Engines Wont Run Without Fuel! -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Coastguard  -  Part 3

all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to another storm works video today we are working on the Coast Guard boat again there's me inside this is what the inside actually looks like we go quite a lot of room in here so we're actually gonna put like the the pilot seat on this side we're probably gonna put another pilot seat on this side and we're gonna have a staircase go down through the middle into the lower decks that's kinda what I want to do so that is exactly what we're gonna do today we're also gonna go ahead and get the engine working which is it down here on the inside that we added last time so let's do all of those things today and we'll see what it monitor what it works if it works okay so first things first let's go ahead and get ourselves a pilot's seat we need two of these that's okay so one of them will go on this side and one of them will go on the other side I don't want them like right at the edge but I don't want them right in the middle either so they're probably gonna go like one away from the wall maybe two away from two away from the wall that's good there we go that's fantastic I might also delete some of this as well so that we can put another window in because it's too high oh I feel like it might be too high so we need a narrow window we also need a singular window as well and then after that we're good so we'll go ahead and fill this in like this we need the single window as well which is this one and then after that we'll be good to go turn that around beautiful good so now that we've done that I'm gonna go ahead and paint this real quick because it needs painting there we go good and we're gonna do all the engine controls so I need some throttles I need some throttles and there we go so we're gonna have a throttle for the guess okay that's gonna go right next to the the driver right next to the driver which is gonna be on this side we're also gonna delete a big old hole in the middle is so that the staircase can you actually go downstairs in fact actually though maybe it should be connected at the top this bridge should probably be connected together I'm happy with that being connected that's okay we just need a way down so well delete something like this that's good we'll probably have a wall for these two dudes okay somewhat like that that's okay and that will go all the way up to the roof good well then have it just blocked off like this that's fine there we go so you can actually go down stairs this way and everybody's gonna be a-okay beautiful all right cool fantastic we need to add the stairs and stuff but other than that we're good to go that's nice that's nice really good really good we might as well connect all of these together as well then so we'll put that back and we'll put this back as well like so they need stairs going up to them as well which is okay we can do that and in fact actually with that being said we should move this one across we should totally move this dude across to the center oh yeah maybe the maybe the actual pilot should go in the center there we go I think you can squeeze through two gaps or something like that I think probably maybe we're getting delete this as well and we're gonna put another throttle in here okay hopefully it's the right way round is it the same way it is the same way all right fantastic so let's go ahead and connect the throttle to there okay the throttles gonna be on the right one and then throttles also gonna be on the right one on this one as well okay we're gonna go ahead and logic it say throttle and that's all good all right cool so their logic that's good they need power obviously so we'll go ahead and give them some power beautiful they've already got power great we need a key okay so let's go ahead and grab a key and we'll put that in there somewhere as well not entirely sure where this should go to be fair maybe right here actually behind the throttle would be good there we go and we'll say that that is engines on /off there we go beautiful well then logic that with some of this and also logic that with some of this too there we go BAM so we can start the engines now and we can run them and that's all good the only problem is we can't actually start and move because we don't have a clutch we don't have any gearboxes and we don't have any propellers so let's go ahead and put the clutch on there we go get a gearbox and we'll put that on as well here we go get our gear box and we'll ship that on there like so we want it flipped around like this that's good and then we'll probably put another one on there as well we want that flipped around like so and then we need to delete a hole wherever that is which is right there and we need a pipe uh-huh okay a straight pipe down okay so a straight pipe we need it to be the right color we go ahead and do this real quick and we'll have you come backwards a little bit and then we'll have a propeller am I not doing this on both sides I'm only doing at one side aren't I why am i only doing it on one side I'm such a dummy shut your dumb dumb all right let's grab this Oh put this into your instead here instead okay it's not gonna be blue it's gonna be uh it's gonna be this color yeah no yeah all right fantastic that's all good so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna do that on the other side as well and we'll get everything sorted and then everything will be okay okay so France has just happened to start having a thunderstorm and it is so loud in here that is crazy anyway this should work so we're gonna go ahead and literally just put all of these up too I guess the clutch could actually be on the up and down yeah the clutch could be on the up and down and that'll allow us to actually drive around a little bit easier or a little bit nicer so we'll do that and we connect the rest of the things up and we'll see what what what it does okay so with all that being done hopefully you guys are not too annoyed with rain because it's I can't control the rain I can't control the rain I also can't get on my boat apparently let me move it backwards there we go we don't have any steering at the minute but that should be okay whoa ow it's still hurt I didn't quite land in the water all right yeah back up there quick we need to jump across onto the rescue boat onto the life coat there we go there we go I can't even speak anymore um so we got that down there yeah we will have like this coat closed okay and this is the driver's seat so we'll do this is that no working what are we missing I think they're stalling I'm not entirely sure what I need to be able to get to the engines to actually see what the problem is so we'll fill these in real quick here we go like this and same on the other side like this and we need some stairs Oh for now we'll just do this but uh yeah in the future we will add some stairs that's okay here we go we need to keep going down like so in fact we don't really need to even get back up or get back out but I suppose it's a better idea if we do okay somewhat like this and then a few more there we go and then a few more all right cool and then just delete some of this so we can get so we can get back down all right beautiful my dog's crying again because it's raining anyway spawner in here we go oh you can jump aboard fantastic get inside go downstairs awesome and does it have everything it does as soon as we start it though what does it lose is it definitely loses something okay so get in our little seat up here fact you don't even need to be in the seat we just need to do this okay beautiful what does it happen what doesn't it have we need to see fuel ah ha ha ha that makes sense now we don't have any fuel there is no fuel in here ok makes a lot of sense ok we got fuel now it should work should work completely fine get in my little sheet there we go do this alright do this alright nice turn this up we're gonna explode and we stalled it ok brilliant did I write sticky is it is that what I've done that is exactly what I've done I've wrote sticky on the seat instead of actually changing it to sticky Wow that's what I wanted to do this instead I just wrote sticky all right my bad right ok so what do we need to do we need to make these these ones on the end let's just go with like this one to one we'll do one to one with this one as well there we go and we'll see if we can get it moving this time and now that we got a sticky thing we're good now that we got a sticky thing we're good alright do this do this up we go yes working it's working we got no steering but this is this is not that slow I guess I mean it looks kind of slow but at the same time it doesn't look too bad all right we're just gonna bump off there and then we're gonna go off into the mighty ocean are you gonna tip over no way good very good so yeah there we go we're actually moving and we're moving decently fast which is pretty awesome now we can just walk around and we could go downstairs if you wanted to you and we could have a like a beer and stuff and we can even have a little look at our engines too if we wanted to but yeah anyway I'm gonna go ahead and leave this here for now in the next video we'll probably put some stairs in here and make it actually look quite nice not entirely sure what to do with this room back here we got a lot of room probably just start some equipment here and stuff we also need to put some stairs up to there and I'm not intelligent else to do with this area um we need to put some dials and of course and some buttons and stuff we also need lights and stuff like that as well but for right now I'm gonna leave to see him thanks for watching see you in the next one goodbye

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