England’s Surprising Fourth Biggest Religion

So, religion is a pretty big thing.
And there’s a whole bunch of them. From Christianity to Islam and from Judaism
to the one with the flying spaghetti monster But that’s a whole other video. In the 2001, what would you guess was English and Welsh fourth biggest religion? For example what if I told you it had something to do with these guys? (sick Jedi lightsaber nosies) The super thrilling read of the Census Act of 1920 says that you can be fined up to £1000, or
the price of around 4,761 McNuggets, for refusing to answer a question in the UK census. A census is a system of recording information
and data about any given population. They’re normally conducted with postal slips
and in the UK they happen every 10 years. This allows the government to ask all sorts
of questions that might not go down too well at a dinner party
such as questions about sex, age or whether you were long-term sick or disabled last week.
As if you might suddenly not be this week. One controversial question asks participants
to identify their religion. And in the England and Wales 2001 census the results looked like this. Christianity lead the pack with 70%
Then came the non-religious or atheist people with 16%
In third was muslim with 3.1% Closely followed by Hindu with 2.1%
And coming in as the fourth biggest religious group if you minus the no religious people
is… Jedi with 0.7% 390,127 people chose to assign their religion
as Jedi as a protest against the government forcibly collecting information about the
population’s religion. Even though technically they amended the law
a year earlier to mean the fine couldn’t be imposed for not answering the religious
question. But who cares about a little technicality when you
can potentially spoil an important piece of history with a nerdy joke.
Although, John Pullinger, Director of Reporting and Analysis for the Census,
noted that many of the people may have only completed the Census to mark their religion
as Jedi, so this joke helped to improve the quality
of the Census in other areas. Unfortunately for the fight against the dark
side, the numbers of Jedi declined by over half in the following decade
making it only the 7th largest religion in the UK The Office for National Statistics didn’t even refer to Jedi in its assessment of religion in 2011, but in 2001 released the statistic in a press
release tastefully titled “390,000 Jedi there are”. And, although England and Wales might have
the highest population of Jedi they’re not the only countries that are in touch with
the force. Here’s a list of countries with census data
to support Jediism ranked by number of Jedi Knights. The most interesting out of these are New
Zealand and Scotland. Ahhhhhh, New Zealand the land of kiwis, kiwis,
kiwis. This is where the phenomena is thought to
have started with 53,000 Jedi identifying individuals.
Why is that notable? Because that is 1.5% of the population.
And why is that noteable? Because it made it New Zealand’s 2nd biggest
religion And why is that noteable? Because it’s a religion entirely derived from a film. Ahhhhhh Scotland the land of Scotch Eggs,
Scotch Tape and Hopscotch? If you’re not from the UK you might be wondering:
“Aren’t Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland all part of the UK?
Wouldn’t it make sense for them to do one census all together?”
But what you might not know is that we actually for some reason all hate eachother!
So Scotland conducts its own census and they have a question that goes along the lines
of “(in scottish accent) What is your religious upbringing?”
Where 15 people declared it was “The Darkside” but when asked about their current religion
only 14 people entered “Sith”. So there’s a Scott out there somewhere who
escaped the Dark Side. Every cloud has a silve rlining. Or as they say in Scotland… Ummm, I actually don’t know what they say but if my childhood
has taught me anything it probably has something to do with “(scottish
accent) Donkey”. So if you’re ever wondering who that person
being religiously discriminated against for wearing a hood is,
now you know there are thousands of people who like Star Wars enough say it is their
religion. I bet they hated The Last Jedi. Hey, thanks for watching my first video.
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