Embody Peaceful Anarchism

hello everybody this is daniel acquire from peaceful anarchism calm out here in the beautiful nature once again and i got a fan that wrote in to me saying I like your peaceful anarchism page I like your style but my question is how do we get there what does peaceful anarchism look like can I do it now do I have to wait until me and my husband retire at which point should we cash in our mutual funds and annuities and take the money out and put it under our mattress should I have had my kids unassisted without a midwife so they wouldn't have social security numbers my kids now trapped in the system because they do have social security numbers what should we do how do we live this peaceful energy that you talk about what does it look like and my approach to this philosophy is it is not only a morality and a way of looking at economics and human interactions but it is a way of life there is no time that we wait to practice peaceful anarchism we practice it now we embody it it must emanate from our pores from every fiber of our being in all the people that we talk to and interact with and communicate the people that we enter into relationships they must recognize that we exudes peaceful anarchism it is not solely an economic system it is a way of life it is not that we have to wait until a truly voluntary society is reached we don't have to wait for the day when the state is no more because statism is merely a state of mind it's a mental illness it's the hallucination that some people have rights that other people do not have therefore peaceful anarchism is also in the mind freedom must begin in the mind if you have freedom in your heart and in your being there's nothing anyone can do to rob you of that no amount of laws or regulations or threats of violence and punishment can rob true freedom from the individual and the words of Mahatma Gandhi you can cage me you can beat me you can torture me you can chain me up but you will not imprison my mind statism is a state of mind freedom is a state of mind anarchism is a state of mind it is the assertion that there is no one who can claim authority over my life I will acknowledge no one I will accept the consequences of my actions I own myself and all of the products of my labor when we can realize this when we can understand this we will see that it is not about fighting the state it's not as about protesting and rioting and picketing and signing petitions it is about living in the freest manner possible agar ism counter economics live outside of the state transact outside the state have your business outside the state raise your kids outside of the state do everything you can to live outside of the state take your currency out of fiat currency take your wealth and put it into places that the state cannot touch that the state cannot confiscate the state has a monopoly on currency on money take your wealth outside of fiat currency put it into mediums that is beyond the reach of the tentacles of bureaucrats invest in hard assets invest in precious metals invest in Bitcoin invested in anything that is beyond the cold grasp of the beast in living and agarest lifestyle we are starving the Beast the state thrives on taxation the state is subsistent on inflation rob the state of funding rod the state of your attention and your participation and it will die just as surely as any parasite who is deprived nourishment from the host the state is a tumor on society it is an outgrowth it cannot survive on its own it is not a productive sector of society it is as productive as a tick a tapeworm or a leech you don't need to fight it you just need to do private of nourishment the private of your attention your participation your children and your currency it rest assured it will wither away and die of its own accord in the words of NTN lab wotty you need not place hands on the tyrant to topple him just remove him from a pedestal and like a colossus he will fall to pieces peaceful anarchism is a way of life you live it you breathe it you exuded every single day of your life talk to people educate others spread these messages spread these ideas help people to understand that human beings do not need to be dominated subjugated or controlled it is only in moments of freedom that the most beautiful and marvelous things are created under forcing coercion only the wretched survives only the wicked are attracted to these institutions don't give them your attention don't look to them for help they cannot solve your problems they are the cause of the problem I urge you all please live peaceful anarchism live agar ISM be kind be gentle be loving be compassionate that is how we make the world a better place it is not through empowering megalomaniacs and sociopaths they cannot help you there is no one who is more capable of running your life than you never forget that so this is Danilo from peaceful anarchism com wishing all of you have a wonderful day take care bye enjoy

  1. Great message. I'd still like to know more about being free of the state. Can anyone recommend a book or website?

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