Engines & Fuel Tank! -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Coastguard  -  Part 2

all righty hello guys welcome you faces back to another storm works video today we are working on this thing once again now you guys I haven't actually seen the first comments from the first video because that's not out yet but I'm trying to stop passing videos so that you guys don't miss out on a day like you did when I was on my way on holiday um so I'm trying to get more videos done anyway we're working on this today looking at it it looks a little bit weird doesn't it I feel like it looks a little bit strange but at the same time I kind of feel like that's kind of cool so I might keep it like this however what I might do instead is I might round off the top beasts before we do anything else so that's what we're gonna do first we then might actually just start putting in the engine and stuff like that getting everything weighed down into the water and then after that we'll see what we can do okay so let's go ahead and grab this real quick and we'll sort out that top piece so we might as well delete all the inside bits well delete this this Ness in fact we might so do it on both sides there we go good we need to delete like all of this that's okay that's good and then all of this and we need to do it for like literally every single one of them except from actually we need to go back here there we go to actually delete them because we are we would miss this piece out which would be pretty poopy anyway grab all of this that's all good there we go all of this piece can go that one we probably need to keep and then this one as well all right fantastic we're gonna get rid of all these as well that's all good and we're gonna go ahead and grab some adesh here we go okay it needs to like curve over on the top now ideally ideally we need to go inward on these pieces okay so just go like in like this and then we put another one of these on there yeah okay this is definitely how it's gonna work so we go ahead and turn that around well put this piece on the top of here I feel like this will sort of curve up off the top piece and that's gonna make it look really good which is exactly what we want sure that's that's fantastic alright grab these pieces will start from this side as well there we go we need to connect that piece up with that piece so it looks beautiful and stuff yeah that's actually awesome we need to put these pieces in as well in case emergencies in case emergencies presumably one goes there as well yes one probably goes in there and I think that's it yeah alright connect the rest of them together and it should look beautiful all right there we go bring that across there it also gives us a little bit more room on the inside as well once we've done all of this stuff so that's good alright cool we could probably just mash this all together now alright if we could sort of get there there we go that's good and fill in all of these pieces beautiful and then put this last piece on the top and well ah I feel like that looks a lot better than it did so that's good I'm also gonna go ahead and paint that a slightly different color when I say slightly different I mean very very slightly darker yeah like this yeah the top bits gonna be a little bit darker beautiful in fact all of it should be this color and then this bit should be lighter Oh or the other way around yeah I like this color I like this color a lot yeah in fact actually we won't like a deeper orange anyway so if we can somehow find a deep like this yeah all right can we can we jug it can we change this into like a dark orange I feel like dark orange looks a little bit weird though at the same time it looks a little bit strange maybe we want a lighter darker orange yeah I feel like that's okay we'll leave that like that well add it as a new color yeah beautiful okay cool so now that we've actually rounded off the top a little bit more let's go to the back of the boat and we'll put in an engine actually no before we do that we need to start out this the whole back end is is wrong maybe not wrong but it's not right so we need to delete all of these we need to put this bit back in there we go and we need to sort of round off the back end so it looks nice yeah not entirely sure how this is gonna look though okay so I just looked up a little bit of a picture and it's pretty much just a big flat one that goes up backwards like kind of like like this would if we were to push this out backwards and just lift it up like this ah that's kind of what it looks like and then we go like straight up a little bit and then it pops out a little bit towards the top so say we go there we would then go like this and then like this yep and so I basically just pop it all the way up to the top like this there we go and that's that's kind of how it looks so that's what we're gonna do we're gonna go with that beautiful now they do all need to attach together so we'll get the blue and we'll start attaching things we need to put this in here and it probably does need to do that that's good well do a similar thing right here that's good as well and then we need to somehow attach all of this together how is this gonna like it I have no idea all right put that right there flip it yes good well then put this on here as well but flipped yeah there we go we basically need everything to look similar or to attach together which at the minute doesn't really do it doesn't really do at all but we can we can fix this I'm sure we can fix this we just need to put that on there flip these onto there that's beautiful and then put this piece in yeah all right now do we need to do that over and over and over again or can we literally just lift it straight up now I can probably just go straight up let's do that there we go all – they're beautiful same with this one although up to there same with these pieces pretty much until we get to this piece then we need to oh yeah that's an issue ha ha that's an issue we need to actually make it go outwards a little bit towards the top ok delete these ones delete this as well and I guess we could just solve put this on here here we go kind of like that yeah like that that's good that's good alright attach these two together like so yep beautiful do this one as well and attach this via I guess this piece there we go uh I don't know