Enjoy Your Football, You Socialist Pigs! • ft. Brian Dunkleman • Takes On

Hey, America! Do you love NFL football? Of
course you do. It’s by far our country’s favorite sport. (fart noise) Come on. There is literally nothing more American than
football. You know what else the NFL is? SOCIALISM. During Super Bowl week in 2015, Americans
watched a combined total of over 13,000 years of NFL programming on ESPN alone. That’s just
one network during one week. Da da da. What the %#%!? The NFL’s business model is a revenue sharing
system, where the enormous amount of TV money it generates is split equally among all 32
teams, regardless of how disproportionate the market share of each team’s city. That is a socialist system. You commie bastards!
God damn pinko mother $#%!&ers! So if the most American thing ever is fundamentally socialist
-and it’s working great -why are so many Democrats keep shoving down our throats that Bernie
Sanders isn’t electable? I’m looking at you, Barney Frank!
“He is not remotely electable” Why not, Barney? Why not? Bernie Sanders doesn’t want to force everyone
to have the same wage. He doesn’t want to take your land, or your property, or your
guns. And he certainly doesn’t want to execute you. The democratic socialism Bernie Sanders
is promoting is the simple concept that every American should have access to food, housing,
education, health care, and meaningful employment as basic human rights. If being in favor of human rights makes someone
“unelectable”, what are we looking for in a candidate? “I just sold an apartment for $15 million
dollars to somebody from China!” Hey, Donald -if this country’s greatest threat
is China, STOP SELLING THEM APARTMENTS, ya %%#!%ing idiot! You know there’s a pretty popular guy a couple
of thousand years ago who shared Bernie’s philosophy on basic human rights. Plenty of
people nowadays that claim to hate socialism so much seem to really dig him. I’m talking about Jesus. Christ. Jesus ain’t no god damn commie! Jesus Christ?

  1. I always find it amusing when Americans conflate Socialism with Communism. I don't particularly know whether I'd vote for Bernie, based on how he seems to get pushed around a bit… Like when those two crazy protesters hijacked his event and he did nothing. Robo Poli-lizard Hillary should just be wholly avoided though.

    Socialism = Everyone Pays into the same pot to provide services, such as Education and Healthcare for everyone.

    Communism = Banishment of private property, no social mobility, everyone paid the same or not at all. Where you have the party class and the proletariat class.

  2. So everybody should be socialist because the nfl is socialist? I'm sure Bernie Sanders's only concern is with human rights, I mean there's nothing else, right? Back to Sherwood forest then.

  3. Bernie Sanders thinks hes a democratic socialist when in actuality he is a social democrat, but its ok, there is a lot of 70 year old men who forget who their wife is. #feelthedementia

  4. You're right. If the NFL can sustain a socialist revenue system, clearly our 350 million person strong economy should be able to as well. Roger Goodell for president.

  5. I haven't watched so commie cock sucker socialist racist pigs since the first time the bug eyed Muslim took a knee and never will. All Nike has been burned. From Philadelphia, fuck the Eagles and the fucking cunts that watch those pathetic US hating animals.

  6. … is that really your correlation??? 😂😂😂😂 the nfl works as a whole so let’s call that socialism and let’s accept it as a good idea

  7. So then a perfect system would be one like the NFL where all the participants use steroids and beat the shit out of women

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