Economist Thomas Landstreet on the Trump Economy & the FED

joining me now in the daily ledger page 5 beat from Nashville Tennessee economic analyst hedge fund manager and contributor to Forbes and other major publications Thomas land Street Tom let's break down what the president has been saying here let's start with China and he was talking about how China has devalued its currency effectively saying that were it's being absorbed the tariffs are being absorbed by the devaluation what he means by that I think and I want you to help clarify for me is that when China Deva or any country devalues its currency the American dollar will go further more bang for the buck correct well when they devalue their currency relative to our currency it makes ours more expensive and there's cheaper it makes their exports cheaper right there or it's more expensive they're not valuing it that much it hasn't followed part by any means I disagree with them everybody pays the tariffs they do we do – if you think inflation is metered and it is it probably even deflation without without without the tariffs I'm impressed at how little inflation there is even with these tariffs kratom it's really impressive it's shows the value the value of deregulating lowering the price of production which is happening as we talked about the United States and other countries right and and so we're in the midst of the trade negotiations the president is still optimistic that a deal will be had between the two countries the United States and China by the end of the year in the meantime we have the Federal Reserve testifying before Congress later this week and it's interesting he's talking about quantitative tightening and raising interest rates it's kind of down in the weeds a little bit I want to go down there too far but the bottom line is there's a happy medium to be struck here isn't there and what I mean by that is the Federal Reserve sure it should be raising rates because they were artificially low for too many years but they kind of got very aggressive about it and I think that's the point the president's trying to make here well yeah I agree and when the 10 years you know dipped below 10 to $2 a 2% scuse me twice recently it shows you interest rates in the short or too high they do need to a quarter point would be good before they do that they might stop their quantitative tightening which by the way is scheduled to stop in August according to what Jerome Powell has been saying now for a year the quantitative tightening so I think they will do that I think it is the right policy then I cringe every single time that Donald Trump brow beats Jerome Powell because I remember what it was like during my dad brow beat me if you want to go the opposite direction so I I really worry about that well we'll find out I guess in a matter of about 48 hours of what direction the Federal Reserve is going to go because Jerome Powell is testifying before the United States Congress Thomas thank you want to see more videos like this click on the link below and subscribe to one America news on YouTube and call your cable provider and kindly demand that what American news is added to your lineup call and subscribe today

  1. So what is really going on is for fifty years+ -, our so called massively intelligent economist FU. This nation is nothing but a knee jerk people who deserves to be humbled. It's a daily battle between the stupid and gullible. The FEDs are evil crooked dipshit s forcing this nation to bend over.

  2. yes and these cock suclkers rather have a Muslim bastard anti American like Obama or a fucking Socialist criminal anti American like Clinton.


  4. Six comments, and three of them about the guys nose. Which I didn't even notice because of paying entirely too much attention to his WORDS.

    One of them about 2 guys who weren't even mentioned, Ted Cruz & Lindsay Graham.

  5. Thank Trump for your blessings, God is using him to bless people. The guy knows business like no other President.

  6. I think Ted Cruz is a rockstar along with Lindsey Graham love those two they are very strong Republicans I have a lot of respect for them ‼️😁

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