Economic Collapse Confirmed! $14 Trillion Dollar Darkness Of Consumer Debt 2019 Stock Market CRASH!

this week the entire nation was buzzing about the very first debates for Democratic presidential contenders in 2019 and much of the focus of those debates was on the economy a total of 20 candidates participated in those debates and of course all of them have plans for fixing the economy but the truth is that most of those plans really aren't that radically different from what has been tried in the past no matter who has been in the White House our insatiable appetite for debt has allowed us to enjoy a tremendously polluted standard of living that was far beyond what we actually deserved we have been consuming far more wealth than we have been producing for so long but most Americans have come to accept this state of affairs as normal and under no circumstance will Americans elect any presidential candidate that would suggest that we should be willing to accept a lower standard of living and quit going into so much debt everyone wants to hear that we will be able to have an even higher standard of living in the future and of course that is what a lot of our politicians eagerly tell them but it isn't true sadly the reality of the matter is that we are at the very end of the greatest debt bubble in their history of the world and the way we live is about to dramatically change no matter who we send to Washington as I discussed this week the evidence that the US economy has already entered a significant downturn continues to grow all of the economic numbers that we've been getting lately have been bad and yet so many of the experts continue to claim that the US economy is in great shape you a new survey from financial information website found that everyday Americans have a less favorable view of the economy than experts do all the experts rated the economy as being excellent or good compared to just 59% of others and 39% of everyday Americans said the economy was not so good or poor Bank Rate surveyed around 1,000 people and nine economic experts for the study Americans political views and their income appeared to impact their view on the economy the survey found that Republicans were much more likely to say that the economy is excellent or good 77 percent whereas Democrats were evenly split between excellent or good and not so good or poor the survey also included a question about when the next recession would begin average hardworking Americans also said they expect a recession to hit sooner than the experts predict a fifth of Americans polled said they believe the recession has already begun and 21% said they expected it to begin within six months or a year however all the experts said they don't expect a recession to begin for either one to two years or more than two years political views also appear to impact Americans expectations for a recession Democrats were almost twice as likely as Republicans to say a recession has already begun while the largest number of Republicans 35 percent said a recession is two or more years away while people were more likely to see a recession coming soon than the experts they aren't necessarily prepared for financial instability more than half of everyday Americans said they had either no emergency savings or their savings would cover less than three months expenses however most of the experts recommended having between three and five months expenses saved and some said to save six months expenses or more perhaps we should stop calling them experts because they appear to be completely and utterly clueless you need a little bit more than a few months saving to survive an economic crisis sadly if a major emergency were to hit this country tonight most Americans would be completely unprepared when it comes to even the most basic essentials in fact one survey found that only 39% of Americans have any sort of an emergency kit whatsoever when it comes to being prepared for an emergency 39% say they have an emergency kit while another 39% have a non-perishable food stock a little less than one third 28% of people have stockpiles of water one in four people 25% have an evacuation plan those are depressingly low numbers all those who have an emergency kit the most common items to have in the kit are a first aid kit 86% flashlights or other light sources 83% food 65% water 63% and blankets 62% and we had better hope that the economy can hold up because a different survey has found that 71% of all Americans say that they are unprepared for another financial crisis meanwhile 43% of Americans say they feel financially insecure and 71% are unprepared for another financial crisis such as going bankrupt or losing their home the survey of 24,000 and 70 adults released this week by market researcher YouGov found some 55% of those who feel unprepared say they're not confident that they will be able to afford retirement they're more likely than those who feel financially secure to say the government should make sure everyone has health insurance today 59% of all Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and US consumer debt just saw – another brand new record high according to market watch Ben a senior research analyst of fixed income at investment consultant mark Kent Associates calculated that total US consumer debt hit 14 trillion dollars in the first quarter of 2019 surpassing the roughly thirteen trillion dollars of leverage accumulated in credit cards auto loans and mortgages and other debt back in 2008 when those sourcing loans and securities paid to them helped to send global markets into a tailspin at the end of the first three months of 2019 student loan debt hit one point four eight six trillion dollars according to credit data from the New York Federal Reserve by comparison student loan debt at the height of the financial crisis was 611 billion dollars it has been rising incredibly since Morris said it has ballooned and that's a dramatic increase the fixed income analyst said of the student debt expansion people are partying when they should be preparing and this new economic downturn is going to catch most of us completely off-guard and day after day we continue to get more numbers that are telling us that the economic outlook is very bleak for example it is now being projected that US auto sales will drop substantially over the next two years the US auto market hit a record for new cars with 17.5 million in sales in 2015 sales the following year were flat then dipped to 17 point 2 million in 2017 and rebounded in 2018 rising to seventeen point three but the first half of this year has plunged into negative territory Edwin's anticipates sales for all of 20 or dropped to sixteen point nine million that's the same estimate from Alex Partners which is forecasting a further dip to sixteen point three million and 2020 and just 15 point 1 million in 2021 now we are in election season and all sorts of different candidates will be touted as the one that can turn the economy around and restore the promise of America's future every election cycle they spout the same nonsense and it's amazing that anyone still Falls for it anymore right now America is on a highly self-destructive path that only leads to economic oblivion we are 22 trillion dollars in debt we've been adding more than a trillion dollars a year to the national debt for more than a decade state and local governments are drowning in record levels of debt corporate debt has more than doubled since the last financial crisis US consumers are now almost 14 trillion dollars in debt and the world as a whole is now two hundred and forty four trillion dollars in debt if we keep doing the same things over and over again we are gonna keep getting the same results under our current system there is no way that this game is gonna end well for any of us the only thing left to do is to extend the party for as long as possible and that is precisely what our politicians have been doing for a long time but at some point extend and pretend simply won't work anymore in a day of reckoning for America will finally arrive

