Economic Update: Capitalism Provokes Workers

welcome friends to another edition of economic update a weekly program devoted to the economic dimensions of our lives debts jobs incomes the future for us and for our children I'm your host Richard wolf I've been a professor all my adult life a professor of economics and I hope that has prepared me to offer these updates as to what's happening and on the economy we all depend on and that is in deeper and deeper trouble as we do I want to begin today with a shout out to something changing America I'm talking about the wave of strikes you know now that the working class of the American Society has understood that a sequence of Republicans and Democrats each one outdoing the other claiming to be for working people for the middle class for the needs of average Americans have not been able to deliver if even they wanted to and so they're beginning to understand an ancient historical truth the only way the working class can assure its own well-being and that of its children is if it acts on its own behalf striking is a way that workers show their solidarity get together which is their strongest suit and fight for what they need and so it is honorable for us to recognize and appreciate that 53,000 employees of the University of California began a strike May 7th through 9th in order to demand the kinds of decent salaries and decent working conditions that should have been given to them by those in charge of this institution but wasn't available because the business community and the rich won't pay the taxes and the politicians they put in off we'll do nothing about it so the workers themselves have to the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees local $32.99 the California Nurses Association and in another Union on the CWA University professional and technical employees organized this strike strikes are difficult strikes take a long time strikes require workers to show solidarity and to become aware that only by their own actions can they make sure that the promises they gave to themselves and their children will not be broken by an economic system that already is broken I want also to correct the small point I made in my discussions of uber over recent weeks yes uber is simply a way to get around the rules governing taxi drivers rules designed to protect us the public by making sure taxi drivers are vetted making sure their cars are insured making sure as their cars are in mechanical order so we don't take risks uber gets around all of that as I explained nothing new about it the technology is not what's important it's getting around the taxi Commission in every city and state that's what's their profit model but I neglected to mention that uber doesn't stop at all of that if it can make even more money by pressing down what they actually pay Oberer drivers they do that too in order to out-compete the taxi companies by charging less in some situations because they have fewer costs and because they squeeze drivers more so poor people have a chance to get a ride from an uber that's cheaper than a taxi company that has to be acknowledged but of course if there were the public transportation system that we need and want it would be a much cheaper way of moving people giving them the train rotation they need and deserve without ripping us off either by private companies like uber or by overcharging through the taxi system it's a sad comment on the second best that this country increasingly imposes on people let me turn now to the regular updates that I want to discuss with you briefly today the first came across my desk this last week and it's so shocking to me that I thought it would be interesting to you I learned that since 2005 wealthy Americans or Americans willing to pay the extra price of the expensive insurance can buy insurance policies covering fire damage to their homes that includes the provision by the insurance company of a firefighting team that will come to your house or your business if and when you're threatened by fire in other words where the average American citizen you and me relies on the local fire department to protect us richer people the very ones who won't pay the taxes to support the fire department are going around by buying private fire departments through their insurance company Chubb one of the high end of our insurance companies in America is one such company and it had to provide fire fighters to many homes in the Sonoma California area when they had their bad fires last autumn and so it struck me that here are the wealthy impoverishing public services for everybody else and then noticing that the quality of the service is not what they want will not be democratic or patriotic by helping improve the surface for everybody instead they have found a way to save more on taxes than it costs them to have a private fire department just for them it reminded me also since I'm an economics professor of a very ancient debate it happened 5,000 years ago in Greece and it involved Plato and Socrates often considered founders of Western philosophy they argued in both cases both men against markets why because markets divided people in my example the market if we allow it to be the way you get fire protection allows rich people to buy it and for people not to it distributes fire protection according to how much money you have as opposed to distributing fire protection as a civic obligation the community has equally to everyone in the community Plato and Socrates argued social cohesion holding a community together is undone by markets and on those grounds they opposed markets as contrary to what society needs let me say that again Plato and Socrates agreed that markets are socially disruptive institutions maybe we ought to go back and read that stuff once again another shocker this last week it turns out that the Koch brothers through their Koch foundation were exposed giving a lot of money to George Mason University it turns out that for years they were given in exchange for their money influence over hiring of professors in the Economics Department and elsewhere this is a university that likewise maintains close ties to the Trump administration having private corporations give money to universities is a serious