EMIRATES vs ETIHAD vs QATAR Economy Class | Which Airline Is Best?! | Economy Week

last month I set out on a crazy adventure around the Middle East spending five days non-stop on aircraft flying back-to-back with just one overnight in a hotel the purpose of my trip was to compare Emirates Etihad and Qatar Airways economy class to finally answer the question which one is best so dum dum da we've made it to the final video of economy week which is better Emirates Etihad or Qatar so everyone has their personal opinions and experiences I just want to put that out as a disclaimer this comparison really gave me some interesting insights and not only of course at the Middle Eastern Airlines at least an economy are a little more hyped up than they deserve to be now don't get me wrong all my flights were impressive by airline by economy standards but I've had similar or even better flights I guess maybe I had a little too high expectations for economy class without further ado we're gonna compare the seats the meals the service the hubs of each airline and finally conclude which is the best so let's start with the seats themselves here you're seeing the Emirates a380 which as I said in the full review which will be linked in a card right now has a good amount of legroom great recline and overall I think this seat is my favorite in second place I'm gonna put Qatar and their 777-300 er somehow Emirates his seat design on their triple 7 makes the aircraft feel far more cramped and it was just generally a much less comfortable experience meanwhile Etihad 787 was the worst of all the long-haul aircraft I probably wouldn't want to spend more than a few hours in that configuration however when comparing to most other Airlines I really liked the headrests and the overall seat layouts that all three Airlines had so second let's look at entertainment now I'd say that all airlines entertainment systems are definitely above average Emirates gets a slight advantage but guitarist's system is also so good that I can't really say that one wins over the other although a jihad does lag behind as someone who loves to watch TV shows I really appreciated that both Emirates and Qatar kept entire seasons of different shows on their entertainment systems in my opinion this makes much more sense than having one episode of Modern Family one episode of the Middle etc all airlines also have USB charging and power ports as far as Wi-Fi katar usually has Wi-Fi on most aircraft though there triple7 certainly lag behind emirates overall offered the best Wi-Fi which is why they get a slight advantage and entertainment category on the food front I'd say the guitar and Emirates his meals were a little above average while Etihad Smeal impressed me the most now granted I only got to try one real meal on a yacht but it was still the most impressive I think all the airlines generally did a good job with my specially ordered meals so this is one category where Qatar Airways really excels their crews are trained to perfection and although I've heard that they have quite questionable working circumstances you can clearly tell on board that there's another level of professionalism they make you feel incredibly welcomed and the service parallels that and business-class of some airlines meanwhile on Emirates and Etihad the service was much more lackluster and did not feel as personal while Qatar Airways were just slightly above average with the food and their seat their service and their hub really sets them apart Doha Hamad International Airport is truly one of the best airports in the world and it's in a complete other League from Dubai and Abu Dhabi Airport the terminal is bright and airy very clean and super easy to navigate meanwhile Dubai Airport is usually far too busy at Emirates as Bank times there's tens of thousands of passengers cramming onto small trains taking you between kong courses and the terminals even though they're quite new already looked very aged and locked some basic facilities such as adequate bathrooms power ports and resting places in the meantime Abu Dhabi Airport which is currently being rebuilt is surprisingly chaotic for being the hub of such a large airline the facility was hot had several broken lavatories when I was there meaning I had to walk very far to the nearest working one and overall was not a good place by global standards to spend a layover alright so I think you're already getting the picture of what I think in this situation first place is gonna go to drum roll guitar while Qatar had decent food and no Wi-Fi their seat is absolutely fantastic when I say that the Emirates a380 one that is because their seat is truly one of the best in the entire world Qatar is a very close runner-up meaning theirs is also incredible on a global scale furthermore the service on Qatar is among the best you'll find on any airline in the world and there's a completely different sense of personalization and attention lastly their hub is one of the best airports to connect flights and I can't wait to go back there second will be Emirates and they were very close to Qatar and I'd actually say that my Emirates a380 flight was my best flight of all of them but I'm gonna credit this mostly to the e3d because it is such a fantastic aircraft so the moral is that if you can fly the Emirates a380 I definitely recommend it and I'm sure you'll have a great experience the problem is the huge discrepancy between their a380 and their triple7 the latter felt extremely cramped and even though they have the same configuration as Qatar something about that seat design and the overall ambiance of the cabin made the experience a lot worse I also found the service to be the least memorable of the three Airlines and Dubai Airport frankly is not a nice place to connect flights I'm regarding Etihad Wow I was very disappointed so if you had out of these Airlines have equally fantastic branding and they're really looked up to but what surprised me was how mediocre the flight felt well the food was good almost everything else was just decent the service the entertainment the sea and the Wi-Fi I also know that people have had a lot of problems with Etihad when things go wrong on that note Abu Dhabi Airport certainly is not a place where you want to spend your layover as it is right now this was by far the worst place I connected in the Middle East and I'd urge you to go for Doha or even Dubai instead because your experience will be exponentially better and I honestly feel like I would have chosen definitely chosen Lufthansa or some of the more reputable airline in Europe or Asia over at Yad in the future I also want to add a little note on frequent flyer programs since Qatar is a member of one world it's far easier to earn and redeem valuable miles with them than it is with Emirates or Etihad if you're gonna fly with either of them I generally wouldn't recommend signing up for their frequent flyer programs since they tend to be quite bad of rewarding you for your loyalty however if you're flying Qatar British Airways or American Airlines are great options for Emirates Alaska Airlines and for Etihad your options are a lot more limited but overall you might be best sticking to their program which is another reason to choose one of the other Airlines I hope this comparison was juste useful and helpful to you guys if you are looking at booking flights let me know what you're looking at and how I helped I really hope you guys like this series let me know if you want more and what airlines I should do if this video gets a thousand thumbs up which will be easy or hard depending on how many views but if I get a thousand likes I will probably record another economy week for next month and some some in the US now you never know which airlines could get compared but I'm putting some hints out there and of course subscribe for all my other videos I have more premium reviews and things like that coming soon playing more pictures on Instagram for you to explore and yeah it's been great chillin with you for the past minutes thanks so much for watching and until I see you all next time fly safe

