Eddie Vedder - Society (Ukulele Tutorial) - With Play Along and Chords On Screen

it's a mystery to me we have which we have agreed and you think you have to want more than you leave you're crazy I hope you're not crazy hello everybody I'm Vasco from Akula cheats calm and today we're making society by any better I'll show calculating the ratio keep that way you cannot sing it you can transpose it up here but anyway the first I'll show you the chords we look at the parts and then we'll do a play along so if you stick to the end of the video you'll learn the song in no time they can either be closed hand start with the chords first alright so we need just four chords for the whole song the first one is the chord of B minor which I'm driving like this I'm buying the C in a string on the second fret like this and after that I'm reaching out with my ring finger to grab the g string on the 4th fret alright I know that this might be very uncomfortable stretch for some of you if that's the case you can just bar on the second fret this is the court of B minor 7 very often it can be replaced with it doesn't sound too bad alright after that we have the chord of D which I'm grabbing like this and I'm bending my finger so the a string is open these are ways to card for you you can just do it like this with 3 fingers I've said we need the court of a major I am finally the chord of G which you can write like this or maybe like this all right so the strumming pattern I'm doing for this song is something like down down up down up down up down down up down up down up but I'm accenting a little bit more on the second and on the last down so on the chord of D it sounds something like this on the first down on the first time I'm pretty much just hitting the g-string so the song starts with B minor we're repeating the string pattern eight times on B Meyer after that we go to the verse which is D – a – D twice and then again B to G this time – a twice and then B to A – B – twice and again the same thing G to A to B minor twice and also in between the parts the verse and the chorus and the soul we're repeating two times B minor alright so let's make the first verse and we'll connect it to the chorus after that reads mystery to me we have agree with which we have agreed to one more day until you have it all and now two more by now we go to the course the course is G 2 times 2 times 2 a major 3 times 2 B minor you guys now the first course is just one time repeated that but after that you're repeating these two times and on the last course just before the outro we're repeating it three times and after the first course we have another verse after that we have second course which is repeating in the chord progression twice and after that we have the solo which as a matter of course these prima just glued together the verse part and the chorus part and there are no B minor is in between them and at the very end of the song we're repeating the chorus three times and after that the outro which starts like the course but ends a little bit differently it's something like sorry you're crazy I hope you're not lonely and you keep a major for four bars I'm going to be Myra b-minor for sings bars and when you want to finish the song you just finish on the D major chord all right so pretty much that sums up all the song let's do the play along right now if it's too fast for you you can slow down the video from this YouTube feature it doesn't sound great but for the sake of practicing it will do the job and after that when you're ready with the slow tempo just speed it up again all right let's go and that was my ukulele toriel for society thank you very much for watching if you enjoyed this video hit like button subscribe to the channel share it with a friend and yeah I'll see you on the next one goodbye

  1. Yeah thank for all your tutorials and particulary this one !
    I agree, another one on an Eddie Vedder's song would be amazing ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rock on Vasko. I'll see you in London on the 21st, with a request….please…..next one up: old pine by Ben Howard (please please please!)

  3. Very good videos. Here you have a fan from Spain. It would be great the tutorial of "without you" from Eddie Vedder

  4. Do you always reply to the first answer ๐Ÿ˜?! I bet Mr. King will be thrilled to have this lesson… So do I! I love E.V. Simply play along with you! Best!!! ๐Ÿ’Ÿ

  5. I don't Know if here is the right place to ask for, but don't you think that 'something stupid' would sound great on ukelele?

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