Elizabeth Warren Gets BIG Endorsement

>>The Working Families Party has endorsed
a Democratic candidate in the primaries, and that Democratic candidate happens to be Elizabeth
Warren. Now back in 2016, they actually endorsed Bernie
Sanders, but this time around, they’ve decided to go with Sanders-
>>With Waren.>>I’m sorry with Warren, and Maurice Mitchell
who is the National Director of Working Families Party. Said quote, Senator Warren knows how to kick
Wall Street kleptocrats where it hurts, and she’s got some truly visionary plans to make
this country work for the many. We need a mass movement to make her plans
a reality, and we’re going to be part of that work. He also says quote, if our focus is on victory,
we can’t be delusional about it. You don’t defeat the moderate wing of Democrats
through thought pieces or pithy tweets, you defeat their politics through organizing. Now, I agree with the last part, but I just
wanna know, they’re calling for someone who wants a mass movement. And look, there are parts of Elizabeth Warren’s
campaign that I love, their proposal she has that I love. But there is one individual in this race who
has specifically said that he wants to change the system, right? That he wants a mass movement. And that is Bernie Sanders, so this vote is
is fascinating and also there is a lack of transparency about this vote. I wanna give me the details to that real quick,
Cenk, and then get your thoughts. So the vote among tens of thousands of party
members, according to The New York Times. And national committee leaders resulted in
a commanding majority from Ms. Warren, a party spokesman said, she received more than 60%
of the votes on the first ballot. However, the national committee leaders, which
consists of 56 people, held 50% of the voting power with party members accounting for the
other 50%, which makes it clear that some individual’s votes are weighted more than
others. Several Sanders supporters called for the
Working Families Party to release the full vote totals, which it has declined to do. I don’t really understand why but that is
the decision they made and that lack of transparency makes people suspicious.>>Yeah, look, I like that they’re endorsing,
I love primaries. And I think that progressive groups should
endorse some primaries, even more importantly at the congressional level, but certainly
at the presidential level. Yvette Simpson from Democracy for America
which is a great organization, said that there’s some great arguments for progressives rallying
around a single candidate, and she didn’t clarify which one it should be. I don’t think that that’s the case right now. And I think that if you have two great candidates,
let the chips fall where they may, but I don’t begrudge any group doing a vote of their actual
members and then deciding who to back based on that. I think that’s exactly how it should work. Here, the important wrinkle though, is this,
that half the votes are by the 56 people that are in their national committee. Well, if you’re gonna put out a really important
vote like this,>>Mm-hm,
>>And say that she got more than 60%, so let’s do some math on that. It is possible that 10% of your members voted
for it, and all of your committee leaders voted, and thereby getting to the 60%.>>Mm-hm.>>And that would not be the same as 60% of
your members voted for, by the way, it could be the reverse. It could be that your members voted overwhelmingly
for Elizabeth Warren, and that actually would not surprise me. And then your committee leaders voted for
Bernie Sanders, like they did last time.>>Mm-hm.>>But even that should be revealed, cuz that
means that Warren has even more support than we realized.>>Right, I mean, I just think that there
should be transparency, especially at a time when look, this election, it’s already gotten
so divisive. Let’s keep it real, right? And the infighting has started, and so if
you’re gonna come out strong in favor of the specific candidate, and your whole point is
to push for a mass movement. Well, why don’t you be part of that mass movement
by being transparent about that vote? I mean, there are people who are concerned
about how these votes are weighed for certain individuals. And more importantly, I mean, look, I see
some outside influences trying to splinter the Progressive Party, already the Democratic