  1. I love Qatar Airways.. Whenever I travel I always booked with Qatar. I have tried other Airlines but for me Qatar is always be the best.

  2. I support Qatar 🇶🇦 airways. The crew and all Qatar airways staff are amazing. I have travelled number of times with my little girl ( from 7 months old until 24 months) my myself. And the crew was just amazing in helping me with little munchkin . Flew with few other airlines and it was really disappointing and tiring. I strongly recommend Qatar airways

  3. I don't think i'll still choose to fly emirates. Emirates is a gd airline with outstanding service, experience & food but the Chaotic Dubai Airport & Dull Livery made me changed my mind to fly on Etihad & Qatar. Plus. I'm only flying on EK77W, EY B78X & QR A380 & A359

  4. hello Dan love your vlogs but with all due respect if you are going to do this kind of review, surely you should fly from the same point of departure for every flight. you can not compare flying from Heathrow to Doha with Qatar in economy, and then flying economy from Mumbai to Dubai with Emirates and then from Cape town to Abu Dhabi with Etihad, it dos not give a balanced review. if you left from the same airport with the three different carriers then that is a fantastic comparison. and this is not a criticism, just a balanced observation.

  5. In the Hamad International Airport, after using the bathrooms, you need to check back in before going back to your gate and they do that for security reasons. Also, the main bathrooms are outside instead of inside.

  6. For me I flew and Emirates, and Qatar Airways. They are quite the same, for me. The biggest minus to Qatar: NO FREE SHOWERS IN DOHA and expensive airport hotel! But the security check was rapid and not that rude, as usually it is in Dubai. The crew is more organised in Qatar. And what made me happy of Qatar, is that they do not have that chaotic collection of used blankets and earphones, as they do at Emirates.

  7. i tried Emirates 380 many time. and I can disagree with , seats are not good at all. I found Etihad is better

  8. You should compare to the same aircraft type for all 3 airlines to see the difference as all aircraft type have different seat types and spaces.

  9. I’m always flew with qatar airways… this is the best airline that I found.. thank you qatar airways!!

  10. cheers Dan, I'm flying outta CAI 2 BKK next month, all 3 airlines offer the 777 so I'm going to go with Qatar this time (went though the ETIHAD hub last, what a dump)

  11. I flew Qatar in Feb and March from Calgary, their crew service was on top. You don’t get any impression of them being tired or unwanted. I always prefer Qatar over Emirates. Etihad is not a world class airline if you are travelling economy. Service, food quality and food choices in Etihad were not good at all and they were run out of non-veg options in my both return flights. My friend had a similar experience with Etihad on their other flights where they were run out of non-veg options.

  12. Thank you for the information ! We were doubting between the 3… I think it will be Qatar or Emirates now.

  13. I flew with Qatar in November last year and it was the best flying experience I have had in years. I have not flown with the other two so can't compare. I have to agree on the service aspect, the crew really were a cut above. Never before have I been on a 14 hour flight where the bathroom was still looking fresh at the end of the flight. The fact they fly international from Canberra is a added bonus.

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