein or whatever that guy's name is of a Ringel Steen up in Maine and the 40 other Democratic socialists endorsed candidates I will say on the one hand Meghan McCain is right because if they run these lefty candidates they're gonna not do very well in this election I think I don't think this is a great strategy I don't think socialism plays in Peoria I just don't think that's gonna work in the short run but what they're doing is they're mainstreaming socialism and that's a very bad thing because socialism is tyranny socialism is slavery that's all it is and over time if people's defenses immunities against this start to break down you're gonna see more socialist candidates come in I mean you're seeing it over just the last two years Bernie Sanders and the Millennial useful idiots who supported him are surging the membership of the Democrat socialists of America they're surging they're proliferating all of these candidates and it's it's going to get worse you know in the 2016 election the Democrats said good nominate Trump Oh nominate Trump he'll be the easiest one to beat he's so crazy and out there and unconventional right they were in for a rude awakening and I fear that we'll be in for that rude awakening – it's really worrisome especially with Millennials who don't know anything because you know first of all Millennials don't remember the fall of the Berlin Wall we were born around the time the Berlin Wall fell or shortly thereafter so you don't remember this the horrific stories of communism you don't remember seeing people being liberated from behind the Iron Curtain you don't remember any of those things and you know at all times from Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin onward all the way to okay SEO Cortez and Finkelstein or ingolstein socialists have relied on useful idiots you now have a whole generation who don't remember these things and the and they can't even describe what it is they don't know what socialism is they just know that they support it I think a lot of that is because of the ideology that they've been educated into so I think conservatives don't just play the short game here don't just play yeah nominate all those crazy socialists and then we're gonna win in 2018 or 2020 you've got to be careful you've got to educate people about the the horrors of socialism because in the long run it could really wipe us out especially with a generation who doesn't know anything one way that the Democratic socialists do this and the so-called Democratic socialists do this is they manipulate language this is their main technique this is the main way that ideologies advance themselves so you know if Ocasio Cortez came out and she said you know I'm a pinko communist probably she wouldn't do that well but even if she said I'm a socialist might not do that well would some a democratic socialist kind of eases it in she was in an event with Bernie Sanders she said we're gonna flip this Kansas House seat red in November people thought that was a gaffe I think that was a Freudian slip that she was doing you know all of this language is the stuff of ideologies there's a great political philosopher that conservatives should all read and I reference him sometimes because he doesn't get as much play as he should as Michael Oakshott and he defines ideology as basically being combinations of vocabulary when you when you want to know what if okay what a ideology is look at the language that people use when they're idiot logs and there are these whole sets of language like the left uses it today and the left use certain language in the 1970s the left uses different language today and non lefties never use this language because we talk like normal people but they talk like they're true believers like they're in the cult an example of this in the 60s and 70s the left would use the word of oppression that was the big term it was the term of all these lefty movements but today they don't use oppression anymore that's sort of antiquated now they use privilege means the same thing but that's the term yeah well you've got to check your privilege how much privilege do you have these oh he's very privileged non lefties don't use that language but it's a it's a way for lefties one to identify one another and then too it shapes how they see the world another one is exploitation you would always hear the exploitation of workers or exploitation of this group of that group in the 70s today it's classism another one you would hear in the in the 70 should hear alliances there was talk of that but now you're here being an ally do you I mean have you seen this on campus or they say you got to be an ally what does that mean you mean be an ally am i you've got to be an ally and for those of us who are like normal people we'd kind of look quizzically and then move on but for those indoctrinated in the ideology this oh yes I'm an ally that's how I'm gonna view the world is a there were the Allies and the not allies the US and the them another one is in the in the 70s they would use consciousness-raising we're raising the consciousness you know where ray is gonna raise the consciousness now it's calling out you've got to call out racism you've got to call out sexism you could call it out call it out what is that what do you mean call it out you start yeah yeah you know so is that your uncle at Thanksgiving dinner says oh I voted for Donald Trump you yell you call it no but that's how they view it that's what they that the image you get in your mind because what they really mean is disagree with somebody or you know be mean to them or yell at them or whatever but the image you have is someone fam just shout it calling them out shouting it out stopping the conversation interjecting yourself into it in the in the old days it was the people you know power to the people now it's folks folks is one of the great leftist demagoguery terms you whenever it's only Democrat politicians to say now listen folks look ah these are good folks these people you Joe Biden would use it Barack Obama would use it I hope