Economy Sweeping Talk with Nick Kellie

hello everyone I'm David Waldman and our friend here Nick Kelly everyone it's great to be here it's actually sweet tastic yes it's been it's been non-stop help me help I mean actually thinking about a few s Oh welcome to Colorado thank you very much it's a pleasure to be here it's been great yeah we're kind of tired because we spend the last two days intensive yes filming here in the studio a new course on economy picking I don't know when you all are gonna see this but as soon as it's available all like you know yeah it's good to see you likewise in person here in collar well we've met before many times many times we go back pretty far yeah like at least 10 years I'd say way more than that you think it is my way back in 2005 it you're right yeah Wow yeah we were all we were both working on a website I think on on teaching yeah exactly and man it's been great what so you know one thing that I want to ask is what we're jamming here yes well you know what let's just do it and I'll stop you when you do it okay yeah and he's not gonna do it so you want me to play yeah I just wish this Jam like we're earlier you going yeah you keep doing it so did you doing what I want to talk to you I think we all do it I would I would I love ya about what he did there is I mean obviously there were some chops and on that bit yeah I like the the balance between the the fast sweepy stuff oh yeah and the the more soulful things right kind of a blend well I was trying to incorporate the sweep there consciously because it's a sweep course yeah so I might not always kind of play that obvious but I yeah I mean I do these kind of things like I can't even remember what I just played to be honest with you uh that's kind of yeah but those kind of clear but right after doing that kind of thing like go back to your kind of like shreddy type type thing that you were doing – jamming doing that and then you go back to like something pretty slow as you're playing yeah yep and the balance is I if it's anything like me it's probably not really calculated yes it's kind of like felt yeah but I'm wondering if it's ever something that you consciously worked on or if it's just kind of like yeah I'm sure it is at some point you know I make the analogy like when you're learning to play like a new technique or a new lick or anything like that there's always that awkward phase where it's like you can't quite do it and you're kind of trying so hard to throw it in wherever you can yeah and it sounds like kind of for us yeah to the improv and so there's that face you kind of get through and then eventually kind of break through that hmm to where it it it kind of flows more naturally yeah and it's just like an extra thing in your vocabulary like when you talk if you learn a new word or yeah like that yeah you know am I trying to impress people yeah first buggies in that word that's really good because yeah you you maybe over pronounce it like just learn it or yes or you make this awkward pose pause after the elect I don't know that would be a good word or even worse you use it in the wrong context yeah trying to impress people you end up look like an idiot that's a very good enough and then grat eventually just flows out and it's very natural exactly think that's good yeah were you always attracted to the economy picking sweeping thing or did that come yeah well I think so I mean what appealed to me about it was that I saw Frank and Bali do a clinic mhm and he was playing and I'm like here in all these notes and he looks so relaxed and he's smiling and all these notes are flowing out and he's like just this pleasant look on Oh like you know I'm Lord and it's like no effort I'm like wow this is pretty cool and it sounds good and the thing that I liked about it is you could do it on a jazz box with a clean tone on an acoustic guitar with a clean sound and it still works yeah it kind of goes across different guitar types mm-hmm and you know certain techniques don't translate as well let's say onto acoustic yeah because you need to have more of that attack you know with the strings for it to kind of jump out yeah that's what I feel to me and yeah it just kind of I saw that clinic and I was pretty much blown away from that on out and I was like man I got to figure this stuff out yeah and you play at Frank now so I do I mean that circle I know it's actually pretty amazing and this is I always tell my students this go for whatever you want to go for and really do it with all your might because I never thought in a million years that I would end up in that situation but you know just by talking to Frank getting to know him over the years sending in tapes mm-hmm you know being a pest may be you know it gets you into people onto people's radars and yeah you're hard-working and you've got the right attitude then there's no reason why you can't eventually achieve those kind of yeah no that makes sense but I really like what he said about it's like learning something new and then overdoing it first and then it becomes natural that's yeah that's so good can you teach me like something simple but that doesn't sound simple oh my god like if someone wants to get into the economy picking sweep type thing mmm you know we actually did that earlier I think it was today or the day before in the chorus there was a pattern I think it was probably when we were doing the odd rhythm grouping things ah quintuplets maybe but it sounded like you're you're descending something it is something kind of like a sequence you did touch oh I can't remember it was was it a scaler yeah it sound like a scale thing yeah that is it that is it something like that Oh me for remember at first something like that yeah yeah okay so let's do that this any mixolydian so basically one thing that I wanted to work on was these kind of two string sweeps and the main move is like having two notes on a higher string yep and then one note on a lower string yeah now what you can end up with there is this picking pattern down up up right yep so I did that and then I thought okay well I could do