End Game in Socialist Government China Dictatorship Social Credit System

hi folks this is Johar Nikki Gannon Raven Jia Paul News this is my raven alert I noticed that the papers are beginning to show a little bit about what's going on in China and I'm I'm calling it the endgame and the socialist government the China's story it's a dictatorship okay in the past I've shown if you can check my website Rayven gia pol news.com you'll find a book there that I written called difference between socialism capitalism but basically I analyzed socialism and found it had two fundamental theoretical flaws it's never going to be successful first flaw is that official ism has this dictate which is everyone according to their abilities and according to their needs well the problem with that is it it doesn't take you now it's for itself interest if I could produce 10 times more than my partner over here why should I get the same pay as him it's it's any system and has that will cause dissent and will fail and that's one of the major reasons why communist or socialist systems fail the second thing and this is very fundamental there's no prices our prices and all goods are set by centrist government there's no general market to say hey I'll pay $10 for that marshmallow because I really want to have marshmallows as opposed to 10 cents so the price of marshmallows has gone up to $10 you don't have that in a socialist system and that's the flaw I and the other thing that I've noticed that in all socialist systems would fail they always resort to dictatorships before they fail the chairman of the country and the Communist Party is these in pain in China he understands China but most people do not first he knows that the Chinese culture over 5,000 periods year period of cut time has always displaced government's with revolutions and when they displace the governments of revolutions they usually cut off the head of the Emperor not literally but they basically kill him okay so he knows that if he doesn't find out what people are thinking and control that that he is literally potentially going to be killed before his time he's not gonna die a natural death okay if he dug keep his people happy and what has happened during the last 20 30 years is that technology is now allowing him to achieve these personal goals today China has implemented a Social Credit System which is a report card on every human being in China which is 1.2 billion people imagine a database on that China Chinese people that's its intended to keep them loyal followers of the state's policies notice I said states policies okay to accomplish this they have built a 1.3 billion dollar a three billion unit face database that can denta Phi anyone in 3 seconds that's their goal that's that's a challenge ok they have over a hundred million cameras installed and they're going up to double that in the next and this thing's supposed to be implemented by 2020 the point here is that they're building this system it's not theory they're actually building and evolving a system and improving of every day and they're gonna make money off of it they're going to go to other dictators such as has already been announced that Venezuela will be their first customer and it'll sell the whole damn system to them hopefully they won't do that to the United States ok in Venezuela they're gonna have this system also face recognition and control by the state with with report cards on all individuals and that keeps the dictator in power doctor eat some way they do it the stated reason that they use is always that this we've got a drip the surveillance network in to protect the bad guys for security and government uses such as tracking wanted suspects and public administration commercial applications could use this also but they right now it's against the law but they could change that by the week of Sheen's in pink because he is the dictator of the country let's look how it works because that's important you remember the purpose of this system is to enforce what the government wants on the individuals so they have to control the individual to do what they want this is centrists think thinking versus individual freedom is the 1984 enacted for real the state comes first or the state will restrict your freedom okay first one the reasons that the government's to declare you untrustworthy okay no these are bad marks on your social card you defaulted on a loan you criticize some government policy you spent too much time playing games on the internet yeah they have that since you've seen an anti-government rallies that's that's obvious and he's seen an underground Christian churches in not interesting they have a hundred million Christians but they're all being monitored to see if they go to church and if they do go to church that's a negative on their social card the punishments meted out what are the punishments that you got bad grades so what do you get okay first off you get airline flight bans you can't fly okay Rapid Transit railroad beds so it's a 300 mile per hour trains you can't fly it you can't go on that either you have to use the slow and take a 10 hour trip as opposed to it one of our trip okay you get turned down on how slow you get turned down on car loans you're banned that your children are banded from attending private schools he really can't afford to send them and and this is an interesting you're posted your profile on a public flat press blacklist on the internet and on cell phones okay these are the intrusive government techniques that they use which are pretty bad you put on a deadbeat not an application of all cellphones it allows users to our cellphones to see a map about of the