Enemy of Capitalism: Capitalists

I'm upset progressives let's call him regressives samir entrepreneurs and the regressives are winning the battle for hearts and minds thousands of Amazon employees are forced to rely on food stamps Medicaid in public housing Berni complaints and the media joked to agree richest guy in the world and he's got employees on food stamps the left-wing media of course and the right to a huge number of Amazon workers are so poorly paid they qualify for federal welfare benefits at first Bezos fought back Amazon calling the claims quote inaccurate misleading at that point I was cheering pay zones for standing up for capitalism and the Sun Prime helps members I already liked them because of the service he created I buy all kinds of stuff right from my couch the goods arrive quickly and they're comparatively cheap in fact Amazon's reduced prices so much but it may have lowered the inflation rate hurray for Amazon stand-up is how we start every single shift it's not company's fault that some workers qualify for handouts more people would collect them if Amazon we're not hiring by creating jobs Bezos gives workers better choices but the media don't report that they make working for Amazon look like oppression it's described as a cutthroat corporate jungle where workers are pitted against one another 80-hour workweeks are the norm so Amazon caved Amazon is raising the minimum wage for all of its workers the anchors smile but the raise comes with a cost yes the higher minimum is good for these workers who have jobs now but beginners people like Kelsey Holder will be shut out minimum wages I'm kelcie started working at this restaurant when she was just a teenager by the time we met her she was making $20 an hour now she's the restaurants manager she would have never had this opportunity had the higher minimum wage existed when she was higher because teenagers aren't worth the risk we quit hiring people without experience Murph crest who runs this restaurant says when his state raised its minimum wage he stopped training newcomers minimum wage jobs are an entry-level job to get someone some experience to do something you raise that high and if you cut those people out of the market completely then people stay unemployed play video games hang out on the street they never learned to smile at a customer get to work on time never learn the job skills that lead to better jobs later but progressives claim a higher minimum lifts everyone start out with a minimum wage that provides basic decent standard how much is that fifteen bucks an hour 20 bucks an hour and if you think that's too high try living on it by the way I think that would take away jobs from entry-level people they wouldn't even get a first job but now John that is exactly the argument that people back in the day made against the minimum wage at least Amazon is just one company entry-level workers can find jobs elsewhere but then I learned Jeff Bezos is company also plans to lobby Washington to hike the federal minimum wage now Amazon will try to get government to force its competition to pay what amazon pays that's why I'm upset Jeff Bezos this entrepreneur I admired turns out to be just another craven opportunist after all Amazon's already replacing workers with robots basil's knows a higher minimum wage will hurt his competitors more than it hurts him clever use government to handcuff your rivals and then pat yourself on the back and pander to people who promise free stuff there is absolutely now no reason why other profitable corporations like Walmart why they also should not be paying their employees at least $15 an hour after all those companies make billions say progressives partly thanks to indefensible exploitation of hard-working decent Americans how are they exploited they're not forced to work there they have other choices they pick that job Oh was your best they could get maybe it was because all the others were even worse maybe but isn't there some point at which the results of this remarket just shock the conscience of decent people yes there are gross parts to capitalism greed gaudy excess and great inequality but when self-interested business owners are left free to make their own decisions about whom they hire and what they pay more people benefit especially poor people I wish I could give more kids job if there were lower minimum wage I could hire maybe two or three more I shouldn't be surprised that Bezos uses government to get special favors he's done that before a bill authorizing billions of dollars in tax incentives Amazon didn't just announce the second headquarters it started a competition to see which politicians would squeeze their tax payers most Stonecrest Georgia wants Amazon to build its second headquarters there so badly that the City Council voted that if chosen they will D annex a portion of the city and rename it Amazon give me a break politicians shouldn't pander to companies and companies shouldn't pander to politicians I wish Bezos would stick to innovative not scheming with government to get special advantage some of the worst and mieze of capitalism are capitalists

  1. Everybody knows that Bezos is a scum bag, but politicians that like to pander to their voting base and set arbitrary minimum wages are worse and they most likely have never worked for a living. They just leach off public tax revenue. Bad politicians are the disease that is metastasizing at a rapid rate, seemingly from the east and west coasts.

  2. Ever notice that Bernie sanders was paying his staff $10.10 while asking others to pay $15. Bernie is a hypocrite

  3. What, precisely, is the past state you think that progressives are attempting to return to that you would qualify as a regression? Oh, you didn't think about what that word meant, you just used it? cool. great. new record, it only took 6 seconds to prove you don't have a single actual thought in your head. this is conservatism.

  4. "I can't get someone to voluntarily pay me a wage i want, so i demand the government point their guns at them and force them to!"

  5. You want free market to work and not become defacto totalitarian government you're gonna need the same kind of limits and checks & balances on companies as we have on our government.
    Frankly it's strange that a country founded on being a constitutional republic (with a built in apoptosis system for if it goes against the PEOPLE), permits and supports pseudo dictatorships to exist in it's borders just because they have a trademarked logo rather than a flag.

  6. You raise the minimum wage and everything else raises, housing, food, etc, etc, etc then they repeat it again saying the same bullshit but with a new and higher figure.

