Emotional Intelligence: Learning to Accept Personal Responsibility

a vital skill for emotional intelligence is accepting personal responsibility but what exactly does that mean it means accepting a hundred percent responsibility for your choices and their consequences your behaviors your health and well-being your self-esteem your happiness your character defects and imperfections your childhood wounds your unresolved losses the problems you face and finally being the best version of yourself so in order to accept personal responsibility you must work on developing certain habits and abilities such as not blaming others for your choices mistakes or failures not expecting others to do for you what you can do or learn to do for yourself not allowing yourself to get stuck in self-pity for the bad things that have happened to you not allowing yourself to feel over responsible for the problems of others and not allowing yourself to be abused and manipulated or mistreated in addition you also must learn to ask for help when you can't solve a problem or overcome a bad habit or care to defect by yourself be open to new ways of understanding yourself others in life identify and grieve any unhealed losses identify and heal any wound from childhood identify and address any problems in your life identify and correct any destructive or self-destructive patterns of behavior develop a loving and nurturing attitude toward your own imperfection even as you seek to correct them create and maintain a healthy self-esteem accept that no one can make you happy except yourself always consider the long-term consequences of every choice take full responsibility the part you play in relationship problems be true to yourself by living according to your own values needs and priorities rather than by people pleasing others and finally accept that your life is a perpetual journey of learning healing and growth so right now you're probably feeling overwhelmed by all the things I mentioned that are involved in taking personal responsibility for yourself but don't worry you're okay or you wouldn't be looking at this video yes your life may be a mess or not where you want it to be but learning to take responsibility is the pathway out of the darkness and into the light so I suggest that you carefully study this video and then take a non-judgmental inventory of where you are right now identify the habits and abilities where you're already taking personal responsibility and then identify those areas that you need to take more personal responsibility which will then become your roadmap to a more fulfilling life if you'd like help in this journey so you can be the best version of yourself then visit my website serenityonlinetherapy.com to learn more about the online services I provide if you like this video please click the thumbs up button and then subscribe to my channel to hear more from me and finally keep paying attention to your life until next time you

  1. Hi Carl. It has been a while. I miss you. I watch your youtube videos since I left you. I have realized I have been emotionally manipulated by Don for 11 years. I have read 7 books on this in 2 weeks. What I am confused about is how come u never picked up on him from the things I said..the silent treatments, his gas lighting, never owning what hes done.making me think I'm crazy, the sneakiness. Well guess what, I called him out for it and finally leaving him for good. You diagnosed me w pred, anxiety, hypervigilence thinking it was from my childhood n here it was from the man I was in love with but I'm still trying to figure out how u never picked up on it from the things I said. He probably manipulated you for the 30 min he came to therapy ( no disrespect) but how would you know in 30 min. That's why he nvr went back cause I'm sure u wouldve picked up on itn well I hope things are going well with you. I have been through hell since you retired but dealing w it on my own. If I cant see you I will help myself. Don is a psychopath and I cant believe it took 11 years for me to realize it. Narcissism, manipulation, oh my..so much. I hope you actually see this and remember who I am. I needed you to know that I'm calling his Manipulation out and he has to go. I just hope things dont get worse before he moves. Thank you Carl. You did make me stronger but now that I know what I'm dealing with I know how to fight back!!!

  2. Thankyou for your concise quality of videos. You impart such wisdom in a lovely manner, and make what is painful more tolerable with your compassion and understanding. I've gained a lot from your video. Keep up the good work. I will share this with my family.

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