Elite Dangerous Golconda Community Event

Hello commanders commander Ricardo here
and welcome back to elite dangerous beyond elite dangerous beyond is
currently going through a community goal as of November 20 19 cent it around a
generation ship called the Golconda now the goal Condor is different to the
other generation ships that we’ve currently seen in the past now what do I
mean by that these other generation ships have always played and displayed
logs that have told of some disaster or misfortunate event whether it be an
outbreak of virus catastrophic technical failure mass murders all that sort of
thing right which paints a story of woe and hardship the Golconda however is
different these people are indeed still alive that’s right folks they’re still
alive and they’re floating through space in their tens of thousands to hundreds
of thousands of people the captain has reached out for aid and help and there
are several logs which I’ve done in the previous video which you can listen to
to hear a bit of backstory now what’s this all about well the Golconda systems
are failing and they also have a medical breakout write a virus breakout now the
captain’s reached out for aid from surrounding people and for commanders
that come in and to supply them with typical items such as aluminium
semiconductors basic medicines ceramic composites advanced medicines now all
these are generally widely available and they have to be brought to a certain
port now the Golconda is currently residing
in the upper Nikolas system now there’s a station there for all support which
will allow you to drop off anything that you collect for this particular
community goal as you can see if the community goals it states a generation
ship with a living population has indeed been discovered in the upper Nikolas
system but the vessels outdated facilities are struggling to meet the
needs of its crew the inhabitants have reported the lack of maintenance
materials and medical supplies the latter being made more
pertinent by a virus that is indeed sweeping through the ship now a per
Nicholas vision in corporate gave the following statement these visitors have
crossed incredible distances entirely disconnected from the rest of humanity
until now sheer desperation has forced these proud people to call for help
a deniz disease referred to as the wasting kiss is running rampant through
the Golconda in a closed environment its effects may prove to be catastrophic
understandably the goal conda’s people are reluctant to leave their home or
interact with the rest of the galaxy traders are asked to deliver medicines
advanced medicines aluminium ceramic composites and semiconductors to for
support in the upper Nikolas system now you sign up to this goal you then go off
and source the materials and then get them back the upper Nikolas station job
then but also people are out there to do some piracy so what is good you can also
sign up to a more combat orientated initiative drop into the combat zones
take out some people get the bounties and you can make some serious money as
well as get some additional kills to rate towards that elite dangerous
they leap ranking for combat very elusive
do you get a hell of a lot of ships so I’m currently sourced some of these
materials in Rutherford port in the suya system which is about two hops away in
my cutter now I’ve got my cutter all sorted out now with a guardian
frameshift drive booster class a frameshift I can get about thirty four
thirty five fully laden in the cutter and jump across two distances to jumps
and I’m there from a per Nicholas to the sewer system and then you’ve got
Rutherford port it’s a high-tech port you can get your aluminium there you can
get your semiconductors there your medicines and your advanced medicines
although you cannot get ceramic composites there but you can use tools
like EDD B to try and source those as well should you want to deliver some of
those now this is like any other community goal it’s going to be a little
bit of back and forth into dispersed with a little bit of combat as as you’re
coming back with it a cargo load full of these items aluminium semiconductors
medicines and the like to get back to the Golconda you’re going to be
interdicted so you need some sort of protection you need some sort of
weaponry and that’s why I’ve brought the cutter this is my warship of choice for
me a rated loads of armor I like it heavily-armed I mean he can
take out the most persistent anaconda or at least give it a bloody nose well you
can spin up your frameshift drives and theoretically get out of there now for
Zod port isn’t too far away from the jumping point okay so it’ll take you a
little while to get there but no more than say two to three minutes well
that’s okay by doing some clever management with your modules you can
reduce your heat signature and therefore make it more difficult to people to
interdict you if you’re playing in open then you’re gonna be fair game for every
pirate and ganker in the system who’s gonna want to take what you’ve got and
cash in and get your spoils now so far in regards to the rewards you’ll get
this community goal you get what they call global rewards which for me is so
far unquantified but actual about just shy of 12 million credits for your for
your your duties for your for your effort that’s if you get in the top tier
I’m banging through it now and I’m currently in the top 25% but that might
have changed overnight typically this particular goal is going
to run until the 14th of November we’re halfway through now on the 12th of
November and it looks like it may well finish just before time so if you are
gonna get involved I suggest you get yourself over to the system look at the
logs for the gold Condor and then once you’ve looked for the logs of the gold
Condor my suggestion is sign up for that community goal either do a little bit of
combat which can be exciting although sometimes expensive depending on the
ship you use or start shipping some material from some of the surrounding
ports using tools like EDD be to the gold Condor in the upper necklace system
and make a little bit of money I feel good about yourself helping all those
souls that are currently on the Golconda in need of help this disease the wasting
kiss in death indeed there’s sound a bit nasty the wasting kiss hmm
I got visions of zombies with the lips peeled back on it
who knows and then once this is finished is the Golconda still gonna be a visible
thing whence the whence this initiative finishes what’s frontier what’s after
devs purpose for it it’s just gonna stay there are they gonna change the logs you
know that you know that the the medical emergency has indeed been has been
quelled we don’t know and they still gonna be looking for materials to be
brought in is this gonna be a reoccurring initiative or do they just
change the logs take the logs off and make it sort of a dead ship thanks for
your efforts we tried didn’t didn’t do anything we
failed the virus has swept through the ship and it becomes an in-game to fact
or is it gonna carry on its merry way the change of logs
please don’t come near here a warning beacon you know don’t trespass don’t
interact with us don’t show us on board that you’ve got better ships than us and
all our stuff is really dated now you can see is then put in the a din for the
Golconda on that community goal so five I’ve just donated a hundred and forty
turns here don’t get worried when you’re selling things at the commodities market
okay in regards this the community goal to do a community goal obviously you
sign up you get the materials you come back to the station of choice you go to
the commodities market and you sell and that automatically gets
added to your total for that particular community goal don’t get worried if
things don’t show up immediately there is a little bit of a lag go away get a
cup of coffee and come back and your efforts will be reflected in that
particular community goal always been the same hasn’t changed and you can see
it does give you a breakdown as well of how many contributors what the global
progress is and how much time is indeed left for this particular community go on
so there you go but it’s showing and throwing better back and for the
community go I think is a good one a good little bit of story surrounding
this generation ship the gold Condor this time and the materials that they
need are not too hard to find either two jumps away with a big ships such as the
cutter and if you’ve got a better ship with a bigger jump range than that then
you are going to be absolutely diamond-encrusted because you will be
doing it in one jump and you’ll get to the top track ranking 11 million credits
and a bit more will be yours anyway thank you very much for watching
I’ve been commander Ricardo check out the back catalog and like and subscribe
if you’re out near a done so be good to see you back and put some comments in
the comment section thanks for watching and see you soon you

  1. The cargo mission is a bit of a boring old slog but the combat goal is tolerable. The problem is that these goals are always the same thing but with different descriptions.

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