Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party of Canada) — Immigration

This is a very important question – what
is our party’s position on immigration and I think it’s quite different from some of
the other party’s, notably Mr. Bernier’s People’s Party, so called. Actually Canada is a county of immigrants
with the exception of Indigenous and First Nations people we are all immigrants. Many people who came to Canada came here as
working people, not wealthy people, but working people, fleeing persecution, fleeing wars
and looking for a better life in Canada. They’re the people that built this country,
who ploughed the fields and built schools and the hospitals and so forth. Well today the situation is not much different. Those who are coming here, refugees and immigrants
are also coming to Canada to escape war, to escape persecution. Some of that coming from wars which the United
States contributed to, the wars in Latin America for example which were regime change operations
by governments like the Trump government, or who are trying to escape wars in Africa. Nine hundred people have drowned in the Mediterranean
trying to escape. The real threat to Canada is the anti-immigrant,
racist and xenophobic policies, Islamophobic policies advocated by some parties in this
election campaign.

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