do we need to do this whole entire thing again presumably no no we can't do that we can't do that just the types all right there and put this in like so yeah that looks okay to me that looks just fine to me alright now we just need to put all of these pieces on and then once they're all on we've got a boat oh we've got a whole that actually floats alright oh maybe it won't maybe it won't float I don't know what we'll have to see what happens alright pull this all the way across here beautiful do the same thing in the middle attach them together and then attach all of this together as well I should be doing this with a different color so I could just drink it but no never mind never mind alright do this one and then do this one and that is fantastic there we go we need to do all of these ones as well which is just two rows there's one there's the other and then we need to paint all of this on the outside oh no ma we really don't want to do that we want to do this instead there we go yeah so we just want to paint all this on the outside we want to paint all the blue that's on the inside back to white okay this is good take a little bit of time but that's okay we could just we should have just chugged it but you know we're almost done anyway so we'll continue the way we're doing it there we go beautiful there we go it's almost all in almost there we go good we need to paint the top pieces as well there we go and the top pieces around here – yes alright fantastic that's great that is really good we need to carry this one on around the outside good and then we need to grab these probably and I'm gonna do these all the way around the outside just because it looks kind of cool maybe it doesn't look cool but you know it works it works there we go we're gonna do this all the way around the back and we're gonna go ahead and put this peach in right here I don't know why it misses the first one it's really annoying it's really annoying all right cool do this all right do this and this there we go fantastic and then put these in all the way down there oh yes great look at that beautiful we got a hole we got a hole that's working maybe all right let's see if it does work I mean it's definitely buoyant so that's good all right can we paint the inside a little bit of a different color as well like this whole thing right here is an issue the whole thing is an issue there we go does it do the same thing on the other side note there we go beautiful good so so far so good we need to do those things now so let's get an engine and see how big it is okay we could actually go with some to aircraft engines I feel like that would be kind of cool it might be faster to aircraft engines well like each powering their own prop I like the idea of that let's do that instead okay so they're all gonna or these two both gonna power their own prop yeah yes let's do that let's do that I also want some sort of like fuel tank maybe that can go in the middle yeah presumably the fuel tank can go straight down the center and that would maybe make us a little bit more stable anyway there we go and it's gonna be relatively I mean not relatively tall but quite tall there we go we go up to about there that's good that's quite a lot of fuel you know it's quite long so that should be okay good all right fill these in all the way up to there do this on this side as well all righty yeah good in fact actually we could delete these ones we can make it a little bit less heavy by deleting all these replacing them with in fact we can delete this one to you there we go put this all the way in there there you go and then same with this one where you could delete all that and put one of these in here we go like so beautiful all right : we'll leave that like that interesting very interesting looking all right fantastic all right flip those over and there's our little fuel tank beautiful a supply exhaust and coolant okay coolant : cz you just get a heat thing and then you should be underneath it and that's done there we go that's done beautiful we need some pipes and stuff as well um okay right grab pipe okay grab another pipe grab another pipe there we go a bunch of pipes so we got exhaust we got exhaust we got fuel the air is actually on this side which is a little bit of a pain in the butt but that's okay where's fuel pills at the top okay so if y'all can instantly turn to the side and it can go into the fuel tank and it can grab its fuel that's actually a okay doing that there we go delete those oh no we got a little bit of a problem with this tiny bit of a problem I actually know we maybe we do we do we do we do have a bit of a problem unless we do this and then we can we can just do this alright fluid we need a fluid port please it's exactly what we need in fact we need a load of stuff but that's okay we need to put this here wait can we point them into each other oh we can aha alright just delete that then and put them there oh no we can't uh-huh we can't actually point them into each other that doesn't work all right fantastic go ahead and put these back here then okay there we go put that piece right there and then just attach them straight down yeah like this fantastic all of these need doing – there we go why is that sideways okay good then we just need exhaust and exhaust you can push this out sideways like so push this out – here do this kind of thing and then we can push it up through the funnel which is all the way I don't know where it is where is the funnel where is it all the way here uh oh okay bring it all the way down to like here I guess now you can start deleting holes in the top all the way down alright there we go there we go and there we go alright cool so it needs to go up through there somewhere that's okay go sideways go straight a little bit put a little thing in here so that it goes down are we can't okay maybe we can with this alright fantastic good bring this down oh yes there we go beautiful they'll eat a bunch of those don't delete the floor that's not a good idea alright put this into there oh yes Yoda this is a such a good idea man alright cool then delete this piece we want these going straight up through the floor and through the roof basically that's what we want beautiful that's all good we then need to refill in the floor with these pieces there we go we should really delete that block and