Elizabeth (2/11) Movie CLIP – The Small Question of Religion (1998) HD

[bell tolls] Man: Prisoner
to the steps. Elizabeth: I–I cannot confess
to something I did not do! Your denials
are all in vain! You knew of the rebellion,
madam. You were party to it! It is plain enough. Where is your proof? It was to
your advantage– You must let me
see the queen. I must– You despise the queen
and the catholic faith! [sighing] [muttering] I am a true
and faithful subject. I attend mass– You pretend,
but in your heart– [muttering] What’s that?
What say you, madam? Speak up! Madam, if there is some
small truth in these charges, However innocently
or unknowingly you did proceed, You had best confess. I ask you why we must
tear ourselves apart For this small question
of religion, Catholic
and protestant– Small?! You think it small, Though it killed
your mother? We all– We all believe in god,
my lords. No, madam.
There is only one… True belief.
The other… Heresy. [chains rattling,
wind whistling]

  1. in your heart, like the illuminati usted to say…. they have explicit ways and as me quenn Elizabeth I has survived…

  2. the best response its just to take or your Stuff and Leave that sick place!

    and go to some Isolated place far from sick Savage Religious Scum!

  3. God is our savior and king
    so if anyone is a heathen shit is you

    do you worship satan?
    i saw symbols of god GIVEN by him.
    me and my friend saw angels so if anyone is a jerk its you so shut up.

  4. your place is in isolated insane asylum
    there you can keep talking to the walls and see angels and gods!

    Im not a Heathen, Im a man of Science, Sanity and Prosperity, I don't worship Idols, Gods and all this Stone Age None Sense UNLIKE YOU!

    and seriously, I dont give a damn about you "CULTISTS"
    I eat losers like you for Breakfast!

    keep Straggling in your Web of Ignorance and Lies!

    you asked me if I worship Satan?
    just proves how retarded are you!
    Do I even need to explain why?

  5. oh, so its a "HE" haha
    why should we hope "ITS" not there, if God Exist, and there is Eternal life
    will just consider it a BONUS

    like what you're trying to say?
    the only thing that matters if you go to hell or heaven is "Faith"

    Faith is worthless pile of Crap, if it doesn't benefits or influence your morals!

    for what I saw till now, Religious people have the most messed up Morals,
    and they are Miss guided, Stupid and EVIL!

    Im just doing the best I can!
    Im not into Mythology and Dogmas!

  6. One Religious person once told me,
    One Honest and Pure Hearted Atheist Worth a 100 God Worshiping Religious Scumbags!

    I will never let some old Religious fools, to dectate me how to live,
    who to hate, who to love, what to know and what to believe!

    Religion has a simple Agenda, to brainwash you, to keep you stupid, and Control you!

    I wont be a puppet in those bastards hands!
    I will fight against this Evil!

    my only purpse is to serve the Greatest Interest of Humanity and Intelligence!

  7. You would better serve the greatest interest of humanity and intelligence by learning how to use capital letters.

  8. This is my writing style!
    If you got problems, you can fuck yourself!

    Fucking savage cultist shit!

    Are all capitals in the right place?! Fucking grammar Nazi, loser!

    Lesson learned!

    Now go clean yourself,
    you make me sick!

  9. You know, most people come to movieclips to, oh I don't know, wstch and MAYBE comment on the acting or cinematography. Instead there is an over the top religious debate. If I wanted that, I would watch FOX News.

  10. They say religion killed Anne Boleyn when in reality she failed to give Henry VIII a son, and if you know anything about Henry VIII you know he was a man who was use to getting his way and would've done anything in his power to ensure he got what he wanted, and she paid the price for marrying a madman who thought he was god

  11. What I loved about this movie, first time I saw it was on a plane going to England, it changed my life and scared me forever. Because its darkness and blood telling tale showed me how terrible and evil things were back then during Mary's reign of tyranny. If you watch the Tudors (the showtime series) you can see a young and angry Mary vengeful on Protestants and non Catholics. Its scaring watching how a sweet girl became Bloody Mary.

  12. This is 1554. Four-hundred-sixty-one years later, and we are still enmeshed in the same bullshit: "Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus," as the Catholics say. In English, if you're not a baptized Catholic, you're going to burn.

  13. Is that a joke? Elizabeth certainly didn't see Roman Catholicism as equal to Anglicanism when succeeded to the throne. Don't you just hate when movies bastardize history.

  14. It was time of religious wars. Would England be free of the Roman Church or just another Vassal of foreign men.

  15. religeon did not kill her mother. although. religeon has caused so many wars 🙁 i personally dislike religeon. but peope should be free to choose!

  16. You make our church angry welp guess we gotta kill you. Seem to be a recurring nutty attitude in a world where this crap takes over.

  17. The war between Catholics and Protestant isn't a war between religion it's a war between the true Christian religion (Protestant) and blasphemy (Catholics)

  18. religion is evil…

    science created nuclear bombs

    science is the cause of global warming. They discovered has and electricity and now people can't get enough of it.

    good job science for destroying the world

  19. Considering the bastard and usurper Elizabeth murdered more Catholics in the name of Anglicanism than there were Anglicans who died under Good Queen Mary, I'd say that's a load of rubbish.

  20. Almost nobody can withstand an interrogation even if no physical torture is used. The fact that elizabeth did at such a young age is indeed impressive.

  21. can someone tell them people that the bible is nothing but a comic book just think they all have a god right but if it's not their way then we kill you & their god say don't kill so why so pissed off. she should say god isn't real

  22. Who is the actress portraying Elizabeth ? She did a marvelous job. I'd like to see this entire flick.
    I wish that at some point in her career, Veronica Cartwright had pursued classic drama-type rolls along with the fantastic sci fi and horror films for which she's famous for. I'll bet that she would have made an excellent Shakespearian actress.

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