Engine is IN!  -  Landing Craft -  Stormworks: Build and Rescue  -  Part 3

all righty hello guys welcome he faces back to another storm works video today we are gonna be continuing on with the landing craft yes so this is what we got so far we we have a door that leads into nothing okay good we have a door that leads into nothing again uh we could go ahead and close that that's okay we got nothing on the deck so far we got a battery underneath the deck and it's pretty stable to be fair we do want to put an engine in today so let's get working on the engine engine we're gonna go with a big feisty diesel there you go and we're gonna shove that underneath just here oh it's not gonna fit it's not gonna fit unless it goes sideways but you can that's it's not a problem with it going sideways to be totally honest with you it's okay air coolin coolin exhaust fuel alright we're good so the exhaust I kind of want it to come out of here in three yeah three that seems fine pipes here we go so we're gonna have a straight pipe coming out the top of here and this is gonna be diesel I mean exhaust they're all gonna be exhausts we're gonna get rid of all of this piece right here beautiful and we're gonna bring these down or actually the only two touching together so let's get some tea pieces here we go tea piece straight piece angled piece all right beautiful so we're gonna go like this on this one we're gonna bring this one down there we go and we're gonna go ahead and put one of these on this one there we go attach that to that that to there like so touched that once there and then this one can attach to the exhaust which is okay that's just fine just fine okay cool so bring this backwards as nice take it this way and yeah that's all good all right exhaust I need the exhaust putting together okay if I deleted something on this side I've done the exact see yeah exactly the same thing what am i doing this doesn't need doing it doesn't need to be pipes here go away yeah go away pipes okay but I have to leave the hole in the floor which is actually fine um but right okey-dokey we need to just keep space keep space there space there okay so this is gonna go straight out that's okay this go go straight out is real and then they're gonna get attached together probably they're actually something like that that's okay now all right good angle this one upwards nice put this to there go ahead and go upwards go ahead and go sideways a little bit this way and take it all the way to the side there we go bring this this way nice and attach them two together I can't believe it I'm off by a little bit off by a tiny little bit okay there we go good so there's our exhaust system we need our heat thing working as were you who are huge is going to go straight into the huge road here it's okay good so that's gonna go like this that's also gonna go like this and it's gonna go like this huh that's that one done this one's gonna go this way and it's gonna go straight into here there we go like this and then we pop that on there got it around and there we go good this is air this is fuel both of those should be easy enough to do there's fuel right there air is gonna go upwards I guess it should really go sideways and we'll take it onto like a big spike okay yeah I can come come up come up through the side of something you know we can do something like that that's okay like this there we go beautiful alright upwards it goes go through there and we'll have a big gold Spiker Unni right there alright pipe we need another straight pipe please okay and this is gonna go up the side actually maybe I should I actually go up the side side that makes any sense I think it does but maybe it should just be there that's okay err if I type in air is it gonna work it is fluid pot there we go and go ahead and shove that right there it's okay beautiful okay let's go and decorate it we're decorating it there we go that's our air supply where we can breathe air we can breathe from if we wanted to which we don't we don't want to breathe through this thing because it's going to the engine like this there we go that'll do so our air inlets there our exhausts are gonna be here on actual exhaust pipes I never used these things never yeah at this time there you go and um is that it we need a fuel tank and then that's it oh we need power to the power needs to go to somewhere oh right okay maybe two generators and we'll make it electrically controlled who knows that's that's fine for now right okay so fuel tank fuel tank fuel tank is gonna be symmetrical that's a green I'm gonna put it somewhere in the center kinda like this there we go good and we're gonna have a relatively small fuel tank cuz these things shouldn't be expected to go very far not really now it's very far at all let's be honest okay put that there go ahead and put this here and connect that up there we go OOP OOP and that's it good so we're then gonna cover it up like so that's it fuel is in here we do need like a fluid meter and a fluid thingamabob II though so we'll get one of those a fluid meter and a fluid spawner delete delete okay there's one and there is the other good it's gonna be diesel so that's all they okay it should work now with that being said let's go ahead and connect it to there and whammo that's all they okay throttle though how is the throttle going to work no don't know okay so I'm still not sure how many generators one of these diesels can actually support but we're gonna go with two large ones large here we go and actually we're gonna go through some gay boxes anyway gear uh and we probably need to clutch too but at the same time maybe we don't maybe read up there we go we're gonna go with one that's okay then we're gonna go with the teepees like so then we're gonna attach this to there but no we're not actually need pipes okay angled pipe please thank you we're gonna go up we're gonna go up on this side as well and then we're gonna go out and then we're gonna go out and then we're gonna attach yes there we go and attach this to there is up there we go beautiful Aaron is beautiful right there yeah I'm really happy with that actually yeah I'm kind of happy with it we're gonna charge these up with this there we go now we need a throttle and something somewhere else um I guess alright okay throttle we're gonna have to like attach it to some way so we're gonna actually put them on here let's put them on this side here we go 1 2 so the way this is gonna work is we're gonna go and come up to here actually turn on the engine okay um which involves like a push button no no oh a key a key key key a key will work ok push the key ok so the key works we'll get rid of this key cuz it's no longer necessary and we'll put that back there good