problem and always has been to imagine that the universities needing this money wanting this money do not seek the favor of these wealthy donors is naive and silly of course they do they always have but to give them direct influence over hiring professors that kind of takes it another step it makes a mockery of the claim that academic institutions are open objective there's no one on the Left comparable in their donations to what the Koch brothers are doing unions aren't doing this workers can't do it big corporations and the super wealthy like the Koch brothers are in a position to do it and they're doing it big-time that controls the curriculum our students learns from it controls what people understand and how they think it has nothing to do with a democratic educational system it is the negation of all of that another sign in the wind on the opposite side for the first time fast food joint workers have won an election to establish a union of fast-food workers that's right McDonald's said it couldn't be done Burger King was sure it wouldn't happen but it did because America is changing and working people as the workers at the University of California have understood have to begun begin to take their own destiny into their own hands thus it was that at the Burgerville fast-food joint in Portland Oregon workers recently voted 18 to 4 with 3 abstentions to form a union this is the to do that since the fight for 15 struggle began five years ago workers realizing they have to band together to confront their employer as a unified group to get the kind of salaries working conditions that working people need hats off to people with that courage with that solidarity of course now having voted to join a union they must bargain with the employer allowing the employer all kinds of stalling techniques and other methods to try to undo this victory of the workers by blocking postponing delaying a union contract but the workers are smart they've shown by this 18 to 4 victory that they are very strong maybe they will be able to bargain with their employer maybe they'll have to strike to give the employer the understanding that the days of telling workers what to do and when to do and how much you're not going to pay them those are over working people are not marching to the tunes that once enthralled them and this country is changing my attention this last week was also caught by the results of a poll and there's almost a kind of sadness that comes over me in reporting this to you was released on May 1st by the Cigna insurance company a poll conducted by Cigna and lip source another famous polling company and they used the UCLA loneliness index an index of how people feel whether they feel lonely isolated alone in life and they show in their polling just released that over 50% of Americans feel seriously lonely we the mental and physical health effects that go with that why am i reporting this to you this is a program about economics yes well economics includes what the economy does to people and economics also includes what happens to an economy when people are in trouble mentally or physically what this poll shows us is that the American people are in very deep trouble you know when you want to understand whether we have quote unquote recovered from the crash of 2008 and 9 in our economy you tend to look at GDP and other numbers that economists like to talk about but they're not the only numbers that measure particularly measure what counts fifty percent over of Americans find themselves lonely now many of them lonelier than they have ever felt that too is a result of the crash of 2008 and all its consequences that too is a measurement of the recovery we don't have for most Americans from that crash and you know when you take many things away from people so that they feel isolated alone and lonely you know they hold on to what little they have left and they discover maybe that they have to hold on more to the fact that they are white that they are US citizens that they are churchgoers and so the tendency might develop to be hostile and critical towards the people who aren't white who aren't US citizens and who don't go to your church it's the little you have to hold on to it's what makes you feel maybe just for a little bit less lonely economic down turns have always threatened large numbers of people with economic decline with loss with serious depression economic but also mental physical that's why economic downturns are associated with the rise of scapegoat ISM turning against your fellow citizen blaming him or her for the troubles you find difficult to account for in any other way and that scare you in the news last week was a particularly horrific example of where this can go this one happened in Great Britain in England it's there called the wind rush scandal and for those of you that don't know about it let me briefly summarize back in 1948 after the shortly after the end of World War two Britain had to set around rebuilding itself the City of London had been bombed by German Rockets England had gone through terrible sufferings and it needed literally to rebuild its society an appeal to and welcomed roughly 50,000 West Indian immigrants who left the Caribbean and went to England to work they were part of the British Empire welcomed at the time because their labor was going to help rebuild England and they've lived in England and worked in England over the last sixty years in the rush of the British government to serve the capitalist class in England by blaming the collapse of capitalism not on a system that broke down in 2008 not in a system that has lowered the wages of British people for the last decade not a system that is now about to implode as a result of brexit no no blame it on immigrants was the achievement of the may government Theresa May was Home Secretary before she became prime minister in both capacities she has waged a war against West Indian immigrants it went so far as to say that if one of those wind-rush fellows men or women couldn't come up with five or six documents to prove they were in the country illegally after fifty to sixty years of labour rebuilding England they would be deported and some were and many were threatened with it the current home secretary or