[ENG]별풍선의 힘이란.....

Subscribe & Like please~ <3 So I got the results for my health check up Hearing: Normal Lung function: normal possible Hepatitis A & B It's because I did not get the vaccinations when I was younger and I was told to get them and there is this thing called ECG (Electrocardiogram) not really risky for a cardiac disorder But requires periodic check ups No not the food its called Electrocardiogram lol damn youhoos i know i like tteokbokki but chill out lol Also had colonoscopy nonspecific inflammatory response They ran a colonoscopy bc I had a possible infection/inflammation if there is no symptom, treatment is unnecessary (Pretty much saying get a check up just in case) another problem was When I got CT (computer tomography) said something about low dose chest and they said its my bone and when u see the back side of the paper (showing details of my spine) and stuff like that I guess my back is tilted Someone said its bc I twerked too much loool yeah i guess all that Teemo song dance and twerking lol shaking my hip too much All these injuries are from this job and my height! (most important) here it is well it says I'm 152.5cm (5ft) i swear i was 153 cm 5'0.5 lol you round it and still 152cm lol Nah if i round it it'd be 153 and I swear I was 153cm when i measured so sensitive over a centimeter hell yeah im sensitive over that you kidding me? lol (about to do a reaction to a huge donation) the chat going crazy (all these donations) (the one person who donated a bunch donated the same amount again;;) Teemo song ready Thank you so much~~ damn..my spine I will be doing another Reaction cant be done here im the best at acting cute? oh that me reminds me of this (the big donator is here again) omggggg omg thank you so muchhhhhh Thank you so much for the big donation ~~ STFU! getting ready again wait hold on ;; lol (retry) was that good? huh?! a lady that was passing by asked me if i was watching kids show lol Hello Ma'am You may have thought that this dude was watching a kids show but This is definitely an Adult Show So starting now I'm gonna take off clothes now Oppa~~ STFU! (one of the donator did not see the reaction so I will be doing a different one) Got all my youtube scenes Tired asf Thank you so much guys The donator keeps donating So I'm sorry but (Reducing his donations) idk what to do lol He said: you are still pretty I love you <3 What is going on here guys lol I dont wanna end it right here hmm Some ppl may be saying that I'm seeking attentions but I mean what am I supposed to do when I'm live can't be whispering like this.. Or I could be like Hello guys Please like my page and press favorite for me thank you so much but i shouldnt bc its too awkward you know I mean i gotta make this enthusiastic ya dig Im tired too lol Msg: I got a plastic surgery on my face. 1. My eyes just to look at you. 2. Nose to smell you only 3. mouth to sing love to you only How tf do i react to that.. That thing was stupid stupid lovely.. it was so dirty But i love it.. gtfo right now to my heart..* ENOUGH GOD DAMN

  1. 슈기님! 위대한 수제자에서 슈기님 봐서 개깜놀 했어요😭😭
    슈기님 손님들한테도 친절하시고,
    정말 천사에요♥♥
    앞으로도 좋은 일만 있으세요
    사랑해요 슈기님💕💕

  2. 임상병리사가 하는 일들이 많이 나왔네요 심전도, 간염혈액검사, 조직검사 등 검사를 하는 사람이 임상병리사입니다!!ㅎㅎ 유투브에 '우리는 우리가 자랑스럽습니다'라는 영상 한 번만 봐주세요!!>_<

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