1. Thanks so much for watching!

  2. Beware people!! For i am a Chicken Goddess who has come to seek revenge!! Revenge on those
    who love eating chickens! 🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔🐔 If you all don't beg for your forgiveness,
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    I hope people know I'm joking!

  3. wonder if the moving plant has grown since 2016? Why are photos so unclear because of darkness or being so far away? why can't someone take better photos/videos?

  4. The very first one about the statue not Mary…. When it shows the guy looking on his smart phone…… I swear I saw her smile widen. At first I thought I had seen her blink! But idt after rewinding it that she did blink. But…. Watch her lips/mouth!


  6. "a fascinating piece of footage" I'm sure you pulled a few muscles reaching this far!. That "MAGIC" stool… I have a few stools like this one, time to scam some gullible people, Xmas gifts will not pay for themselves.

  7. Jesus need not to open his eyes on a man made carving. When the whole world see sun light at one time know that God and Son are here.

  8. thank you for actually debunking most of these and clearly stating the obvious ones are fake unlike in the other videos lol

  9. What is all this recycled, old clickbait bro???? come on man, u out here making videos just tryna get the views and likes…fucking lame

  10. So let me get this , you put the walking 3 legged stool, right before the blinking statue of Jesus Christ? (yeah as) if you think highly of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ!

  11. There are more things in heaven and earth than are known to the minds of men (mankind) I give it all up to God to decide

  12. Really mad India "walking stool" seriously 🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤣🤣🤣🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  13. It’s hard to believe things that I’ve seen in videos or pictures because it’s not hard to manipulate images with the technology today. If I see something with my own eyes right in front of me now that would be more difficult to debunk.

  14. The first one isn’t weird at all. It’s a certain kind of rock that holds moisture and releases it at sunrise. Or something like that. You can literally google it

  15. Everyone knows the dirty Christians lie about everything….including their fake christian miracles. Miracles don't come from a fake god. Religious people are so retarded. Why does anyone waste time with something as stupid as religion. I am not a stupid atheist either. Who am i?

  16. The world is full of gullible & highly irrational people, some believe just about anything w/o question, it's true blind faith. Humans have forever participated in pagan ritual as well as veneration/worship of both adamant & in•adamant objects such as the sun, plants, rocks, meteorites, idols, images, statues etc, which are generally placed on an altar in a sacred place. Each stack of stones, meteorite, statute, or tree representing any 1god in a pantheon of gods & goddesses. Its said to be 'an idol' if it represents something alive, if not it's 'an image', but either way it represents a pagan god. Paganism was & has been passed down from generation to generation, & today many pagans, esp witches, still worship/venerate, & include in ritual, the sun, moon, plants, & betyls stones regularly. The rituals & idol names are similar & match to as far back as Egypt & Greek Mythology, but do vary some based on tribe, cult sect etc, & all have always included basic veneration by way of pilgrimages & an appeal/appease offerings of a light source & food & drink. Ancient pagans would regularly pilgrimage to the betyls stones or idol & circumambulate-(walk around) the idol/image naked X#times waving incense. Many would offer menstruation blood as offering for fertility, & animal blood for forgiveness. For a show of obedience some would shave their heads, & others inflict themselves with pain/cutting. Paganism eventually evolved from ancient veneration of betyls stones & sacred pillars into veneration of statues formed into humans & creatures, as well as carvings, castings, & paintings, as we see in this video for example. Its true one can easily cast a weeping statue, but these in•adamant objects can & will build up condensation as well. To the point where it looks like it's sweating or crying, walls have been known to do this as well. Either way I find this quite intriguing & odd enough to research thus subject & these cults. The last time I checked, Jehovah God of the Hebrew Bible & New Testament both condemned & reprimanded his people harshly for this kind of veneration/ worship as he likened it to worship of devils. And both historical as well as Biblical research shows Jesus the Christ was only on the Roman torture cross temporarily, & only until his death. Jesus of Nazareth was flogged & crucified under Roman Gov. Pilate, died, & was buried in a tomb. His miracle was his noticeably empty tomb 3 days later.. Thanks to archeology, religious studies, & historical research many scenarios now have legitimate timelines & dating.

  17. Jesus blinks at camera….. People Jesus is alive, Jesus is real, he is coming back….. Blah blah blah,

    Me : He is actually trying to get some sleep but the cameraman caught it😂😂😂

  18. I want to believe, but since there has always have been religious hoaxes to take advantage of the gullible, I would have to see these in person.

  19. The last one shown (number 1) is a hoax! It is a trick of the eye as on the occasion of filming, you could see it was a hot day and the heatwave causes the illusion of the mouths moving. This is no miracle!

  20. Theres a reason the preist wouldn't watch the video even once. He is a real Christian. He knows that when Christ returns or even gives a miraculous sign, that there will be no doubt in anyone's minds that it is supernatural. We are not to worship objects or idols made of earthly materials. This goes for crosses and statues of Christ. The cross is used in many churches and altars, it has no significance whatsoever. The cross is simply the way the Romans would kill people. Jesus wasn't the only one they did this too. What if he had been hung or stoned to death? Would we have big rocks or nooses hanging every where? Simply raise your head up and thank our heavenly father for this day and do this in Christ's name. This confirmes that you honor his son and recognize that he dies and rose from the grave to make believers out of people, thus saving your soul.