the recently departed Home Secretary amber Rudd went even further and she was forced to resign as the British people rose up and said this is outrageous you're going to deport people who helped rebuild England in your rush to blame people whose skin is brown and who can be portrayed as immigrants anything to save the system from getting the criticism it so badly deserves well the Windrush scandal is still roiling British politics as the scandal of what mr. Trump is doing to immigrants here is doing in the United States and will continue to do it should be a warning to everyone my attention was also caught last week by a speech given by Hillary Clinton she explained that her endorsement of capitalism and portrayal of her as a capitalist hurt her with Democratic primary voters in 2016 she said and I'm virtually quoting capitalism's reputation is pretty much in tatters big companies she even says are disrupting what she calls our econ me by promoting inequality and she is in favor of capitalism with quote appropriate regulation and quote appropriate accountability hello mrs. Clinton we've been having appropriate regulation and appropriate accountability often brought to us by Democratic politicians just like you for a hundred years and look where we are it doesn't work does it it hasn't worked our inequality promoted both by Clinton Bush Obama and Trump administration's one after the other is worse than it has been in a century the instability of our economy horrific the inequalities percolating down the loneliness I just summarized for you capitalism is the problem and mrs. Clinton if you really want to suggest that the socialist ideas that led many Democrats to not vote for you is a terrible problem are you asking them to leave the Democratic Party do you think you have a chance folks like you if they did do you count on them to follow this advice and to reform the Republicans immediately seized upon what she said to try to portray the Democrats her included as socialists with that care for detail that they typically exhibit I want to take a moment to thank particularly not only those of you that are watching but particularly our patreon community each of you keeps this show going the entire video program is available exclusively for our patrons along with other bonus content you will not find anywhere we recently completed a four-part series on Karl Marx whose 200th anniversary of his birth is this year and that four-part series which will be released quarter after quarter across the month of May his anniversary attempts to show what the insights were that you get from the Marxian tradition what the relevance is today what the meaning is today it's a special service we produced for our patreon supporters be sure to check us out on patreon that's P 80 or yo ENCOM slash economic update or visit us at either of our two websites our DeWulf dot-com with two F's or democracy at work dot info and be sure to follow us on Facebook Twitter Instagram and YouTube if you are a fan of this program be sure to hit the subscribe button below you will be notified whenever new content is posted on our channel you can also subscribe on Apple podcast and Google Play if you are a station a radio station please get in touch with us so that we can list you on our website and finally I want to remind you again about Puerto Rico forward our newest podcast available on Apple podcasts and Google Play our our last updates have to do with two things first Martin Winterkorn he used to be the CEO of VW he was indicted this last week by Jeff Sessions the Attorney General of the United States for placing emissions testing evasion devices onto VW diesel and other vehicles 11 million of them across the world and a large number here in the United States of course this kind of indictment is a bit of theater since Germany will not extradite mr. Winterkorn who lives there now so this is publicity hound hunting and not much else but there's more to this blaming an individual for the problem is bizarre it's very normal in capitalist society because capitalist society is a kind of religion where God is in the hands of or played by the corporations and they have to be kept free and clear the system that ties these corporations together capitalism has to be kept out of the light of any criticism so we blame individuals if we blame anybody at all the first events of the corporation we didn't do anything second defense it was a few bad apples third defense it was the leadership but it's always this individual or that individual we're not gonna solve the problem of these corporations by blaming individuals if we do they will resign as mr. Winterkorn did or we even put them in jail which sometimes rarely happens and they will be replaced by other people who behave in the same way because this system has its ways of rewarding you for this bad behavior and punishing you if you don't automobiles pollute they pollute so badly that Germany like many other countries installed emissions control devices made the mandatory to save society from the bad results of automobile pollution but these companies wanted to profit off of this situation because that's what they're in business to do profit so they came up with defeat devices ways they could avoid putting in a device that might slow the car down or slow its acceleration down so they could still sell them while pretending to do what the society needed for the profits of the small number of people that are shareholders of VW all of us suffer more lung disease more emphysema for cancer and everything else that we know comes from this pollution this system is no good if you want to run businesses the workers in them and the public served by them should together run them because that's a much better chance that society's concerns our concerns get on the table when they make their decisions that tiny number of people who run corporations now have shown that leaving the running of capitalism in the hands of capitalists is not the way to go thank you all we have come to the end of the first half of economic update I hope you found these updates interesting I am sure you will find the interview that follows even more interesting and I ask you therefore to stay with us we will be right back you