  1. I dont think anybody can prepare.. Unless your filthy rich. Most of us will simply resort to being savages ..

  2. The desire for an economic collapse is almost becoming a religious style belief for an increasing number. A fascinating phenomenon.

  3. How the hell are you supposed to have 6 months of savings when jobs pay so low, you're lucky to live check to check?

  4. Politicians are always saying things are great, good, never been better, it's all up hill from now etc etc it's always an upbeat sound bite…the reality of life is beyond their understanding.

  5. China is buying up a lot of property here in the USA.. soon everything will be the property of China.P O C. LOL poc

  6. If Americans, And Their U.S. Politicians Want To Get Real And Do The Right Thing Put Into The U.S. Constitution To MAINTAIN A Balanced Budget. At All Times…Plan, And Simple..

  7. 15-Trillion on past-war-expenses…4-Trillion to Pharma-consumables…The rest in intrests…NOT-MY-DEBT…

  8. …. Bahá'u'lláh (The promised one) further said, 'My purpose in coming to this corrupt world where the tyrants and traitors, by their acts of cruelty and oppression, have closed the doors of peace and tranquility to all mankind, is to establish, through the power of God and His might, the forces of justice, trust, security and faith. For instance [in the future] should a woman,who is unsurpassed in her beauty and adorned with the most exquisite and priceless jewels, travel unveiled and alone, … in all countries, there would be such a standard of justice, trustworthiness and faith on the one hand, and lack of treachery and degradation on the other, that no one would be found who would wish to rob her of her possessions or to cast a treacherous and lustful eye upon her beauteous chastity!…”Through the power of God I shall transform the peoples of the world into this exalted state and shall open this most great door to the face of all humanity." (Adib Taherzadeh, The Revelation of Baha'u'llah v2, p. 141)

  9. Enough of all this doom and gloom.

    What about the 'revolutionary' nuclear fusion reactor coming online soon ?

    So exciting !!

  10. Mon: The collapse is here! Tues: The collapse is coming! Weds: The collapse is confirmed! Thurs: The collapse is imminent! Fri: The collapse has begun! Sat: The collapse is approaching! Sun: The collapse erupts!

  11. Bit coin is about to crash:

  12. Hey what are you worried about with the stable business genius in the White House we have nothing to worry about, you'll be sick and tired of winning, believe me! lol

  13. I'd like to point out that this is 100 percent Trump's fault. You don't give tax cuts when you owe $22 Trillion dollars. Trump's tariffs have driven the cost of goods up and consumers use more and more using credit. The US economy is not in great shape. The only thing you hear is unemployment rate. There's been historic shrinkage in the retail sectors. Jobs lost.

  14. How long has the bs channel been saying this? They keep failing but people keep listening lol. A broken clock is right twice a day. This channel has never been right lol

  15. US UK MANUFATURER HITS 6 YEARS FOR UK AND 32 TO 40 MONTHS LOW FOR US Jobless … are going to hit UK jobless is hitting

  16. What a load of shite!!! You've been claiming we are in the worst recession ever, every single day, for the last two years. I mean you'll have to be correct if you keep saying every day, until it actually happens. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day.

  17. For the love of baby Jezus Christus, oneday this channel have the correct doomsday predicted…. i say when u shoot everyday/oneday u hit it

  18. Expert? Really? Did expert also once think gas price could gone up $5 like 6-7 years ago?
    Expert…. that bunch bs high education mean nothing!

  19. You've used the same title every day for several years now, it's got to the point where I'm not sure I believe you any more…

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