Economic Survey 2018-19 - An overview In ENGLISH, Major Highlights of Economic Survey 2019

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  2. Please recheck sir's words and text of slide on at 13:58 Is it really fiscal deficit or is it Q4 GDP ?

  3. Thank you Sir…sir extending retirement age can deprive young mind in service sector… which mostly leads to unemployment.. instead if a policy make to recruit new young minds prior to retirement of 6 months then they will trained and guide the new minds to cope with the challenge in service sector…it will b better… otherwise how far it is justified to rerecruite the retired employees…

  4. You told about blue sky thinking in a narrow way. It means to brainstorming without limits. Plz ensure it.

  5. Sometime i amazed… what and where we were… without your help..if study iq was not there…thanks a lot…Sir…for your dissemination of knowledge among all of us… once again thank you Sir…

  6. Fiscal deficit is 3.4 percent not 6.4
    Gst committee was Sushil mehta committee not sushil modi committee.
    Dont provide wrong info plz

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