Eisteegranulat und Zuckerrohrsaft – Lange Nacht der Museen – POM Platten lasern – WiP24

Hi and welcome to a new episode of Work in Progress A series where I walk about the status of my current coding and making projects This time sadly not so much to tell the most exciting thing was the museum night in berlin so I rode the train for 7h or more like 6h plus typical delays of german train systems and went to berlin I arrived in the eraly evening and went to technology museum berlin They have 2 or even moew buildings and the museum night happened in “Spektrum”, the newest building where all the communication tech and internet exhibitions are at museum night you buy one ticket and then you can enter lots of different locations like cultural locations and museums where there also theatres? at least there was a dancing act at the opening well it’s called “museum night”, so it’s mainly museums So, it was a lot of fun! I started built-up at about 6 or maybe 5? Well, eraly evening The room was at the very end of the Spektrum building So people had to walk through everything until they arrived at my table 😀 it was a workshop room So there were also activities for kids and I had my pen plotter with me My tablet with the beetlesbot generator open This is super useful for me to explain the generation process and stickers and bussinesscards And I was there until… 2am? and explained generative art to people 😀 Super exciting because people react very differently Kids mostly are interested in the plotter machine and not so much in what it draws and… Then there are the young adults They are often excited about the twitter bot and that they can follow it With older people I again often talk about the plotter Because often they know the old pen plotters often from their jobs also the old technical drawing pens So that’s usually what I talk about And then they take a sticker, bussinesscard or a plot 🙂 And I think lot’s of people liked it and of yource me too! But it was also super exhausting! There was also great food! Some people sold freshly pressed sugar cane jiuce I never tried that before and it tasts awesome! Can totally recommend that! So the exhibition at spektrum did not change much as fas as I know But there were additional stations For example in the area of older tech There were two telex machines that were connected and one also was connected to the telex net I’m no pro in thet field, but telex was an own communication net? So, it does not exist anymore but But there is now a telex over internet that’s called i-telex and they told me it’s not too expensive to built that i-telex modem thingy in my hack/make space we now also have a telex machine I showed that some episodes ago and now we wonder where to get these punch hole paper rolls So if you know a source where you can get them easily tell me in the comments :3 So if you walk through the exhibition you slowly walk through told to new tech and there also were workshops people could learn the morse alphabet and make bracelets with their name in morse with two types of pearls there also was an installation Where the apollo 11 communication was printed bit by bit and you could take that paper with you if you wanted Super nice! and the more you walked through Spektrum, the newer the tech was Lot’s of telephone stuff and finally internet There they were showing 3D printers hacked knitting machines Where the controller is replaced by an arduino so you don’t need punch cards and you can directly control the pattern via software So aweseome! There were bristle bot workshops also drawbots. Drawbots are basically large bristebots with pens attached. so it wiggles around and so draws random lines And this was the room where I was, too My favourite exhibit is This Can of Iced Tea Granula That stuff tasts horrible 😀 It has a nice text besides it saying it was the typical dring at LAN parties in the 90s or something similar Such a great event! And I also met lot’s of you guys! Or Peepz from Twitter or Camp. or peepz thet also were at camp. I talked about that in the last episode. So: great event But also super exhausting because of the long trip So the event was until 2am then you disassemble, driving to my accomodation, etc and the train home was at 9am or something So: was exhausting but totally worth it! So, what else am I doing? I’m still fiddling with my DIY pen plotter And some episodes ago I showed you the 3D printed parts And I nearly had everything assembled and I left everything in the car for some hous, which was a bad idea because it gets hot and the PLA did not survive So, that was frustrating But: that shows me that PLA is not the best choise for that project So I asked on twitter for alternatives And lot’s of people suggested Delrin In germany the sheets are called Acetal or POM And they are great for CNC milling or lastercutting and because lasercutting is a lot faster, I tried that And it worked quite well I had to experiment with the settings because I found no settings for our lasercutter and material combination So I do 2 passes now and that worked quite good The nice thing about Delrin is it cuts similar good as acrylic but it does not break as easily and it’s more flexible. It also feels like self-lubricating so it moves super smooth so it’s great for machine parts So now I reconstruct al my 3D printing parts for lasercutter So hopefully they will do better than my 3D printed parts Well, at the end two small event announcements next Weekend is MRMCD in Darmstadt “Meta Rhein-Main Chaos Days” You need a ticket for that, so sadly spontaneous visit is not possible But you can on the following weekend! That’s on the… well 21. September There is “Kulturnacht” in Ulm, which is similar to museum night in Berlin So you buy one cheap ticket and then you can visit all culture locations in Ulm and our Hack/Makespace Verschwörhaus is part of those We are open from 16:00 until…. long And I will bring the same setup as for museum night Berlin: Pen Plotter, sticker I’ll explain stuff, people can take plots I would be super happy if you come and visit us 🙂 And I’m thinking about like, for such events I really could need something generative where I can insert a shape and the generator changes it in some way like adding hatching or a pattern or completely change the shape But a tool that I can use at such events to generate stuff matching the event logo Because currently I only plot the beetlesbot bugs or the overflower flowers or it’s a CCC event and I already wrote a generator for that So I thought at MRMCD I could build something like that for Kulturnacht at least maybe 😀 like a shape changer that I can feed with the event logo svg path and I get nice derivates That’s a nice plan :3 So I hope we see at either at MRMCD and/or at Kulturnacht Otherwise: see you next time. Bye bye!

  1. Hallo, was war das für ein Stiftplotter in Berlin? Suche gerade nach einem eigenen Stiftplotter, experimentiere aber z.Zt. noch mit einem Stifthalter an meinem 3D Drucker. Daumen hoch für deine interessante Arbeit. 👍

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