it hasn't crept too far into conservative language they say the folks the folks the people you know there was another group of socialists about 70 years ago they used the Foulke a lot they really had an ideology of the folk and a similar background to the in the 70s you'd hear liberation they say you got to be liberated we need to liberate people liberate these oppressed folks might do I do I get a prize if I use them all in a sentence liberate you've got to liberate and but now it's safe space they mean the same thing they sound like they mean the opposite thing what liberating is being freed and safe space is being coddled and protected but it's being used to refer to the same thing they're just twisting the language and so that you can see that twisting in the evolution of the ideology and that this this doesn't only apply to exclusively activist language some of it bleeds into mainstream but you'll notice the left speaks in language that the right does not speak in we are speaking different languages and it's because the left has a very particular ideology obviously you've heard the phrase woke you know woke is really good and when you're sleeping on a purple mattress you'll never want to woke up because if you'll feel really comfy you know you'll be sleeping like a baby but it what about other language have you ever noticed that on the left the people say that everything is amazing this is a subtle one because it's a normal word but it's so overused and abused on the left say it's amazing everything's amazing oh you know she's amazing oh he's amazing well usually not he because he's like a cisgendered white male but she's amazing this is amazing amazing amazing total hyperbole and it I I think the hyperbole is there to force you to agree with them I think it's everything it's amazing it's a miss agree with this you're not one of us another one is I can't even you know I can't even usual conservatives don't use this phrase a lot the it's usually used by liberal white girls they were there how much can't could a white girl even if a white girl could not even is at an important riddle of our a day I can't even and and here you see the same thing it's like the flipside of amazing it's this dismissal it's this this these extremes I can't even I'm removing myself from this if it's if it's without my worldview that I'm not going to talk about it the other one do you notice lefties do this they write it on the internet a lot that they say it to is yes why AAA AAAS yes and it's that same extreme like one just to say yes yeah yes is fine yes okay good fine very good yeah yes they scream it at you because you have to be as enthusiastic about all of these ideological structures as they are or you're not one of them you're not an ally be an ally yes another one is adulting no conservative would ever earnestly use the word adulting but they use the word adulting because they're children so their children in like every time they pick up a bill every once in a while maybe they pick up the bill for brunch and they say oh i'm adulting oh you know i paid my rent this month i'm adulting because you think well you're an adult you should yes you should exclusively be adulting it should it the aberration should be when your child about child adult you know but they use it and this is an ideological word because in their minds they are to be coddled they are to remain in perpetual childhood a perpetual childhood where you don't have people say offensive things to you where you're not expected to work very hard where you're not expected to fall in line and take orders you after you you that's that's adulting we only do that sometimes we do that as little as we can another another lefty millennial phrase is sorry not sorry sorry I'm not sorry and you hear this one a lot that's another one of like I can't even that's another one especially for the lefty white girls and they say I'm so sorry I'm not sorry and it's a sort of throwaway line but it it actually does convey something which is that there's no apology I don't have to apologize for Who I am I'm great just as I am I'm I you should love me just the way I am I don't need to change I don't need to try to become better I don't need to even adult too frequently I just I'm an ally and therefore you know I'm sorry I'm not sorry I'm totally I'm not considering another point of view I'm not considering your point of view I'm dismissing it there's a dismissiveness to all of this language and then my favorite one you this is the way you know that you were talking to a lefty and probably a millennial is when they refer to their husband or wife or boyfriend or girlfriend as their partner now I'm not talking about like a gay guy saying this is my partner that's been around for a long time my life partner my significant other or whatever the euphemism is I'm talking about when a straight guy refers to his girlfriend as his partner or as or a straight girl refers to her boyfriend as her partner or her husband as her partner I've I've noticed this with multiple acquaintances of mine even some friends of mine so this is my partner so and so I said oh well you guys start a business together did you oh really congratulations what what business did you start oh are you are you really are you a lesbian that identifies as a man and therefore you're her partner what is it because they won't that that language is obviously ideological the language precludes those patriarchal structures of husbands and wives this idea that there are social roles that accompany biological sex that accompany being a husband or a wife or a boyfriend or a girlfriend it's a rejection of that and to use that language is to say I reject these social roles I reject the tradition that I've inherited I reject those things I am a modern person who's totally free and liberated and I reject biological categories of sex that's what happens when you use that and and the the same is true of conservatives when conservatives say this is my wife rather than saying this is my partner you know sweet little Elise