1. Thanks you! This is the first time I've heard Laura Flanders herself speak her view. Powerful, articulate.

  2. "Personal before the political and idiosyncratic before the systemic" – very succinct! The systemic issues are so under-reported and misrepresented it isn't funny…but of course that is deliberate psychological deception. Quote by Sun tzu: “All warfare is based on deception…" Based on the commutative principle then does this not make such deception a form of warfare?

  3. People are clueless not to watch this stuff. This is the only real content on youtube regarding these subjects. Instead they watch Alex Jones and the hundreds of other paid disinformation trolls because they are angry and that a crap fits into their paradigm that was also engrained in them by the same people they think they oppose..

  4. Really good discussion. It does feel like a different reality when dealing with people who have yet to realize the faults and solutions.

  5. always loved laura flanders, a great progressive mind. used to watch her show all the time, the full interview is worth your time.

  6. I welcome libtards to open big box stores, hospitals and supply cable in small towns. Just don't force others to pay for it.

  7. It's definitely a welcomed trend. Just after the election of Trump I've seen communist collectives pop up everywhere!

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