  1. Am used to say, even more important than development, is the people having access to that development. If people do not have access to development, then development is worth very little in my book.

  2. The Only 1's That Have Recovered, fr the 08 to 09 Mess that they Themselves Created. R those Ppl, u know. The Greedy, Selfish, Cheap, Greed-Diseased Capitalist. Who have The National & World Mkts Rigged in there Favor. Like I sai. Give a Man a Gun, & he Can Rob a Bank. Give a Man a Bank, & he Can Rob The World !

  3. Well, I don't consider them "on the left", but JB Pritzker, Jackie Bezos, and Warren Buffet (possibly Gates as well) are doing some funny things in education funding as well. They seem focused on pre-K. A couple of the crazy ideas is partnering with Goldman-Sachs to fund pre-K, then taxpayers pay them back for every year until the child graduates. They have a good sales pitch, but it's based on sketchy science and I think the agency that determines the repayment is controlled by the same group which funds the service. They're already doing it in Utah.

    Another sketchy idea is one Bezos is involved with that includes branding products with "brain-building phrases" parents are supposed to read their kids when changing diapers, feeding, etc… and an app which tells new parents how to parent (no doubt guiding them to Amazon to buy the "brain-building" products). I really hate this one, because it preys upon the vulnerability of young mothers who are already worried sick they aren't good parents. I'm not sure if it's proper for government to get involved in those developmental years with parent/child, to make it into some kind of for-profit endeavor with the likes of Bezos scares the crap out of me. I'm worried they'll shove this through at first chance, because who will be against "pre-K"? Trouble is, doing it wrong and for-profit could be devastating.

  4. so you were called out on Uber
    but the same could be said about any company you are shitting on
    Amazon – lowers prices for consumers
    So does the Wallmart
    So does any other large corporation.
    you are a 2 faced hypocrite.

  5. Please do Genie Gas board of directors: jacob rothschild, dick cheany, larry summers…
    Given rights to Golem Heights, Israel oil field. Syria's land & oil to feed europe, closer & bigger than any oil field. The syria war is for golem heights oil, by genie gas.

  6. at the 4:00 mark I think the professor is going a bit off the rails. He talks about taxi regulation like it was some type of utopia for consumers. If there was not dirty taxis with smelly drives who were eating food while they drove you all while leaving you stranded for hours if they did not think your part of the city was busy enough to bother to show up for then services like Uber and Lift would have not been popular. I am usually in favor of regulation but the taxi industry was a prime example of government and business getting into bed with each other while the consumer suffered.

  7. UBER drivers really aren’t making out,amp.html

  8. Construction workers in Panama 🇵🇦 are into the fourth week of a strike

  9. Hey Professor Wolf I hope all is well. I over heard some mortgage lender’s talking about the housing crisis of 2008. They said “It’s strange, it’s like 2008 but there all buying with cash. They must know something we don’t.” Would you know anything about this? Why are they buying with cash?

  10. To understand what capital is, and what landed property is, and what wage-labor is, and what the State really is, and what foreign trade is, and what the world market is, you have to understand what a commodity is, and what money is, and what simple circulation is, and what capital in general is, before you can make some assessment of the real world. If you don't have these basic tools in your head the world of capital will appear to you as accidental and predestined that these social classes have emerged not from the exploitation of humanity but from the hand of God such as how Mike Pence understands the world of capitalism. Not as a system that is subject to history but through the use of force abolishes history in a totalitarian form.

  11. Once they really perfect automation, we are all worm food. And they will devise justification for our genocide.

  12. Re. the unionization of fast food workers at Burgerville….This was done by the IWW ( Industrial Workers of the World). This is a union outside of the AFL-CIO-CLC umbrella. It has a long history of Anarcho- Syndicalist/ Anarchist agitation and was once very powerful. It's good to see it's resurgence. It's been around since 1905 and it's preamble hasn't changed since then.

  13. I'm 55 yrs old paid taxes since i was 15 yrs old I'm now on worker's comp due to lack of help they got people running around like madmen I fell full tear rotator cuff dropped shoulder full tear bicep now they give me 60% of my pay had a heart attack a month later now I'm making almost 2 pay checks a month try getting help when your a single white man i had to make a decision of food or heart meds last week i choose food welcome to the blue collar life.