Party was pretty divided among centrism and progressives. And so why feed into that, right? Be transparent, show what the votes are, and
then it is what it is. I mean, you can’t change the way people vote,
if that’s who they wanna support, that’s who they wanna support. But I don’t know if I necessarily agree with
that vote, but that’s really my opinion, that there’s really nothing more to it than that.>>Yeah, so I wanna clarify your the last
couple of things here that are important to this story. Which is just to give you context, it doesn’t
make it right, wrong, or anything else, but a lot of organizers are college educated and
these days majority female. And so a lot of these votes in progressive
groups wind up going to Elizabeth Warren who has an excellent base in college educated
voters. Bernie Sanders is far better with people with
high school degrees and working class Americans. I don’t put any extra credit on either side
of that. Working class voters are super important and
not more important than the college educated voters and college educated voters are not
more important than working class voters. I’m just giving you context for why a lot
of those votes are going in that direction. It leans in a little bit more to the demographics
that are in Elizabeth Warren’s camp. Again, that doesn’t disqualify it in any way,
shape or form, it just tells you part of the reason that it’s going in that direction. And if you’re a woman voter, who’s an organizer,
and you wanna support Elizabeth Warren, that’s awesome, right? And the fact that you’re among the organizers,
you should have a little bit more say, right? In terms of these, hey, you bothered to put
effort in to the Working Families Party, you bothered to organize, you bothered to be a
member. So when they pull their members, yeah, that
you get to have that voice, and so that’s super important and telling, I’m giving you
the context. Lastly, Bernie Sanders did come in second
in this vote. And together Sanders and Warren got 80% of
the vote. So that gives you a sense, and if you don’t
know the Working Families Party, from time to time they do play a little bit of market
issues of politics and will endorse some establishment folks. I believe they originally made the mistake
of endorsing Joe Crowley, it’s a terrible mistake, and then-
>>Wow>>Yeah, and they come out of New York, originally
they are not much broader than that. And they thought, well, we don’t wanna lose
powers in the New York Democratic Party, oops, right? But-
>>They want a mass movement.>>No, I hear you, no, no, no. To be fair, though, they are really a very
progressive group and have backed a lot of the most progressive candidates throughout
the country. And so that’s why it’s not surprising that
Sanders and Warren would get 80%. And then came Julian Castro, Cory Booker,
and Mayor Bill de Blasio, in their voting, and finally, Buttigieg was not at the top. I’m just amused that at the end of the story
about this he said, well, it’s not surprising that Sanders and Warren are winning these
things, not necessarily specifically about this but about the overall concept. He said because they are the candidates of
the elite.>>What?>>What? Okay, I mean, if Buttigieg has said some very
smart things and some absurd things, but to say that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren
are the candidates of the elite, is hilarious.>>Yeah, I would argue a Harvard student walking
by a protest demanding fair wages for janitorial workers and referring to them as people looking
for a safe space, or social justice warriors. I would argue that guy’s elite, or an elitist,
and that was Buttigieg, he bragged about it in his book, literally.>>Yeah, and so I partly tell you that there
are some progressives in this race. And it’s a fair argument as to which one you
like better, and then there is the establishment which is almost all of the rest of them. So before we get into between Warren and Sanders,
there is still 22 or so other candidates in this race. And so, and Biden is currently pulling it
at number one.>>It’s crazy, yeah.>>So understand who we’re working as a Working
Families Party talked about organizing and knocking Biden off his perch. And so if you don’t know the history of the
Working Families Party, don’t jump to conclusions and understand where it came from.