and that is it is that it that's it isn't it I think that's it okay connect that today go ahead and connect this to this and connect this to this that's it that should be it alright cool electricity you should be being made from there the generator or this is gonna go 1 2 3 we need to see if it works so we get a dial and that'll show us our battery power ok and I can go literally just on top of this one like this there we go logic that into there and whammo that should be it we need a fuel thing on here – to be fair okay let's get a fuel thing as well there we go and we'll put a fuel thing on the fuel thing there we go there we go so we're gonna go with battery bad Roux but yes your battery and fuel yo there we go it's pon it in it happens abba-baba-baba he bun growl up it started there's our fuel going down our battery is full and um that is good yes alrighty I'm happy with that I am really happy with that okay so how much feel there we go we got 7700 uh and it uses quite a bit that's okay as azimuth as the most thrusters I've never used these never have I ever used them but kinda feel like we should use them on this on this adventure we should be using them did I turn by themselves what I mean by that is can we turn them ooh that we don't we can't we can't turn them ah if we can't turn them then how do we do them uhh how do we do them yo-yo how do I do you how do I do this if we get a pivot or do we need to use these pivots we need to use these ones uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh as I'll zoom oof there we go all right okay maybe we should be doing this afterwards but you know what that's okay here we go so that goes there like that let me delete this one and we put in a pipe okay and it's gonna be an angle pipe and it's gonna be pointing upwards like so there we go good that'll go to a motor that'll go to a motor the rate to a motor moto moto okay so you delete this we actually delete that as well we put this piece in like so where you then delete this one we put an angled piece in like so and then you put a motor on the top of that beautiful and then we just put this here fantastic we put this here as well fantastic and then we get some motors I don't know how to do this maybe like small motors would actually be fine but maybe medium ones the ones we want no just go with small ones and we'll see what it can do this small ones might be able to move us quite well we just we don't know yet we don't know our small ones with gearboxes might actually be quite good too I don't know how much power we're gonna be using though or how much power we can even generate at the same time I don't know anyway we'll attach all of these to the battery there we go attach all of you to the battery beautiful we then need to attach oh we need to invert some of these pieces that's alright we can do that we can totally do that right okay forwards and backwards is gonna be up and down there we go throttle and throttle fantastic go to this one throttle and thrall okay invert the inverters are gonna go on one side which is this side okay I guess it doesn't really matter which side it is but they're gonna get inverted anyway and here oh the back ones are a little bit further out than the front ones not that it necessarily matters I don't think it matters at all alright so that goes into there which is a and D this comes down to this and this attaches to this and then that's it that's good okay cool and then this goes straight into a and D this goes straight into here and ah is it that is all good I think pretty sure that's fine so we should be able to move it now oh we don't have any ladders I need some ladders you'd actually be able to go up to the control room so we are going to add ladders all the way up their ladder please there we go very good all right Boop all the way down there we go spawner it and see if we can move it see if we can move the box all right we need to turn on the generators first that is definitely something we need all right battery is fully charged as of right now we go upstairs we won't be able to see but hopefully this is okay we go forwards we're going we are moving forwards and actually we are moving forwards at a decent speed this isn't bad this is not a bad speed okay we're no longer going forwards but we are going sideways uh we need I don't know how to turn this around I don't know how to turn this around okay maybe if we can can we logic these two oh I don't know we logic this to left and right does it stop the other one from logic in as well I don't think so can we have two going into one no we can't we can't we can't we can't ah that's interesting laughter all right laughter right knee if you rate okay so that goes into there that goes into there this left and right needs to go into something maybe we need an or will an or do it an or gate where is he or oh no it's the other one but it needs to be like green not why can't I ever figure this out I'm so stupid anyway right okay cool believe that as it is that is fine for right now we can add rudders if we wanted to which is actually what I'm gonna do we can add some rudders we're gonna bring these upwards and like this and say okay and then we're gonna get rudder which is gonna be these ones and they're gonna go just smack down the back of there there we go I need to do the same thing on the other side actually you know what you know what we need to do it like this here we go delete these bring them out and up bring them out nope there we go there we go and then put these on here but like this and like this there we go logic them together so left and right is going to be our steering yes left and right is gonna be our steering yes okay there we go pop that on there pop that on there and that should work maybe I should work maybe let's try it here we go get on board go upstairs that a dead deer get in in the driver sheet and go forward okay and then if we wanted to go sideways as well we can totally drive sideways uh-huh uh-huh very good and I'm okay with that in fact they they hardly use any battery anyway and we are totally just flying across the water there we go right cool so plan for right now is to actually load up the truck that's our plan oh that's my plan at least I want to load up the truck somehow and I want to load it up properly so we're gonna put it on the beach and then we're gonna drive on or something like that I don't know whether this is gonna work basically I need a force that stops the boat from actually moving backwards which is definitely something that happens unless we just we just turn ourselves around we start going sideways like this oh darling something like this is so weird okay we drive ourselves into the wall in front of us here we go