1. Yeah that's right may Allah bless our Airlines Emirates Qatar ethad Turkish…… all US Airlines combined together can't mess with Lufthansa alone… Emirates …. is different animals God bless…. all US Airlines first class together can't compete with their coach service

  2. I have traveled in economy class several times. Is there any concession for such people to get business or first class?

  3. after my parents retired from their job. I am planning trip to dubai with emirates flight. I hope it would be great.

  4. I flew on this plane to Dubai and it was the best experience I had in flying on any airline. They have alot to be proud of they know how to treat people and do things the right way.

  5. Fuck … it's not a plane, it's a cinema room where everyone has his seat and his TV screen in front of him !! In First Class, we would say a hotel fly. The cow is huge!

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