  1. She's red hot. She just drew over 20,000 to a rally the other day.
    And new polls show Buttigieg and Harris supporters jumping over to her when their first choice drops out.

  2. We are Legion, We Are Many, Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehohohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehohohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahehehohohahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha, Silence Mortal Earth Creatures


  3. Russian propaganda bots are trying to divide progressives over Sanders and Warren. We need to support both candidates and keep our eye on the prize. Two progressives in the lead increases the likelihood that progressive reform will actually become a reality. They are both dream candidates. Let's not be blind tribal idiots.

  4. hey yyy, please get every well known, person who is for Bernie, to get behind him and come together. get all endorsements for Bernie we can it isn't too early to get behind the only canidate who can beat trump and improve our beautiful country, please it's time!

  5. I’m viewing this race with interest from outside America. No axe to grind. So I think I have an unbiased clearer view than when you are immersed. Looking at the candidates. Biden is a disaster even the establishment hacks must be realising that and I hope discard him. He would not be good for your country. Bernie Sanders is a moral man his vision is almost flawless but they will never let him win for that reason. His Presidency would be under constant vicious attack. Tulsi Gabbard I feel has her own agenda a disrupter for what I sense are not good reasons but nothing to base that on except recent interviews which were questionable ( got hate mail for saying that on another thread. Hmmm) Elizabeth Warren says all the right things but I have real disquiet about her. I think she is willing to shed progressive policies for power. Her alignment last election with Hillary was an indicator and she is doing it again. She is courting the establishment. When MSNBC talks positively about her but ignores Sanders that rings alarm bells. Why are they doing that? I guess anything is better than Trump but although I have no valid reason not to trust Warren my gut tells me that there is something not adding up. But America elected a Trump who a half wit could see was totally unsuited to run a doughnut stand so God knows what may happen.

  6. Cenk talks about the difference in the supporters of Warren and Sanders as being one to do with class and education. It would be more accurate to say that the Warren supporters are more politically engaged than those of supporters of Sanders. Sanders is basically retaining the support of just the socialists and those voters who havn't thought much about it yet but remember voting for Sanders in 2016.

  7. Look at the faces of Cenk and Anna. Cenk looks totally gobsmacked while Anna is in denial. You guys need to start getting onboard Elizabeth Warren's progressive Liberal movement sweeping through the Dem Primary.

  8. PLEASE….PLEASE dont start taking alittle hits at Warren cuz Bernie is falling behind. WE GOTTA BEAT TRUMP!! Warren is ahead just respect it.

  9. this just means the WFP has been bought – just like NPR was bought – they are getting control over everything & everybody

  10. Cenk, gotta make up your mind brother. Either Superdelegates are good or bad. If the WFP is using a superdelegate system, then their votes matter more than the rank and file. Kinda like the Electoral College where votes by those in Cali. are worth MUCH less than someone in Wyoming or Alaska.

  11. unless we get PAPER BALLOTS by 2020 … whoever the Elites choose is going to win – & we know now it's NOT Bernie Sanders … PAPER BALLOTS in every state by 2020 – this is our last chance before the Theocracy takes over the USA

  12. WFP endorsed Crowley in the AOC primary and election. They would not take down their endorsement even after AOC won the primary.

  13. I voted in that poll, and after my vote (for Bernie), they displayed the current vote totals and percentages, and Bernie was ahead. Hmmmm….

  14. My older women friends are rooting for Warren. I like her over Biden but I adore Bernie for all the work he's done ALL his life.

  15. Warren is everything Bernie is… with demonstrated competence. I chose her too. She’s easily the best candidate in the field. This isn’t 2016.

  16. Want to get real? IF an organization skews a vote monumentally in favor of what a few want and refuse to reveal the actual votes and numbers as the WFP did, then it is not legit. They are engaged in a fraud. Also, the corporate media has been pushing Warren, that would only happen if they knew she would fold to wealthy/corporate power, and would never push someone who is a threat to their domination of power. Also, Warren herself revealed when it was time for rubber to hit the road last time she folded like a cheap suit and endorsed a right-wing neoliberal Clinton over an actual progressive Bernie. And lastly, if Warren were legit, she would get with Bernie and say lets join forces and crush the right-wing/wealthy/corporate machine and have their united strength to make that a reality and have a Government that serves the people…but she hasn't has she? Instead she risks the country for what?…ego?…a pay off? It has to make you wonder.

  17. Why warren.
    She is a secound choice and she is still a questionable canidate,
    We need real change and we are not 100 percent she will deliver
    Base on some of her voting record

  18. The Working Families Party has more than 10,000 members.
    There are 56 Committee Members whose votes are weighted at 50%. Strongly weighted.
    Very strange that the organization refuses to release the vote tally.

  19. The Working Party showed its true colors when they endorsed Joe Crowley over AOC. I will never donate to them again, what sellouts their national committee leaders must be.