make it into a pipe with like a pipe that is there this thing we should put this thing on there there we go beautiful and put that piece in and well uh we got some pipes that go straight through these are sort of in the way cuz they don't do anything they don't do anything at all okay beautiful there we go yes good good good good good okay now we should attach these back on as well otherwise we've got a hole in in the in the boat we don't want a hole in the boat no no no alright put this on there properly beautiful put that right there beautiful that's good alright cool so now that we got those up here we could do like a big old field a big old field of things here we go this is gonna be really annoying but it's it's one of the only ways doing it okay so we can go inwards here I suppose actually no we could go up there we go or you could go sideways here there we go your shower doors again and then do a bunch of these again yep yep and yep there we go and then go up and that could be our exhaust there's not in the middle but that could be our exhaust that's fine alright attach a bunch of these to there all of them there we go and in fact we might as well put them on the on the side anyway or in the middle anyway just for decoration purposes this is okay beautiful there we go so we should have our exhaust coming out the top now let's go right we need our air supply also coming out at the top maybe oh we could just put the air supply anywhere to be fair but no we'll bring out the top near the exhaust and we'll put it like here so that we've always got air okay hello ed here we go we need when you're one of these these things look kind of cool so I like them we're gonna go ahead and use them there we go flip em turn them around put them right there beautiful this is very good all right there we go and then we need the pipes to come like straight down and then we're good to go yes okay okay okay okay can we can we angle this somehow I don't really know yeah we need an angle to block this pipe angled block pitch please thank you thank you very much there we go and we want to sort of fire it downwards there we go good and then we can just do this again okay but I kind of want it going down like a similar hole to the other ones so we'll actually make it go to the same place there we go okay we go this way okie dokie we'll go sideways a little bit and then we'll go down is that okay I'm feeling like that's just fine there we go like that beautiful that's good that's good right there delete that one we need we actually need one of those pieces so we go underneath and we'll attach that to there like so good well put this piece back in the right color and that's good alright cool air supply is going downstairs – yes okay so fuel we've got coolant we've got exhaust we've got air just needs attaching and then the power needs attaching as well and then we're done I think yeah and then we're done okay so we're just gonna attach this to that pipe back there and then I'll be back with you guys very soon okay okay so I've attached the air line I've also moved the exhaust hoods a little bit so that it's not on the floor and we can actually get down here and have a little look around if we wanted to that's that's kind of why I've done it like this anyway we're gonna go ahead and shove that right there real quick and that makes it look a little bit nicer which is great we want a room down here too we do actually want like an actual room so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and block this up all the way there we go that's gonna be our little room area well delete that and that there we go put these pieces in and that's all good that's all good we'll go ahead and do this as well there we go so it blocks it off a little bit that's good and then what's this we can actually delete most of this as well like this is this is useless this is useless room useless space okay so we could delete all of this there we go we can delete this piece I don't know what it that's the battery uh-huh we don't need that just yet we can delete all the way up to there and then all the way up to there same thing on the next one yep same thing on the next one and then the next one is well and then all of this as well there we go delete all of that and that piece alright good we're actually uh made a little bit more room in the front Mitch maybe makes it a little bit more buoyant which might not be a good idea but hey ho there you go I kind of want to put some straight pipe in there instead instead of what we've got there but instead actually we're just gonna do this we're just gonna do this I want to paint that piece there we go and that's good yeah we got a lot of room down here now that's kind of cool that's kind of cool all right what's this oh wait we got a bit of outside there all right there we go and then the same thing yep beautiful we got a bit more outside there as well alright nice if we can paint this different color all right good there we go do all the painting it's gonna look great this I'm actually really happy with this alright cool paint all this in uh-huh there we go and we got an engine okay so we got an engine we got the room here we've made it way bigger we've also got how the door because we don't have a battery anymore we need to put a battery in anyway so that's what a big old battery in there here we go big ol batteries gonna go I guess just across here if it fits there we go ha ha it fits but it's not really in the center it's not in the center at all actually hold on let me just fill this piece in delete that okay put it in the middle there you go all right we got a battery now beautiful that's awesome okay cool so at the minute we don't actually have any power and when I say power I mean we don't have any actual like motors or anything like that but we have connected all the engines up so they should work and yeah we got a little room right here so I'm gonna go ahead and end this video here for now in the next video I'll probably end up ruining the engines we might even put the propellers on and stuff like that and see if it moves and then after that we'll put some more details in this thing and hopefully she'll do a good job but we don't know so yeah for right now thank you for watching see you in the next song goodbye

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