is my partner I'm not a man I'm not a partner I know you're my wife I'm using it as an example when you when you if you were to say those things and you're saying I believe that there is a kind of Oracle difference between men and women you are stating it in these days in certain ideological quarters on the left that is not acceptable that is not kosher at all this this brings us back to President Trump as as most things do because President Trump uses language appropriately did you read this story of this news article about a couple with their names are Nate and Julia sharp and they're raising their three-year-old twins xyler and Caden to be gender-neutral their their three-year-old twins islur and Caden who definitely will not be completely messed up and bullied because of this terrible parenting they're raising them to be gender-neutral they're calling them babies you know not him or her but they babies because I guess they don't realize that baby is a gender-neutral term – it's not it's like baby is a gendered word anyway they're raising them to be that way and it's because they they they think very wrongly this is a left-wing idea but it's very stupid which is that if you erase all the prejudices from your mind if you erase all the preconceptions all of the judgments from your mind then you'll be in a tabula rasa of a perfectly clean slate world and then you can rebuild yourself with this new good ideology the good left-wing ideology you just have to get rid of all the traditions all of the inherited institutions all of the past and then you'll be left to build yourself up but that isn't true you're you it isn't like you can have a clear mind that exists outside of language outside of traditions that that makes up your mind the language that you use makes up your mind it makes up how you see the world you can't ever just get rid of that if you were to get rid of all of that you'd get rid of your mind entirely and that's certainly what it seems like the left has been doing you have to bring in certain things there was that guy at the Planet Fitness who he went into Planet Fitness he stripped down naked they started working out and they they called the cops on him he said well I thought this was a judgment-free zone I thought this way there is that that is the logical conclusion of the judgment free zone there is no judgement free zone you can't you have to make judgments you have to discern and discriminate even the choice by the way – Collier twins xyler and Caden called them babies to call them gender-neutral and pretend the gender doesn't exist that is a decision that is a judgment you might pretend that that is the absence of a judgment but any of those things naming anything actively participating at all in the world is making a judgment the question is what judgment are you making the Trump of it all that's so good about this is that Trump uses his own language you know Trump does not use these buzzwords he doesn't use the left-wing buzzwords he doesn't use the right-wing buzzwords he is anti ideological he's an anti ideological guy and that's very good some conservatives really like ideology I don't I I come from the tradition of Edmund Burke and Russell Kirk and Michael Oakshott all of these great conservative writers who said the before all else reject ideology because ideology is too narrow it never takes in the whole of human experience you're always going to get something wrong you're always and the further you go down ideology the more wrong you're going to be and that's how President Trump is he's not a checklist kind of guy there was a report a really good report on the otto warmbier saga in North Korea President Trump in the administration getting that American student out of North Korea even though he'd been brutalized and and had basically had no brain function by the time he got back the decision to do that if you haven't read the piece it's in GQ it's worth checking out the decision behind that as its reported in that piece from Donald Trump is not ideological he didn't run down all of the check lists and say oh but when we've got to do this for this North Korean diplomat and that'll imply this and then that this doesn't fit into this strategy and no he didn't he saw the situation for what it was the people in the room said that he was behaving like a father more than like a politician and he said get the kid home gotta get him home is he home is he safe is he this is he that there's this kind of gut instinct we in this modern world and especially in this lefty world we like to pretend that everything can be rational we're if we can't rationalize something we don't want to do it if we can't think of the theory of something we don't want to do it that's what the left does that's not what the conservatives do concert' we can rely on other things we can rely on faith we can rely on instinct we can rely on you know our gut feeling and institutions that have guided us that is the great advantage that conservatives have over the left the left which has to turn everything into an ideology who cares if it works in practice does it work in theory and that isn't Trump people get upset about that they say Trump isn't ideological enough I'll take it I am happy to take that all the time you know that the Trump Iran tweet the fire and fury and it's gonna go down we're gonna you know knock your socks off that that's a great example of this you know a javad zarif there which is I think that was John Kerry's ex-boyfriend from when he was Secretary of State Javad Zarif the foreign minister of Iran he responded to trumpet he said we're not we're not impressed were not this doesn't mean anything nonsense I think I think you're Ron was impressed because I think their currency which was already at record lows plunged yesterday after President Trump sent that tweet he's working against the expertise of all the technocratic sand they know so well and they know look come on I've read all the books and Trump hasn't read any of the books knowledge isn't about books books can contain