  20. Cenk, I don't know why you speak of Warren and Sanders as if there were an equivalence between them. While I believe there are a number of fundamental differences between them in both philosophy and action, I will name just one which should be of special significance to you. When you were interviewing potential Justice Democrats, one of the chief requirements (I believe it was actually #1, if memory serves) was that they take no big money donations. As you know ( since she told you), Warren has promised to take such money in any way she can get it, in a national election. She is even using $10.4 million in her primary campaign which was raised in part through such donations in her 2018 Senatorial campaign. We all know money corrupts–Warren's whole candidacy is about anti-corruption. Therefore her acceptance of this money cannot be written off as a necessary evil. If it is necessary, then evil has already gotten through the door. Bernie will take no big money, which puts the integrity of his campaign on an entirely different level.

    It is true that Warren is more progressive than the vast majority of politicians. Were it not for Bernie Sanders, I would be grateful to have her as the nominee. But Bernie is in a class by himself and a distinction must be made between them. I am surprised you don't realize that; and disappointed that you don't use YOUR OWN criterion in your evaluation of her candidacy.

  21. I've got a lot of people who are ready to vote for Elizabeth Warren. If she's willing to denounce her whiteness and goes full Pocahontas she has my support and so many others.

  22. This is why TYT should've done there due diligence about Warren. They've added unnecessary fuel to her knowing that she won't try to change the system but rather just cover it up with a band-aid. The working families party is pathetic and for TYT to criticize The Working Families just shows hypocrisy.

  23. If Sanders and Warren has their gender or biological sex reversed I would still support Bernita. I bet Luz Warren has a lot of supporters who can’t say the same. The want a female president and they don’t care if they knee cap the progressive movement to have their way. If a female presidential candidate had Bernie’s platform, message and record to back it all up, she’d have my vote in a heartbeat. The truth is the closest anyone in this race is to Bernie is a far distant second place COMPRISE!

  24. There's a place for Elizabeth Warren but we need Bernie. it would be completely possible for Warren to take the VP spot on a Bernie Sanders administration but not vice versa. In
    8 years Elizabeth Warren will be about the age Bernie is now but Bernie will be way too old to run again.

  25. If Warren is the nominee, vote GREEN. NOTHING will ever change if we keep voting for establishment pro-Wall street candidates. Although Warren scolds them nicely on TV, she will NOT make any significant changes to out Wall Street government, this is a 100% certainty.

  26. Bernie is the perfect candidate…Warren is a great candidate…Biden is a terrible candidate. Please choose wisely, primary voters.

  27. Elizabeth Warren went to GW, she is a lawyer, she supported Hillary Clinton in 2016. warren is smart enough to tell Wall Street to "cut it out" on national TV, but make no mistake, she is an elite.

  28. why should I care who endorsed Elizabeth? nearly every left candidate has adopted the majority of bernies policy plans. he has been working on formulating a plan and has been trying to educate people for decades. if anyone from the dem side should be taken seriously and voted for, it should be the man that everyone is trying to imitate, the man who has literally been trying to help Americans who are marginalized for decades. you can't say that about anyone else. you just can't.

  29. waitwaitwait…This is simple math.
    Elizabeth + Bernie got 80% of the vote. Elizabeth got over 30%. If she got over 40%, they would have said over 40%, so let's give her the benefit of the doubt and say she got 39% at most. That means Bernie got at least 41%. The party would have endorsed Bernie if 1 person meant 1 vote, but they weighted it so their leaders could choose whoever they wanted.

  30. Did Cenk just say that the Superdelegates from WFP was reasonable. Does he think that Superdelegates from the DNC are okay, too? I am stumped. Where is the outrage that the WFP’s mission is to get money out of politics and yet, they choose Warren who will use Corporate PAC and Dark money for the General (hopefully, she won’t have to face that). I don’t hate Warren, she’s my second choice, but Bernie is in a league of his own as to what he has accomplished for working families and for us all. I’m with Ana on this one.