people about them that are deadbeats they can then tap the deadbeat on their map and find personal information full name the court case number and the reasons that you are a deadbeat they also changed the ringtone on all deadbeats such a distinctive I don't know what it is but it's you know ding ding ding ding dong or whatever it is and everybody knows hey that guy's a deadbeat ok and if purpose is to draw attention to you this is the same as the Nazi Star of David on all Jews in the 30s okay if you get an F on your card watch out that they will do come and just arrest you you prevent you from committing a crime because they anticipate that you might commit a crime which in their mind is attending on anti-government rally you're you get forced internment and re-education camps in China today there are 1 million Muslim we guards in entertainment in inter internment camps to teach them re– educate them and teach them that china is for china ok and that you can't you can't have a religion of allah because how do they how do you ways to improve your credit card catch this people can get improved a credit card if you if you tell on your neighbor who did you see go to church Oh John Doe went to church that improves your card and it's a negative on him what happens if you're spotted praying in public like uh public pay pray or prayer rugs for Muslims that's that's a negative on them and a positive for you what happens if he ceased I'm a a Muslim man growing a beard report that also what about he acted fast during Ramadan report that also these are negatives for those individual s reason whether all in end in intern kids because they're following their religions over the state this monitoring goes on every day of the week every day hour of the day ok and every day of the year this means the Chinese history of totalitarian rule is being enforced but it's now being enabled by big data machine learning artificial intelligence and facial recognition software this defines a digital dictatorship so that's what they have there that's what socialism degrades to which is inevitable in all social government's whose political leaders fear their positions for their positions and their lives or their state dictatorships it provides them the tools to maintain their power find out what the public is really thinking and if they think bad punish him to get him back in line to think the way I think in the web and to live to the dictates that I put out there because I'm the leader of this nation ok how does would fight this well you can fight it two levels one at the mechanical level San Francisco lit recently the last week or so just legislated non facial recognition cameras in their CLE system will be do that's one level and it's positive the other level is to push the American system free enterprise under capitalism read my book free enterprise and freedom implies that the individual is king not the state he can make all decisions for himself as long as he harms no one else this means that he can choose where he works since he owns his own labor he can choose to become an entrepreneur work for himself keeping all the profits he doesn't have to give any to the state other taxes or he can choose to do nothing and get no rewards for his labor since he spent on most people choose to give their labor to the highest bidder or work for themselves because they make more money that way they choose to have religious beliefs and practices without interference on the state further if they want to travel they do so with their own money and without help from the state or interference freedom is a heavy thing but it has responsibilities also if you do not work you do not participate in the rewards it's not it's not a freebie handout where you bring something to the party and where you get the highest reward for you and your family that's where that's where you get the highest reward freedom is the opposite of socialistic state with centrist control of your livelihood in life socialist systems are sold on the Santa Claus goodies as they're doing in this 2020 election of the Democrats but they never tell you then the return you get you give control of your life to the state you may get free education but they may tell you what the hell you're gonna study okay further the state is ready it's really a bunch of politicians that feel that you they know more about which what you want then and what would benefit then you do and that's nonsense but that's what they believe when you wake up and start shaking the cage of their security they use the state to enforce their ideas of what is good for you that's where the credit card comes in they do this not for you but to keep themselves in power that's all they're interested in there I need to show you if you think a socialist is interested in you you're deluding yourself they're interested in getting political power over you okay they do this not for you but keep themselves in power historically in multiple countries such as USA SSR in China they will starve you to death by restricting food in both countries they have starved to death more than 10 million people so that's 20 million people it's actually more than that but that's just from memory it's it's well over 10 million people in all cases why don't you visit my site that has 200 articles on geopolitics it's a raven RAV Eng appalled news geo pol news.com just search on it it has a search engine there so just search on a topic that interests you well if you want to carve articles I probably written on in the last two or three years okay and with that I'm going to sign off until next time thank you

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