we've sort of beached ourselves just a little bit well teleport back over there we'll get our truck we'll drive on and then we'll try I don't have a reverse do I I don't have a reverse that's not the best that's not the best all right cool drag grab this grab this lift it there we go we're attached beautiful kill inside OOP close the door turn this on rev it up go into gear one let's go driver horn I don't think I've got a horn on this I didn't make a horn what what direction is my boat in it's not it's not in the right place it is not in the right place I repeat we need to move the boat it sailed backwards just a little bit but I actually know we could do this bring there we go that'll catch it probably probably no let's move sideways just a little bit this is a tiny bit here we go is it working I think that's fine I think that's okay can we walk can we run across the it yes we can now we can indeed ooh yeah all right get inside there go ahead and turn this on make that neutral rev it go off we go try and get it central I went too far back but maybe that's okay all right turn it on somewhere like here oh oh I feel like it just fits only just oh we need to close this up okay there we go we're on I mean it's very heavy on one side but you know we're on so that's okay we are beached so that could be a problem anyway it's certain here turn us around let's get out of here let's skedaddle here we go in fact we should be able to go backwards and we can read your backwards are we going backwards we are so totally going backwards oh it's on one side it's on one side oh wait whoa go go go Drive just normally drive normally not the best this is awful this is not not working the way I wanted it to it all however however at the same time I / I underestimated how big the trailer was maybe I'll just hold the truck but not the trailer oh that sucks though doesn't it I can't move the truck over I guess we should put some guidelines down for the truck so that it can't go too far yes we're gonna we're gonna put down some like barriers something like this in fact they actually know we might as well do this on the other side there we go grab these there we go put them all the way down all the way down this side there we go all the way to the back there we go beautiful same with these ones all the way to the back I'll go ahead and grab this and we'll put a bunch of these in in line with those ones okay and in fact the easiest way to do that would be to delete this there we go and delete this delete this delete this that one that one and that's okay alright cool so we put these back in like so ample and and there we go beautiful we then need to turn off the symmetry mode and we need to mmm I guess we could literally just leave those as they are but at the same time 1 2 3 4 5 aha it does fit aha 1 2 3 4 5 so it's that one there we go all right cool cool cool cool cool put this in like so grab one of those put it in there beautiful 1 2 3 4 5 delete that one 1 2 3 4 5 delete that one 1 2 3 4 5 delete this one 1 2 3 4 5 leave this one and then delete all of these yes ok beautiful put these in 1 2 & 3 good we need some end pieces ends end pieces there we go one of these can go that can go that can go here and also there as well so this sort of allows the truck to stay at least not against the wall but in the middle we also want it not butting up against the end so let's build a little wall here too and this is gonna be built out of actual wall there you go actual blocks are gonna be used for this one I'm gonna put it like this and like this and also like this there we go that's gonna be our barrier so we can't go too far back we can't go too far to the right we can't go too far to the left and all of it should fit on I'm assuming but No so let's give that another go um yes bonnet in it's not gonna be white by the way it is gonna change color but for right now it is white all right okay cool turn this on start it up I'm gonna leave that as butter ooh battle ooh okay I'm gonna put some windows in there as well and let's get in the helm get going forwards yes I'm really happy with this it moves quite well considering it it's not supposed to it's only using four little small motors which is not a lot that is not a lot of motors okay oh that's how–that's I thought that was gonna be a shark or something over there but no that's just our our truck it sank is uh I took this back base back to base all right okay turn us around just a little bit there we go ah this is gonna be interesting it stops turning after a while it's not supposed to happen you really not Juliette is not supposed to happen we are we're no longer turning to the left but we are this doesn't make any sense doesn't make any sense cuz it turns the right way when it goes backwards we get pushed away weirdly okay forwards but we want to go right please see I'm full I'm fully right here we are going right now we stopped going right and we're not beached doesn't make any sense let's make zero sense all right let's go left a little bit yeah that's a little bit dangerous is a little bit dangerous to be doing that with with the truck on at least we don't have a truck on yet all right cool we can probably ramp it on this way this is GoPro we grab this and we'll bring it back up all right we really need to ramp this on this time and we need it to go in the right place otherwise everything is messed up um so let's go past let's start turning around now here we go we need to okay I can't even see where I'm supposed to be aiming for oh we're coming on at the wrong angle here oh we made it oh we definitely made it we did it alright hand brake on turn that off hand brake lights lights probably don't need to be on hand brake is on though that's good that's okay go push past this thing okay lift this up all right we got our truck on board it is currently beating us or maybe not beating us but pulling us in if we do this and we go backwards backwards oh it's pulling us off it's pulling us off we are still like sinking a little bit towards the back it is just over the bar that's why but you know what we've we've sort of built something that will carry it yeah we totally have we totally have built something that will carry it yes okay here we go so we gonna try and turn around real quick here we go we're turning we want to go round to the right please thank you yes very good it's working we've made something that works no wait no it's definitely not big enough for this trick but it would be able to carry other things like people um but yeah cool anyway for right now I'm gonna leave this video here we've made it work which is great so yeah anyway thank you for watching hope you guys enjoyed this video I'll see you in the next one good bye