  31. To be real Bernie may beat Trump. Then again there is a significant number of people who will see Sanders as a communist socialist which will be exploited by the republicans as they compare Bernie to what happened in Venezuela and a great number of dumb asses will buy into that and possibly give the election to Trump. It is more reasonable to think that more people will accept a sincere reformer who starts with partial but substantial change and not a sudden revolutionary change that they see as threatening to overturn the form of government that these people have been indoctrinated to embrace. Definitely not Biden. I do like Bernie and Warren. But being practical I think Warren has the greatest chance of beating Trump especially when he starts calling her Pocahontas and women get offended and let him know it at the ballot box. Capitalism works just fine when it is properly regulated with a progressive tax system and tax revenues used properly for the benefit of all, and corruption held in check by specific laws like the glass steagall act, and proper auditing of government procurement records with strict enforcement of public bribery laws. Cut out most waste and corruption and make room in prisons for the lawless greedy.  Franklin Roosevelt proved this works. These candidates should be talking about raising the top tax rate and using the money to put people to work building sea walls and levees to protect against hurricane surge and rising seas and to protect life and property from yearly river flooding, and other much needed infrastructure, so these things can be accomplished without running up more astronomical debt. Therein most anyone wanting a job can have one working for the benefit of all so the inability of private enterprise to provide full employment is supplemented to ensure near full employment. This will reduce crime and welfare cost and bring prosperity to most all. After the correct course is plotted then work on eliminating all this debt that has resulted from irresponsible republican fiscal policies of handing the filthy rich windfall tax cuts with no requirements that they create a single job to get those cuts.

  32. TYT sell outs trying to push Warren on us, and it's so obvious.
    She faked being Native American and is faking being progressive.

  33. Elizabeth Warren?? You meant Liz Herring. Bernie Sanders?? You meant Bernard Gutman. Phony democrats don't use their real names. Nothing more than frauds.

  34. Smart. Let people listen to her to get them to move more progressive and accept the message.
    Than when she is out, they all go with bernie understanding his plan more.

  35. The tone of this report is kind of awkward, like we're inherently against Warren supporters. I appreciate being informed about WFP and Warren's endorsements, but there's too much speculation and guessing here when it could have just been covered with a blanket statement about the lack of transparency. It's starting to feel like we're going to war with the Warren camp now or something.

  36. Bernie is the better Progressive hands down I don’t know why they shit the bed on this one but then again they supported Crowley over AOC so…🤷‍♂️

    I hope AOC endorses Bernie now.

  37. You're wrong, Cenk. You can't call yourself a progressive organization if you primarily give support and more voting weight to the interests of the college-educated, professional class over those of the working class and the membership, or endorse a candidate who's clearly the lesser progressive, as is Warren compared to Bernie.
    Between this endorsement and Joe Crowley's over AOC, the WFP has completely discredited itself.

  38. "Cry me a river". TYT should just rename itself as the the "BS Network", the Bernie Sanders Network. They can't be objective IN ANY WAY. You have to look at the trends, and the policies and one candidate has moved steadily upward in this race. Bernie was that candidate in 2016, Warren is it for 2020 for progressives. Their policies are almost identical, but the message is much sharper, clearer and intelligently articulated with Warren. Bernie repeats the same thing for every answer, "the 1% and Donald Trump is a racist", yeah, but what are the plans and the policies? Warren has a plan, Bernie has talking points. Then ofcourse TYT couldn't help but drag on the first major gay candidate in a Democratic Primary in their whine fest about Bernie not getting the endorsement. But many of them do that with women and other minority groups, so I guess I'm not all that surprised.

  39. I have this strong feeling if you vote for Warren you’re going to vote for an extension of Hillary Clinton once she gets the nomination she’s going to pivot and go right along with the establishment

  40. Call Warren out for rolling all of her big donor money from her senate campaign into her presidential campaign. Quit shilling for Warren for access tyt or you’re just as bad as all of the main stream media outlets you like to call out.