  14. Strikers should beware of where the money is being diverted from. Because ever teacher's stike had a negative consequences. So strike but make sure you are aware of where the money to get the raise. And what negative consequences the raise can do by those who strike.

  15. Hi Everybody, Professor Wolff amazes me when he talks about Striking Workers having to depend upon themselves. they Sure Do, Don't they! and it is became the Intelligentsia — The Political Class, in which he is one of the Fat Cats, has so much let the Working Class down. Wolff should think it a Political Disgrace, and a Failure of the Universities that nobody with a Voice in Society has spoken effectively for the Workers. So Wolff's Solution is for people who are Already not being Payed Enough to NOT GET PAID AT ALL! Wolff, what we need is a Political Solution. You're for throwing all the Responsibility on the Backs of the Workers… well, are they not carrying enough all ready. When is the Political Class, ah… YOU, going to do something? … not one Shop at a time… one Contract at a time, but some Sweeping, Central and even Universal Plan to fix it all. World Wide Standardized Wage and Benefit Determinations and a Socialized Planned Economy across the entire Globe. but perhaps you like watching the Workers Fight it out like Gladiators for your amusement.

  16. No matter how salient any of Mr. Wolf' comments and analysis might be, ultimately they are one-sided, lack nuance and are completely in actionable.

    Yes, workers can unite to fulfill the dreams of Karl Marx or replay the labor dynamics of the early 20th century and beyond. This, at least until the political and power dynamics change, is a post labor and even a post-money world. You are fighting the last war Mr. Wolf!

    The McDonald's crew getting together to offer some mutual protection is understandable, and right, but its bigger lessons and implications are being missed.

    Those people that are able to hire private fire departments have used their money to create political power to create outcomes suitable to them. The money got used, the network got used, people planned and worked together and protected each other; even if towards ends you do not like.

    The people working for fast food joints, are attempting to use their numbers to create some leverage that might create outcomes slightly better for them (good); in an environment where the broader political, social and economic dynamics are very much against them (bad).

    Instead of creating a dialectic about capitalism versus socialism etc, we should be working on our system and how citizens can work within it to use its inherent powers, which are quite substantial, to create coherence, leverage, and ultimately, policies that all can participate in creating and checking.

    The problem is the system, first; not these issues which are never-ending and that cannot be addressed under the prevailing circumstances that feature fragmentation, anger, emotion and absolutely no ability to apply trustworthy analytics and empiricism.

    The citizen has to form a union essentially, but, not first a union to pursue preferred tribal outcomes, but a union that will seek the means for creating and sustaining power that can lead to preferred outcomes that are transparent and can ensure a greater good.

    Single issue advocacy, or overarching paradigms will be our destruction; you can take that to the bank!

  17. The Independent: What the Sunday Times Rich List tells us about trickle-down economics – it's a big, fat lie.
    Current levels of wealth inequality are not only deeply unfair, they are making us all poorer.

    via @GoogleNews

  18. Loneliness is good for business: divide them in order to sell them more stuff they don't need, which will most probably lead to more depression, disease, and even death. This is #LateStageCapitalism

  19. And much of those obstacles, such as delaying tactics, set up against those unionizing fast food workers, are made possible by the Taft-Hartley act of 1947. How many times since 1947 have the Democrats, who are supposed to be a friend of labor, not so much as lift a finger to even attempt a repeal of Taft-Hartley, even when they controlled Capitol Hill? I don't even recall ever hearing a Democratic Congressperson mention Taft-Hartley, much less attempt to repeal it.

  20. Yet again you claim that the government isn't providing something because the rich don't pay taxes, even thought they pay far more than failures like you ever will. What is your evidence for this? Well know as usual. But let's suppose it's true why would the government pay for fire protection for the slightly less rich people? I say slightly less rich because by definition if you own a house you're rich. If you're poor you live in someone else's house and they are the ones buying insurance for the house. Again by definition if they are not prepared to buy fire protection then they want it less than they want the money it costs to provide it. So then why not simply give these people the money it would have cost to purchase fire protection, since that costs the same and they value it more? Or simply not take that money away from them in taxes?