  21. This is not a miracle, a statue can become possesed by demons! To be worshiped by humanbeing, i only worship the one and only true God

  22. Am I the only person completely unnerved by the Jesus statue? Those eyes, real or hoax, are terrifying.
    camps in the comments while that one plays over

  23. the ultimate truth is: You aren't suppose to worship idols, Mary, some preist… You are suppose to worship God, Himself, through Jesus' name. You could also worship satan if you want that.

  24. God being all mighty wouldn’t be using tables, bushes and such small things. In the age of technology anything can almost can be manipulated. Catholics are always looking for new ways to bring more money into their church. Manipulation isn’t new for them.

  25. I am Catholic and devoted to Jesus through the intercession of Our Lady, but why are so many of these events filmed in bad quality cameras, even in 2019? I believe that miracles do happen, but things like these bad-quality videos make me wonder if most of the aforementioned, allegedly filmed phenomena are in fact hoaxes.

  26. Due to those statutes moving by themselves, I wonder if Woody and Buzz lightyear finally reveal that they are alive.🤔

  27. A lot of demonic activity surrounds Catholic iconography as it is a counterfeit Christianity created by Satan to deceive the masses.

  28. Mary and baby Jesus's lips are moving, the picture is made to do that to make the perishiners believe and keep worshiping at this church.

  29. Love slapped ham. Not quite sure why most of these factual videos are always out of focus. The Mary praying picture tho has a large orb to the right of the pic. Can see it in both videos

  30. Not sure if it was weeping statue or something else, but wasn't it once found out that some weeping statue was actually result of leaking toilet? And water just happened to find its way to there for some reason. Though it may have not been as much of a statue, but part of the wall. Still, it was hilarious to read what people were doing with those "tears"…. I wonder how many have visited doctor after they learned that. 😀

  31. The painting with the lips moving has Mouth from The Goonies behind it. "Come here Mikey and give give me a little kiss!" 😝

  32. Here is a Hal aa riots one from Mumbai.

    A statue weeping people started flocking there and collecting the water..

    Turned out it was a leaking drainage pipe and it was sewerage water 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    You can't fucking make this shit up!
    …come on dude, this is low even for you, jesus fucking christ.

  34. Number one right off the bat is b******. It's already been proven that you can put tubes and the like into statues to make them cry water or blood. Totally f***** fake. I don't understand why you aren't seeing these are alleged Miracles because there is no proof for a single one of them on here. Just more religious people trying to prove they're right by being manipulative and lying to us

  35. You say something that kind of makes me mad. You say is the statue of the Weeping Mary a fake or is it a way to reconfirm the God is real and you've never proved no one has by the way that God is real to begin with so there was no confirming to begin with therefore it is not reconfirming. I hate how religious people try to stick in manipulative terms

  36. Video number two more b******. You can clearly see a human behind the statue manipulating things. Why don't you try some real f***** videos next time instead of ones that are so obviously fake

  37. Is there anything on this video that is not blatantly faked? I'm going to have to give this video a thumbs down because of the way that you misled about real Miracles caught on tape when they're all so f**** obviously fake that it's nauseating. Next time choose your words more carefully instead of just implying that things are miraculous find some real evidence

  38. The one with the stool? How f**** stupid do you think your audience says when they can clearly see the guys moving it with their arms and hands? Really kind of think you're being mean to your audience and calling them stupid bye claiming any of this s*** is Miracle or real

  39. Holy f**** s*** you can clearly see the fake Statue of Jesus is a guy dressed up like Jesus and standing up there like he's on the cross. Totally f*** up video guys thumbs down and unsubscribing because I find you lying a lot in your

  40. I’m a Christian and believe miracles happen, but many of these events can easily be explained off as not higher powers.

  41. The first one, the weeping statue might not be either a hoax or proof of a "higher power." It could be a coincidental incident of temperature and humidity causing water to emerge from an inanimate object at just the "right" area of the statue so as to cause people to think it is something other than what it is. Also the video is only of the front of the statue's face. It could be that there is a pipe leak above the head of the statue and water is seeping into a hole on the statue's head (maybe the statue is hollow) and then the water emerges out of the statue's eyes. The statue could have been designed in the first place so that when the weather or atmosphere is damp water will trickle out of the statue's eyes. How long ago was the statue made? It might be like a doll designed to wet itself after you put a bottle of water in it's mouth. Also since there is little information as to who did the video and when and where how can you reasonably conclude that it is a miracle when there are very logical explanations about it. Furthermore at 0:50 the video even looks like the hand coming to wipe the tears is not really wiping the tears on a real statue but it seems that it is wiping on the camera screen on which the the video of the statue is playing.

  42. My hubby and I have a picture of the Virgin Mary in our bedroom that does the same thing. I first noticed it during Lent a few years back, and to this day she continues to pray with us all the time. It's a great blessing.

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