technical knowledge technical knowledge is great but there is a practical knowledge too and that is what this administration is exhibiting and it and it's working and if this is no surprise because books are just a paltry little technical approximation of a reality of real knowledge I have got to say goodbye to Facebook and YouTube and I was just about to get to 1 to 1 the logical comedic conclusions of leftist ideology which is the no more comedy there's no a comedy special on Netflix about not laughing about no comedy it's a true story we'll play a clip from that and and also a couple more things to get to and I have to also defend owning the libs before that you gotta go to daily wire calm it is 10 bucks a month 100 dollars for an annual membership you get me you get the Andrew Klavan sure you get the Ben Shapiro show you get to ask questions in the mailbag gets your mailbag questions in will answer them on Thursday none of that matters mm-hmm oh that's good that tastes like the Iranian rial plunging to record lows yesterday because fire and fury are gonna rain down from either heaven or from whatever airplanes the United States sends over to bomb them yeah this is really good this is good stuff and it's not only is it javad zarif tears but it's also the expert tears the expert technocratic log we know better than trump nope no you know mmm very good go to daily wire.com we'll be right back a lot more to get to so the left has this language they have their bundle their sack of vocabulary that they can use that they can pick from and it's really shrunk their world and it's really shrunk the the experience of the world and one aspect of it is its deprived that world of humor because everything now is about being an ally and about privilege and about intersectionality and oppression and safe space and everything's unsafe and you know and you've seen this over time the lefty comedians have started crying on air they don't tell jokes anymore they just cry you've seen this even college kids who are supposed to be having fun college is a very good time I assure you there's a time and a place for everything in that place is college if you spend your college experience frowning you did it wrong you're not supposed to do it that way but they have to that's the conclusion of their ideology this is now bled over into comedy there's a comedy special app called Nanette which is the opposite of comedy it hears that let's just see the trailer I don't feel comfortable in a small town I get a bit tense mainly because I'm in this situation and in a small town that's all right from a distance people like our good bloke I love being mistaken for a man I wouldn't want to be straight white man not if you paid me although the pay would be substantially better I do think I have to quit comedy though and it's probably not the forum to make such an announcement visit i built a career out of self-deprecating humor and i simply will not do that anymore not to myself or anybody who identifies me to understand what self deprecation means it's not humility it's humiliation I want my story because that's it for those of you who aren't watching it says it's a comedy special arguing against comedy yeah and of course it is because in this environment in this ideological framework if you use the language that the left uses if you see the world through the lens that the left sees the world you can't laugh what's funny what's funny about that it's misery it's horrible it's scary it's terrible it's awful that is the logical conclusion of leftism it's the preclusion of comedy they say I think horace walpole said this that life is a comedy to the man who thinks and a tragedy to the man who feels and this is like this is facts don't care about your feelings write this the people who elevated her any any kind of constraint or any broader vision than that they're miserable there they're so sad and miserable she gets up there I mean apparently in this special she tells experiences of rape she's I mean it's really brutal and they said can't we can't do comedy no more comedy anymore a TIG Notaro who's another comedian she said of this special she said quote Nanette should be required viewing if you're a human being it really makes takes days to take in everything she presented to fully comprehend it all the use of human being by the way is another one of these lefty words that they do where they because they don't like gendered language they won't even they don't realize man or mankind is gender neutral so they'll say human being but just be a good human being just be a human being and that's a more subtle example of that too but it's a really sad thing because her this woman's job is to tell jokes it's comedy right but she says no no in our work there is no such thing as comedy not just I can't do comedy apparently she can do comedy she is a professional comedian she's had a career okay she can do it what she's saying is that the logical possibility of comedy no longer exists and it's because of that narrow ideology here's a clip from the special itself we think reputation is more Portland anything else including humanity and you know who takes the mantle of this myopic adulation of reputation celebrities and comedians are not immune they're all cut from the same cloth Donald Trump Pablo Picasso Harvey Weinstein Bill Cosby Woody Allen Roman Polanski these men are not exceptions they're the rule and they're not individuals there are house stories and the moral of our story is we don't give it we don't get up about women or children we only care about a man's reputation what about his humanity these men control our stories and yet they have a diminishing connection to their own humanity and we don't seem to mind so long as they get to hold on to their precious reputation reputation hindsight is a gift stop wasting my time look I am angry there's a few people in the room are going I think I think she's lost control of attention ha any joke coming ever or no it's just no of course not because she's just angry she's just genuinely very