    So you use PLATO a source for how bad markets are. You do recall what Plato said was GOOD don't you? Slavery and totalitarianism that literally makes Hitler look good. Frankly I'll take market divisiion over "unity" any time. Of course markets don't divide but unite people as they bring people with different abilities, priorities, tastes, histories, obligations and resouces together in ways that are mutually beneficial. Marxism does not nor does any other nonmarket system. That is because there are only two ways to deal with people, payment or extortion. If you can't convince someone to do something for you for reward then you are left with extorition, of the emotional or physical variety. The former normallly leads to the latter eventually.. Oh and BTW everything Socrates is said to have said in conversations with Plato is just Plato putting things in his mouth. There is NO direct evidence he every said anything Plato says he said.

    As for fire protection being a "civic obligation has equally to everyone in the community" says who? Who said that I am obliged to fund yhour fire protection merely becuase you are in the same "community"? I don't suppose anyone's going to define community but never mind. All this is is a blatant grab for unearned economic value. You want someone to do something for you but you don't want to pay so you say they are obliged to do it, with no actual argument. Far from bringing the community together this actually divides it as some will demand more expensive services than others and some will argue they have less onourous "obligations" than others. Why should a worker have to pay extra to protect a rich merchant's house that is surrounded by flamable trees? Why should anyone pay extra to protect a rich landowner's house that is miles out of town and also surrounded by highly flamable forests?

  21. Note on the firefighting you again don't show how the rich are at fault for the government not having money, rather than the massively wasteful civil service including incredibly overpaid firemen.

    But let's suppose that you're right and it's all the fault of the rich that the slightly less rich don't get free firefighting services. I say the slightly less rich because the poor don't own houses and so rent from rich people. If the homeowner doesn't think it's worth paying for firefighting services, why should anyone, let alone taxpayers do it for them? By definition if they won't pay for firefighting they would prefer the money it would cost to the service. So why give them the service? Why not simply give them the cash since they would like that more? Or use the money to buy things for people they actually want more than the money it costs to provide it? Really HOW ARE YOU AN ECONOMIST? IN WHAT WAY ARE YOU A STUDENT OF THE ECONOMIC SCIENCE?

  22. What a fraud you are. No honest economist thinks that taxi licensing systems are designed for the benefit of consumers, they are specificly designed to reduce demand to raise prices. if they were for consumers then at most they would have minimum standards and a fee to provide for enforcing them, instead they have a limited number of licenses available and no matter safe and comfortable your service would be, no license no start. For someone who claims to be for the poor you really don't care how much they get ripped off for the benefit of the rich. Becuase it's the rich that can afford State permission to run a taxi and you know it.

  23. So government employees aren't been paid enough because rich won't pay their taxes, not because California been wasting billions on things like the very fast rail? It's not because they massively overpaid cops and firemen for decades including totally unaffordable pensions. Yeah as usual you haven't provided ANY evidence for this claim.

  24. You said something very key in this video and that is the fact that times are changing here in the United States. Yes indeed it's changing. Maybe I'm reading too much into things, but I get the feeling the the US Govt. is concerned about the outrage that's brewing within the populace. I't's starting to get scary, real scary.

  25. george mason university is public, so the koch brothers have taken over the curriculum of a public school!

  26. Why are so many of California's working people, even at its major university, have been forced to go on strike. A major reason is Proposition 13. Back in 1978, when the voters approved Proposition 13, University of California professor of economics Mason Gaffney joined other leading figures at a meeting at the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, in Santa Barbara, to discuss the probable outcomes of the new law. Professor Gaffney's analysis appeared in The Center Magazine, of November-December 1978. I have reprinted his remarks at the website of the School of Cooperative Individualism:

  27. The Wealthy Elite do not see themselves as part of "society". They don't see themselves having any obligations to the country, the world or the environment.

  28. Workers AND the public should "run" the corporations?
    Do you mean as in a public representative comes and delegates or sits on the board?
    I strongly disagree. Look, free market itself COULD be great with communism, which I'm thinking is the exact thing I described…. But I gotta say, I don't want the home owners association equivalent up in my workplace. I like regulations, but not a partial takeover directly. Workers should run those companies with regulations, which can be rolled back a bit more because like you yourself said, they will be less likely to do objectively bad things like pollute the rivers( which of course….trump just allowed to start happening again……literally just did it, now companies can dump almost whatever they want in rivers….don't go fishing ever again………..)

  29. Why stop with being angry at ONLY private firefighters, Mr Wolff? If you can afford it, there's all sort of services that are much better than the public option:) Milton Friedman probably turns on his coffin whenever you open up your stupid mouth:)

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