that on the next two strings yeah so you got em and the next two and then yeah you could continue it yeah or maybe maybe and on the third yeah that's great yeah just really the same picking pattern we got down down up yep and then the same thing again it's really the same leg second string down down up yep and then the next – down down so down up up and then I go to the third down down oh yeah you're studying on that that C sharp yeah exactly either but whatever you want to do I mean yeah us and you're thinking in threes one yes yeah yeah yes or something like that you can move it around the scale yeah exactly a different position or something but it's really flexible or lower sugar you know that kind of thing but it's just once you've got that germ of an idea you can kind of spread around the neck yeah you know there's one other if you don't mind me showing yeah yeah which is a five group which goes so basically yeah 1 2 3 4 5 so it's 2 notes on the D 2nd fret 4th fret yep 2nd fret on the g s– and then second third on the beat yep ok and the picking is up down down down yeah and you can develop that yeah yeah that felt good yeah yeah now you can move that around the scale so you know so here I'm kind of starting here and then I'm just diatonically right yeah moving it oops now that one and then you're back and then the opposite is yeah now what I like to do is to do the first one and then the second one yeah yes not right that's right pretty cool yeah that is and over the backing track is pretty fun yeah and that's I love a new we break down stuff like that because if you through something like that in a jams like wow that's often it is awesome but it's such a very simple idea it does and you don't have to play fast you go and it's interesting you go yeah it's like that yeah you know end in a different way yeah all that kind of stuff so I would make sure when you practicing something you're not just practicing the lick you're practising ways of getting into the lick and getting out of the licks it doesn't sound like a lick mm-hmm otherwise if you only learn the lick it's like here's the lake yeah here's another lick here's another and that's how your planes gonna sound yeah it's like a lick is like a word or a very short sentence it's like me just blurting out random words you know I know where that make no sense to what we're talking about and then it goes back to what he's saying like when when learning a new technique or a new thing like getting into it and first it's gonna sound awkward it's part of your vocabulary that's exactly yeah I love it you want to try that lick over though yeah yeah I think that's great yeah it's a good idea we ran a mixolydian by the way Oh B mixolydian you mixolydian yeah sorry Enochs elated that's why I sign it off okay you can get their track and they'll also tap out some of licks some of the licks that we just talked about to do that below there's a link you click on it it'll take you to the sign up page completely free you'll get access to this and then all the other lessons in the channel but yeah let's try that out yeah so you mixolydian yeah so I'll just play the lick yeah and then I'll move it around the scale so you got the first one and then the next one so you get things like yeah yeah you know I left that that elevated on different strings yeah that's cool can you pause on that thing yeah I'm just kind of developing it was alright yeah and then changed adding extension I'm actually doing one two three four there we'll get you three more one two three four yeah slow lawyer one yeah so basically down up down up where yes which is like a d' triad right and then a D ad basically P adenine yeah and then you can move it up a whole-step yeah that sounds really cool I'll tap that one out that's awesome I love just little ideas like that and can go so far yeah it's fun and like some of the things that like even though those concepts are pretty simple there's a lot that goes into it and that's what the why we spent two days been talking about all this stuff together it's smooth and to get to flow and to actually control the pig so it sounds like defined notes yeah and it doesn't just sound like kind of wash like yeah of undefinable kind of noise yeah or or even like a chord like super important they're always nick is great great pleasure to play with you and rate I've enjoyed it thank you this I don't know when this will be out but it will be and in the meantime check below the link and Nick why you would what's next for you honestly you know working on my own kind of YouTube stuff and working on my own music you know I teach at Mi I do this stuff with Frank so hopefully more of that yep yeah develop from there we'll see stay tuned yeah I'll link stuff below so you can check out the new Kelly amazing player great guy to take like wise and appreciate incredibly sweet the sense of humor and credit oh man you're so silly yeah you're such a sweetheart all right thanks Nick think that's enough sweet see guys bye bye

  1. This is great .. Did some introduction. It feels like it is the missing part. Will there be a discussion platform? .. I was not a beginner when starting your courses, but a beginner in the theories. This course is an excellent compliment to the series.

  2. Yep… just subscribed to the package with the bonus. Thanks .. πŸ˜‰ … Biggest problem is the stressed hand movement.

  3. Great guys, Hey Nick the( Hackman) here. good to see you with David. Nice picking pattern, I did work on that. Hard for me to change my down – up picking ,, To down up up up, I will keep at it. Again good to see you. Nice picking at the 12:20 and up.

  4. Can a guy with old fingers learn this? I don't have any physical limitations accept for the wear and tare of a 69 yr. old player. Would it sound appropriate if the sweep was a bit slower? Thanks guys.

  5. Excellent and informative discussion to both of you indeed! Nice blend of humor and truthful talk regarding the technique! Economy picking is something that everyone should have in their arsenal.

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