angry why is she so angry you know comedy can come from places of pain and that's where comedy often does come from and what you do is then you focus on the absurdity of certain pain or you remove yourself from it or the incongruity of pain and suffering and the and the absence of suffering you can try there are ways to it a lot of comedy is about suffering in pain but she says no we're not going to do the comedy anymore no there is no world in which we can laugh at this why why do why are we able to laugh at pain in the first place you know we've been talking about comedy a lot in the in the last couple days can you make a joke about pedophiles can you make a joke about murderer can you make it yeah you can make a joke about a lot of things you could make a joke abut can you make a joke about the Holocaust can you make a joke about the fall of Rome can you make a joke about the Vietnam War I don't know these are tough issues can I mean could a joke be made sure is are they all funny no it's Carrie you've got to be careful when you're dealing with offensive material can you make a joke about murder yeah I think you can can you make a joke about all of these terrible things yeah you can maybe you've got to be a little careful but you can why can you well you can make a joke about certain horrible things because there's hope because there's comedy right there's hope at the end if if I think as I do think that the that this world is in many ways terribly fallen and sometimes absurd but that there is redemption and hope and hereafter into heaven and a bait if occasion I can look forward to that will make all of this pain and suffering in this world look like nothing look miniscule by comparison then I can laugh at it I can laugh at these little things I sometimes I joke about this because I had G seong-ho that North Korean defector on the show a few weeks ago and I'll be like driving in the car and my GPS will buzz out you know it won't tell me to make the turn until slightly after I was supposed to make the turn and I'll get very angry it was awful and then sweet little Lisa will say Mac do you want to call G Sanko and tell him about your terrible time how awful this suffering is that's as true it's not the worst thing in the world is it you know I my GPS doesn't work it's in the grand scheme of things doesn't really matter but because there is a redemption because there is there are there are relative pieces here you can laugh at that but if you think as a lot of the modern left does that this world is cruel vicious everyone's out to get you there was no light at the end of the tunnel there's just darkness suffering you turn into worm food at the end if you think that it's hard to laugh because you despair then you have despairing and despair means without hope not having hope so yeah you just bury it isn't funny that's the logical conclusion of their worldview it's the logical conclusion of their ideology and their ideologies just all of this stuff this language and they use their every their everyday but before we go I will point out that the total absence of humor now it's not just the former comedians not just Netflix the chief Metro political correspondent for the New York Times Shane Gould mocker he watched this interview by Allie Stuckey friend of the show Allie Stuckey this mock satirical interview where she pretends to interview Ocasio Cortez it's kind of funny he responds in the perfect leftist way here is that interview Alexandria thanks for being here thank you thank you for having me do you have any experience that qualifies you for this job I was growing up during the Clinton era and then basically when I was in middle school 9/11 happened do you have any knowledge whatsoever about how our political system works mmm yes it's really good it goes on it's worth watching the whole thing but look she's obviously on a different set she's got a different background she's worried different clothing than the interviewer in the interview without Cassio Cortez and that interview clip between the Hoover Institution or I'm sorry Margaret Hoover and occasion Cortez went viral everybody saw it right and so Allie who does satire is doing a little satire video and it was very funny this is how the New York Times chief political correspondent responded he said shame shame gold maker gold mocker this faked interview of Ocasio by CR TV has nearly a million views on Facebook in less than 24 hours interview didn't happen it takes clips from Margaret Hoover show and edits info questions not labeled satire other than the winky emoji that labels it satire get this man up you litt sir this guy this is the kind of breaking journalists incredible work that we can expect from the New York Times are you kidding me oh my gosh first of all it's obvious satire second of all by a well-known satirist then it has a little winky emoji on it alerting you that this is obviously satire and for a clip that everybody has seen and the left they said wait a second this isn't real because they don't they don't understand they don't understand their opposition they don't understand the world so they think that if a confer STUV all if a conservative does something it can never be sad tired cuz conservatives don't do comedy they don't know they can't be funny they don't joke around they know they're like mean all right racist David dukes they can't do that right that's what they that's what they think and so he's alerting people he said this is fake and then all the lefties if you look in the little Twitter thread they said I tried to report it yeah I tried to report it do what doctor you say fellas fellas there's it's something called humor it's called comedy life isn't so bad it's my it's okay sometimes it's okay you can laugh a little it's alright you're not gonna you it won't prevent you from being an ally to laugh a little it's okay you can no you can that's okay you could still be a good person and laugh every so often a really really bizarre I mean this guy's in New York Times writer who knows I mean who knows