Elizabeth Rowley (Communist Party of Canada) — Climate Change

This is the question of our time – how to
stop climate change and achieve climate justice in our country and in our world. We think that people and nature come before
profits and that government has to take action to ensure that that is actually the reality. We are very concerned that the proposed carbon
tax, the implemented carbon tax has done very little to actually reduce carbon emissions
in Canada. It’s made it into a commodity that’s tradable
and that the cost can be downloaded onto consumers and will be at some point. Instead we want to see the government take
over the energy and actual resources corporations, take them out of the picture and pass legislation
that would cut emissions by fifty percent by 2030 and altogether by 2050. This is the kind of decisive action that is
needed to avert climate catastrophe. We also want to see the government take action
to close the Alberta tar sands. This is urgent. But along with the closure there have to be
guarantees by the government of jobs for the tar sands workers who will lose their jobs. And we propose they go to work in the renewable
energy sector, so geothermal energy, solar, wind power, hydro and so forth. This is the place where new jobs could be
created as well as in manufacturing and other sectors of the economy. If we are serious about stopping climate change
we have to take serious action, and that is what we are proposing.

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