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– Meet the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta. Well, like, two of them. There’s a lot more. Electric vehicle ownership
isn’t mainstream, yet. Not anywhere, really, and not
here in Edmonton, Alberta. But the Electric Vehicle
Association of Alberta, they have done the road trips, they have faced the Alberta weather, they are convinced that
this tech is ready. We are going to talk to
two electric vehicle owners about what the future
of mobility looks like and what it means for an
average person to start treating their car a little
more like their cell phone. Something you plug in before bed. Here on Renewable. – I grew upon a farm
and they had farm gas, and I was privileged and
lucky enough to be able to fill up on the farm gas. As a kid, you save the
money not paying for gas. And again, the convenience. You’re filling up at home. I grew up and I knew I
wasn’t gonna be on a farm, so that idea of having farm gas available was not gonna happen in my adult life. I never looked at that
socket in the wall and said, that could be my future gas tank. And when I realized it
could, and now that it is, it’s pretty fantastic. – You know, people think
that electric cars are for hippies or people that,
I don’t know, hippies. You can just be a normal
kindergarten teacher driving an EV. – If you’re thinking about buying a car, you should think about
an electric vehicle. That’s the flag the club
is waving, but even if electric vehicles are
right for nearly everybody, are they right for right now? – People think that there
isn’t a charging infrastructure around, you know, you
don’t have gas stations on every corner for electric
cars, which is true. But having a gas station at your house more than makes up for it, ’cause that way you’re charging every night,
you have a full charge every morning without doing anything. You plug it in just like
you plug a cell phone in. That’s fantastic. – In the parking lot
of an antique car show we asked the club about the
lives of early adopters. And as these, some of
them century old, cars drove around us, we pressed
the club on maybe the biggest question that most people have about electric vehicles. Talking about road trips. – ‘Cause when I go on a
trip, I then do have to charge at a slower rate than what it takes to fill up a gas tank. It’s a trade-off I’d gladly take. People come up and say,
well, now I can’t drive to Las Vegas in 24 hours straight. You’re right, you can’t. I did that once, it wasn’t very fun. I slept through half of it. My friend drove. He slept through the other half. I drove. It wasn’t fun. This way we enjoy road trips more because every three or four hours,
yes, the car is making us take a stop, but we
probably wanna stop anyway. I’ve been able to drive around
Alberta as I’ve wanted to. Gone to several small towns. And it’s only about 20
minutes to charge a Tesla, which isn’t that long
when you think of it. You go for a bathroom break,
you maybe grab a bite to eat. If you have kids, you’re
probably taking a lot longer than 20 minutes, so it doesn’t
impact us on road trips. – But it’s in the lives of daily commuters that the EV club says this
tech really really shines. Where you can see what these
cars actually have to offer. – I’m cheap. I’m a cheap person. I don’t like spending
money, and I don’t like going to the gas station. I unplug in the morning,
and then I close my little charging port thing, and
I go to work, I park it, I don’t charge, I don’t plug in at work, and I go and I teach for
the day, and then at the end of the day, I come
out, and I drive it home. I just think about, what
am I doing tomorrow. Do I need to plug it in, or
don’t I need to plug it in. It’s very similar to
plugging in your phone. – But if the gas station is in your wall, that power still has
to come from somewhere. And if you get your household
power from, say, coal, isn’t your electric vehicle,
in a sense, a coal-powered car? – In Alberta, people think that because we’re
predominantly coal power, that it’s a dirty car and it’s
worse driving an electric car than it is driving a gas car. So when you have a gas car, it never gets more efficient. It’s as efficient as it’s
gonna be when you drive it off the lot, and then it’s getting worse. It’s getting worse gas
mileage, it’s polluting more. With an electric car
fed off the grid that is always getting cleaner,
every day I drive the car, it’s actually a little bit cleaner than the day before, in a sense. Plus you have the option,
and many EV owners in Edmonton have done it,
and elsewhere, to have solar panels and therefore
you’re not emitting anything. The sun is powering your car. You can’t do that with
gasoline car, no way. – Early adopters are interesting people to talk to. For all the talk of
cost-saving and convenience, at the end of the day, this
whole thing comes down to willingness to take a leap of faith. I think once you get it in
your head that something is going to be the future, it
becomes really difficult to live in what starts
looking like the past. We wrapped up by chatting about
what that future of mobility looks like, and why the
way we get around matters. – I really do think that
self-driving is gonna change the world in a very spectacular way. Will there be people that
still drive their own cars? Sure there will be. There’s people that ride their own horses. You don’t need to, but they do it. And that’s absolutely fantastic. It seems like even the
entire automobile industry understands that the future seems to be EV or alternative energy. It doesn’t have to be EV. I don’t care if it’s EV or something else. If something comes along
that’s better than Tesla, then it’s better than Tesla. That’s fantastic, as long as it’s better for the environment at the same time. – On this season of Renewable, we are going to be looking at people, engineers, entrepreneurs,
thinkers, and activists. Each with their own unique
vision of a sustainable future in the heart of Canada’s
fossil fuel industry. Follow us @yegclimate to
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  1. This is such a great show, it really deserves more views. 20 minutes to charge a Tesla? That's perfectly fine, could be faster, but electric charging is also safer, cleaner, and free 🙂 I really hope more people in Edmonton Buy electric(which also helps fund more electric R&D) and we could start putting supercharging stations in the parking lots of gas stations and restaurants. Cheers.

  2. Fine, good, great. I think there should be more facts. Limited range for most EVs should be addressed, along with the option of a hybrid. And cost-savings. The best option is to buy a 2 year old EV, if you can find one (the same as any car, really). But if you run the numbers for an EV, it does not save more money than it costs (including depreciation) for many years. Sorry, that's vague, but it depends upon a lot of things. And no mention of the easier option to reduce the long tailpipe: buy renewable electricity! Thanks anyway, and I'll subscribe.

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