Engaging a parental community

so because you’ve done that in your life
there’s a connection is made with the water I’m Jason putnams I’m a graduate
teacher at st. Gabriel school which is located in the northern suburbs are
elated that you made you’ve also done that i’m having being a princess that’s
a special dream I’m Rosanna oh mercy I’m a reception teacher here at st.
Gabriel’s and I’m a graduate teacher at Al our staff meeting we were looking at
strengthening family and community engagement student learning resource so
we’re having a chat with different teachers Rosa and Dina who are late
teachers at our school so what is your understanding of authentic printer
engagement so first and foremost I think it’s about building a trusting
relationship as we see the type strategies that we’re using and getting
advice from Lee teachers on where to go now and then also let letting them be a
part of the students work and their learning journey if there’s a lot of
parent involvement positive parent involvement in the classroom then it has
a great impact on their child’s learning so anything that we can do in the school
to strengthen that I think it’s positive so it’s not just um you know the
teachers working towards that building that relationship so we’re both working
towards it and how do you Jason in your practice and foster collaborative
partnership between the learning that’s happening taking place at school and
making a connection with home recently well this year have been doing the
online blog with the class so that allows parents to access elements of
their child’s learning from the comfort of their home anything where we can
strengthen the communication between parents and teachers so looking at
different forms of communication whether that be through Facebook or Twitter so
there’s fair few cultures here so parental engagement needs to include
different strategies to communicate with parents who speak English and don’t
speak English we’ve also sent out of Vietnamese newsletter and also during
learning conversations we offer interpreters for parents as well and
then we’ve also had an amazing multi cultural events that go on in the school
to celebrate the cultures and the diversity of this school and how our
parents involved in the multi cultural arts so they can come in and help out so
parents can volunteer to be a part of that and teach their class you know how
to how to cook that certain food or how to perform that so
dance so they’re a part of the learning in that way to Dixon thank you so the
beginning of this year we LED and initiated a new initiative called meet
the family chats do you think that was a positive initiative and how your
feedback from parents you know just seeing what they like what they enjoy
doing things like that where they’ve come from the history of the family and
then that can tailor the learning so we know where we need to go from there it’s
important to get their input because they’re able to pass on their knowledge
or any suggestions that they see my help at the moment I think and she’s great
with her rating day I would connect the learning they do at school and learning
late due at time the last one shared was the sunshine fairy so which she enjoys
it helps them build that understanding helps cement that sort of knowledge all
parents have my email so we can easily arrange for a meeting to take place if
need be we’ll definitely keep it confidential parents have been able to
let me know if their child is coming home being a little bit down and that
way we can keep an eye on it straight away and try to resolve it before it
goes any further few parents sometimes are a little bit hesitant but I’d like
to see more parents in the classroom we’ve just had one or two parents that
have started helping with actual learning that goes on so with rotations
that we have in the classroom so I’d love to see you know 56 parents in there
every morning helping out and you know focusing on the learning of all the kids
in there so they’re they’re always allowed to come in and be a part of
everything that we do here because at the end of the day we’re both there for
the same reason we’re both there to see improvement in their child’s learning so
it needs to be an honest you know genuine relationship that we can work
together to you know expand their children’s learning

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