  1. Frantic if it os a landing craft the botem needs to be flat (higgens boat d day) so the ramp lands on tje shore nicely. Just a thought.

  2. Frantic I’m sure you didn’t realize this but you built a modern landing craft with WW2 technology lol

  3. I was going to suggest putting another car deck below, to make it a double decker landing craft, but that would technically be a ferry then, not a landing craft.

    And also the engines are now in there… XD

  4. I don't know if that works in Stormworks, but it would be cool if you could build something like a fuel station on deck, so that you can charge or refuel your car on the ship!

  5. try y lands with spanner its a pirate game and you can build a ship and bases
    love the content if you play t give me a shout out plz if not then ok love the content

  6. Nice video Frantic you're the best Stormworks youtube 🙂
    Try to play Scrap Mechanic Its fun too!

  7. you are amzing pleas build more ships pleas and when the update is complete please make more vidoes of the meg thanks you are amzing

  8. I used 2 aircraft engines on mine and it goes around 7-8 metres per second, not too bad for its size and engines

    EDIT: you could also just use a cooling system where the engine sucks in sea water and spits it out, really simple just connect a few pipes and 2 ports to the underside of the boat

  9. 18 hours ago: (Frantic) Im going to make a video!)
    12 hours ago:(Frantic) Im going to make Another Video!

    13 minute ago: (frantic) Im going to make ANOTHER video!

    Me: ⊙﹏⊙
    GG frantic keep it up!

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