where this goes for the left I can't imagine they'll go this way forever it's so unfunny but we'll have to see how it goes and in the meantime we're gonna laugh and this brings me to my final point today in the last couple minutes speaking of conservatives laughing at lefties I love nikki Haley I love ambassador Haley I'd have to disagree with her slightly here though she said to the T P USA conference she said quote raise your hand if you've ever posted anything online to quote unquote own the libs I know that it's fun and that can feel good but step back and think about what you're accomplishing when you do this are you persuading anyone who are you persuading we've all been guilty of it at some point or another but this kind of speech isn't leadership it's the exact opposite now this flies directly in contrast to an important quote from Edmund Burke that I've read for a long time conservatism is when something triggers the libs and the more the libs are triggered the more country's conservatism where it is that's an incredible quote by the Irish statesman Edmund Burke is that from reflections on the revolution in France I think it might be I of course if if what nikki Haley is getting at is that just poking fun at people just to be mean or nasty or to really make them sad or something just doing that might be pointless that might be stupid or ill-advised but owning the lives is great owning the lives is one of the most fun things in the world and owning the libs is an important strategy it is leadership because there are two ways here well I suppose there are three ways there are three ways to win back the culture and win back the politics the one is you can be really angry and mean and serious and doer and debate all the time and say no this and be really you know straight face just like the lefties are the humorless lefties that's one way to do it the other way to do it is to be funny to laugh a little to poke fun don't constantly be earnest about everything just poke a little fun at these things and you'll deflate these lefty balloons if you just make make fun of it a little bit if you tell if you tell the Emperor that he's not wearing any clothes you can laugh you can have a good time and that humor will show people the error of their ways those are two ways for the Conservatives to beat the left in politics and the third way is to outbreed them as governor mitch Daniels told me one time he said you can either persuade or you can outbreed and the latter is a lot more fun so those are the three ways that you can you can own the culture owning the lives is a great thing it's not necessarily sophomoric it's not necessarily childish it is a really fun thing to do and excuse me one second I just have to take a sip of my co vote mmm that's good that's good I like that tumbler it's it's an important thing because it's getting to what we've been talking about all day the moment that conservatives stop having fun is the moment we lose one of the great aspects of this time that we're in this Trump era is that conservatives are exuberant they're having a good time they're having fun finally and we seem like the fun team we're the who would you want to join you want to join the Sandra Fluke people with their arms crossed frowning and say that's not funny or do you want to join the people who are having a good time and enjoying life it's what I noticed well I did that blank book my magnum opus reasons to offer Democrats a comprehensive guide I did this a couple months after your President Trump won the 2016 election and it was the perfect time because what all the conservatives did who bought the book and gave it to their lefty friends and you know is they left these comments on Amazon these reviews and they were 10 paragraphs long and they were referring to all of these great works of literature and philosophy and they're just having a good time they're just having fun it was witty the comments I mean the book itself is kind of an old joke frankly but the people responding to it the conservatives were having a really good time and having fun and being a little light you know the Angels can fly because they don't take themselves so heavily they take themselves and lightly and we should do that too the moment that we frown the moment that we take everything very seriously we become them if we learn nothing from this this Trump era it's that it's okay to laugh it's okay to take things lightly it's a freer Society when you can oh I shouldn't have said that oh I meant to say this yeah well you'll get over it if when you're a little lighter like that the the world is freer life is a little more pleasant and the lefties could learn a lot from it maybe they'd have a better time if they took our example and hopefully they will take our example okay get your mailbag questions in we got a lot more to talk about I can't you know look I can't get to everything I have to guzzle these leftist tears before they fill back up again go to daily wire tie calm and and then I'll see you tomorrow in the meantime I'm Michael Knowles this is the Michael Knoll Joe the Michael Nolt show is produced by seniya Villarreal executive producer Jeremy boring senior producer Jonathan hey our supervising producer Mathis Glover and our technical producer is Austin Stevens edited by Jim nickel audio is mixed by mic core Amina hair and makeup is by Jeshua alvera the Michael Knowles show is a daily wire for word publishing production copyright for word publishing 2018

  1. yep, they just fool everyone what's so called "Democratic Socialism" – It's either Democracy or Socialis/Communist. Socialist is the beginning of Communist!!

  2. Demographics matter. Latinos on the whole are not as high IQ as Whites. They are MUCH MORE susceptible to the socialist message. Make more white babies. Whites support liberty and capitalism. It's simple math: Less whites = more socialism.

  3. It's bleeding millennials. I would have proudly said I was a socialist in 2016. Now… Get the choppers.

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