  7. Bezos is part of crony capitalism. Uses the govmt to hurt his competitors and boom….monopoly without him buying out companies. He's whats wrong with capitalism

  8. Am I the only one who saw the sexual harassment in the upper-right corner of the screen at 2:04 ?
    (By the way great video, minus 2:04)

  9. It's the wrong measurement for capitalism. Wages depend on capitalism too. You sell yourself as a product. If your product needs improvement than its up to you. YOU can always sell You as a product, based on supply and demand.
    BTW: That's not a smile on the Amazon box, it's a penisand Bezos loves screwing you.

  10. Raising minimum wage is a way for the government to try and force companies to be decent and pay a livable wage. I agree that raising minimum is a short term and shitty solution if it can even be called a solution. They did that in Seattle, the minimum here is now $15 an hour and it was GREAT for like, two years before all the prices caught up and we'r all at the same level of broke with higher numbers.

    Corporate greed, the pouring of the majority of their profits into their own pockets rather than training and employee bonuses and things that improve retention of employees is what's fucking our economy. That and the always worsening overpopulation and massive immigration that constantly hikes our total number up, when you got more people housing becomes more expensive, food becomes more expensive, EVERYTHING becomes more expensive because their is a higher demand. Greed and overpopulation.

    And the fear for the normal guy like me is that I will make more over the years if I stick to the same job and work hard, BUT prices will rise too and my raises have never matched the increase in cost of living, so i'm on a slow slow downward slope and the only way to get off is to find a new company and start over making peanuts while hoping THAT company isn't a dead end piece of shit. The whole damn thing sucks and there is no easy solution unless we make a machine that will magically destroy greed within human beings and make us stop making so many fucking more of us.

  11. American quality of life was ensured through competing with USSR, now thtere is no alternative economic system to compete with. Therefore capitalist system does not have to compete and can focus on what it does best – turn people into slaves with no actual rights, time and power. Hi from ex-USSR. P.S. New wave of communism will start in the US soon.

  12. I have gotten through college in mechanical engineering own my own with zero debt on minimum wage working and going to school at the same time only working 16 hours a week during the school semesters.

    I live with my parents, they pay for my text books but you can get $200 text book for $20 on Amazon no less.

    They pay for my gas, and food. But I only eat food from home and go to work and school. I cost my parents no more than I did in highschool but am also paying up to $8,000 a year in tuition.

    The best part is, a women who went to the same school in the 1970's paid $400 a semester. Accounting for inflation I pay more than four times what she paid and I do it on part time minimum wage.

    Hard work and dedication are all anyone needs, unless the government taxes them to death like a parasite.

  13. What do these people think will happen when companies are required to pay people more? The cost of those services and goods that the company provides increases at rate to match the cost of employing people. So now you still have to pay the same percentage of your income to get those goods or services. Effectively putting yourself in the same situation. Idiots. Try working harder for more money! If a company doesnt "treat you well enough", go to a different place of work dont expect the world to change for you

  14. Wal mart workers are the laziest worse fake workers I've ever seen.thet stand around and they Dint care about nothing.there a total joke

  15. I am disappointed. Every single one of your mindsets is set on greed and power. Power is responsibility it comes with nothing else. If you have a power you are never to abuse it. CEOs have the ability to abuse their capital for their own pleasure which is wrong on so many levels because it was raised by the backs of hard working people. The romans and Greeks said slavery was needed for a better society. Romans were capitalist as well. Things don’t have to be the way they are. Human nature doesn’t have to rest in one upmanship we need to teach children to want to learn and we need to reform our schools to accommodate those seeking knowledge and then finally we will be at peace with ourselves as long as we can rid our children’s society of violence and negative intent

  16. Az is one of 60 companies that pay no Fed tax https://finance.yahoo.com/news/companies-paying-zero-taxes-trump-law-155944124.html

  17. Bernie Sanders is either on the economic learning level of a 3 year old, or is being disingenuous. For him to have completely ignored the difference between college loans (unsecured) and buying a house (secured) is just beyond belief. I'd rather he were just that stupid, but I don't think that's the case. He's obviously lying and pandering to an ignorant base, who haven't been taught the most basic tenets of economics or critical thinking, in general.

  18. why not provide all adult citizens base income ($1k) per month. jobs than become additional income. we than will have skill, expert, and motivated workers. we don't need everyone working plus we don't need every jobs that's sometime detrimental to society.

  19. When you have a small company you want to be able to compete, when you have a big company you want the competition to go away

  20. "15 bucks an hour, 20 bucks an hour. And if you think that's too high, try living on it by the way"

    Bud, I bought a cabin at 22 years old making 12 bucks an hour at 36 hours a week.

  21. Americans are just too blind to look around at the rest of the world. Capitalism is far from perfect, having our Government meddling in the market makes everything worse, not better, do you think Politicians want to be involved in regulations because they care about the individual?? Of course not, they know the more power and control they hold over a company the more money they can squeeze for themselves. Leftist's always say do we expect rich corporations to do the right thing?? And yet somehow they want us to believe that rich Politician's who never worked a day in their life will do the right thing?? It is truly baffling.

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