Economic Update: 3 Basic Kinds of Socialism [Trailer]

I wish I could sit here and tell you that
this is the definition of socialism. But if I did such a thing you should turn
the program off and go elsewhere because anybody who tells you that "this is socialism" is
either ignorant or misleading you. Most real socialist societies have mingled
the control function of government with the ownership function of government but what
most experiments have not done is really tried that other kind of socialism that revolutionizes
the workplace. It's a kind of critical evolution because
it is advanced by people who see some merits in the first kind of socialism (government
regulation), the second kind (government operating enterprises) but say "we don't think that's
enough in one way and it's too much in the other".

  1. Wolff forgot to mention the 4th and best type of socialism: centralized democratic coordination.

  2. Socialism will not work in a country in which one half of the nation wants to kill or take away the freedom of speech of the other half of the country. These conditions are going to lead to disputed elections and a civil war.

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