  41. They are not transparent with the voters tally.
    They are corrupt corporate super delegates members , imitating the progressive ideology.
    Change your name to Peoples Super Delegates Party . Smh

  42. This is definitely a Bernie Cult!! TYT hitting out against the only other progressive in the race shows they are more of a personality cult than a progressive organization.

  43. And this is how the Democrats could lose again in 2020. Supporters of one candidate, not voting for the candidate that beats their own personal favourite.
    That's what happened in 2016 & that's what could happen in 2020, if the Dems don't start getting their act together & uniting behind a specific candidate.

  44. You know, I’ve watched TYT for over 6 years and have always really loved hearing Ana, Cenk, and John’s point of view on certain topics. But, in regards to warren, Cenk is unbearable. He’s trying so hard to be “unbiased” that he’s not being 100% objective. I’m tired of listening to Cenk defend her and try to protect her over Sanders, A BETTER CANDIDATE. If you’re an objective journalist, you know this vote was b.s. They would have released the vote if the member vote supported the leadership vote.

  45. I don’t think a woman can defeat Trump. Trip is going to go after her gender hard and his base seems largely misogynist. He just has to dismiss a female as female and most of those people who voted for him will dismiss them too. It would be harder for Trump to dismiss Sanders. Sanders has always been for the common worker, which Trump stole last election. Sanders only needs a small fraction more than Hilary to win. And to the edge Trump voter, if Sanders can prove he’s more for the common worker than Trump then he’ll win. The democrats made a huge mistake in placing a marginal cookie cutter politician in as the first woman and I think it’s going to cost women the Presidency for a decade.

  46. Why is TYT saying a BIG endorsement? Is Ana Kasperian looking for a job in CNN, MSNBC, WP or NYT?
    How BIG is the WFP? The whole thing is ridiculous and the media is making such a big fuss out of it: "The WFP is endorsing Warren over Sanders"
    The WFP candidates for endorsement were: Cory Booker, Julian Castro, Bill de Blassio (are they progressives???) Elizabeth Warren (is she a true progressive???) and Bernie Sanders. This looks like the hidden hand of Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blassio in NYC "progressive" politics.

  47. If Elizabeth Warren does become president the real test will be who she selects for cabinet positions.
    Obama picked a bunch of bankers and wall street execs. That was his biggest mistake. And it's why we got Trump today.

  48. It makes sense that The Working Families Party would endorse Elizabeth Warren. I believe that the discussion about showing the vote would help their cause and not enable the right.

  49. It makes sense that The Working Families Party would endorse Elizabeth Warren. I believe that the discussion about showing the vote would help their cause and not enable the right.

  50. I am just going to admit that I am jumping to conclusions, because their endorsement of Warren sucks. What a way of being ungrateful to the one man who has busted his ass to make all this group claims to want mainstream. Warren didn’t believe these policies were a winning ticket. She didn’t run and Bernie did all the hard work; and now they endorse her???
    We can’t have nice things with stupidity running a mock

  51. The comments on this thread are disappointing. Either Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders would be excellent presidents. To call her a corporate shill, threaten to not vote if she's the nominee, or even resort to the insults of the President are childish and immature. It's not the same choice as 2016. I'm also disappointed that TYT gets so upset when she does well. I get it, Bernie is your first choice, but please stop poisoning the well towards Warren because she's not your first choice. Or breed resentment as if she's really like Hillary Clinton, and if she wins it's a fix. Preposterous nonsense. They're working together, and I think that's wonderful. In fact, I suspect that whoever wins will name the other as their VP. So everyone needs to calm down, and put the focus on getting the establishment democrats out of the race. That's the real danger. A Biden or Harris win, is probably going to be a repeat of 2016. We can't have that happen. Stop bitching and get it together. Getting a progressive nominee is the goal, and I'm fine with either one of them. You should be too.

  52. I'll go with Warren…if she's the nominee. Shit, I'm with boo boo the fool if he's the nominee lol…anyone but Trump!!!

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